After getting good percentile in 12th, I moved to college. After my parents took off leaving me in the hostel, I heard the dinner bell. I got to know that they allocate dining batch number and space too (in order to manage the crowd!!). I couldn’t find my seat and wandering here n there.

A caterer lady, Laxmi, helped me to find the seat and we introduced each other, followed by some common question like name, place, earlier school etc… Month passed.Since My unit test results were too good, most of the teachers came to know me. But My manhood always rises and salute Miss Radha..

You know, The perfect shape does only a spark to your manhood but it won’t long last. But Miss Radha knows how to make that spark into a forest fire within men. She has the talent to showcase that perfect shape and plant a desire in men that they want to hold her, taste her n fuck her brains out..

What I mean is, she mostly wears grape silk kind of sarees which has tendency to stick to the body and show their body shape. Most of the ladies knowingly or unknowingly show us their boobs shape just in their left side of saree. But Miss Radha, she tie the sari in way that,even in the right side, I can see a perfect shaped mountain with rounded tip in half covered silky blouse.

She goes with transparent blouse in which impression of bra straps, cups are clearly notable. She is yellowish in color with a slight skin tone color make up. Women are classified into 4 types of structures starting with least desired to most desired; 1. Banana, 2. Apple, 3. Pear, 4. Hour-Glass. We can easily relate and visualize it in women.

Miss Radha has the man’s most desired ‘non-plumply’ Hour-Glass shape structure. I wonder how she got a combination of oval ass and small hips, seeing a ‘non-plumply’ Hour-Glass figure is quite rare in India. Since its college, she cautiously tugged her saree right below her navel giving us a front V-shaped look in the saree.

I really want to appreciate all women who tightly wrap sarees around them. It displays the curves very promptly and sexily, makes the man go WILD!! Even though She is not taking my class, I pull up some guts to go talk to her but when I go near her, all the guts drain up and I end up just with a smile. This went on for a while because I didn’t want to mess up my good name.

Even Sometimes I noticed that when I walk towards her, she try to make herself alone, by sending away others students/teachers standing with her. That also didn’t give me any guts. With heavy studies, worst food and daily masturbation thinking about Miss Radha, I lost weight. One day I bumped into Caterer Laxmi and she asked me what happen to my weight.

I told her that the food taste here doesn’t suit my type of taste. She looked at me ‘Strangely’ and said ‘This is a nice way of saying the food is too bad.’. From that day, I normally get a special attention from her. Daily she will take feedback from me as if I am a great cook. I tried to be honest as I got good food from her.

One Sunday, I was late for breakfast, so dining was closed. Seeing me, Laxmi, told me that there are left overs. I told her that will be fine as I was so hungry. There were hardly 2-3 people in the dining space. She came to me where I was dining and told me that ‘I want to talk to you privately’. I told her, ‘sure tell me…’ without any seriousness. she told me ‘not here, want to talk to your privately..’

I didn’t know what she was up to. I blankly told ‘ok Laxmi’. In order to break silence,I asked her ‘How is business going on?’ She told me that ‘Business is not good now. I have some money crunch now. I have to fix it soon before it ruins my business.’ Thinking that she might be up to money lending from me, I asked whether she is married, in order to find out financial status of her husband.

She said ‘What do you think?’ I scanned her up and down, told her that ‘I don’t think you are married. You look young!’ Then she showed her feet which was inside her saree. I said ‘ahhh!!, you are!!’ after seeing her toe ring.

I won’t forget the next question which she asked, in my entire life. I was blanked out,my brain got blanked out because my whole blood in my system was rushing to a single place -manhood. She asked me ‘Will you marry a girl like me?’ I asked her after a long pause ‘Why are asking me?’ she told, ‘You only brought the marriage topic, so just questioned you back?’ I didn’t know what to say.

I silently looked deeply into her eyes and slowly scanned down till her toes. She has beautiful Pear type structure. I said,’yeah, I still have age na… Girl like you is good, as you are looking very good and so kind’. Then we discussed about the studies and she left. Before leaving, again she insisted that she wanted to talk to me privately for which I said, ‘I will inform you by tomorrow, Ok!’

Speaking to Laxmi, a woman, gave confidence in me to talk to Miss Radha. On Monday, I went early to college and found Miss Radha along with other staffs. I waited outside the staff room, looking straight at her. She caught my look and came near to me. I greeted her and told her that ‘I need your help on Maths, mam’ With a firm face, she told ‘What took you so long?’ and she smiled sensing my nervousness.

I noticed from the start of conversation that she didn’t care to pull up the saree to cover her right side of boobs. With that sight, Normally boys either get zero guts or tremendous amount of guts,feeling that its some kind of sign,I got the loads of guts. I replied to her ‘Mam, you are not taking class to me, if I approach you, my friends would do all kinds of prank on me.’

she asked ‘Why would they do so?’ I told her ‘You..u..u.. are so beautiful..1..1.. and every boys in the college drool at you, including me!. They get jealous and make fun at me for talking to you.’ With her eye brows up in the air, she said ‘You have a lot of guts dear!’ gently slapped my cheek and left me with a broad smile. That smile made me a slave to her, life long perhaps.

After two, three steps, she turned back and told me ‘I am taking leave from this week itself, Will meet after Christmas hols.’ Bitting my lips with a smile, I said ‘Thank you mam!’ I went straight to restroom and took my 5 1/2 inch manhood and jacked off by fucking her in my mind, that’s all I could do at this point, right?

I am 6 ft with broad shoulders but not a muscle guy style, normal guy with a ideal weight with waist of 32, wheatish color, no pimples, clean face, perfect BMI. Nothing was going in my mind except “Christmas Hols”. I saw Laxmi on the way back to my hostel for lunch. She shook her head in a sign language of asking me when to meet. I certainly know that she is going ask money.

I told her that ‘my class ends at 6 today. I will be at classroom.’ She thought for a while and said ‘ok, I will come. be at classroom’ After my class is over, I know Laxmi is on to borrowing money, so I checked my purse to know how much I got. Some of my classmates were still there, so I know Laxmi will not come until these guys go. I went to balcony to get fresh air.

My classroom complex faces girls hostel but in between there is a vast playground. As my classroom is in first floor, its gives a good view of who is going into girls hostel. I saw Miss Radha walking towards girls’ hostel. Thanking god for this wonderful sight, I fixed all my senses and my eyes on her. She accidentally dropped one of notes from her hand.

I was viewing this whole scene from back of her. She bended down to take the note. The bend has made her butt even more oval shaped with a small chicken legs supporting it. Since its a silky saree,slight wind, you don’t need a x-ray eyes to see her whole curved silky body. Its very much visible with the saree on.

My manhood already in position making a hole in the balcony wall, my mouth is full open, I was slowing moving my hips thinking balcony wall as Miss Radha. ‘Shit.t.t..!!!’ said to myself, when Miss Radha unknowingly turned her head and saw me in that position. She took a good look at me and smiled, and started walking.

Her walk is different now,probably cat walk style,stepping the legs in straight line, making the hip sway at wish. I guess she was wearing a thong, otherwise, her hour glass butt wouldn’t be shaking for every small step. It was long walk and I was deeply engrossed upon on her. Before entering the hostel, she made a quick check whether I am looking at her and waved at me.

From that, I decided that after two weeks, I want to lose my virginity with this beautiful angel at any cost. Gentle tap on my shoulders, I came to sense and looked back, Laxmi was standing with a smile. I looked at the classroom, its empty. I thought to myself, ‘how did she know classroom is empty.. whatever..!’.

I said, ‘ Hey Laxmi…’, she started moving inside the class room, ‘Come on in…’ I simply followed her. My classroom has double door of entrance, with one door closed and other open,I stood near the closed door and asked her ‘Yeah Laxmi, tell me.. whats the matter?’. She was silent and came near open door side, took a peep outside.

I really wanted to masturbate as Miss Radha left me with a big hard on, which I hoped she didn’t notice. So I urgently asked her again, ‘What’s it Laxmi?.. Tell mmmmm’ Before even completing the sentence, she jumped on me and hugged me.

With already a hard on, I couldn’t able to control the situation. I put both hands around her. Only upper portion of our body were touching. Her head is on one side of my shoulders, where she is breathing heavily and kissing. Suddenly, She loosened her hug, so I did the same. Everything was happening in a very slow motion.

While she was taking her head back from my shoulders, she planted a kiss on my cheek. Once We were apart, She then peeped outside to see anybody is watching or coming. I was jaw-struck silent and simply staring at her, no thoughts running in my mind. Again, She hugged me, this time also only upper portion were touching.

I came to consciousness and planted a kiss in her neck and rolled my tongue towards her ear lobe. Thanks to the cinema where I learned all that. All of sudden, She tightened her hug and bought her hip near to my hip and started pressing her womanhood on my already-hard manhood. I just placed my hand on her butt and squeezed it very gently and slowly.

With that, the pressure of her pressing my manhood increased. Again she pulled back and did a check outside. Even I was worried about getting caught. She finally spoke out, saying ‘I can’t sleep Raj, you know. You are always on my mind. I really want you Raj. Where were you these many days?’ I patiently asked ‘How come all of a sudden?’ she told me ‘You are so gentle and soft spoken.

From the first itself, I attracted to you. You are so calm, to me that’s very attractive. Your face always comes when I close my eyes. You are killing me..’ I didn’t know what to say, I just kissed her on cheek and hugged her. I kissed her shoulders,neck and tried to go down to two mountains. But she pulled me up by placing her hands on my face and said, ‘Slowly Raj.

Not today. People might come..’ She planted a lip kiss which lasted not long.. She then corrected her pallu and saree where I got glimpse of her boobs. Before leaving she told me ‘I will let you know where to meet again, you will come right?’ I nodded my head like a baby.

She asked to me stay in the class room for sometime so that people will not find out. Thats when I got a good look at her, while she was walking away from me. Best bottom and not so small boobs, Laxmi is bit brownish, but shiny brown with sharp feautures, small sharp nose like that. Well, I didn’t notice Laxmi earlier, may be because she never showcased her beauty through dressing.

These two ladies are Sex goddess in their own way. Simply put, Laxmi looks exactly like Tamil actress Simran(google it, if you don’t know her) but bit brownish. During dinner time, after partially tasting a woman, food didn’t taste good. So I went to hand wash area, where I found Laxmi waiting. Her pallu was not covering one side of her boobs.

It was like a cone icecream and I looked at it like a kid desperately wanting for it. Noticing that, She told me that ‘You always in a hurry Raj. I am yours only. hmm… One of student’s room is getting emptied tonight. They are leaving for vacation early. You bunk the class tomorrow.

Meet me at 119 room around 11.30′ She left the place without waiting for my response, by slowly caressing me with her left boobs in my chest, like a soft sponge going over the chest. Laxmi is quite tall;taller women normally look sexy.

As planned, I took off and went straight to that room. I was in my shorts and a t-shirt. My heart rate was very well high while waiting for Laxmi in that room. After a while, Laxmi cautiously opened the door, finding me with all smiles, she came hugged me. Having her close to my chest, I reached the door lock.

she told me ‘Lets keep it open, so that we will know if anybody is coming’ I didn’t listen and I told her ‘I don’t want hugs and kisses alone, dear.’ She understood my intention and took me to one of the bed, she suddenly told me ‘Steel cot makes noise, we will sit in floor ?’ I said ‘Yeah!’. She responded ‘Ok wait, This is the time to use my pallu for us!’

She gently pulled her pallu and spread like a blanket on the floor, sitting with her legs partially stretched, just with blouse on upper and remaining saree tugged below navel. I said to myself ‘This is it Raj. She is yours now, like an angel from the heaven, waiting for you. Give her as much pleasures as you wants. Do it like her brains blew out by ecstasy.’

I said to her ‘Everything looks to me as a dream and you are an beautiful angel in that dream. This dream won’t go off from my memory in this life. I will do whatever you command.’ I sat near her and had my fingers flow from her forehead, cheek, lips doing a air painting. I went down further to neck and took a quick look.

With red color blouse on her breasts and red color silk saree pallu on the floor, She sat with her legs stretched straight,knees slightly bent, both the hands on the floor supporting her body. The red blouse has U neck with upper half boobs visible and hooks in the front, showing me a m-shaped boobs,with little sweat in the midriffs.

I kept on moving my fingers down from neck slowly, I saw her trembling and her skins started showing the chills. My fingers wiped the sweat and about to the reach the hook, she grabbed my fingers. Breathing heavily ‘You are teasing me a lot, my dear’ she said all smiling. Now the toughest job is to unhook a blouse.

She relaxed herself by bending and squeezing her boobs with help of her shoulders, by bringing them to the front. This makes boobs even more seductive to look at. After unhooking, I could see a shiny red padded bra holding it from below. She told me ‘I bought it just for this occasion. You like it?’ I shyly told her ‘You have wonderful pairs. You look great in this shiny bra.’

She laid down fully on the saree, pulling me onto her top. She caught my chin with hand and told ‘I have been longing for this since I met you.’ I told her ‘I really sorry my dear, I should have noticed your feelings towards me.’ Hearing this, We kissed and Our tongues finally met and after a while of exploring her mouth, I went down to bra by laying her side, cupped the left boobs.

It was in a shape of two perfect round pomegranates, with a smooth and soft skin. Viewing the boobs with high quality bra is damn sexy. Women has lot of attires to seduce men even the stilettos, but for men nothing! I pulled aside the bra of right boobs. That’s the first time I got a good look at a woman naked boobs.

Her skin was hairless, shiny and nipples were small,brownish color, in a right size and with perfectly small radius areola around the nipples. The nipples were erect and watched it a while, she said ‘You making me shy Raj.’ I said ‘this is first time for me, I want to enjoy your beauty at most.’ Without my teeth touching it, I licked the nipples once. She gave sudden jerk. I smiled and said, ‘YOU like it huh?’, she just pressed my head to continue.

For me, woman’s jerking, moaning, their expressions excites me a lot. So I kept teasing her by rolling my tongue on the areola, nipple. I didn’t make any move on the other boobs, I kept it still. So I gently squeezed that boobs and at the same time, I slightly bit the other nipple with my teeth. My god, her eyes went to her forehead, half closed and head was waving slowly left and right.

Small hish sound was coming from her. This excited me a lot and kept sucking it both boobs and went up, kissing her neck, ears, told her ‘you are so beautiful.. perfect figure.. like your boobs a lot’ she kept on humming and moaning… and I kept on praising her beauty and sucking her. I somehow suddenly become more vocal.

With fear about the place, I didn’t attempt to remove her saree completely. While my lips on her lips, I lowered my hand from boobs to her legs to get a hold on her saree, while laying on top of her. I slowly hiked her saree from her toe, made sure keeping all fingers caressing her legs softly. I moved myself from her top of body to floor so that I can easily hike the saree.

I was kissing her neck and cheek all along. With her saree near her knees, Laxmi’s feelings were overflowing with hissing sounds, I suddenly went down sitting near to legs, kissed her toe and licked till the knees where the saree rolled up, My intention was to get a clear view of her pussy when I hike the saree completely.

slowly I started hiking the saree from her knees, but she pulled me up to her face and said ‘Don’t look Raj, I am totally shy.. I can’t control, you are making me all shivering, can’t control..’, she was breathing heavily. I obliged to her and with me on top of her again, she started pulling down shorts, fortunately my underwear also went down along with shorts.

Sensing that, I hiked her saree immediately to waist. She slowly made her legs open putting my lower body to the floor. My manhood, which I always keep it clean by using hair removal cream, already oozing out pre-cum, whereas Laxmi pussy is neatly trimmed. When my hip touched Laxmi’s hip, the small trimmed hairs in her vaginal area, was gently pricking my manhood.

This sent out a sharp electric like wave all over by body. We both let out a mild ‘haahuh…’ sound. I guess she would have felt the same. Frankly at this age, that’s all I know about sex. So I kept ramming my manhood slowly on the top of Laxmi’s pussy as like masturbating on the bed. My shyness and shivering didn’t allow me to tell her that I don’t know what to do next.

Laxmi didn’t sense it yet. She was hugging me by having her hands around my neck and deeply involved with my lip kiss where both our tongues exploring each others. Laxmi slowly slide down her right hand from shoulders, slowly rubbing in a circular motion and stop at my left hip. Laxmi grapped my hip and squeezed it for 5 seconds.

With me on top of her, It made my manhood oozed out still more pre-cum which I was very well painting it in her vagina hairs. Laxmi took the other hand and cupped one of my right butt cheek. She gently squeezed my butt and pulled the butt check up by which she made a opening between my hip and her hip. This gave a way to her right hand to reach my 5 1/2 inch penis which was rock hard already.

Looks like Laxmi understood that she has to guide the whole scene from now on. Laxmi got out of Lip kiss and looked down at hip area to concentrate on my penis. When her soft hand touched my manhood, more heat was generated in my penis and it became even more harder. I told her ‘Your hand is so soft..’ she smiled and softly said, ‘But yours is so hard’. We smiled at each other for this rhythmic conversation.

As a curious Kid, I was keenly observing what Laxmi is going to do next without looking at her or at my penis. Also I couldn’t stop kissing that goddess of beauty. I was kissing her neck, cheek non-stop. Laxmi got hold of my penis shaft with her four fingers and her thumb was doing a circular motion on my penis mouth. This gave me a deep moaning with my mouth wide open.

It was an unbearable pleasant pleasure. After a while, Laxmi started slowly moving her four finger up and down. Since I am uncircumcised, pinkish color penis head was coming out of skin and going back. My eye lids was blinking heavily, eyes were rolling and I was breathing heavily.

Although I am so lucky to have this woman, Luck didn’t persist for long. We both panicked when we heard Warden voice yelling at someone near the corridor. We jumped onto our feet, her saree flown down automatically, with blouse open, boobs hanging above the bra with erect nipples pointing at me. I pulled my shorts up along with inner wear, tugged out my shirt to hide my penis.

I know Laxmi need time to dress up so I grabbed one of the books from the room,told her that ‘I will manage the warden, you come out after sometime,dear’. Upon leaving, I kissed her on the lips and speedily went out pretending reading. I didn’t latch, but kept the doors really closed. My heart was pounding with fear of getting caught.

When Warden came near the room, without wasting any time, I told him that I was looking for him as I need some medicine. He took me to his room, where I breathed peacefully. After a while, my heart wanted to know whether my sexy goddess got out safely. So I went to dining room and found Laxmi in her room where she was checking some files and talking to the Cook.

After the Cook left the room, I went inside showing all my teeth, smiling. She responded the same way. I would say, her smile was very beautiful as it forms a dimple on her cheek. We both know that we can’t do anything in that room. I told her ‘Dear, I only have half luck to have beauty like you.’ Laxmi smiled and with her eyes, she pointed out the attached bathroom.

I quickly went in, followed by Laxmi. After locking, I anxiously asked her, ‘Won’t we get caught?’ Laxmi told ‘Nothing to worry Raj. This is hardly used by anyone except me.’ I was leaning on the wall, Laxmi leaning on me. Since she was equally tall, I found my manhood casually caressing her pussy over the saree, in addition I was pressing her butt.

Even small things like pressing butt over saree is really a kick. I gently inserted my hand inside the left side opening of the saree and squeezed her pointed boobs over the blouse. ‘Ouuchhhh, be gentle to a woman dear!’ said Laxmi. ‘Ho sorry Laxmi, couldn’t control the excitement.’ I said to her and pressed smoothly. she said ‘no need of sorry Raj, I like that too.. moreover I am all yours’.

I told her ‘ Me too dear..’ she replied naughtily ‘Is that so?… Of course you are totally mine,Raj!’ then she kissed me on the lips. Her lips is small in length,round shaped bottom, so sucking her lips was fantastic thing. Laxmi suddenly knelt down in her knees and looked at me upwards. I was clueless what she was up to.

she told me ‘ I am going to do one thing which is the most pleasurable to all men that woman can give’. I asked ‘Whats that?’ As you know I had zero knowledge on this. Without answering to me, she pulled down my shorts along with blue inner wear, my manhood spring-ed out and pointing towards her. I opened my legs when Laxmi tried catch both my balls.

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