Rema aunty, my mother’s youngest sister she was born 12 years after my mom was born, on return from Dubai, purchased a flat in our apartment complex and moved in there. He husband, Ramu uncle was transferred to Europe and he had to constantly travel and aunty thought the she mey move over to our place rather than stay alone in Dubai. They had no children even after five years of marriage.

Aunty used to call me frequently for help to move furniture, or to make small purchases, etc. I, Raju, was in the first year engg. and my parents were both working. I used to be available at my flat most of the time since my college was very closeby and I attended classes and during spare time I came home. Aunty had presented to me a laptop which was a dream for my age group.

I took net connection and browsing the net was my favourite pastime. One of my friends suggested to me to see porno sites and wow, the whole porno world was open before me. Aunty had her own laptop and all imported gadgets and furniture. It was indeed a pleasure to spend some time in her flat in the air conditioned luxury. Rema aunty was just 32 and was a beauty.

She used to come to our flat in the evening when my mother returns from office and they both cooked food for supper and Rema aunty took food in our flat and then left to her flat to sleep. Sometimes she used to wear jeans and t shirt and some times pyjama and top, and sometimes churidar and kurtha. What ever she wore she used to be beautiful and charming.

She used to ask me to accompany her wherever she goes and I used to do it very willingly. Uncle used to come once or twice a month during his official tours and stay with her for about a week or so. But now he did not come for more than a month and she used to be very worried about him. They may talk or video chat daily but his physical presence is what she wanted.

Once she asked my mother to allow me to sleep in her flat. She felt very uneasy that day. She said we will go out for supper, I said ok. I took her in my bike to one of our favorite eateries. She took very light food. On reaching back her appartment she was slightly limping while walking. I asked her what is the matter.

She said she hit her knee on the dining table in the hotel and it pained her very much. On reaching home she asked me to apply some pain balm on her knee. Afterall she is my aunty and I said I will and she gave me a tube of oitment. She lifted her saree upto the knee and her shapely legs were very beautiful. I applied the ointment and she asked me to massage.

I kneeled on the floor and massaged her knee down to her feet. She said it felt very good and she went to her bed room and changed to a nightie. Though I had no bad intentions with Rema aunty, despite she being a beautiful woman, making me to touch her body The absence of uncle also made her very sad and lousy.

I cannot be his replacement. I thought let me be as much useful to her as posibble. She was lying on her abdoman and her legs were exposed. She was asking me to apply the ointment on the back of her knees and on the back of her thighs.What if it were my aunty, exposed two female legs caused me an erection. I cannot tell anybody.

But she was face down and may not know my predicament. Sitting on one side I applied the linament and rubbed with my hand and asked her how she feels. If she says she feels better I thought I can stop. I had applied from knee upwards. But aunty did not say either to stop or to continue. I asked her how do you feel, she used to reply it is ok. I am seeing her panty.

Upto the bottom of the panty on the rear of her thigh I have massaged with the linament. She should have said OK Raju, stop it enough for the day. It was a pleasure pressing and massaging her sweet soft thighs. Suddenly I found dampness in the front of her panty. Has she passed urine without knowing.

Any how I stoped massaging for the day, kept the linament tube in the shelf and went and washed my hands in the wash basin. I called Rema aunty, will that not do, If you need me call me again I will come. Now let me go and and wthout waiting for her answer I moved to the door. Rema aunty asked me to stay back and join her in taking lunch.

She had prepared some food and some items she ordered from the hotel, but eating them alone was very boring and she wanted me to give her company. She was just staring into my eyes which made me uncomfortable. She asked me how I was using my laptop, whether I have started using it for my projects or just for watching movies etc.

I said my project work will start only from second year onwards, and now I was watching movies etc. What more you watch, she asked. I was fumbling, how can I tell her that I watch porno. I gave her some evasive reply. In the afternoon I saw her watching my laptop and searching for history. She found out that I was watching porno sites. There was a smile on her face.

I thought she will warn me from going into this kind of rotten stuff. But she did not. She observed that I had marked some porno sites as my favourites. She searched for them and was looking at me. I felt guilty and was avoiding looking at her. She wanted to make some advances towards me. But I had my limitations. I cannot take any initiative.

She made it a practice to make me give massage to various parts of her body, once her back, or hip, or thighs, or knee, or calf miscles. or shoulder muscles.. She made sure that I get full view of her boobs, or her pussy. All that I need to do was just extend my hand and touch it. I hesitated and waited for a better chance to turn up.

It so happened that my parents went on a pilgrimage to a distant temple. It was an auspicious day. Rema aunty told me that we should take oil bath wear fresh clothes and go to the local temple. She brought bottles of oil to the bathroom and asked me to wear a towel and come for oil massage. She said she will give massage.

I wore a towel around my waist and sat in a plastic stool in the bathroom. She poured oil on my head and started to massage my head, neck, back and one by one the upper portion of the body. I had a glorious erection and it was concealed in the towel. The bathroom door was closed, she squatted on the floor and asked me to remove the towel.

She just pulled it off and saw my monster in full fury. She just took oil and applied it on the cock and the scrotum and massaged it. She was just enjoying the act. She then proceeded to the bottom portion, thighs, knees, and lower legs etc. But my monster was very hard and erect. It used to touch her face or hair.

After oiling of my body is over, she sat on the stool and asked me to start on her body. She removed all her clothes, keeping just the bra and the panty. I applied oil on her face and on her hair and then came down to her neck and chest.

I had to remove her bra, I unhooked her bra and her ample boobs with erect nipples were there standing erect, I applied oil on her boob and massaged it Rema aunty was enjoying my touch and was keeping her eyes closed. There were stubs of hair in her arm pits and running my oily hand on her abdomen was a real pleasure. Quite mechanically I pulled down her panty.

She cooperated. He scantily haired pussy gave a lovely picture. I applied oil on the pussy and made a circulatory movement making sure that my finger tips were pressing her clitoris and other sensitive areas. Her hand reached out for my erect cock and I was busy applying oil on her buttocks and thighs, interior and exterior.

She made me to sit on the small bathroom stool and she sat on my lap with her legs on both of my sides. She took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her fuckhole and she moved forward hugging me. My cock entered her tight hole. I had to embrace her. She pushed forward and backwards so that my cock may go in in slow pace.

I then lifted her and placed her on the floor and opening her legs wide, lied on her in missionary position and pushed my cock inside. Because of disuse her hole has shrunk and I poured some water in it and again tried. With pluck pluck sound I made a full entry and she held me tight with her hands and legs tightly wound around me. We never thought of the moral value of our act.

It was only physical lust. I fucked her slowly and then increased speed and she shouted that she is cumming. I went on fucking and I too reached my orgasm and shot my fluids into her. My my erection was intact and when I pulled out she got up and washed her cunt. She saw my erection and wanted another fuck then and there.

Again making her ly on the floor I fucked her vigorously, but it took longer time. We finished our bath and came back to the bed room naked with moist bodies.We stood before the wall mirror and watched it looked to stand naked. My cock was again getting erection. We fucked on the bed, with me down and she on top.

She was very clumsy and my cock slipped away from her hole and she placed it again and jumped. Her boobs were lovely and were bouncing. I held both of them and sucked her nipples to enhance our pleasure. We fucked four to five times a day to make up all the sex she missed in the absence of uncle.

There was a telephone call from uncle to say that he is coming with her visa and to get ready. She gave me her laptop, camera and many precious things. She left the articles as they were and bidding farewell to my parents she left with the uncle.

We fucked till she left to the airport to receive her husband. After about two months she telephoned me and told me that she is pregnant and the child is mine.

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