Hi I am Romeo 24 yrs of age,, Delhi -NCR and this is the story of a real incident that happened with me a while ago..So first of, I am an athlete I love playing outdoor games and all sorts of adventure sports so you can imagine how my body would be. And my cock is neither too big nor too small 7 inches.

As soon as I hit my twenties I started having this insatiable crave for aunties and mature ladies. Although I’ve had many girlfriends, no offense but a teenager or young girl seldom provides what a mature lady can. Anyway here we go..It all started when I first saw her in the metro. There she was standing in the ladies coach all alone, indulged into her mobile playing candy crush(told by her later on).

She was wearing a white shirt and a pair of denim that showed every curve of her gorgeous body. The moment I laid my eyes on her I could not take them off of her. She is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I check out a lot of girls and ladies but this one was different. My guess was that she is 36 28 38 (later found out she is 36 30 38 close enough! :))

So now my mind was running all sorts of crazy ideas as to how to approach her and not let this beautiful thing let go out of reach. Since it was first time for me to go and talk to an unknown lady like that I was scared as shit! but I guess the affinity towards her eclipsed that hesitation. Next, she got down at Malviya Nagar and so did i. I mustered all my courage and approached her.

Me : Hi, sorry to bother you like this but I need to ask you something Lady : Yes what is it ? Me : My name is Romeo. And I just wanna ask you do you see yourself in mirror everyday? Lady : What ?!! Of course I do Me : Then you must know that exactly how astounding and mesmerizing you are.

Lady : Oh plz.. I hope you know that I’m much older than you and it’s not appropriate the way you are hitting on me. Me : Oh ok is there any rule book that says age matters? No, right ? Then why don’t just play along for a while and if you do not like me then we can just part ways. Lady : mmmmm,, ok I guess Me : May I know your name ?

Lady : My name is Haasini.

Me : Beautiful name and are you from around here? Haasini : Yes I live here only As we strolled along the road she told me that she is 29yrs old and used to do a job but now a housewife. Has a 5yrs old kid. Husband an architect.

I asked her if we could become friends to which she said “You look cute enough why don’t you hit on girls your age”. I replied, ” I would love to however no one is as lovely as you are “. Finally she gave me her number and we started chatting on whatsapp. She told me all about her what does she like, her hobbies, etc. We were getting close day by day.

One day I told her that i’m out in a club with my friends she said “i can not even remeber when was the last time I went to a club or disc”. I said that I would love to take her out someday to which she repiled in a “no” because of her kid and you know husband. I said then we will have to figure something out.

Her husband did have sex with her almost everyday but she was not fully satisfied she felt like something is missing. I told her “Girls are the most beautiful creation of God and you have to make them feel that way regardless you are in bed or out shopping with them”. Personally, I respect every woman I really do I agree sometimes they get a little crazy but who doesn’t, after all we are human beings.

So one day she told me that her husband is going out for a day or two and she would be all alone and would like me to accompany her. As soon as I heard this I was already on cloud nine. I controlled myself and accepted her offer and asked her to get ready for the time of her lifetime. She excitingly said ok can’t wait to see you.

The day finally came when I was supposed to meet her at her place in the evening around 7pm. I wore a nice slim fit shirt and a jeans, bought vodka and tequilla, and some red roses. She texted me while coming back from the airport after dropping off her husband. I reached her place at 7pm sharp. When she opened the door I was dumbstruck by looking at her.

She was in a black saree with sleeveless blouse the one which has a knot in the back(don’t know what you call that). She smiled at the way I was amazed and as my jaw dropped at her beauty. Fuck! I could not believe that someone could look that amazing. She is fair as Kareena, tall like Katrina, sexy as Priyanka… I could just imagine her voluptuous boobs and ass underneath that saree.

She asked me “Have you come to stand at the door or to come inside?”… I came to my senses I said ok thanks for inviting me. i asked about her kid and got to know that he was at the neighbor’s place playing and when he comes back I would have to hide for like 15 mins so she could put him to bed.

She asked, ” Can I get you anything?”. I said water will do. I could not help but notice her ass as she walked away towards kitchen, bent down to take out the glass from the shelf.. I wanted to grab her ass then and there but then my mind said Hold your horses cowboy she is all yours tonight. She gave me water and sat on the couch beside me.

I could smell her cologne the aroma of her body which was uncontrollable. She saw the drinks I brought for us and she was so happy, I could see the excitement in her eyes. I asked whether we should wait for her son or not. she said we can have a few pegs he would not know the difference. She brought two glasses and I made the first peg of vodka.

She mentioned it had been a long time since she last drank any alcoholic drink as her husband was a non-drinker. I comforted her by saying she was in good hands that night. We had a few pegs down when her son came back..she asked me to hide in the bathroom and I did.

While standing in the bathroom I found her bra and panty and I could not control myself I picked them up and the scent coming out of her panty was so fucking amazing I became twice as drunk as I would be normally with those many pegs. After few minutes she called me outside as her son was asleep.

Now we were all alone in her drawing room she had already cooked meal for both for us so we were all set to have a great night together. I searched for a nice music channel on TV and we started drinking again but this time Tequilla!! one shot down, two shots down and so on. Before we knew it we got drunk enough to lose ourselves.

Luckily the song “Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai” came on the tv. I got up took a rose in my hand went to her got down on one knee and asked for a dance. She said yes. I quickly pulled her into my arms and both my hands on her sexy waist. her hands were exploring the muscles on my shoulders and chest.

As we were looking deep in each others eyes she told me “i can’t wait to see where all of this is gonna end tonight”. I told her, ” Sweetheart it will blow your mind “.. She hugged me tightly and gave me a kiss on the cheeks.

At this time I could not control I lifted her a little in the air and took her to the wall and started kissing her like there is no tomorrow she was exploring my mouth with her tongue and so was i.. my hands were holding her face.and her’s started moving inside my shirt. She could not explore my chest properly so she tore off all the buttons of my shirt…

I was kissing her ears, neck which was making her nuts she already started moaning aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby it feels so good aaaaahhhhhhhhh… dont stop.. my hands went on her back looking for the knot of her blouse and the moment I undid the knot I could feel the strap of her bra…she whispered in my ear “let’s go in the bedroom”

she took me to her other bedroom and pushed me to the bed.. my shirt was almost off already.. the lust and hunger in her eyes were driving me insane. she started kissing me passionately starting from my lips then my neck then going down on my chiseled chest I was already rock hard and was waiting eagerly for her to get down..

the wetness of her mouth kissing all over my stomach was making me even harder…. To my surprise she opened my belt and jeans with her mouth I could actually feel the warmth of her breath on my cock inside my boxer.. she saw the huge bulge n looked into my eyes with a lustful smile as if she was ready to pounce on my cock..

she then removed my boxer n there it was my “commando” ready to rock her world.. she could not resist herself and kissed it n started giving the best blowjob ever.. the way her tongue was rolling on the tip made me so horny.. she kept on stroking it in and out her mouth.. her lips made perfect pout over my dick.. I was moaning like anything aaaahhhhhhhh..

I clearly remember that feeling when I ejaculated my entire cum inside her mouth and she swept it clean with her tongue like it was her fav ice cream.. Now I took her into my arms started removing her clothes one by one.. she wore a sexy red bra as soon as I opened the hook her boobs popped right in front of me I touched her nipples with my tongue. squeezing n fondling those milky fluffy soft boobs..

wow..a feeling like never before,, but I wanted to do more I went down kissing her belly rolling my tongue inside her belly button.. aaahh.. aaahhhh..oooo.. babyyyyy… she moaned.. I undid the bottom part of saree and petticoat.. now she was lying in front of me just in her panties and she is sexier than the pornstars I used to watch.. I got close to her panty kissing over it, teasing her.

I could see her eyes were closed n she was biting her lips indicating that she cant take it anymore.. by this time her panty was already drenched in her love juices.. as soon as I put my tongue over her panty she suddenly shivered like 440V current went through her body.. her hands were over my head pushing me inside her..

i removed her panty n saw a clean shaved pussy.. it was already wet n I could not resist anymore I starting licking her,,my entire tongue was inside her pussy drinking all of her love juices.. she then cum within few mins.. now I turned her around oooooooo… the perfect round butt my hands were squeezing the ass cheeks n my lips were all over her ass.. I could tell she was going crazy..

she then asked me to lie down n came over me in cowboy position .. I could feel the warmth of her pussy lips around my cock.. we were in a whole new world.. I was spanking her ass n also her bouncy tits.. she was moaning so loudly like she had forgotten about every fucking thing.. I quickly changed the position to missionary.. I was fucking her so fast aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

aahhhhhhhhhhh.. fucccckkkkkkk… fuckkkkkkkkkk mee.. fuccccckkk meee romeo…dont stop now.. take me to paradise… the whole bed was shaking like it does in earthquake.. oh fuckkkk… whole thing went for about 15 20 mins i was about to cum n I was faster than ever..aaahh… baby i’m about to cum.. aaahhhhh me too romeo… Haasiniiiiiiii.. fuckkkkkkkkkkk..

we cum both at the same time,, it was the best fuck ever…. we were so sweaty n hottttt.. we lied on the bed hugging each other for a while.. she told me she would never forget that night… I told her the show is not over yet swthrt.. she became sooooo happppyyyyy suddenly we were kissing again… that night I fucked her 5 times..

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