Dear friends, I am Haasini sharing a nice experience with you after a long time. This is an unexpected sex encounter with my friend’s father.

Sweta and me are very good friends working in the same organization. We used to exchange novels. One day she asked me to collect the latest novels from her house. So I went to her house and pressed the buzzer. Her father opened the door. He wrapped a towel on his waist and totally wet. He said “Come in Haasini”. I went inside the house. He said “Saro, Sweta and her mother went to one of their relation house and they will come tomorrow only, what you want? I said “Sweta asked me to collect the latest novels” He said “Wait for sometime let me finish my bath and get the books”. I said “Ok” and sit on the sofa in the hall.

I switched on the TV and watched the songs. By glance I saw a CD on the CD Player. I switched on the CD Player and loaded the CD. The movie started. I was shocked because it was a porn movie, a Negro undressed an English girl and stared licking her pussy. I switched off and saw the bathroom door whether he has come or not. Then I switched on the CD Player again and watched the movie. It was very interesting. I became hot and my lips became dry. I totally involved in watching the movie. Suddenly I realized someone standing behind me and turned back. It was Sweta’s father smiling at me. He was wrapping a towel around his waist. I switched off the CD player. He asked “How was the movie Saro? I didn’t answer and shook my head down. He came closer and lifted my head and said “Saro, why are you scared? There is nothing wrong in this. Come on, relax”.

He said “Saro, I will get a cup of coffee for you after that you will be normal”. He put his left hand on my shoulder and patted me and took me to the kitchen. He started preparing coffee but his left hand was on my shoulder. His hand was rubbing my shoulder and slowly came to my hip and caught my waist. I was nervous. He said “Saro, I am good in making coffee”. His hand was playing on my stomach. I was wearing Jean and T-shirt. His left hand went inside my T-shirt and played on my belly area. His hand slowly came up and cupped my breast and started massaging. I said “Uncle, this is not a healthy practice, please leave me”. In the meantime he prepared coffee and gave to me. We two were having the coffee. I was still nervous and my hands and legs were shivering. He finished his coffee.

Now he came right back to me and both his hands were on my shoulder. He started massaging my shoulder and slowly his hands came to breast. I kept the coffee cup down He cupped my breast and hugged me. He kissed my neck, earlobe and cheek. His right hand was massaging my boobs and his left hand came to my abdomen and crushed. I was moaning. He removed his towel. Now his both hands were removing my jean by unhooking the belt. He inserted his right hand inside my panty and caressed my pubic hair. Then he removed my T-shirt and pulled my jean down. I was in my bra and panty. I felt his hardness. He rubbed his pubic hair on my back. He turned me towards him and hugged me tight. His hands were playing on my back. He crushed my ass. He unhooked my bra hook and cupped my boobs under the bra and removed my bra. He took my left boob in his mouth and his left hand crushed my right boob very hard. He covered my lips with his lips. His hands came down and crushed my hip and rolled my panty down and removed it. I was standing naked in front of him.

He went two feet back and his eyes swallowed me inch by inch. He said “Saro, you have a wonderful structure”. I too enjoyed his nude posture. His dick was about 7 inches and around 21/2” thick. He hugged me and held my hip and lifted me to his shoulder height and said “Saro, put your both legs on my shoulder” I put my legs on his shoulder. M pussy was close to his mouth and my legs were hanging on his back. He rubbed his face on my pubic hair and kissed my pussy. He lifted my hip little up and started licking my pussy. He sucked my pussy and put his tongue inside my pussy and licked. His tongue touched my clitoris and played inside me. I was really enjoying the pleasure. He raised me little high and asked me to put down my legs. I slowly came down rubbing his body. He hugged me tightly and kissed me on my boobs. He sucked my left boob and massaged my right boob. He bit my nipple and made circles with his tongue on my nipple. Now I also hugged him tightly and played on his back with my hands.

We two went to the bedroom. He moved me to the six feet mirror in the bedroom and hugged me from my back. I saw my nude body on the mirror. His left hand playing on my boobs and abdomen and right hand playing on the pussy area. He inserted his fore finger inside my pussy and rubbed the walls of my pussy. I lift my right leg and kept on the dressing stool. He rubbed my clitoris and his finger went deep inside me. I jerked. He inserted the middle finger also and finger fucked me. My pussy was wet. He moved me to the bed and pushed me gently on the bed and fell on me. He covered my lips with his lips and licked my tongue. 

He sucked my saliva. I also inserted my tongue inside his mouth. He opened my pussy lips with his finger and inserted his dick. My pussy showed resistance. I screamed and said “Uncle, Please do slowly”. He nodded his head and pealed the foreskin of his dick and slowly inserted his dick. He has inserted about 80% of his dick and started moving his dick in and out. Suddenly he applied more pressure to insert his dick completely inside my pussy and started fucking me. 

His huge dick went deep inside my pussy and gave me more pleasure. Both of us were breathing heavily. He kept on fucking and I reached the orgasm. I whispered “Uncle, Aah, isss aah” and hugged him.” He was fucking me like a machine with constant speed. Suddenly he was moaning heavily and increased his speed and pumped his semen inside my pussy. He kissed me and licked my boobs. We relaxed for some time.

He asked me to sit on the floor and stood in front of me. He rubbed his dick on my face and said “Saro, Please take my dick in your mouth” I kissed his dick and licked the tip of his dick. I pealed his foreskin and licked for sometime and took his full dick inside my mouth and sucked his dick like a cone ice cream. He was moaning. He was moving his hip to and fro. I played with his balls and caressed his thigh with my hands. He said “Saro, you are really a sexy girl, your aunt never gave me such a blow job. Finally he released his sperm inside my mouth. 

I swallowed his sperm and sucked his dick and cleaned his dick with my tongue. We two dressed and came to the hall. I said “Bye Uncle, I want to go home”. But he said “Saro, why are you in hurry? Wait for sometime and have lunch with me”. I said “Uncle, I had some important work so I have to go now.” He said “Saro, I want to have one final round in doggy style, after that I will leave you”

We had the lunch and took rest for half an hour and moved to the bedroom. He removed my dress and undress himself by removing his shorts. He asked me to kneel like a dog on the edge of the bed. I did so. He rubbed his dick on my ass and from the back he cupped my boobs. He massaged my boobs and played with the nipples. His dick became hard. 

Now he widened my legs and rubbed my pussy with his right hand. He opened my pussy lips and inserted his dick inside my pussy. He started fucking me. Both of us were moaning. He inserted his dick deep inside my pussy. His hands were playing on my boobs. My boobs were swinging due to his to and fro movement. He fucked me for about five minutes and released his sperm inside my pussy. He took his dick from my pussy and asked me to lick. I licked. He hugged me and kissed passionately.

I got up from the bed and collected my dress. He came and pulled the dress from me. I said “Uncle, What are you doing. I have to go” He said “Be with me for another one hour, I don’t want to miss you”. He made me to sit on the bed and sat with me. We were talking for sometime. He asked me to sit on the writing table. I did so. He came between my legs and pressed my shoulder back. I placed my hands on the table and leaned back. He came between my legs and widened my legs. He massaged my boobs and placed my hand on his dick. I started playing with his dick. 

His dick got erected and ready to fuck me. He inserted his dick inside my pussy and started moving to and fro. I leaned little back. I can see his dick going inside my pussy and coming out. He fucked me slowly and increased his speed. He lifted my right leg and came very closer to me and kept on fucking me. Both of us were moaning due to pleasure. He increased his speed and released his sperm inside my pussy once again. He lifted me and lay on the bed and fell on me and kissed me all over my body. He said “Saro, I am lucky today, so many days I imagined you on the bed and fucked Sweta, but today I really fucked you as I like to fuck you. I can’t forget today which is a real gift for me. I kissed him on his lips. Then I dressed and went home.

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