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I am a mother of 2 children, they studying in Canada I came to know about this site recently from my friend. I am going to tell you an story, it’s not a story but it is a fact which happened and still continuing. We are living and settled in Qatar even though we were from Bombay.

Telling about me and my hus, my hus got a little more belly but got a huge cock about 8 and I got a huge body of figure about 40-30-42. I am 46 and my hus 53. And we enjoyed sex life as nice as possible. I wore tight clothes so that everybody had an eye on my seducing butt as my husband wanted it to be. He told me that his business partner used to make comments on my boobs and my huge butts, and I liked that very much. My body was bulky on the sides but I looked young and sexy than other ladies of my age. My name is Silvia and my hubby name is Varun.

My hubby’s business partner an Arab used to visit our house frequently and even his wife accompanied him. His name is Hamad and his wife’s name is Noora. Normally I wore mini skirts and blouse instead of parda in house because my hubby wanted me to wear it in front of hamad for his comfort, I mean sexually. Because he knew that I liked exposing. And even Noora wore mini skirts while visiting our house. Telling about them Hamad a huge man about 50 black in complexion and ….. (u will be knowing more about him while reading my story down the way) and Noora a fair, 46 a real huge lady she got a huge boobs of 42 and her boobs were big, but her butts were not so as compared to mine. I have seen several times Hamad staring at my butts and I was a real seductress and I think I am hot and a bomb.

I used to give him a real view of my asset to him; I knew Hamad wanted me and me too and once have heard him saying to my husband that he had a great cock. Once when we all were having dinner I saw Noora fondling Varun cock with her legs as she was sitting opposite to him under the table and even Hamad was enjoying this. Seeing this I got horny and I wanted someone to ramp his cock into my pussy and my down became wet. Later I came to know it was in presence of Hamad them enjoying by their looks. And after that they all got up and went to wash their hands. I was really jealous with Noora. We decided to go for an outing in our neighboring island named Hawar Island. And we reached there almost in the evening and we had our dinner in the beach restaurant.

The turning point was there was only one hut empty so we decided to stay together in one hut, these huts are situated in the beach for the tourist comfort, and the floor of the hut was beach mud. But there was one bed, since we were 4 of them Varun, me, Hamad and Noora we all slept down because the space was not enough Since it was summer we all wore short clothes like lungi and skirts. and I was really horny thinking about Hamad. could not do any thing bcoz I was between Noora and my hus and Hamad was next to Noora. I acted as if I was fast asleep and slowly noora came to my place and she pushed me aside where she was, by that time hamad was in sound sleep and I knew what they are up to I was shocked to see my hubby on other women I became more hornier to see their act. Noora said I love u Varunss, I love uuuuuuu I want uuuuuu

both Noora and my hubby parted from their hug and she lifted her head and kissed Varun on the lips. He responded to her and she continued to kiss him. Their tongues touched. Then Varun started to kiss her neck and came down her beauties. He pushed her on the bed, suddenly I made some noise purposely but I heard him saying “let Silvia know even she will get fucked” and turned her back I became scared of hearing this. Seeing this I inserted my index finger into my pussy through my panty without their notice. Then Varun moved her hair aside and kissed every inch of her back. He moved towards her butts and kissed them. He kissed all over her body including finger nails. She pulled him on her and pushed him on her side and started to kiss him. Noora started kissing from his forehead. She kissed allover his body. She kissed him on navel button and sucked it. She even kissed the below region of my hubby’s navel button. In between I was fingering my pussy. She moved her hand on his pennies which are trying hard to come out of the jeans pant. She pulled his lungi down and thrower them on the floor. Varun was in his VIP white underwear before slut noora. She was standing in front of him. He stood up to remove her dress.

. There was only one hook on Noora’s blouse near the butt which will hold her top and he removed the hook and kissed her above her butts. Abaas pulled the skirt that was wrapped around her. He was looking at her while he was removing her dress. He removed her dress completely and was in her underwear before all of us in our bedroom. All of a sudden I could feel a hand down in my pussy fingering me it was Hamad he was in deep sleep but was horny I could see his cock bulging through his lungi he was moaning Noraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhh I knew he was in sleep and both Noora and Varun heard this and they started laughing. My hubby said to Noora that “hey look Hamad is fingering my wife thinking its uu” and noora said “ohhhhh that bastard is really horny in his sleep he will even fuck his mother in his sleep” and they started to laugh, Then he removed her underwear and kissed on the cunt region. She too removed my hubby’s underwear and smiled. He pushed her on the bed and went on top of her. She widened her legs and asked to fuck her. He said he want to suck it first and then fuck it. Varun started to suck her from her breasts. He was going hard at it. Noora said to go slow and he said ok and went down to her cunt to suck it and she started to moan. After some time he guided his penis towards her cunt. Then he inserted it into her cunt and moved in rhythm. After 15 minutes he cum in her and fell on top of her. He opened his eyes after 30 minutes and Noora smiled looking at him. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her on lips. She said Varun I love you and want to make love to you. Varun too said the same and slept together. And Varun called Hamad suddenly he got up and said hamad I had a nice time with noora, hamad said I know my friend noora is all yours and I hove my slut enjoyed it exclaimed hamed. I was shocked to hear this from hamad. He said to Varun that he fingered me purposely and they all laughed. I acted as if I was in deep sleep.

Hearing all these conversation I got courage and decided to get fucked by the hot Arab and when they all started sleeping I made some sound and got up and I got and walked towards the toilet and I noticed hamad following me and finally got inside the toilet and hide myself in the corner. He pulled his lungi up and slid his underwear down and took of the monstrous cock I could not believe this, he had a very long cock which must be at least 11 inches long and very thick, around one and a half inches thick and he had huge balls hanging and covers with lots of grey hair all over, I saw him stroke himself for 20 minutes then finally I saw him come, he just kept spunking like anything, there was so much of his thick semen all over the place, he never seemed to stop, spurt by spurt he kept spunking like anything, I was jealous to Noora that she must me the most satisfied woman in the world but also I was wondering how she could take such a big penis inside, I never thought it possible, I thought his wife was the most luckiest woman but then little did I know at that it will be mine too. I got horny seeing this and got up with courage and caught his cockkkk and pressed it hard with my hand. I tore my skirt in pieces and I was just I my blouse and panties. Hamad became really hard. He opened the door and took me in his hands to the bedroom and both noora and hubby were naked and asked both of us to enjoy while they had a nap.Hamad made me sit on the edge of the bed and pulled his lungi, then his underwear.

His huge monstrous cock stood out straight pointing at me. I could not believe my eye in conscious and I said is Oh my God! ohhhhhhhhh hamad please, its so big for me, he said don’t worry, nothing will happen your friend noora has taken this then why cant u do it, you will enjoy it, you are more big than noora then I, closed my eyes and was saying ohhh fuckkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, while hamad put his hand through my hair and cupped back of my head and pushed his huge cock in my mouth, I said mmm… mmm… mmm…. please mmmm.. and then with one firm push I felt I was in heaven and he open my mouth and hamad took his huge tool enter my mouth, and hamad let away a loud moan and kept his cock in my mouth, I made loud moans mmmmmmm hamaduuuuuuu and my hand was on his cock he was trying to stop himself from pushing my face more, and I wrapped my lovely lips against his black monster cock, I wondered how such a huge thing went in me, I opened my mouth wide open and only the head of the cock and an inch more was in my mouth, and then hamad said take more and pushed more in, till half of his cock went it, I felt the head of his cock push against the back of my throat, he stopped and put both his hand around my cheek and cupped my cheek in his hands, I was holding on to his hands, then he pulled his cock out slowly, I must say he is a master at this.

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Then he removed his cock from my mouth and said you are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with and I got more hornier, then he asked me to suck his balls and he guided my face to his huge balls, I took each of them in my mouth tasting the every skin and dirt on it for about a minute and then he again put his cock near my mouth, this time without saying anything I opened my mouth without any resistance and took half of it in my mouth and held it like that and then pulled away and then in again, I could see hamad moaning Silviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………and he close his eyes and really enjoy himself, this went on for five minutes and then hamad said, darling take the whole thing in, and I said ok reluctantly and he just push it into my throat and then I took his penis again in my mouth and this time hamadu put his hands behind my head and pushed me slowly in, after half a little more went in and moaning ahhhhhhhh he pushed more and more of his huge cock went in and finally my nose touched his pubic hair, he held me there for some time as I liked the smell of black and then pulled out, he simply pushed it in again and deep inside then pulled it out, did this for five minutes, then he sat on the bed and told me to sit on the floor and take him, I immediately kneeled down on the floor and took his penis in my mouth half way and then hamad pushed me and I took it fully in and this went on for 15 minutes, both me and hamad were sweating and hamad was moaning ahhhh.hhhhh ouhhhhhh…and told me he loves me and so on, and told me, come on Silviaaaaaaaa do it faster.

Immediately started taking his huge cock in and out of my mouth fast, when suddenly he pressed my face deep down and was grunting like anything and let out a moan allahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I knew he was cuming, and I got afraid and I struggled to move away, I took his huge load of semen completely inside, hamad was shooting his load down in me, then I saw a huge glob of semen leave his cock and hit it hit my face and lips and then hair and chest and I opened my mouth and hamad again pulled me towards him and this time I kept my mouth going up and down on his giant cock, I guess loved it too, after this I saw his cock shrink and I lied down, and cleaned my face with my skirt and just then he pulled me toward and said thank you and kissed me, he put his hand around my bare waist and pushed it up towards my bouncy booby breasts and pressed it hard, I let out a moan saying aaaah! ouch! he took both his hand and pressed me hard as he could and I was literally screaming saying ouchhhhhhhh… then we started kissing again and I wrapped my arms around his head and his back and kissed back.

After this I could his cock getting hard again and then he broke the kiss and looked into my eyes and said, I want to fuck you now!!, from the first time I saw you I wanted to fuck you, and I said me tooooo…I want that cock in meeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I m going to fuck you so better to co – operate and enjoy. He just started kissing me madly, a black man with a monster cock over my beautiful and sexy body. he just started to suck my lips, he just kept kissing me and both his hand were around my bulky huge bare waist his thumb pushing into my navel and then cupping both ass globes and squeezing them. I enjoyed it very much. Then we kissed madly and hamad pulled me on him and from behind pulled my panties and put his hand in my ass and pressed it and said “I am so lucky Silvia to see beautiful white milky thighs and your big ass”, he got his grip in my panties and pulled it down and he saw my hot treasure which belonged to Varun my lovely ass, milky white and round and plumpy, hamad then pressed my bare ass and put one finger inside and I moaning alllllllllaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he pushed it in and out 10 to 15 times and I just kissed him and was shaking, I had an orgasm, then he pulled away her panties and threw it beside her and said remove your blouse and saying so he laid me on the bed and got on top of me and I open my blouse for hamad to enjoy, we were kissing while I removed the blouse and finally that too was thrown away near my skirt. and at last after a great struggle I showed him my huge soft breasts in view with huge pinkish brown areolas


Hamada was just looking at it and then he opened his mouth and lowered it on to breasts and started sucking and biting on it while he pinched the other nipple I moaned hamaduuuuuuuuuu…ooooooooooooh please… and then this went on for 15 minutes after which we kissed again, this time more passionately, he sucked again and went down and kissed my navel and my belly and kissed me between my legs on my pussy, I became more hornier and bit my lower lip and moaned aaaahhhhhhh, the sexiest cries from me really turned him on. He was eagerly waiting to see my pussy then hamad put his hand underneath and pushed me on my knees and I moaned m, he was kissed my knees then he pushed it higher up and was kissing and licking and biting my white thighs, hearing the moans both Varun and noora got up from sleep, then noora took Varun cock and was giving him a blowjob Then I pinched my nipples and pushed higher up until he could see my beautiful bushy pussy, hamad immediately put his face on my pussy and I spread my legs and put it kept on his shoulders and caught his head and pushed it deeper in me and he moved head from side to side and moaning like anything and was repeating the words I love you! and then, I heard noora moaning while my hubby was fingering her pussy and pressing and pinching her breasts. This went on for 30 minutes, already 2 hours had passed since this whole thing started. Then I saw hamads cock very black in color like the tar and long like the Indian railway and I became in doubt weather I could take it in my pussy even though it was wide than noora.

Then hamad got up and kissed me a lot and you are going to heaven on my cock., then I ask please wear a condom that time Varun said no problem Silvia, let your pussy to and hearing this Hamad said come on don’t spoil the fun and then he got up and sat and told me to suck his cock, I obeyed him and got up immediately and started sucking like a pro.

After 5 mins he made me lie down, he got on top of me with his monster cock hanging and then he put my legs on either side of his shoulders and kissed me, and then he positioned his monster cock on my glory wide pussy like a tunnel and he pushed into me, and it was really stretching, and I cried out, aaaaaaahhhh hamaduuuuuuuuuuuuuu its niceeeeeeeee…. fuckkkmeee tear my pussssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…….

, he pushed more and Hamad was very slow and gentle his huge paunch was coming in the way so he took it out, said thanks Silviaa, finally I took his cock in my hand and put it against my pussy and he immediately pushed forward and I felt I was near the almighty allahhhhhhhhh!!

And on the other side I saw Varun ram the whole 8 inch into Noora, she pinching her breasts and touching her pussy where he was entering, she put two fingers on either side of her pussy and was pulling it apart, trying to take him in, then suddenly Varun pushed more in nearly half way when she really screamed, he said shut up, then Noora bit her underlip and down it was a beautiful sight to see her little pussy being invaded, it stretched out and was tightly holding against my hubby’s huge thing, slowly Varun again started pushing it and she again said yesssssssssss, then I saw him pulling it out, he pulled it out and wow, Noora’s pussy was open, I could see inside a bit, but soon her put it back it and went half way and then to my surprise he gave a damn hard push and I could see my hubby’s balls against Noora’s lovely pussy, and my really screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh abasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

“Its pushing against my womb”, screamed Noora. and then he said, its all in don’t worry, then he started pulling out slowly and pushing back in and she kissed him a lot and wrapped her arms around him, then he started doing it faster, and noora was moaning aaaawww, aaaawww, aaaaah,, aaaammmaaa… oooohh, aaaaaiiii, aaaaahhh, aabaasssssss, aaaahhhh, sloww, please, I love you aaahh, and then he started hammering her damn hard and her pussy lips was damn red, but my hubbys cock also was shiny, guess its lubricated well, then he started hammering her very hard, he pulled it all the way till only the head was in and then pushed. And then I was enjoying my way getting hammered my Hamad and the whole 11 inches inside, moaning and kissing and what not, I was happy to and enjoyed getting fucked else no one could give me this big cock,

Hamad used to bite her my nipples from time to time and then when he was fucking me my breasts was bouncing up and down so violently and I was moving my head side to side and moaning and he opened my mouth and lips and kissing hamaduuuuuu and my pussy lips tightly clench hamad’s cock and milk it out, aaaahh ahhh ooohh went on for 25 minutes and tightly clenched him and finally I he grunt aaaahhhhhhhh Silviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, and I moaned aaaaaaaah….. aaaaahhhhh, aaaaaaahhhh mmmmm….. rampppppp…

and slowly Hamads thrusts slowed down and I knew he was deep inside me and he kept Cuming for nearly 60 seconds, and I was full with his sperms, I can feel it, kept kissing and kissing and then the sperms leak from the sides of my pussy and then with a final kiss he got up and pulled out his cock, oh my God, my pussy was stretched so wide and semen just flowed out like river ganga from my pussy and there was slight blood also with it, and his sperms mixed with slight blood flowed down on thighs, it was such a beautiful fuck, he laid me on the bed naked and took my clothes and wiped my body. And we both lied naked on the mud

On the other hand. noora lifted! her legs until her head was between her knees and said, “Varun, get over here and put that big hard cock back in my hot pussy and fuck me into the ground.” Varun moved up between Noora’s thighs and I Noora taking my hubby’s big cock and place it back at the opening of her dripping pussy. Noora said, “ram that monster into me and then fill me with your cum. I want to be fucked hard and let my husband see me getting fucked and see a big hard cock of 9.5 fill my pussy with his cum.” She looked fantastic spread out there before my man, and what a turn on to watch that cock spreading her pink pussy lips and sinking into her depths! Noora looked at Hamad right in the eyes Varun fucked into her with one stroke and said, “Do you like seeing your wife being fucked by me Hamad? Do you enjoy seeing my hot pussy swallow another man’s cock?” I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I saw Varun squeezing Noora’s nipples as he fucked. Varun held Noora’s ankles to spread her legs and pussy wide so I could see his cock splitting Noora’s pussy..

Noora yelled out, “My God, I am going to cum from being fucked by a big cock! Fill me, fuck me hard! I want my husband to see your cum overflowing my pussy around your fabulous cock…I’m CUMMING!!!” Varun gave out a big grunt and filled noora with his cum. I could see his cum flowing out around his cock; her pussy was so filled with cock there couldn’t have been room for his cum. I continued watching I was going to cum again. I held hamads cock out away from me and stroked it until It blasted all over my face. I started to rub my cum all over my face and tits. Varun pulled his cock out of Noora with a loud plopping sound. And we all moaned and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was almost 10am and we slept until 1:30 and we finally went to Qatar.

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