Hi, This is Sasank. This is a true story. It’s about me and my elder cousin sister Haasini. This happened when she came over to my place. First of all let me tell you about myself, I am 24 years old, handsome, single, working in Delhi, where I live alone. Haasini is 29 years old, married for 2 years. She lives with her husband in Agra.

Haasini (I call her “Di”) is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that She is like an angel. She is 5′ 6”, very fair, has long black hair, brown eyes and a very curvaceous body.

We (me and Haasini) go way back. I was in class 8 when she came to live with us to pursue higher studies. Her hometown colleges didn’t offer the courses she was interested in. So She came to Meerut. We used to share a room. Slept on the same bed. Since She was 5 years older than me, I always treated her with respect. She too was very nice to me. We never fought.

We were like the best siblings. I never had any sexual thought about her till I was in 18. I just loved her the way a brother loves her sister. It all started (as far as I remember) when one night we watched a horror film. I think it was Ring 2, and it was pretty intense. she was very scared. Even today She has a very weak heart.

She can cry on the smallest thing. We were sleeping on the double bed and she came on my side of the bed and tightly spooned me. My heart skipped a beat. Then she asked me if I was scared too, I said, yeah a little. Though by this time the movie was out of my mind. And all I could think was that She’s holding me so tightly and it was a very nice feeling.

Then after 5 minutes or so, She asked me to face towards her. And we were very close. Her lips were a couple inches away from mine, and she had her arms around me. At that very moment, I felt this massive urge to kiss her on her lips. but I didn’t. I just kissed her on her forehead and said Good Night. I could still feel her heavy breath on my face.

After maybe half hour, She buried her face in my chest, we were hugging each other pretty tightly at this time. I could also feel her breasts. I was having an erection due to her body touching mine. But She was my sister and I loved her very much, thinking this I slept. This was the first time I felt something sexual towards my sister. I felt guilty.

Then in the morning as I was leaving for the school, I came to say Goodbye to her, as I did daily. But this morning, She didn’t even reply, she just stood up and gave me a kiss on the cheek and smiled. She looked so beautiful, even in the mornings, even without any makeup. I couldn’t stop thinking about her even in the school.

Those days I used to be out of the house most of the time because of school and then tuition, and there were so many girls in my class and in my tuition whom I talked to, but none was as beautiful and nice as my Di was. Then days become very hectic, I was in 12th and preparing for some entrance exams and she was busy too, she was doing Masters.

Most of the time we used to spent together was during the night only. We used to fall asleep talking. I would tell her about my day and she would tell me about hers. Some nights when She has had a rough day, she would sleep holding my hand. Even that used to give me goosebumps. Some nights when I couldn’t sleep, I used to watch her sleep.

She would look so peaceful and serene and beautiful in that night light. I used to feel like that World is such a beautiful place. Those days I used to have very strong feelings for her, I guess I was in love with her. I also had sexual feelings for her. But those were to do with kissing her beautiful pink lips and holding her in my arms. I, never at that point, even thought of fucking her.

I could never hurt her. She was my angel. Then I went to college. She cried while bidding me Goodbye. I didn’t cry at that time but later I cried too. I missed her like hell. I used to think a lot about her. We only used to talk over phone. Then in a couple years, she got married.

Before a couple of days of her marriage, when the whole house was swarmed with relatives, and there was absolutely no room anywhere to just sit and talk with her. One night she asked me to come to the rooftop with her. There was no one there, just the two of us. And then She hugged me very tightly, she won’t let go, I think we were like that for maybe 2-3 minutes.

It was dark except for the moonlight. And then When I finally saw her, she had tears in her eyes. She told me she was very scared as it was an arranged marriage. I didn’t know what to say, so I just stood there holding her by her shoulders and kissed her on her forehead. Then when we were leaving, She turned and said, Thank you. I asked, for what, but she didn’t say anything.

I just wanted that she stays happy wherever she goes. After her marriage, we kind of lost touch. Phone calls were limited to occasions only. Then, this January, She came to Delhi to catch a flight to Mumbai. Her husband was already there on some company work and she had to go meet him there and then some. So she called me up to ask if I’d be willing to drop her to the airport.

I said yes. She came to my house in the afternoon and her flight was at 9pm. As soon as she came we began talking but it was all very formal. We had seen each other after a very long time. She complimented me saying that I had become more handsome. I didn’t returned the compliment.

But the truth is, in the Black Saree that she was wearing with a somewhat revealing blouse, She was looking more beautiful and sexy than ever. I could not take my eyes off her. All those past memories were coming to me. She had those beautiful pink lips. In saree her figure was more revealing. She had the perfect breasts, and the way she carried herself.

For once I just wanted to let go off my restraints and just kiss her on her lips. But I did not want to mess our relationship, so I did not. I still loved her a lot. She was lying there on the couch,asking me about my life. I was just looking at her. Then she cooked me lunch. We ate together. It was all going very nice. I didn’t want her to go. But time passed by, it was time to leave.

I drove her to the airport. But due to weather conditions her flight was indefinitely delayed. She talked to her husband and she cancelled the trip to Mumbai. She asked me if it was okay if she stayed at my place. The way she asked it, irritated me and I kind of blurted out at her saying that Di sometimes you behave like I’m some stranger.

Then maybe she realized and she said she was sorry. It was just that you were already doing so much for me. Then we came back home. I live in a 1BHK flat. We reached home at about 11pm. It was very cold that day. She said she was tired and wanted to sleep. I asked her to sleep on the bed and I would take the couch. She changed into her night dress.

She was wearing a pajama and a black color V-shaped sweater. Her long hair were untied and a little out of place. She was looking both tired and beautiful. Her eyes had that serene look. She said goodbye and went into the room. I had two quilts, one I gave to her and one I kept for myself. I tried to sleep for some time but couldn’t. Then I went to check up upon her.

She was sleeping but shivering due to the cold. It was very cold that night. I couldn’t help but cover her with mine quilt too. But then I couldn’t sleep due to the cold, so I started drinking some Vodka. It helped a little. I was already down with 6-7 pegs when Haasini got up. She asked me Why am I not sleeping and Why did I give her my quilt? I said I didn’t need it and I was fine without it.

But she kept looking at me. Then I said because you were shivering. She had disbelief on her face. She went inside and bought one of the quilts and covered me with it. Then she put her hand on my face and said that I was very cold. To give me warmth she also came inside the blanket and took my hands into hers. We were cuddling. It felt nice. But neither of us was speaking. It was an awkward silence.

‘Even my husband doesn’t care about me this much’, she said, adding, ‘Why do you care so much?’ Maybe because I was a little drunk or so but I gathered the courage to say because I love you very much. She was not surprised at all and simply said, I know. Then after a couple of minutes of silence she added that she loves me too and thinks that I’m the most wonderful person.

She was looking so beautiful and her half sleepy eyes were so seductive. I couldn’t have resisted myself even if I wanted to, I had to kiss those lips. I took her face in my hands and kissed those beautiful lips. I kissed her for about 30 seconds and it was the most amazing feeling. Surprisingly for me, She didn’t push me away but neither she kissed back.

So I started kissing on her face and neck. I knew it was all wrong but at that moment I was so excited that I didn’t care. I kept kissing her at different places for about 5 minutes. Then she said, Wait. I couldn’t gather the courage to look her in the eye. I just prayed to God that I didn’t mess-up our relationship.

Before she could say anything, I told her that I am very sorry and I didn’t know what happened to me. Cutting me short, she asked me, ‘What do you want from me, Jai?’ I was dumbstruck, I didn’t reply. ‘Do you want to fuck me, Is that what you want?’ She asked. I looked at her, She was very serious. No, I said. I don’t want to fuck you Di, I love you.

You are so beautiful and amazing that I couldn’t resist myself from kissing you. And I’m very sorry for that. Then she said, ‘I love you too baby and it’s all right you don’t have to say sorry. My husband doesn’t even love me that much and he gets to fuck me.’ She came closer to me and gave me a tight hug. I could feel her boobs against my chest and I was having a hard on.

She felt that too as I was only wearing boxers. Then she started kissing me on my face and lips. It was such a passionate smooch. My hands were on her ass. That beautiful round ass. She was kinda taking the lead this time. She removed my T-shirt and was planting kisses on my chest. I was in heaven. By this time I only had boxers on.

I took her inside the room and slowly removed her pajamas. I started kissing her thighs madly now. Even Biting them. She was wearing a red panty. I started kissing her on her panty. She was just moaning and saying nothing. Then she asked me get rid of them. I did as told, and removed her panty. Her pussy was pink and cleanly shaven. In a second I had my mouth on her pussy.

It was all wet. I was using my tongue on her while she was holding my hair so tightly. She was taking very heavy breaths now and moaning in pleasure. Suddenly she wrapped her legs around me. She told me to come near her face. She started kissing me and told me that She just had an orgasm and it was amazing.

We kept on kissing or about another 2 minutes. Then I asked her to remove her sweater which she did. Now all she was wearing was a red bra. She had big boobs and they were so perfect. I just wanted to press her boobs. I asked her to take off her bra. But she didn’t. She said do it yourself. I struggled a bit but then pulled it off. And there were the most amazing breasts.

Within a second I was all over them. Sucking them, kissing them. I was not in control at all. I would press one boob while I was sucking on the other and madly. It was like some animal had taken over me. I was also rubbing my cock on her thighs. She was making these hush voices which were driving me real crazy. Then she came on top of me, kissing me and moving down.

She pulled off my boxers. Her boobs were touching my seven inch cock and it felt so amazing. Then she took my cock in her hands and it sent chills down my spine. So amazing was her touch. She was stroking it. Suddenly she kissed my cock. Her lips on my cock was the most intense feeling. But I didn’t want my sister to be sucking my cock. So I stopped her there.

I said, Di don’t do this. She was very aroused too, she started kissing me on my lips and was she rough. She even bit my lip. It hurt a little. We were both completely naked and over one another. Then I asked her, May I? She said, Fuck me brother, in my ears. I had no condoms, she said don’t worry about that.

So I pushed my cock inside her pussy very slowly, to make sure she didn’t get hurt. Within 5-6 strokes I was completely inside her. Then she asked me to stop treating her like she was my fragile sister and asked me to fuck her hard. Then I let go of all my restraints and started fucking her badly. I forgot that she was my sister. I was fucking her like an animal.

She was moaning very loudly so I started kissing her. She was biting my lips. Her pussy was so wet and hot. I was fucking her at the same time groping her boobs, biting them. It was maddening. Then we changed position, she came on top of me and was riding me. I was groping her ass.

Even spanked her a couple of times. She started riding me faster now, and her moaning became more intense. She was looking into my eyes. We were in total sync. She told me she was close. I was close too. I just didn’t know where to cum. I asked her and she said not inside her pussy as we were not having any protection. She told me to cum on her tits.

We fucked for one more minute and then she came. She was very loud. Then I got on top of her and she pulled me closer to her tits. My cock was between her tits. She was tit-fucking me. Then abruptly she took my cock inside her mouth. This time I couldn’t say anything. I had my cock inside my sister’s mouth. I never felt anything like that anymore.

She made my cock all wet with her saliva. I was about to burst, but she had my cock, ball-deep in her mouth. I told her I was about to come. She said, cum on my face,brother. Then she started stroking my cock over face and was telling me to cum on her face. And I came all over her face. It was the biggest cum-shot of my life. She had my cum all over her face.

She even swallowed a little. I couldn’t believe I just fucked my sister. That night we fucked till the morning till we fell asleep. In the morning she told me that it was the best night of her life. So was mine.

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