My name is Ravi.  It was really an unforgettable moment in my lifetime that happened 3 years ago. I had it with my neighbour (Haasini). I am 20 yrs old 5foot and 7 inch. I was a virgin till that time and even my friends used to tease me. I was also looking for a girl to loose my virginity but I was afraid about my parents, ‘cos I’m from an orthodox family. My friends would go occasionally to some call girls, but I don’t like to do that. Cos I feel sex is some thing private. We have left a portion of our first floor for rent. We got a new tenant for that portion last year it was a couple the girl was 20 and her husband 35. She is fair about 5foot 3inches height and had good features. 

I rarely had a chance to chat have no issues. One fine Sunday my parents and me went to the top floor to get some fresh air and to discuss some thing. Even that girl came to top floor and that was the first day I had a chance to speak with her, 6 months after they came. She was so nice and from her conversation I came to know that she is feeling very much for not having a child. From then when ever we saw each other we used to speak. As days passed we became close friends. House. I gave them a lift only that day I saw that fellow soooo closely. I was shocked cos he was so dark and full of pimples. I really pity that girl, because she was so cute and well built.

As time passed we became intimate friends and we used to discuss about many things and we had arguments also. Once she asked me whether I have any girl friends or not. I said no cos genuinely I don’t have one. She asked immediately at least in your college. I said no. Though my college is Coeducation College we have no girls in our department. So we rarely had a chance to mingle with girls. As I said these things to her she was surprised to hear that I don’t have girl friends. Then she started to talk some thing deeper like whether I had any affairs or not. I was shocked to hear such a thing from her. I thought she would never go in such topics. Again I gave the same answer.

Some time passed with my new projects, assignments, etc. as I shifted to a new job by now. She used to chat about love affection etc. I felt that her husband neglected her and also I came to know he is out of station atleast 10 to 15 days in a month. Once my parents went for a marriage of my relative and I was left alone at home. She cooked me breakfast and woke me up. I was surprised to see her early in the morning. She told me that she was out of station for a week and will return only after a week and she went back. As I sipped my coffee I saw her back (woooow) what a wonderful shape she was in pink colour nightgown. Then I took a bath and switched on my TV since I was free that day, as it was Sunday. Some program was running. I found that she went back to her home. So I decided to see a porno so I took one VCD from video shop. I was watching it in my hall. I locked the door. And I was watching, suddenly she came in I didn’t expect her because the door was locked. 

I came to know later that my mom had given her a key and she came to give me lunch. Then she went to the dinning room immediately was very much embarrassed because my image would be spoiled and also afraid that she would tell this to my mom. She called me to have my lunch. I went to the dinning table and sat in front of her. She put some rice in my plate. I asked her to join me for lunch. She took a plate and sat beside me. There was absolute silence until we finish lunch. Then we went to hall and I asked her not to tell the whole thing to my parents. 

She gave a smile and went to clean the dining table. She was in light yellow saree and white blouse. I admired her hips and other things in side view. Then she came and sat beside me in sofa. We started to watch a movie, which was about killing infants. She told me that people like her were longing for kids and there are people who kill infants. Then as our topic moved on. As she was speaking her eyes were filled with tears she tried to control her but as I touched her hands she burst out crying.

 She told me that she would like to have children but unfortunately she doesn’t have. I consoled her by saying don’t worry you will soon get one. She said that her husband was accusing her for not having a child. I was very disappointed when she started to cry. I made her to sit beside me and told her not to worry and she suddenly leaned on my shoulder and I was very confused about it I didn’t know how to react and she made me horny cos I felt her soft chin on my shoulders. 

Then I slowly touched her head. And then patted her shoulder slowly. As she was leaning on my shoulder her tits were rubbing on my left arm. I was horny again and I didn’t want to misbehave, so I took my hands and kept them on the sofa’s leaning side. My neck was rubbing her forehead and a wild idea came up. I asked her what is the problem she said her husband is out most of the time and even if he is in he is drunk and sleeps unconsciously.

I touched her left shoulder with my right arm and slowly she touched my hip. And I was massaging her arms. I could not control myself any more. You guys think how one will feel. My hands slowly moved to her back and then I lowered a bit to her hip. She started to sweat a little I felt that she was also turning horny. So I massaged her hips and then I rubbed her chins with mine. I slowly lowered my hands to her ass she said nothing. I decided to move my hand to her boobs. I did it slowly I rubbed her boobs with my thumb. Now I was confirmed that she needed me. I gave her a tight hug with both my arms. And she responded too. We both were hugging each other so tightly even an apple in between us would crash. Suddenly I heard a bell ringing. 

I felt like giving a big bang to who ever rang the bell. It was the servant maid came to clean our home. I was waiting for maid to leave. But time was moving so slow. I felt as if I was suffering from fever. Then maid left after an hour. Then I searched for Haasini. To my disappointment I couldn’t find her, so I went to her house. It was locked from the inside and I could hear the sound of shower. Then I couldn’t control myself. I put on VCD and masturbated thinking of every inch of Haasini. She came to see evening movie on TV. She sat on the floor I asked her to nice chance. I went near her and said, “probably I can be your sons father”, and I returned to my seat. After a few minutes she came near me and said that she is afraid that someone could catch us red handed. I gave her counseling. And after that she didn’t say anything.

But sat next to me. I leaned on her lap all of a sudden. She didn’t object to it. Then I dropped the remote of TV and I turned to take it she stopped me and she bent to take it. I immediately wasted no time I bit her tits hard and she shouted. She said ” you naughty you are rough guy”. Then I massaged her tits for a while and then licked her navel and hips. I removed her pallu of saree and wow only now I saw her boobs she had boobs in my mouth and played for a while and she caressed my head and moaned a little. I unhooked her blouse and removed it. And now only her bra was covering her boobs. I could not tolerate any more. I pulled her to the floor. I kissed her lips as hard as I could that was my first kiss. Even she responded and we were tingling our tongues for about 5 minutes and mean while my hand removed her saree. Now she looked like an angel to me. I removed my T-shirt while she removed my trousers. I removed her dress full. Both of us were nude. 

She gave me a hug, I kissed her on neck and she licked my ears. I could feel a hot breath in her. She shook my cock gently. Her pussy was not shaved. Then I moved to her cleavage and then to tits. She started to moan. I put my finger on her pussy and licked her tits like a hungry cat. I moved to her clitoris now and licked now she moved her hip in a rhythmic manner. I did this for some 10 minutes. Then I saw her eye to eye she felt shy and turned her face and hugged me. I took her hand and gave my valuable cock in her hand. She slowly inserted into her cunt. I have never seen my cock so big; it was about 8 inch. I felt warm feeling in my cock’s head. It’s a new feeling and my heart was pumping so fast now I slowly moved my cock in it wasn’t so hard to enter. I slowly started my moment. She responded. I pressed her boobs hard. It could be or around 8 to 9 inch diameter. Then she pressed my ass towards her. And put her legs around me.

 I was about to cum. I didn’t want to cum now so I waited for some time. And I played with her tits and pressed her ass and kissed her for about 10 minutes. I felt my orgasm was postponed. I then started to move again. I asked her if she would like faster pace. She said “uumm”. I let my hand under her back and held her shoulder to grip her and now I was fucking her real hard. It went for 10 minutes. She shivered I read that she achieved orgasm. So I too came inside her. We spent some time kissing passionately each other. And by now it was 30 minutes since we started. She told me “Atleast you be my real husband. I want to be a mother soon”.

 I said, “you will”. I climbed down from her and lay beside her. She put her thighs on me and hugged me I felt as if I’m gaining energy again. I asked if she could give me a blowjob. She didn’t agree. I don’t out”. She bluntly turned facing her back towards me. I slowly put my legs over her and then pressed her boobs. I let my cock between her thighs. I slowly tried to put my cock in but it was hard. I applied Vaseline over my cock and then I put my finger into her ass. Then I put my cock in. It was so tight. I hardly entered and moved slowly. 

She moaned with pain. And it was painful even to me. But after 5, 6 strokes I felt somewhat free I fucked her slowly and I kissed her from behind. I said I was about to cum. She doesn’t want to waste my cum so she took it out from her ass and put it into her cunt and asked me to cum. I came inside her pussy again after that we fucked in the bathroom with showers on. And then on the dinning table.

The next day I called my office and said I was not feeling well and I was fucking her the whole day

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