I am Haasini, 24, with a six month old son, married to Mohan a bank officer, staying in one of the one room flats in a busy housing area of a metropolis. My husband Mohan goes to office at 8 am and carries his b/f and lunch with him and comes back late tired and hungry.

He has no time even to play with the child. When he will attend to my needs? But he gives me a lot of money for household expenses and etc. I am quite beautiful, big boobs, itchy cunt and big round buttocks.

I am quite conscious of the people staring at my boobs and the back, especially men. I am friendly with my neighborhood lady, Sarasu. She was about 40 with her husband working in Saudi where he cannot take his family.

Their only son Rahul, tall and well built just completed his schooling and entered college. He is very fair and well built and never talks to me. But his mother Sarasu is quite friendly and comes for chit chatting about the local gossips and family problems.

Since my baby was there I am quite busy and cannot even go to the market. Sarasu aunty helps me with my purchases and sometimes even wtih our cooking. Ours was a love marriage without the consent of your families and hence no relative visits us.

But we are sure by the passage of time they will have to accept me. One day Sarasu came to me and looked worried. She said her mother is sick and there is nobody to take care of her. Since they have some ancestral property, her mother will not come and stay with her.

Because of the studies of Rahul she cannot go and stay at their native place. She asked me whether it will be a burden if she has to go, to take care of Rahul and his food. I said it is ok. Rahul is a nice boy and tell me his likes and dislikes, I will give him food.

She said she did not want to put him in the hostel since boys staying in the hostel learn all bad habits fast. like smoking, drinking etc. I said dont worry I will take care of him. She said she will reimburse me all the expenses. I said ok, dont worry, I am here.

I told Mohan, my husband the request of Sarasu and Mohan said it is ok. Within two days she got message that her mother needs urgent medical attention and that she has to go immediately. Sarasu aunty came with her son, Rahul, to introduce him to me.

Rahul, shy like a girl, bowing his head, stood still when his mother told him that Haasini akka will give you food and you should help her with the market purchases etc. Rahul looked at my face and nodded his head. I was amused at his discomfiture.

His rosy cheeks with scant hair glowed as if he was shy. I said Rahul baiya whatever is your favorite food just tell me I will make it for you. Clad in a bermuda and sports T shirt he laughed and ran away to join his friends to play.

Sarasu aunty left by the evening bus to her native place which was about four hours drive away. Rahul came back from the bus station and went inside his house. I called him to come for taking food. But he said his mother has made everything for the supper and he would take it

there at his house. Rahul came to my house in the morning and met Mohan. Mohan talked to him about his college days and the sports events etc. Mohan just make fun of him for his shyness and asked him to be free and ask for anything he needs.

Rahul simply nodded his head and took tea and left. He said he will come at 9 for breakfast. I noticed lot of movement inside his bemuda and wondered whether they boy is not wearing any underwear otherwise his cock should not be makingso much of movement inside the zip area.

Rahul ate his breakfast when I was feeding my son. He was noticing my boobs sucked by my son from the corner of his eye. My child had a habit of nibling with the other nipple when he is sucking one. I had necessarily keep both my boobs open for making my child drink my milk to

his stomachful. It gave me lot of pleasure and my panty got always wet when I feed my child. I asked Rahul what about his lunch he said he will come back at 1 pm and may not go to the college in the afternoon. After finishing his b/f he ran with his bunch of books to catch the bus

to his colege. In the meantime my husband telephoned to inform me that he had to go to Kolkata to attend a training programme and asked me to pack his briefcase with necessary clothes and his toiletteries so that he may leave as soon as he comes back from office.

He said he is catching the night flight. Since my cooking is almost over and my child is sleeping, I finished my bath and got busy to pack his suitcase as per his requirements. Rahul came at 1 pm to take his lunch. He was a healthy boy and had a healthy apetite.

He seemed to like my dishes and he ate his food with relish. I was watcing him eating. He was such a handsome boy with big hands and wide shoulders, It was a pleasure to just to watch him. I told him that Mohan is going to away for two weeks and that I will be alone and wanted

him to come and sleep in my flat. Rahul after careful thought agreed. When he came for tea in the afternoon I gave him hot bujias and he like them very much. I asked him to get me some vegetables from the market and he ran with the money and the bag and within no time he

brought the vegetables. Mohan came in the evening and I asked Rahul to go with him to the airport and see him off. They went by a taxi and Rahul came back at 10 pm and informed me that the plane had left. I was wondering where to make him to lie down since we had only one

bedroom. Rahul said he will sleep in the drawing room. I just pulled the TV trolley into the bedroom and we thought we will watch some movies. Rahul was also interested since his mother never allowed him to sit late and watch TV movies.

My child was fast asleep after the feeding. I went to the bathroom and changed into a nightie. Usually, I dont wear any bra in the night so that when the child awakens it will be easy to feed him. Rahul was staring at my nude body covered by a nightie. He was in a lungi and banian.

I tried some hindi channels and then some english channels. The English channel showed some hot movie which I thought I will watch. Rahul was staring at the hero kissing the heroine passionately. The kiss prolonged for a long time and I noticed the hand of the hero touching

and squeezing the boobs of the heroine. These scenes released a flood from my pussy into the panty. My boobs were also aching due to the load of milk and the erotic scene in the TV screen. I noticed a small pulsating bulge in the lungi of Rahul. I asked him to get me a glass of water.

He was in great surprise. He could not get up concealing his bulge. Filling the glass required the use of both of his hands and his tent formation was clearly visible. When he came near me the tip of his tent came very close to me.

While giving me the glass, his eyes were fixed on the TV screen. Hero had uncovered her boobs and sucking the nipples with all eagerness. Our poor Rahul was very much aroused and me too. I taking the glass in one hand touched his cock with the other hand. Rahul was shocked.

He tried to pull himself away from my grip. I laughed and asked him to come closer and let me see what is inside the tent. He came shyly and I pulled his lungy apart and took out his cock. It was a 7 inch thing very big in size, creamy coloured, with bulging veins, hard as a rock.

His ball pouch was shrunken. Keeping the empty glass on the floor, I took the cock with my both hands and ran my hand over it. Rahul was shy but excited. He was looking at the TV monitor and at my face alternatingly.

The scene in the TV was very hot and I never knew they showed such hot movies in the night. I unhooked the nightie and brought out my boobs for him to see. But he was looking at them greedily but was not bold enough to touch them.

I took his hands and placed them on my boobs and made him to press them. I gage a tug to him lungi and it came off and he was totally nude waist below. He did not wear any underwear. I ran my hands on his thighs and ass. They were so nice firm and beautiful.

He was massaging my boobs with all vigour. I pulled his cock to my face and sniffed at it. It was giving a healthy masculine smell which was very arousing. I opened my mouth and licked at the tip of the cock at the pre cum. Poor chap was breathing very heavily.

I took his cock in my mouth and rolled my tongue over it. He gave out a cry and was trying to pull back. I held him firm and went on sucking. His cock was so big that I could not mouth it fully. Mohan’s cock was comparatively small and his erection would not last long.

When I put it in my mouth he will shot his cum in my mouth and will not be in a mood to fuck me. Here Rahul was holding up. I removed my nightie and panty and showed him my pussy. He was amazed. He said he has never seen the private part of a woman before.

I took his hand and placed it on my pussy and asked him how it felt. My pussy was clean shaven and was very smooth. He looked at it in surprise and was running his hand all over. I told him to open the lips and see inside. He was afraid he may hurt me and looked at my face.

I opened the lips and asked him to look at the hole and the clit. He did not know about the clit. I showed him all the interior and explained to him its functions and asked him to smell it and if he liked it to lick it. Rahul kneeled on the floor and snifted at my cunt.

He looked at my face and smiled and said it is ok. I asked him to lick it from bottom to top. He did it obediently. He was very much aroused and I could hear him breathing heavily. Poor chap, I did not want to hasten my process of seducing him.

His licking was raising my arousal level and I was getting near an orgasm. It is very long time since I got a clitoral orgasm. I lifted my hip and kept my hand on his head and guided him to concentrate on my clit. On his own he caught it with his lips and was pulling at it.

I crashed into an orgasm. It came in waves and I gave out a heavy moan. Rahul was surprised at the flow of my fluids. He got up and his cock was bent upwards and touching his stomach. I asked him to fuck me. I guided his cock into my cunt and asked him to push it in.

Leaning over me he pushed his cock and it took time to go in completely. It went through many unexplored corners of my vagina and my orgasm was at its peak. He started to pump slowly. I asked him to go fast and he increased the speed.

Finally he shot his juices inside me in quick and powerful spurts. I could feel his cock filling me completely and the spurts could also be felt by me. I pulled him closer and wound my legs around him and hugged him to my chest. My milk was also flowing heavily.

But his erection was intact. He went on pumping and my next session also started. The fellow had wonderful tenacity and his next session was longer than the first. Finally we both reached orgasm together and lied still for some time. He got up with fluids dripping from his cock.

I tookit in my mouth and cleaned it for him. I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself of all the mess. Rahul followed me like a faithful dog. I was totally nude and he did not take his eyes off me. I asked him how was it. He said it was very nice.

I asked him do you want more. He said yes. I said wait I will come and then we will have more. I showed him how to fuck in a doggy style. I kneeled and he inserted his cock from behind. He went on fucking with slight moaning.

His hard cock was sending inside me new sensations which hitherto were unknown to me. I was also moaning heavily. Finally he came and him cum was pumped inside me. It was very late and I said to him to go to sleep near me in my bed. He was very much willing.

He embraced me and kissed me on my face and lips. We both totally nude slept side by side in my bed embracing each other. I asked him whether he has not ever mastrubated. He said yes, daily he used fantacize about me and mastrubate. His dreams came true to day.

I kissed him and we both slept off. I told him not to tell anybody about our affair. He promised not to tell.I told him we have plenty of time and we can fuck as much as we desire. Next day he went to college as usual and came back at noon for lunch.

I gave him egg omlettes to recoup his energy. He enjoyed his food. He asked me whether we can fuck now. I told him to wait since my child needs to be bathed, fed and put to sleep. I too took my bath and took my lunch and then I called Rahul to come.

He came running and was wearing only a lungi and banian. Now I will show you another pose. I made him to lie down and his cock was standing like a flagpole. Putting my legs across I straddled him and took his cock and inserted into my cunt and with a jerk of my hip I took it in

completely. Leaning over him I fucked him. He was enjoying since my boobs were dangling over his face. He opened his mouth and sucked my nipples. I positioned myself in such a way that his cock rubbed on all sides of my vagina. It gave me immeasurable pleasure.

I fucked him with a sound of plak, plak coming from my cunt. Since this gave me a great advantage over him I was reaching my orgasm very fast. But I went on fucking till he reached his orgasm. When he orgasmed his face looked funny.

He opened his mouth and closed his eyes to enjoy the orgasm. Since his erection was intact I went on fucking further. I tilted my hip so that his cock may rub against my clit. It was heavenly. I wished that this should not stop.

I felt guilty for having seduced an innocent boy to satisfy my lust, taking advantage of the absence of his mother and my husband. But what to do temptations are more powerful and I had to succumb to their power. The boy Rahul, unspoiled totally,

was like a tool to satisfy all the demands of my body. But how long it will go on like this. His mother informed him that her stay may be extended by another ten days. My husband may not be available for a period of 15 days.

I thought let me enjoy at least for this period and let me make this boy also enjoy. Rahul was extremely happy on his new knowledge and experience. But he wanted always to fuck. He was more lustful than me. Since there was nobody else in the house, it is ok with me.

He used to fuck me two or three times during day time and two or three times in night. For all the celebacy I suffered for all these days I was getting more than I required. He wanted to fuck me even on the days when I was on menses.

I dissuaded him but sucked and took out his cum. He sucked my nipples for the whole night and drank all the milk. I never wore any bra or panty when he was at home since his requirements are always more pressing than mine. My days went on like this enjoying each other.

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