Hi friends this is Sim , this story is about how I made love with the girls Haasini and Sana, the two horny lesbians. First to describe them, Sana is a totally freak out type girl, she is a fair girl of 24 with 32 size breasts n an ass to die for and on the other hand Haasini is a silent type, dusky girl of 25 with same features as Sana.

The first few days of my stay, I couldn’t identify these girls were lesbian though they had sex every night and I was just in the next room. They never made much noise during their sessions. From day 1 I either used to jerk off on my sex goddess Banu aunty or these two girls,

Sana wore western clothes almost everyday n never regretted showing some extra bit of flesh but Haasini is totally opposite n covers herself fully in her chudi. And I used to address them “ Didi “ meaning sisters. And this happened a week before I got laid with Banu aunty, I generally don’t come out of my room during nights and the girls go to bed far ahead of me, it was a slight drizzle outside n I was not getting sleep,

so I stepped to the balcony of my room when a crazy idea bumped me up. My balcony was in such a way that I could easily peak into the room of the 2 girls directly. And that was a shocking moment, I peaked in through the small gap in the window with curtains slightly apart in a manner they cannot see me from there but I can see them clearly from where I was sitting.

I found Haasini lying over Sana kissing her lips, so very passionately and these girls where my kissing tutors, they were covered by a blanket n with their body movement I could guess that they were having vaginal contact and both of them were hissing n moaning during kiss breaks.

I couldn’t resist jerking off and as I was on my legs in half sitting position I missed my balance n hands accidentally hit the window n the girls covered themselves with blankets n tried coming out before which I ran out to my room.

My heart started pounding really fast seeing these n from next day my attitude towards looking at these girls, I started even staring at their asserts over their clothes n undressed them with my eyes but acted normal with them. After a couple of days I gained guts and again stepped into the balcony n peaked in to their room by 11,

they were talking with each other covered with a blanket (guess they were nude below it ) with Haasini expressing her doubt about if I peeked into their room n said to Sana she feels I am acting different to which Sana said “ he is a kid yaar, he doesn’t have that much guts, I don think so, anyways come on lets not talk abt it and proceed with our session.

She then rolled over Haasini n started kissing her lips forehead n neck, Haasini moaned with pleasure when Sana’s hands had touched her cunt lips. And the next scene was the best one, Sana got up and the blanket dropped, omg!!!!!!!!!!!!she was all nude n I could see her entire boobs with her nipples erect n she was moving her hips in fucking action,

then she took a vibrator and goodness god she started placing it between both their loveholes n both these girls started screaming in pleasure shaking their hips even wilder. Now Haasini was getting wilder than Sana and she pulled down her hair and pinned her n rode over n there it was Haasini was totally nude before me, she put the vibrator over Sana’s hole and forced it while finger fucking her,

Sana’s screams started rising when she covered her face with pillow n controlling screams. Over the next one hour both of them rode n licked n finger fucked each other n sealing their lips with kisses when one’s sound increases, they slept nude there after n it clocked 12:30. I went to the bathroom in my room n jerked off badly n slept in my bed totally nude under. Then days went when I peeked into their rooms n it became a routine.

Then came the day where I fucked Banu Aunty, which has already been described in the previous story “Story of Sim losing his virginity”. Now at the end of that story I had mentioned Banu n Sana were talking looking at me and I felt strange when they were giggling and laughing so much n I was as usual whiling away my time when Sana came to me n sat next to me in the couch.

The following conversation led to sex between me and Sana, we were just smiling and I was texting when she asked “how was your late night dessert “, my heart pounded for a moment n I got angry with Banu aunty for letting out our secret but continued acting as if I didn’t know what she was talking about.

She kept smiling at me when Haasini entered home after office, our conversations stopped but Sana was mentioning the word virgin in one way or the other a lot of times. My irritation got to its peak, I then went out giving an excuse of going to terrace n I msged Banu aunty to be there. I locked the terrace from outside and waited for Banu, she came in from a stairway from her place.

She came near me n tried to kiss me when I pushed her off, her face frowned and she asked “ y lover boy r u tired of me in just two days “ for which I shouted at her for letting out our relationship to Sana. She got better hearing the reason n tried to cool me down n I was irritated n asked her why she had exposed out secret to my room mate.

She smiled and asked me “ hey lover boy, was I the first person you saw nude for real ??”” I got confused and said “yes” in irritated tone. She smiled again and caressed my hair and said “ lover boy is lying to his favourite lady, he never says truth “ for which I asked what ?? she said, don you think women can be that easily fooled when a guy peeks at her nude almost everyday and she broke into laughter.

My face became pale, I was being confused of y Sana though noticing me seeing her still let me do it. Banu broke the silence and said “ dear lover boy, if not for me, you would have been losing your virginity to another virgin “. That made it clear that Sana was trying to seduce me with her body.

Then I pulled banu and kissed her in her lips and tried removing her pallu when she asked me to be patient and come in night. I came down and gave a smile to Sana, I guess she understood I was talking with our neighbor.

That night I went hard eating Banu aunty imaging her to be Sana n she was really amused with the excitement with which she was getting fucked. The next day Sana excused herself from work and stayed back home saying that she was sick. By afternoon I got a message from Sana which excited me and gave me a open signal to fuck her,

she had messaged “lover boy there is one more you can love if you are early “ I broke sweat and left by 3 to my place. I knocked the door and Sana opened it wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts. She didn’t give me place to enter and I held her hip and pulled her closer like kissing and moved her inside.

She was fresh out of bath and to add shock to me, I found Banu aunty lying nude in my bed. Sana came behind me n gave me a seductive smile and woke banu. Banu then left the house after changing to her clothes n before leaving touched my cock n said “this was fresh few days back and now its gonna enter something that’s fresh “ n left. I took bath n came back in just my 3/4th.

Then I sat in the sofa right opposite to Sana and kept looking at her. Sana said “ r u gonna just sit there and watch or gonna try something loverboy “ this was enough to arouse me to the maximum and a I got up and pulled Sana up and kissed her all over her lips and neck, she jumped over me and hung to me while getting wild with kiss n moaning,

“ come on ass hole just kissing wont suffice, I have been waiting for this for long, rip me up ahhhhhh come on “ “ you fucked a old lady but wont fuck me huh “ she bit my cheeks n was getting wild with time, I was holding up her ass and kissing her back, I threw her over couch and jumped over her.

We continued kissing n I slip my hands under her t shirt, biting her neck and she started moaning “ eat me more darling, go on eat me even harder, I was crushing her boobs over her bra, crushing them man handling them and she was getting wilder with groping n her hands were getting inside my shorts, she was trying to get hold of my cock.

All of a sudden, the door opened wide with a band, it was none other than banu aunty. we separated and adjusted ourself and she started laughing saying “ cool down sweethearts, keep it inside the room atleast lock the door before such

“ we were laughing and in each others arms, aunty picked up her inner wears n showed to us it was what she came to pick up n winked at me and said “ hey darling don forget to come by during night having got a new entrance 😉 “ I just bit her hips n sent her off kissing her n came back locking the door.

Sana was ready n waiting for me n she crouched again on me, I lifted her to my bed room n threw her on the bed, I pulled her closer with her feet and started chewing her toes caressing her thighs, she was getting wet with time, I caught hold of her shorts and pulled it down with her panty, she was nude from below now and clean shaved.

I inserted a finger inside her sweet hole and she gasped for breathe, god her quivering was nice, I asked her to wait n went to her room and bought the vibrator, I again inserted 2 fingers inside her kissing her lips, she twisted n turned “ she moaned fuck me, take my virginity, teaarrrrrrrrr my cunt darling “ “love me, more than u did her “

I was getting horny and switched on the vibrator and touched her vagina with that, her screams got louder and louder. As the house was a corner house and the houses such in that area had huge gaps between them we had no prob about it. her love juices were flowing without any break.

Then I removed my pant and moved over her only with a jockey on me. my tool was already getting erected in excitement. We kissed her lips n slowly removed her t shirt, now she was just in bra, our eyes met, I could sense she was getting nervous, I convinced her saying we will love slowly and she ll have only pleasures and less pain,

I started chewing those pink nipples n simultaneously fingering her, I was moaning “ Sana, sweetheart, I love u, the seal is meant for me, I will take you to heavens of pleasures, she started twisting and turning n moaning in pleasure, now two fingers were moving easily inside her, I started to increase the pace n she moaned yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck me cutie,

let ur fingers rupture me ohhhhhhhh, make me cum,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!! Then I started licking her navel, circling her belly button with my lips n teasing her by entering my tongue over it, she was just out of the world and moaning mmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm moreeeeeeeeee eat me loveeeeeeeeee.

I got down to her fuck hole and started to taste her love nectar, I spread her legs to the maximum n continued licking her outers, I was trying to hit right spots and she was on her her verge of orgasm and soon with my licks, she burst open with gallons love juices over my faces, actually she had her first squirting orgasm.

She jumped and kissed me “ I ve never experience so much with aunty or Haasini, I love u darling n I love u she said n wet my entire face with her saliva. I said “ not done darling, you have even greater pleasures on line and with that tore her bra off her body, she was totally nude.

She had a fair body glowing like gold with her juices on hole n sweat all over, she removed my jockey, she was happy to see my tool n smiled at me, she then went on her knees and removed my foreskin and started sucking me, god she was a pro, no one would accept her a virgin. She extended her palms under my balls n started licking them too,

I was in seventh heaven “ come on Sana, yeahhhhh deaaaaaar “ and I held her hair and fucked her face. She sucked me for few more min and I almost choked her with my cock and was deep throating her. Her lipstick was all around my cock and spread over her face,. After 15 min of sucking I erupted my load deep in her and she drank it all. Then we went to rest room and cleaned my tool and her mouth.

I lifter her in my arms and threw her on bed, again to make sure she is well lubricated I licked her from her ass till her clit, she kept moaning n moaning,for the first time I entered my tongue inside her hole and she shivered and had her orgasm again. now the time was already 5 n we had just hour and a half before Haasini would come.

I got up to take a condom from my draw, when Sana held my hand and, “ I wanna feel u inside darling, I wanna have your juices inside me and feel its warmth “. I got horny and started to finger her while she sucked me, then both of us got ready for the inevitable. I kept my cock at her entrance and teased her with pre cum oozing out, I entered her slowly, goshhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Her love hole was even tigher than my sex goddess, I would have entered half the way when she showed some sort of pain, I stopped myself and kisses her and asked if I could proceed, she winked with some nervousness, I got back my tool a bit and pushed it with all might.

She screamed, “ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its hurting me darling, please go slow on me plsssssssssss, tears rolled out of her eyes “ there it was Sana had been deflowered by me. I then kept my tool stationary while chewing her nipples, slowly the pain started to subside and her cunt was getting used to my tool. I started to move to and fro motion eating away her neck and lips with my lips.

She started to moan a bit “ goooooooo ooooooooonnnnnnnn baby sllllooooooowwwwwwlllllllllyyyy “ her pain moans where turning into pleasure moans sooner. I lifter her arms n licked down her arm pits which were filled with sweat and smell of perfume. She moaned higher n higher as I licked them and switched between them through her melons,

I started to increase her pace and she pulled me closer and dug her nails into my back and biting my neck in pleasure, she was nearing another orgasm. I started to move even faster and she screamed so loud “ I am cumminggggggggggggg I am cumminnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggg, harrrrrrdddddeeeeerrrrr baaabbbbryyyyyyyy

“ and soon we burst inside each other, she had a massive orgasm and I had sprayed all my cum inside her. Then we rolled out and were exhausted, she came near slept on my arms and hugged me and said “ I love u dear, make love to me all time “ n kissed my lips. We had a small smooch. We were drenched in sweat and my bed spread had stains of her blood while she lost her virginity.

I took the bedsheet and put it to was and we entered the bathroom and had a warm shower together while bathing each other. It was 6:30 now, Sana went to the common room n I continued to stay back in my room and played with my laptop.

As usual Haasini came back n it was a routine. By 10 pm Sana signaled me that she would engage Haasini fully till morning and I need not worry abt them and enjoy my session with banu aunty. That night aunty and me had a beautiful session. She asked me to leave early in the morning since her husband would be arriving any time.

I came back by 5 in the morning and that evening I had casual chat with uncle and we shared jokes n stuff ( he didn’t know he was also sharing his horny wife with me. Then a sudden plan struck me, my ideas became kinky and I wanted to try sex with Sana in open terrace, n it was already dark and no one would notice us over there.

I immediately messaged Sana about my plan and she was equally excited, in mean time uncle excused himself and went to hit the shower and I sneaked through the passage from their house to terrace. Sana was already waiting there giving some excuses to our roommate. We locked the door from outside and switched off lights from terrace, it was stark dark and just moon light.

I pulled Sana immediately and once again we were kissing like lovers. I had greatly improved with my sessions with these horny women. Soon we exchanged our saliva’s n wetted each others face with kisses. I then lifted her to the darkest part of the terrace and near the water tank. We also wanted to make it quick so as no one gets any doubt.

I made her lie on the floor which was generally clean. I took no time to become totally nude and removed her clothes too. Soon I was licking each and every part of her body making her give soft moans, I was making her wet with love making and soon she was lubricated. I fingered her vigorously while licking those melons and she screamed, I had to kiss her to control her moaning.

I then placed my tool in her entrance and slowly entered her. My angels hole was still tight having had just one session, I drilled into her slowly and kept a constant pace chewing her nipples, I also too out a chocolate which I had borrowed from Banu and placed it on her steamy nipple. it then chewed the chocolate over her nipple. Guys really I cannot explain how it tasted.

she was moaning and moaning. She was pulling me deep inside with the legs over my waist. Suddenly I heard a foot step, she hid behind the water tank while I quickly wore my t and 3/4th and collected her inners and pocketed it. It was none other than Banu aunty and I was standing in the corner so as to hide Sana.

Banu asked wat I was doing there for so long and the timing was right when Sana tried to get her inners from my pocket. Banu noticed it and slapped me light on my shoulders and said “ lover boy is getting naughty J “ and she asked to get done soon as uncle might get alert with moans. Sana came out and blushed.

I just spanked Banu aunty while leaving and saying I ll meet her next week for our sessions J. Sana then wore her inners, gave me a blow job and said we will have session when Haasini leaves out of station in 2 days. Sana was greatly pleased with losing her virginity to me and was wild all time we were alone. And with arrival of uncle I had to maintain my distance with aunty.

Now in this part I will let you all know how I became the first person to open all love holes of Sana and how we both got Haasini into our play too. Almost 4 days of continuous love making with the 2 most sexiest ladies in the place, what else could a guy expect, but friends I should tell you this with time passing by not just two but I had unbelievable encounters with a lot of females, from desperate virgins to longing ladies.

Let us continue with the story, as expected Haasini left on night of Saturday for some company purposes and I had 4 days with Sana to rip her and eat her to all our satisfaction. After Haasini had left by evening, me and Sana had started to explore each other, we kept fondling each other like lovers, kissing smooching loving till we were getting wild and wild. Must say this !!!!

Sana is one wild cat when she gets in full mood. She sat on me with her front facing me and her ass right over my tool, she was getting wild and wild jumping all over. It was hurting a bit but I was enjoying her wildness. I was squeezing her cute titties n she was kissing me and biting me leaving a lot of love marks on my body.

At one point of time, she got so wild that she tore off my shirt and started to bite me on my chest, I screamed ohhhhhhh!!!! And squeezed her melons with extra force. She was licking and biting my nipples, my tool was full erect and poking her ass and with the jumping she was doing it was real pain in pleasure. It was trying to get out of my pants.

I lifter Sana with her continuing all these and threw her on bed tearing her tops in one go, she was just in bra and shorts. She was keeping her foot on my bare chest and I was able to clearly see her wet panties, she noticed it n moved her leg so sexily ………. She removed her panty and threw it on my face saying cutie “ u r just worth looking, cute ppl just don get wild “ “try me darling, I am expecting a lot “ ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Yeah come on ………mmmmmmmmm……. Enough was enough for me, I pulled her to the edge of bed and threw away her bra and short of her, she was totally nude. I removed my shorts and underwear in secs and I was so much horny and pushed that I wanted to make her beg scream, do everything she never imagined of, I moved closer and my tool was full erect but I wanted to teach this horny girl that I will make her scream for me.

She never expected this but I ran a finger in her hole with full force arrested her legs so that they cant move and started finger fucking her ….. I then made the finger two and then three, she couldn’t move, she was experiencing all new stuff, pain in pleasure, I kept fisting her continuously till she screamed for her orgasm

“noooooooooooooooooooo ……… fuck me bastard, she was trying to get out my grip but I was strong enough arresting all her movements. She was in ecstacy beyond limits, I then removed my fingers and before she could realize I started slurping her little tight love hole, she was beyond words, her cries were becoming shrill when she had another huge orgasm “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

she screamed but I never stopped, she started pulling my hair closer with her hands and tried to release her cum but I kept slurping and slurping, She cried and tried a lot to squeeze the cunt in ecstasy but I was never stopped licking, gallons of her juices were already inside me I drank and drank them all. I inserted my fingers again and started licking her navel then her boobs,

bit her nipples and right when she though I would enter her, I pulled out a dhupatta from near and tied both her hands to arrest her movement up and spread her legs wide and started licking again, I licked her from down the ass, she couldn’t bear that pain, she was crying with all tears flowing through her, to increase it ever more I touched vibrator in her love hole along with me licking her.

Her voice breathed almost as she was losing everything and she couldn’t scream anymore, her voice became too low. I then inserted my dick inside her in one go !!! she screamed ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!, I kept ramming her deep n deep inserting my tool deep while lifting her ass and squeezed her melons so very rough !!!

she shouted I ll die in pain, pls sim pls let me close my leg once. I didn’t listen to her and kept ramming for another 10 min n erupted my biggest load ever in her hole. the released her legs saying “ I wanted to make love gently but u wild cat made me rape u “ she couldn’t even listen to wat I was saying as she was getting unconscious with all that happed to her over last 45 min releasing all the juices I stopped the flow of.

I slapped her cheeks, she was panting heavily, I asked her “ what would u want ?? “ gentle love or rape u like this …. She was getting conscious slowly, sweat had more than evaded our body and since we didn’t even have time to switch on the fan, think how it would have been. Both of us were exhausted and she wanted to clean herself but she couldn’t walk even,

she slowly walked and I supported her and she made the entire floor wet with her leaking juices …… all her make up was gone with sweat, her massacre scattered making her white face black, tears running continuously. We went inside the bathroom n I cleaned her cunt which was leaking without gap.

Then both of were getting back fully on our feet and we kissed again under the warm water bodies rubbing, to be clear we were dancing in with water flowing and lips entangled, tongue rolling. My hands were grabbing her ass, I then got a idea and slid my hands inside her ass crack widened up,

she looked up at me puzzled and I inserted my hands inside her tiny ass hole, she smiled and said “ darling let my husband for him to open “ n slowly went deep inside her and ass hole and said, “ no holes barred dear, I will make sure all your holes are wide open to ur husband “and we smiled and kissed again.

We had been eating each other, now our stomach’s started growling and it was 8 at night and we went to hotel and had dinner while fondling each other (guess all the waiters would have had their free show ) we walked kissing and hugging each other back in the lonely road ………. I was getting ready to get my first anal treat …

Both of us were beginners as far as anal was concerned ( few days back, even I sex ). We reached home by sometime around 8 45 and I switched on my laptop to check out how to have anal sex, browsed quite a few videos where in we noticed, oil or anal gel was required. We didn’t have it. It was 9 15 at night, I knocked the door of my sex goddess.

She was a bit on mess, I understood, she had been upto something, for which she let me in and showed uncle laying nude half asleep. I asked her “ hope there is someone else filling in my place “, she broke down saying that, she had forced him for it and he couldn’t withstand for even for 10 min.

She then hugged me tight and said “it will be 4 days before I would get you honey “ with that she started rubbing my tool over my pants. I asked her to control her urge as her husband might wake up and spoil the fun we will have after he is gone. She then said, he is passed out with drinks and wouldn’t wake up much sooner.

We had to be careful though,I was getting to hear his sounds of broken sleep. She then said “ he has been doing this from 7 30 when they had it” and said to me “ lets atleast have a quickie darling plsssssssssss “ she begged. I msged Sana I would be back sooner and she understood and asked me to get done to get my dessert.

With that sooner Banu had dropped in my pants and sucked me like lolly pop. I was already horny with all those happening with Sana and it didn’t take much time for me to be erect. She was in nighty so, I didn’t have any prob in lifting her cloth and god she was leaking already with all fingering.

She asked “ just put it in darling, rip it off “ I pushed to the wall and removed her nighty off her head and there again my sex goddess was nude, I inserted in my tool and started chewing those huge swollen nipples, she started to make some noise and her husband was just in the next room, I had to close her lips with mine and squeezed her melons. Soon I erupted inside her.

She had a sign of satisfaction on her face. Sana had msged me more than 10 times in the mean time. I said I need to go and asked her for oil. She wore her nighty back n I put my unders back and she bought the oil, she had a puzzled face when I left with oil and asked y I needed it at this time. I just then grabber her ass over her cloth and inserted my hand between her ass crack.

She understood and we parted with a kiss and Sana was watching us from our door step. Both the ladies smiled and each other, I grabbed Sana’s ass and pushed her in, winked at banu and shut the door. Sana gave me a tight slap on my crouched on me, I guess wild cat was getting too wild for me to handle,

she then threw her completely drenched panty and said “ u want a ass and to get that smooth u ate a pussy huhhhhh” “do u know how impatient I have been getting in here “ She jumped over me, I grabbed her ass n found she hadn’t worn a new one after she got wet down there.

Again we were kissing each other like mad people, this time as we made a pact we wanted to go slow and enjoy the entire night. I made her lie on the bed and we kissed passionately with our tongue’s searching inside each other. We slowly removed each others clothes and nude again one.

I kissed her forehead gently and marched down to her eyes cheeks lips neck, she began to move her body with slight moans “mmmmmmmmm yyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaahh” she was huggin me tight and legs were wrapped around my ass. I then slowly went down to her beautiful breasts and sucked the nipples and circled my tongue around then and shifter between one and another,

her moans were getting louder “ohhhh my god darlinggggggg “ she then lifted her arms and asked me to lick her pits, Sana had some love for licking her on her pits n I obliged her wishes, she was getting wet down there with my hands squeezing those small melons and licks perfectly where she wanted, she held my head n licked n bit my ear lobes.

My tool was soon semi erect, it was poking her a bit. I moved down and licked inside her navel belly button, she lost her senses n gave a loud moan “ aaaaaaahmmmmmmmm eeeaaaaaaatttttttt mmeeeeeeee “ I then spread her legs a bit and started tasting her lips of love hole, she was in pure ecstasy and her moans were growing louder and louder.

As both of loved making love with sweat, we never switched on the fan during our sessions and we changed those drenched sheets almost every love making session. I got down from the bed and saw her fair body glowing with sweat. She came to the edge of the bed and soon started sucking my tool, her mouth was so warm, it felt so great and also she never forgets to treat my balls, it made it even better.

My tool was growing in her mouth, I was holding her hair and gagged her. I pulled out my tool when it became completely erect, I pushed her back on the bed and without further delay pushed my tool inside. She gasped for breathe for a few secs and we soon were in rhythm, we were in missionary position which helped a lot, we drank the sweat from each other and we had a silent slurping of our bodies,

out heat was growing and she was adjusting with the pace my moving her hips. Soon both of us were increasing the pace. I soon erupted inside her with a huge moan “ yeaaaaahhhh baby takeeeeeeeeeee it tttttttt aaalllllllllll “ n she was saying “give it to me baby, give it all “ I jerked all my load n removed my tool which still had a mild erection. We then cleaned each other inside the bath room.

Both of us came back to the bed and hugged each other in satisfaction, we started kissing again and my tool was getting erect. She was lying over me and I soon inserted a finger inside her ass. She understood wat I wanted and signaled me to take the oil and come. I went to living room, the time had already crossed half past 10 and I took the oil and came back.

Now she was lying down with her ass facing the roof. I placed few pillows below her abdomen to soothe her. Both of us knew the pain would be immense and she asked me to go slow. I kissed her ass and started licking the hole with my thumb inside her love hole. She was moaning slightly.

I removed my fingers from her love tunnel and started applying oil all over her ass, between her cracks n stood inserted a finger inside the crack of ass, she was jerking continuously in pain and pleasure, I poured more oil and when one finger got accustomed I would insert 2 and then 3, she was in pain and I could clearly understand it.

She was covering her face with the pillow and tears were through. I was guessing how my tool would get inside. I stopped my fingering, she lifted her head up asking me y I did so n I said about my concern, she smiled a bit and said “ dear no pain no gain, don hesitate, I want u to be the first person inside all my holes, forget the pain, I want your pleasure …”

I then kissed her on her lips and kept my tool in her entrance. I tried entering her hole, it was real too small for my tool’s thickness. She dug her head deep inside the pillow and screamed with ever mm entering her, I was half inside her now. She screamed with tears and asked me to be slow, I was leaving her silent for her hole to get accustomed to my size and soon took it back and plunged in,

3/4th of it was inside her. She cried and cried banging her head on the bed, I took one last breathe and took my tool back and pushed it with all my might. Soon her ass hole was torn and she cried too loud “ I am dead, I could see her crying “ I didn’t move my tool for few more min.

She then sighed me to go further, the hole was so tight that it was hurting my tool too and even with so much oil my dick couldn’t move freely. I then slowly gave a too and fro motion and she was still in pain. I couldn’t hold much longer inside such tight hole and I erupted inside her. I then slowly removed my shrunk tool and we rolled back.

She was still crying from all the pain she had, she hugged me tight and kissed me. We were kissing each other. We rested for a few more min n dozed off in tiredness. By around 12 I was woken up.

There she was, Sana was ready for her next round in her ass. I again applied a lot of oil and inserted my tool inside her, she screamed in pain but soon it subsided, her ass got accustomed to me, I was moving slowly inside her while fingering her love hole. I erupted again inside her. That night we made love one more time n dozed off.

Next day, we woke up by sometime around 8. Our bodies were so tired we never wanted to do anything and it was also Sunday and we didn’t have to do anything. Banu aunty bought us breakfast and also lunch, she was seeing all the mess and guessed how we had been. I then gave her ass a spank and said she would enjoy even more.

We kissed and she went back to her home. That day, all that Sana and me could think was anal n the entire Sunday went in me making her ass suitable for me. Soon it was all pleasure and we made love in every single position missionary anal, doggy, cowgirl, spooning, reverse spooning and we made love in all places from her bed room kitchen my bed room bathroom while having shower.

We made anal love so much that both out private parts started hurting. It was late in the night by 2 we had our final session and dozed off. We then hit the shower as we had office, both of us wanting to stay with each other but went off, assuring each other of the best sex the next 2 nights. We couldn’t focus in our office works n kept texting n pinging each other.

The next 2 nights went real great and we never wore anything back home and enjoyed in all possible ways. I was hesitant to ask it Sana but sooner that I would also like to have her mate Haasini along with her too, she was jealous at first but soon we planned on how to get her to accept to this.

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