Having done my B.Tech, I was selected in the campus interview by a MNC for working in their local office. Though I am eligible for a flat and a car, I was commuting from my home in a two wheeler. In the meantime my family searched for a girl and fixed my marriage with Uma 22, a beautiful and shapely girl working in a public sector bank.

Uma had a sister Suma 20 studying for degree. They lost their father about five years ago in an accident and their mother Lakshmi was bringing up the children and got them educated and settled. They are financially well off. The lived in a luxurious bungalow with three a/c bed rooms and a car. I had a three eight hour shift in my office.

There was not much workload and I can manage my work easily. I went to the gym to maintain my body in good condition. My wife Uma was a virtuous and nice girl and she was wonderful in the bed with a healthy appetite for sex. But she wanted to avoid pregnancy for another two years. We planned accordingly. Uma was very mischievous type of girl without any inhibition.

She takes all kinds of liberties with me as a sally. I bought for her a laptop as per her request and presented it on the occasion of her birthday. She was thrilled and used to play music loudly with it. She was also beautiful and looked like a younger edition of her sister Uma.

Their mother Lakshmi was hardly 37 when her husband died and it seems she recovered from the grief quickly and was looking after the kitchen and the general requirements of the household. When I am not on duty we all join together in the dining hall for supper and I make it a point to crack some jokes and all the women will reel with laughter.

My talk is always humourous and my people like me for that. Somedays when I am free in the mornings I sit and watch TV in mybedroom when Suma will barge in and will lie in the bed with me. She will come closer and touch my body and comment on my six packs touch my nipple and make all sorts of comments about my looks.

I could see her ample boobs jutting out of her bra and the cleavage view was fantastic. Naturally I will have an erection and with great difficulty I conceal my harassment. She will not allow me to read newspapers or watch TV, but go on talking with some questions.

Sometime she asks about my girl friends in the college, and when I tell her that I had forgotten them I am no more in touch with them, she will ask what all I did to them. It is an ordeal to push her out of her room to avoid a unpleasant situation. She has her own room and she can study with the help of the laptop and the internet.

Lakshmi, their mother is very quiet and does not interfere in any matter. She gives me nice food, which I enjoy, I tell her my appreciation and she likes to hear good comments about her food. One day I was at home, Both Uma and Suma were out, the time was about 11 am. I heard a big sound and a cry from the kitchen.

I rushed to the kitchen and found that Lakshmi while taking a big vessel of boiling water slipped and the entire boiling water was poured on her body and steam was coming out of her saree. I rushed to her and try to remove the hot saree from her body. It took some time to get rid of it. Her pettycoat also was drenched and it was hot.

I untied the nada and dropped the petty coat on the floor. She was in her panties and it too looked wet. I placed my hand over it and it was hot. I just carried her to the bathroom and as a first aid I poured some cold water on her lower body especially on her left leg which was red in colour.

Her loud cry stopped and she was making some sound and I poured cold water inside her panty so that if some hot water has entered the bad effects will go away by pouring cold water. I noticed she had a thick mat of hair on her pussy. I asked her whether I may remove her panty, she agreed and I pulled it down and poured plenty of water over the mat of hair.

I placed my hand and found it to be hot. I told her you should not have had so much of hair in your private parts, now it will store the hot water and scald you delicate skin over there. Bowing her head shyly she nodded her head. With a towel I mopped her body of all the water. Her thigh was red in colour and I carried her to her bed and made her lie with legs apart.

I applied some soothing cream available in the house. I asked Lakshmi whether any of her daughters are likely to come home soon. She said no, Suma willl come at 4 pm and Uma at 6 pm. I asked whether I may remove the mat of hair on her pussy. She said ok. She said she does not have any razor and after the demise of her husband she has not removed it.

I said dont worry I will remove it now in two minutes and hereafter every week I will do it for you. She was looking at my face and smiled and hugged me planted a kiss on my cheeks. I brought my trimmer and placed an old newspaper underneath her buttocks and ran the trimmer and the whole mat of hairs was removed in a jiffy.

Her cunt was very small and beautiful and cunt lips were fluffy and her clitoris was very small and concealed inside. I opened the cunt lips and removed the hair at the edge of the lip and those around the clitoris. I asked her to raise her legs and removed all hair between her pussy and the anus and all hair around her anus.

I ran my hand over her pussy and she was shivering in excitement. She said it was the first time somebody is touching her private parts after the death of her husband. He also never touched. I looked at her face and told her that I will take good care of it since it was the birthplace of my wife.She laughed and again pulled me towards her and kissed me.

She said you are my unborn son. I took the coconut oil bottle and applied it on her pussy and other area where the red color was less. I massged her pussy with the oil and it seems to have aroused her as her breathing became fast. I asked her how does she feel, she said there is no pain and she is alright.

It was because of the timely help I gave her to remove her saree and petty coat major burn injury on her thigh could be averted. I asked her to lie down and take some rest. She said cooking is not over. I said dont worry, we will order some food from some caterer. I telephoned the caterer and placed order. She asked me to lie with her.

I was suffering from a high erection and to lie wiith her will be another ordeal. She wanted somebody to console her in her moment of grief. She started to cry thinking of her husband. She was totally nude down below her waist and I asked her to cover her body with a sheet. She asked me to pick a sheet from the wardrobe and cover her fully.

She said I am sorry I gave you lot of trouble. I said it is ok, but will you do me a favour. She asked what favour. I told her to allow me to plant a kiss on her shaven pussy. She said ok, and removed the sheet and opened her legs widely. I kissed and dug it with my tongue to search for the clitoris. I asked her whether there is any burn injury on these parts.

She said no and my action gave her great pleasure and urged me to continue. I located her clitoris and sucked it and it came out to the size of a bean. I felt her hand on the back of my head. I could know that she was sex starved for the past five years and even a small pleasure was a great boon to her.

I told her I will take care of her sex needs, but see that your daughters do not discover it. She said it is wrong, and I should not encourage you to do it. She said today you saved me from a big accident. If were you not there I would have to be hospitalized for serius burn injury. I said ok, ik, forget it, I did what I should do in these circumstances.

I gave her a hug and left her alone and there was a door bell and the caterer delivery boy came with packets of biriyani etc. Lakshmi told me that her husband loved her very much and after birth of the girls, he asked her to get a surgery for prevention of further pregnancy so that we can indulge in sex fearlessly.

We both were very sex minded and had sex in day time or night time, sometimes when the children were small even in front of them. He made lot ot money and bought these two houses and I have good deposits in the bank. After the marriage of Uma I was sorry that he was not there because it was his great dream.

I made Lakshmi to get up and helped her to put on a nightee. She could walk to the bathroom and sit on the closet and pass urine. I stood there watching and she asked me to help her to wash her pussy and help her to get up and take her to the dining table. We both ate the biriyani and she continued to talk.

She said now her desire was to get Suma also married and then to take to spiritualism for the rest of the life. I told her of course we can find a suitable boy for Suma and get her married, but before taking up to spiritualism allow me to fuck you to my heart’s content. You have not had your full sex life. Premature death of your husband did not diminish your sex urge.

First get well, and come to normal and then I will start fucking you. Of course I am very happy with my wife and she give me full satisfaction and I also give her maximum pleasure. My excessive sex energy I will spend for you. Lakshmi while eating her food was looking at me told me that it is her fortune that she got me as her son in law.

Lakshmi recovered very fast. We got food from the caterers just for a day, next day Uma and Suma untertook to cook and their dishes were delicious. Both of them were grateful to me for helping their mother at the moment of crisis most appropriately that there was no scar or blister on her body.

The burn injury was the subject of conversation in the family and even their friends got the news and came to inquire about her health. Lakshmi was normal and had resumed her duties in the kitchen. Uma as usual started going to her office and Suma to her college.

Suma who was sleeping with her mother shifted to the vacant bedroom upstairs where she can study even late night without disturbing others. My routine continued with my three shifts, In the mornings I used to give an oil massage to Lakshmi in the bathroom in the burn portion of her legs and on her pussy. I bought a razor and shaved her pussy regularly.

I used to lick her cunt and clitoris and then fuck her well. This took nearly 2 hours which we both enjoyed. Her legs now glowed. I told her now we will extend the massage to the entire body, which she smilingly accepted. We spread a plastic sheet on her bed and give her massage of her chest, boobs and on her back, and the whole body.

She said I should also be without clothes. She used to take my dangling cock inher mouth and suck it. Initially I was bathing her, but she said she will bathe herself and wiping she will walk naked to the bedroom where I will be ready for fucking. Her cunt was tight and it was a pleasure to fuck her because she preserved her sex fire still.

This job will be only on days when I have break for the day. Otherwise I will be in my workplace and I cannot give her her massage. Lakshmi very carefully covered our relationship from her daughters. One day suddenly my wife Uma asked me, about the burn accident and asked whether I removed the panty of her mother to pour cold water on her pussy.

Otherwise how can I pour cold water, of course I took permission from your mother but she was in agony out of pain of the burns in her leg. Ok, Ok, said Uma, did you remove her public hair. I was shocked the way she was questioning me. I made it look casual, yes, naturally, hot water would have entered the mat of hair and scalded the skin underneath, I said.

Having removed her hair you would have seen her naked cunt, were you not tempted to kiss her cunt, she asked. I said what is this you are questioning me like they do it in the court, and I avoided a direct answer and evaded furher questions from her. She laughed and said having known your temptations I thought you would have kissed, and sucked her cunt and even clitoris.

I would have but for her agony, I said and told her a lie right on her face. These females they record everything in their mind and ask you when you are caught. I did not know whether she asked her mother whether I licked her cunt and fucked her. I dont think she will be bold enough for that.

One day she told me that she had to go to Chennai for attending some training in their bank’s staff training college for about a week. It may be good for her career. I asked her what she had decided. She said they have not told her about the date, but she had to go once they inform her the dates so that she may book her ticket well in advance.

I asked her whether I should accompany her. She said no, you will spend your time idling in the hotel room when I attend the classes. It is just on week and I will come back the next day the training ends. Next day they gave her the dates and I booked her I class train ticket to Chennai.

On the appointed day I fucked her twice and dropped her in the railway station and made her sit in her seat. There were tears in her eyes since this is the first time we are separated from one another. I returned home after the train left. It was an evening train which will reach Chennai next day in the morning. On return I was thinking of sleeping in the bed alone.

While eating supper my sister in law, Suma, asked me to help her with some project report in her laptop. She said she has a fair idea about what is to be done, but she wanted me show her how to do it in the laptop. She told me that she had taken permission from her sister and from her mother and both have agreed. I looked in the face of Lakshmi.

She told me that Suma was worried as she did not want to touble me. I said it is ok, as I was familiar with the laptop. After supper I took some time and went upstairs to the room of Suma. She had changed into a nightie and was busy working on her project. As soon as I entered she asked me to sit near her and show me how to operate it. I was in a lungi and a vest.

I forgot to wear my brief. Suma was sitting very close to me touching my body with her shoulder. I showed her how to write the report on the Word and how to present the data etc. She turned towards me and her boobs was pressing against my shoulders and I was getting an erection.

She removed the laptop from my lap and placed it on the table and she saw me struggling to press my hard cock between my thighs. She removed her nightie and stood before me stark naked with clean shaven pussy and fell on me flat. I said what is this Suma you are doing, this is bad, I have to be unfaithfuly to your sister to do sex with you.

She said dont tell me your philosophy, bhaiya, you removed my mother’s panty and removed her public hair and kissed her on her pussy and did all things to her. Were you not unfaithfull to Uma. You did a great thing and averted a serious burn injury to my mother and we are all grateful to you.

And my mother was sex hungry and if you had done those things to her, again I am thankful to you. Since the death of my father my mother was not getting any sex pleasure. Now I have been eyeing you and had a crush for a long time. Now Uma is not there let me fuck you to my heart’s content. Come on get on top of me and give me a deep fuck.

My cunt is itching for a long time and only a good strong cock can satisfy it, please do it, dont talk and waste time. I had nothing to say. She lied in the bed with her legs wide open and her cunt was leaking and shining. I got on top of her and she took my cock and guided it to her hole.

I just descended and her hole was of course tight and there was no obstruction and I went completely inside her. Kneeling on my elbows I pressed her boobs and took her nipples in my mouth. I slowly started to fuck her and she closing her eyes was moaning with illegible sounds.I went on fucking her with increased speed.

Suddenly the door of her room was opened, her mother Lakshmi came in and seeing us in action went away closing the door. I asked Suma why did you not close the door, your mother came in and saw us and went down. Suma said it is ok, you go ahead and finish it. I want to have one more session after this. Do it hard and deep.

I did it hard and deep and soon she was reaching her orgasm and I could feel her cunt muscles tightening around my cock and I too shot my fluids inside her. I removed my cock and wiped my cock in a towel lying in the bed. Suma said it was a good fuck, I enjoyed it. and went to the bathroom and cleaned her cunt and came back.

If my mother having seen scolds me I will tell her that it is better than going to an outside unknown boy and getting fucked and getting blackmailed for years. This will be a insider job and will remain secret for ever. I appreciated her intelligence. She told me to fuck her mother also whenever there is a chance, because she is very timid and needs sex often since she is not very old.

You fuck me often because I have a itchy cunt and I dont want to put vegetables inside. But see you keep it secret from Uma. Next session I asked her which pose she wants and she told me to fuck her in doggy style. Hugging her ample asses, searching for her hole between her legs I inserted my cock and it slided smoothly in.

As I fucked her I could see her boobs hanging and dangling. I extended my hands and caught and squeezed them. It took a longertime to reach orgasm. But it was nice and she enjoyed to the utmost. I continue to fuck her mother and her whenever chance arise and I fuck my wife daily without fail. My life goes on.

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