Sylvia is a 35 years old Indian woman who just moved to our neighborhood. Our neighborhood was in the north of Sheffield and predominantly one of the areas where blacks lived in majority. Sylvia was a beautiful woman with light brown skin, long black hair, thick red lips, bouncy boobs, broad hips, stout thighs and jutting plump butt. Most of the time she used to dress up in shorts and sleeveless shirts which turned on most us. It was a very hot day and we were sweltering in heat.

I stayed in the garden under the shade of the trees wearing only my boxer shorts. My muscular black body was drenched with sweat. To my heat even more, Sylvia came out of her house and sat on the lawn in front of her house. She was dressed in a flimsy material. She wore a sleeveless white T-shirt with a deep neckline that exposed her busty cleavage. The T-shirt was way above her waist and her big belly button and the folds of her flabby belly were fully exposed. She wore white shorts that amply showed her upper thighs and the cleavage of her jutting big butt. Her semi-nude looks turned me on at once. My became hard and formed a huge tent in my boxer shorts.

She sat on the lawn and I was able to have a glimpse of her white panties. Sylvia did not fail to look at the bulge between my legs. I moved over to her lawn and sat next to her.

“Sylvia you look sexy and hot” I said looking between her legs.

“Yes. it is very hot today” She replied and her eyes were glued between my legs.

“Would you like to have some ice-cream?” I asked her with a smile.

“Oh yeah! I love ice creams” she said.

“I have some in my house. Come inside and I give it to you. It’s a huge cone” I said without lifting my eyes off her stout and tanned thighs.

“That’s great” she said and tried to rise up from the lawn.

All of a sudden I grabbed her with my hands and kissed her luscious lips. She did not expect my quick assault and she lost her balance. I was on top of her now and continued to suck her thick lips.

“Do you like it, Sylvia?” I asked and pulled her hands over my hard cock and said, “This is the big cone ice cream for you. I want you to suck it and enjoy it”.

“Yes.I love this.let’s get inside and let me relish my sweet ice cream” She said.

We quickly moved into her house and I carried her to the bed. I quickly removed my shorts and showed her my big black cock that throbbed in front of her eyes.

“Sylvia, you have teased me a lot ever since you moved to this place. I am not going to leave you today but fuck you until you want me to stop” I said and moved closer to her.

My words excited her even more and she began grinding her legs. I removed her T-shirt and her shorts leaving this horny bitch in her white panties. The underwear was soaked wet with her juices and I could see the thick fleece of her black cunt hair through the fabric. I just wanted to fuck this horny bitch with my huge cock.

“Sylvia, I am going to fuck you” I said and touched her nipples.

Her thick brown nipples responded to my touch and they became erect and stiff. I held them between my fingers and rolled them gently and pulled them outward in a flash. The pleasure turned into a gentle pain and she grunted loudly. I rolled the bouncy boobs with my palm and pressed them together. Sylvia was enjoying this magic touch and cooed softly. Her boobs bulged even more and became tight and full. Without wasting anytime I pulled down her panties. Her cunt was covered with a thick jungle of black hair.

The hair was long, curly and like wires. Her cunt lips were thick and were pouting out. Her thick tufts of cunt hair were all wet and sticky with her juices. Sylvia was very horny and wanted a solid fuck whether she liked it or not. She was the one who turned on the guys in my neighborhood by her looks and her semi-nude dresses. Today I was going to show her the power of a black cock and experience that she had never had before. My cock throbbed for this horny Indian cunt.

I lifted Sylvia’s legs high up and spread them wide. Her hairy cunt parted open and the thick hair clad cunt lips throbbed up and down. Her hole was pink and huge. I knew that she could take any black cock inside her cunt without any problem. Holding her legs wide spread I forced my big cock all the way into her cunt. Her cunt was wet and slippery and my big black cock bored into her hairy and wet cunt very easily.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Sylvia yelled as my cock bored into her horny cunt.

Her cunt lips held my cock very tight and formed a thick wrap around the shaft. The thick tufts of long black cunt hair rubbed against my shaft giving me a great feeling. Sylvia had her mouth open and urged me to fuck her hard and fast. Her cunt was wet and filled with her horny juices.

I pushed my cock all the way into her cunt and pulled it out. I pushed it in again with tremendous force and began to fuck this horny Indian woman. She arched her body up and swayed her head in all directions.

“Sylvia, you fucking horny bitch. You love to show your body to everyone around and now you get the taste of a black cock in your horny black cunt” I said and rammed my cock in and out of her cunt like a fast moving piston.

“OOOOYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Sylvia growled as my cock plugged her cunt.

I spread her legs wide with both my hands and fucked her harder and harder. Her thick cunt lips jumped up and down like two black flaps and her puffy cunt bulged in and out during each stroke. Her cunt was wet and the wetness soon spread all over her dark inner thighs.

“Fuck me harder.Oh yeah!!!Faster.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Sylvia growled.

I pushed my cock all the way it could go inside her cunt and fucked her with great force. My thick cock spread her cunt to its limits and Sylvia loved this wild fuck. I let go off her legs and she at once wrapped them around my waist and pulled me even deeper inside her cunt. I fell over her body and crushed her huge melon like tits. I hugged her very tight and sucked her luscious lips. I sucked them one by one gently taking them inside my mouth. I raised my hips and lunged into her cunt each time. My thick shaft rubbed violently over her exposed clit and she grunted like and animal during each deep stroke. My cock was all wet with her juices and I continued to fuck Sylvia beyond her imaginations.

“OOOOO.Fuck me.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Sylvia continued with her animalistic loud groans.

I hugged her tight and forced my cock deep inside her boiling cunt. Sylvia quivered and arched herself up. I fucked her without any stop.

“AAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Sylvia wailed as she neared her orgasm.

I knew that this horny woman was nearing her climax. Hugging her very tight and sucking her lips I fucked her very hard and nailed my cock deep inside her horny cunt. Sylvia exploded to a violent and intense orgasm that rocked her body. I was able to feel her violent orgasm.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Sylvia screamed as she was overtaken by an intense orgasm.

I let her enjoy her orgasm for a while and then began to pound her again. Before she could come out of her orgasm she was struck with another intense orgasm and she screamed like a mad woman.

“OOOAAAAOOOAOAOOAOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOAOOAOAOAOOAOAOOA” Sylvia growled and thrashed her groins on mine.

I hugged her tight and continued with my fucking boring all the way inside her horny cunt. Her thighs and her cunt hair were all wet with her juices and her cunt lips formed a very tight wrap around my shaft. Her cunt throbbed and the heat was melting my cock inside her cunt. I kissed her and fucked her with all my strength.

“OOYYEEAAAHHAAAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Sylvia cooed as she was in throes of another intense orgasm.

This horny babe had never been fucked like this before and I did not want to stop fucking her. I fucked her continuously for along time and she had many shattering orgasms. My cock was still hard as steel and I was fucking her steady and fast.


Now she was at her limits and wanted me to stop. “Stop fucking me. I have had enough.please” She said and tried to push me.

“No, you can’t do that, you bitch. Sylvia, you horny bitch I cant stop fucking your horny black cunt even if you want me to” I said and fucked her very hard.


Seeing her plight I pulled my hard cock out of her wet cunt and flipped her over even before she could realize.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Sylvia, I am going to fuck your big butt” I said and spread her big butt cheeks.

“NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Sylvia screamed and tried to push my hands off her big and tanned butt.

“You have been showing around and shaking your big butt, now I will fuck that with my big cock and you will never shake it in front of guys anymore” I said and spread her butt cheeks again.

Her asshole was black and round. I placed the tip of my huge cock over it and pushed it hard.


“It will be fine my dear, just relax” I said and massaged her lovely butt rumps.

I caressed her juicy butt cheeks and spanked them hard with my open palm. Sylvia loved the pleasure filled pain. Holding her butt cheeks spread very wide apart I force my cock into her asshole. Sylvia let out a deep breath and rocked back and forth.

“That’s it Sylvia, you are doing fine” I said and pinched her butt.

Her asshole opened slowly and the head of my cock bored inside.


I pushed very hard and soon the head of my cock disappeared into her asshole. The black and tight rubbery ring of her asshole was stretched to the bursting thickness of my invading cock. I pushed and pushed and inch by inch my black cock slithered inside her black asshole. Sylvia yelled and rocked her butt back and forth. She held the bed very tight and rocked her body. In spite of the pain Sylvia seemed to love it and it was the first time that some one fucks her in her plump and dark tanned butt.

“Sylvia rock back” I said and she responded.

Soon my big cock was fully buried deep inside her plump butt. Her grunts and groans rocked the house. Holding her butt cheeks wide apart I began fucking Sylvia in her big butt with long and slow strokes.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Sylvia groaned during each stroke.

I was now fucking this horny and lusty Indian bitch with my big cock. She loved everything and in fact wanted even more. I leaned over her back and stuffed my cock completely inside her horny butt and fucked her hard. She yelled both in pain and pleasure but I continued to ram her again and again. Her asshole moved up and down and her cunt forced its juice again and again. I kissed her cheeks and fucked her butt very hard. She squealed like a bitch in hot sex. I fucked her for a long time and when I was about to shoot my load, I pulled my cock out of her butt and shoved it in her mouth.

“Enjoy your ice cream, Sylvia” I said.

Holding her head I forced my cock into her mouth and moved it in and out. Her mouth was stretched to its limits and Sylvia sucked my cock with great lust and passion. I fucked her mouth very hard and erupted inside. The load was very huge and Sylvia drank it with one gulp and stripped clean my cock soon. We hugged each other and kissed for a long time. I told her not to turn on any guys with her way of dressing and she agreed. Or else I told her that I will be forced to fuck her in all of her holes.

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