My wife is very beautiful and has very healthy sex. After my marriage I thought of stopping sex with others and be good to my lovely wife.. I really love her.. But until they day sexy Pinky entered my life.

Opposite to our flat newly wed couple joined. Both were very young age in their mid 20s. I didn’t get a chance to meet them during my first 2 weeks. My owner introduced me to the opposite flat member. His name is Rakesh, working as Marketing guy. I hardly see him once in a week. I couldn’t get a chance to introduce to his wife. But I saw her once while she was collecting milk and news paper.

She was wearing nighty, yet beautiful and sexy. We exchanged smiles. I had no bad intention. My wife works for a big MNC. She often works from home. One day my wife got introduced to opposite flat couple. My wife told me that night that she liked the couple as they were younger and very nice. From my wife I came to know that Rakesh’s wife name is Pinky.

Rakesh as similarities as my sala(my wife’s brother). My wife also told me that Rakesh is marketing guy and will mostly be on a trip and some times he takes his wife along with him. It’s is like work in honey moon..

On my birthday my wife arranged a party. All guests came to my flat including Pinky. Pinky arrived bit earlier as they stay opposite flat. My wife introduced Pinky to all guests and she was very helpful to my wife arranging things and serving guests. She was the last guest to leave the party. For dinner we went to a near by restaurant at 9pm after all guests left. Only four of us.

To the party at my flat she came in very homely manner and sexy too. While serving she dashed me couple of times at different angles. Let me describe her, she has awesome structure with 34 size boobs, bit chubby but not fat, awesome ass to die for. She is such a figure who can easily tempt even a saint. Her husband is not so great. Lean, tall not looking great at all.

We both are made for each other. Many at party said she is an unlucky girl to get such a guy. To the dinner she came in t-shirt and jeans. Extremely good in this outfit. My wife complimented her(I was complimenting her inside). While having dinner I came to know that she recently finished her MBA with good marks.

She is actually willing to work, but her husband is not supporting her. My wife convinced him that girls should work and esp girls like her talent should work. Also being idle at home is not a good idea. I also supported and made him agree. Finally he agreed to let her do a job.After we reached home we both went to respective flats.

I came out to have some chat with apartment owner, same time Pinky also came to collect something she dried on terrace. We both boarded lift, during that time she was wearing night dress which was a bit tight. She was looking awesome and I was tempted, but didn’t want to flirt her. When we took lift suddenly power was gone and lift didn’t start.

Luckily power was gone before lift doors were closed. We both came out started to take stairs. In one of the floors it was completely empty. There she asked to have a chat. Then she complimented my dress and again wished my birthday. First time I shook hands, so soft and hold it for few seconds.

She asked how she looked. I told her “you were looking good in the saree”, then she asked wasn’t I looking good in t-shirt and jeans. I told her “to be frank you were too hot and cute”. She said thank you. She was happy to meet me. While we are coming down, she was walking very closely and once my hand touched her boobs by side(though accidentally).

It was awesome.. the same feeling when my first maid Neetu touched me like that. While closing the door she again shook my hands and said good night. Next day morning while we both were about to leave the house, she came in and hugged my wife and shook my hands. She fed a chocolate to both of use. My wife and I were surprised. She said her husband agreed to work.

After couple of days my wife referred her in her company. Pinky and her husband are from North India and though she did her MBA, her accent had northindian influence. It was her first interview and she made a mess of it. She was so upset.

My wife asked me to educate her to get her prepared for interviews. I said I can’t.. after couple of days, I referred her in my company. I asked her to prepare well. Next day my wife went to her home town for some function and asked Pinky to take care of me. On the same day Rakesh was on trip. After I reached home, Pinky was waiting for me. I changed my dress, started to watch TV.

Heard door bell, when I opened it was Pinky standing with some dishes with handful. One of the dishes was about to fell she said “thoda madad keejiye”, I took one of the vessels in her hand while doing so, accidentally brushed her boob. Was rock hard at the very moment. She was wearing white color transparent saree, with sleeve less blouse, deep neck and loose hair.

She was looking very very hot. It was very difficult for me to hide the hard on. While serving the food and bending I had a chance to peek through the beautiful cleavage. I started to flirt and she was enjoying.

After having dinner I started to give gyan to how to prepare for the interview. Next day, Pinky came to my office for interview in the afternoon. She was wearing white shirt and black pants. I couldn’t hide my feelings, I told her she is very beautiful(actually meant sexy) and will get job with her beauty. She was very hot with those big boobs. I took her to my working floor for interview with Sr HR.

My office is in 7th floor, while going on lift when it was @3rd floor all got down and only we two. After few seconds, power was gone and lift was struck, she was scared and hugged me.. it was like heaven.. so soft boobs pressing against me, I hugged her tight, after few seconds power backup was up and lift started, we went apart saying sorry.

For those few seconds I was in heaven and had instant hard-on. It was difficult for me to hide, I removed my tuck-in and tried my level best, I guess she observed it and smiled naughtily. She went to interview and I went to my desk. For an hour or so, time wasn’t passing. Luckily she cleared the interview and she was asked to wait for offer letter.

I congratulated her and was about to hug her again. Got my senses back and didn’t hug her. I took her for coffee. She got offer letter and was about to leave. I asked her how did she come, she said auto. I kept a message and we both started on bike to our apartment. While applying breaks her boobs were pressing against my back, it was heavenly feeling. After few attempts she moved very close to me almost hugging.

She was very excited that she got a job and asked me what I want for treat. I said your big smile. After hearing that she hugged me and thanked many times. She invited me for the dinner. I expected something will happen. I was excited. I took bath and went in t-shirt and boxer. I ranged the bell, after opening the door I saw her, she was very hot and sexy.

She was looking like an angel. She was wearing pink saree backless and below navel. It was transparent that everything inside is visible. I was constantly praising her beauty. We had dinner, while having dinner many times she touched me side ways and I was hard. I wasn’t able to control my hard-on. When I went to wash my hand she observed the tent and laughed. I asked her why she laughed. She winked and said apne wife ko bhot miss kiya haina?

To which I said, nothing like that.. she kept asking me what I want as gift. I just raised my hands as sharuk khan, to my surprise she immediately came and hugged me. I hugged her for almost 3 to 4 mins and kissed on her neck. She was happy. Her boobs were pressing against my chest. I was touching all her naked back. She lifted her head and asked are you happy.

All of a sudden her phone rang. It was her husband, said he will reach home in 30 mins and asked her to keep dinner ready. I was very disappointed. She said sorry and we departed with hug. I could see disappointment in her face too. Next couple of days he was at home and couldn’t get a chance to meet her. Then she joined the office.

First day, she was wearing salwar kameez, was bit deep neck but covered with dupatta. She was looking cute in that. I introduced her to my frns. On evening she asked to go together to house, at office she sat on bike with bit distance and I was disappointed. After few mins, she came very close and almost hugged me. Her boobs were pressing against my back.

She kept talking for almost 30 mins. I was also driving very slowly. Once we neared our appartment she asked to drop few meters before. I understood and we came as if we don’t know each other. Few days passed same was continuing. She called me on my mobile phone, though I’ve her phone number(from resume), I pretended as if a stranger. She tried to tease me.

She asked “what is ur name?” Rocky: “I’m Rocky, who is that?” Pinky: Name doesn’t matter here.. tell me where do you work Rocky: “Office doesn’t matter” 😉 Pinky: Guess my name.. (She was speaking with different tone but beautiful, Later I came to know that she was inspired from Bodyguard movie) Rocky: I don’t know your name, but it should be as sweet as your voice.

Pinky: You know very well how to flirt a girl. Rocky: I don’t flirt all girls.. but beautiful ones. Pinky: Did you ever flirt? Rocky: I tried to flirt one girl in my office, she is very hot and sexy. Pinky: Who is that? Rocky: First tell me your name.. Like this our conversation kept going like that.. I mentioned my lust indirectly..

After couple of days, her husband wasn’t at home same time my wife was working from her home town, because of my father in-law was sick. Pinky came to my house and requested for help to prepare some document. She was wearing salwar kameez. In her house while I was working document, she asked to continue and said she will take shower.

Since internet is available in the room, I had no choice to work there. She said not to turn my head, she started undoing her dress from my back. I could see her shade from reflection on monitor. She had awesome curves. She wrapped towel, omg she was really awesome, wrapping just above nipples, showing her cleavage it was difficult for me to hide my feelings.

Though there was another bath room she went to the attached one. I was really tempted to have a peek. But unfortunately, that bathroom door din’t have any whole. After few mins, I completed the document and just searched the history of the browser. She is fan of sex stories. I could see that she read many stories just one hour ago. I was happy and made my job easy to flirt.

After few mins she came out of bathroom. She was wearing a branded transparent petty-coat and shorts. She was smoking hot. I saw boobs and shocked.. sounded “what the fuck” you are very sexy. She blushed. She just looked like Aeisha takia. Water is dripping and falling on top, which made even transparent. My dick was rock hard and I decided to fuck this sexy lady tonight.

She went to kitchen and I was praising and flirting all the way. She asked me to lift to take some vessel. I purposefully made sure that my hands lie on ass and my head between boobs. It was heavenly feeling.. While bring her down, my face and chest brushed allover boobs and I held her very closely. My dick was poking at the right spot and boobs were pressing against my chest.

I slowly moved my hands above pressing her against me more. She was smiling and enjoying. She asked to leave with a slight moan. I left her and she bent otherside. I pushed my dick against her ass and she was shocked. She stayed in same position for almost one min. I couldn’t hold any longer. She got up and asked me to wait to have dinner. I was least interested in having dinner.

I said I want to eat you. She hugged me and arranged everything on the table. I sat on the chair. She came near to me and bent to show her boobs. I was just looking at her curves. While she lifts her hands her deep navel is visible. I bent and planted a kiss on navel. She enjoyed every bit of it. I suddenly washed my hands and poured water accidentally(though intentionally)on petty-coat making all her boobs.

She got and was shouting in a friendly and naughitly. I said sorry and started to press her boobs and touching all over her body. She was looking into my eyes and finally lifted me and gave me a lip kiss. I pulled her on to my chest and kissed her passionately. I was pressing her boobs and ass. She said “I was waiting for this from long time”.. I removed her petty-coat.

I saw huge tits and beautiful nipples which are very hard. I said let’s not wait any more.. let’s go to bed room. While going to bedroom I cupped my hands on her boobs and pressing my dick on her ass. After we reached room, she undid my dress and I removed her shorts and rubbed her wet pussy. She was like an angel. Wanted to fuck her badly.

I inserted my tongue in her mouth and kissed for few mins, mean while rubbing and pressing her soft boobs. They were firm in round shape. Must be 34D. I licked her brown and hard nipples. I bite them and sucked them for long time. I was also rubbing her wet pussy. She was moaning very loudly. This went of for few mins. I went down and started licking her pussy.

It was bit salty, but very tasty. She was enjoying and moaning.. Do it again.. My husband doesn’t do this at all. Wow.. sexy is heaven.. never had this feeling before. Please lick me there.. I inserted my tongue and was licking and pressing boobs.

My dick was very hard and aching. She asked me “I want to taste your dick..” She got up and started kissing all over my body. She bent down and started to lick my dick. I asked her to take it in mount and taste it. She took it completely. She is giving me a blowjob. I asked her to get into 69(my fav position). It was heavenly feeling. She couldn’t last long.

I then asked her “It’s time to drill your hole and bring out juices”.. She opened her legs and invited me. I slowly inserted in her pussy. It was a bit tight. Wowww.. She moaned.. oh my god.. it’s paining.. don’t stop.. it’s very good and big. I pushed my complete dick. SHe shouted and suddenly got up and hugged me. I lied over her and banged her for few mins in missionary position.

She was moaning loudly and she came.. It was very wet down there and gave few more jerks and finally came out. I lied on her for few mins without taking the dick out. We hugged and kissed for some time and then lied down next to her.

She was in a very good feeling and enjoyed the sex thoroughly. After some time She got up and lied on my asking if I enjoyed my treat. I said “you are more than awesome baby” you are like a heroine.. I want more.. I want to enjoy more.. want to give you more shots in different angles. She also liked the 69 position. “my husband fucks me in missionary position only” that too only once or twice in a visit.

She said ” I love you.. I love your dick”.. she envy my wife.. she asked “your wife also likes these positions”.. I replied “we enjoy many more angles.. she also likes 69 position.. she also gives me tit fuck” she said “didi is very lucky”.. don’t worry.. I’ll give you a tit fuck.. She was bit tired and lied and slept on my chest.

I couldn’t get sleep and but didn’t want to disturb her sleep. I simply was pressing her boobs and touching. She went to deep sleep and after few mins I slept. She woke up by 6:30 and wrapped towel and finished nature calls. She came with coffee and woke me up. Before I opened my eyes, she closed my eyes and removed towel.

Then opened my eyes and gave me a warm kiss on my lips. I kissed on her boobs and pussy.. just inserted my finger.. and she pulled me and said first drink coffee. She fed coffee and I was rubbing all over her body with my hands.

Few mins later my dick was rock hard. She then asked me how to give a tit fuck. I explained and kissed all over to made her in position.. she gave a very good tit fuck.. I enjoyed the most.. Her breasts were so soft that I was almost to cum. She took my dick and gave blow job for some time..

I was about to cum and I pulled off my dick(thinking that she might not like the cum) she put the dick back like a burger and finally I came in her mouth.. She licked every bit of my cum and enjoyed it.

Later we took bath and had sex in doggy style in bathroom and came out. I went to my flat and slept. After some time she brought breakfast for me and then fuck after that.. We enjoyed many times before her husband and my wife came back

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