I am Silvia, female reaching to my late thirties, single working mother living in renowned city of eastern UP. In physical appearance I am average looking female, standing around 5’5” I am bit over weight for my height and I don’t have flat belly, my breasts are quite big and heavy in proportion of my body and overall I can be considered

bit chubby as there is ample amount of flesh over my thighs and ass mounds. While talking about my past I would say I was in my mid twenties when I got married and in 2-3 years my marriage broke and I came back to my parents. Although my parents insisted me a lot but as for me marriage was an awful experience I never thought about doing that mistake again.

Time just passed like that and in the span of 8-9 years as my child grew, my both the parents passed away. Ultimately for around 12 years or bit more apart from spending time and energy in growing up my child I devoted myself to god and up to an extent succeeded in keeping my sexual desires in my control.

But things changed just in a fraction, when a young and very good looking male named Kartik came from Delhi and joined our organization. I don’t know why it happened but I can easily say on the very first day I saw him I was floored over his looks and overall gesture. Actually Kartik is a civil engineer and he was called by my boss to look after specific construction project.

I was working as an office assistant in the group and Anand Ji, my next boss introduced me with him and we three, me Anand Ji and Kartik had casual chit chat over the work and in the span 15-20 minutes deep inside I came to conclusion that along with good looks he is a gem of a person too.

As compared to me Kartik is much younger in age but his designation was far higher than me and he was so soft spoken with very sophisticated manner of expressing his thoughts that I started feeling strange delight of getting into his assistance.

I must mention that I have suffixed “Ji” after his name because that is how I and whole office staff address him and from my side it is my respect and intense feeling for him that I felt really very strange when initially I wrote just his name. Anyway like whole office staff, while addressing me, Kartik suffixed Didi after my name and always addressed me Silvia Didi.

Although I did not wanted him to consider me that, but from his overall gesture and way of talking to me I always saw him considering me what he addresses me, that is Didi which actually means sister.

Few days passed like that may be couple of weeks, although in the beginning my feelings for Kartik were not very intense but as days passed I started falling to his every style and started feeling attracted to him. He was given a cabin next to mine and Anand ji’s joint cabin with a partial glass portion in between and in Anand Ji absence most of the time,

somehow or other I was looking at him, what he is doing and all and unintentionally I started looking after him, like did he got the tea or not and all. My mind set was changing gradually and I could easily see it changing, Kartik was ruling my senses and after reaching home in my free time I use to recall whatever conversation I had with him in the whole and I think in a month’s time

I not only started feeling that that he is a kind of a person I needed as my life partner but I started fingering myself fantasizing him making love to me or you can say fucking me as if I am his wife. Truly speaking friends I did not realized when and how after so many years of separation I started feeling vacuum of a manly love in my life and I started remaining restless in the nights,

my spiritual thoughts and devotion to god was getting subsided and many times I masturbated twice in the night. Although slowly I was getting desperate to get a manly treatment over my body by Kartik but I was having a crystal clear mind that my fantasies will always remain fantasies.

I knew that he is married and also a father of a child and from his soft and down to earth nature I could not think in my weirdest imagination that he will cheat his wife a for an elderly female like me who literary has zero sex appeal. But I must say here I was wrong and I am really happy for that. Kartik not only fucks me with all his feelings, he also adores me as if I am his wife.

In straight words at present I am his concubine, we call it Rakhail in Hindi but I am delighted with that. Anyway while moving back into the sequence of the incident in which my sex relation with Kartik started I will say from the day he was here he was staying in the hotel and as it was a long project our boss told Anand ji to provide him a good accommodation to live and exactly that was the time where things turned into my favor.

Actually I live alone with son and I have a fist floor which I rent out to a family and for me it was a matter of sheer luck that in that span my that portion was vacant and revealing this fact to Anand Ji that being single female living in the house with my son I am looking for a good and safe tenant since long,

I asked him if Kartik can be settled down there and as Anand ji was well aware of my house and its location, he agreed and left everything over Kartik, if he is ok with a kind of space I have. Next Anand Ji revealed this fact to Kartik; that boss wants him to shift on a rented accommodation and in continuation he asked if he is ok living in the first floor of my house.

Like I was expecting Kartik took everything casually and agreed without seeing my residence but I insisted him and took him along after office hours to show him the accommodation and he liked the place.

In next couple of days in addition to bed and other basic things his accommodation got furnished with AC and power backup from the funds provided by the organization and Kartik started living in my premises. At my end as it can be expected I unknowingly started feeling a strange rapture all the time.

In addition to this fact that now Kartik was living around me I had another thing to feel happy and that was the amount I started getting as a rent and it was little more than 150% I was expecting.

Actually our main boss was not bothered about where does Kartik live, he simply fixed a handsome amount as a rent which company will provide him in addition to his salary and without giving a thought that he can keep difference amount and save good amount over rent too, Kartik passed that amount as it is to me.

Anyway with the passing time my fever for him went on increasing, although as work progressed Kartik started remaining very busy and many I did not found him in the office but ultimately at the end of the day I always met him, because he was suppose to get the keys of his floor from me only.

I did not realized that how my passion for him increased so much that whenever he is home I started finding ways to sneak into his room, sometimes by going to him to ask if he had dinner or not, sometimes by going to terrace to get dried clothes. Many times I insisted him to dine with me and I spent quality time with him, he showed me picture of his wife and daughter.

Although deep inside I did not wanted to say that but as a formality I told him to get his wife and child here and like I needed it was not possible for him to get his family here to stay with him because his parents were dependent and could not live alone. Anyway like that time passed and I went on falling in love with him.

As I was living with my son and he was big enough to understand everything I did not thought about trying anything to attract Kartik, neither I saw any such gesture in him from which I could conclude that he might be interested in me but ultimately things happened, and it happened in a way that I cannot forget those wonderful moments until I die.

I remember it was a Saturday and it was raining heavy since 10 in the morning. Because of heavy rain Kartik work at site was also held and after a long time he stayed in the office and completed his paper works with me.

Fortunately that day my next boss Anand Ji was also missing in the office so I was spending good time with Kartik in his cabin and apart from work there was lot of other subjects which came in our conversation.

By now Kartik was living at my first floor from around 3-4 months and we were little free in talking to each other and that day while having tea in the evening Kartik asked me about my personal life; about my marriage and my ex-husband and I gave him bit of detail of my horrible past.

He asked me why I did not thought about getting married again and I casually said that after facing a life threat once I never thought about trusting anybody and I just devoted myself to God. Like that day came to an end and I took leave on my regular time where Kartik stayed because he had a meeting with a main boss. Because of heavy rain there was no electricity since afternoon.

By evening rain was subsided but electric supply was yet not normal and as that time I did not had battery backup soon it went dark. I don’t know it was something like sixth sense or something else that deep inside I was very uneasy.

After spending almost whole day with Kartik strange rapture was dwelling in my gesture and I was desiring more of his company and in that mental state my son asked me that as it is a Saturday and there is no electricity in our house, if he can stay with his friends in the night.

From last few weeks I was not granting his this particular wish because I knew that his that particular friend has bought a new computer and he wants to play games over that but that night I intentionally granted my son’s wish. Like most of days Kartik came back home after 8 and by that time after having dinner my son was gone to his friend.

While entering Kartik gave me a can of Coke for my son and I gave him detail that he is not home and might come after resumption of electric supply. Don’t know why I did not tell him that he has gone for the whole night and will come back in the morning.

Anyway leaving a coke can for my son, while leaving Kartik casually invited me to his floor as he was having a battery backup over his floor. Though I wanted to spend time with him but I denied in formality and told him that I am little tired and might sleep soon.

Kartik took his way to his floor and after reaching back to my bedroom I started feeling regret over saying no to come to his floor. I don’t know what happening to me, I knew that whole night I will be alone in the house with Kartik and I started assuming that now if somehow I will tell him the truth, that my son is gone for whole night then he might think about doing something with me.

I lied over my bed in the dark for long and unintentionally started fantasizing an imaginary situation that I went to his room and informed him that my son will not come back in the night and after knowing this fact Kartik grabbed me in his arms and ultimately started fucking me on his soft and spongy bed.

Such thoughts kept on coming in my mind and I also enjoyed fantasizing getting fucked by Kartik in this situation. With a passing time I went on getting restless, I could feel the significant wetness over my pussy and felt like fingering myself but I resisted myself, for no other reason that I was enjoying feeling leakage in my panty.

Gradually lust rose to its height and I went so restless that I started feeling suffocated in my bedroom and I came out. I was sweating and feeling strange desire raising head in my gesture, I desperately wanted to have sex with Kartik but I knew anyhow I will be able to approach him. Next I desired to see him at least, I tried to stop myself but I failed and reached to Kartik’s door step and knocked.

Friends here I would like to say that I am feeling I will fall short of vocabulary for writing whatever happened next, actually we had long conversation in Hindi which I think I won’t be able to write down in English, so here onwards at few places I will write Hindi in English words which I hope readers will try and understand.

Kartik opened the door casually and saw me sweating and invited me in the room. By now he was wearing his night wear t-shirt and shorts. I told him that I was feeling stifled in the dark and he casually told me to sit and relax. I moved inside to sit on a chair and I saw can of beer kept at the corner. From its location I could make out that it was intentionally kept there to hide it from me.

Kartik saw me looking at that and tried to convince me casually by saying “wo main aise hi le aaya tha….usually I don’t drink all this…” although my attitude towards all such things is very rude but because as it was Kartik I took it casually told him to pick the can and continue having it and I don’t have any problem with this.

Kartik took the beer can and gulped whatever was left in that in one go and threw the can out of the house and came back in the room. I don’t know what was happening to me; I wanted to talk to Kartik over my personal life. I don’t know if it was intentional but I wanted tell him that I feel very lonely without a partner and just to initiate the talk I asked him about his wife,

daughter and parents and Kartik casually said that they all are fine. Next saying “aap last do mahine se ghar nahi gaye….bahut lonely feel kar rahe honge….” I continued chit chat over desired subject and Kartik accepted by saying “haan….aur aaj kuch jayada hi lonely feel kar raha tha …issi liye aate hue beer le aaya tha…just to relax my mental nerves”.

As such I did not had anything in my mind to speak over this subject now, so that I can continue this conversation of feeling loneliness and before I would have thought of saying anything Kartik spoke “anyhow I must say ki aap great ho…”

I looked at his face with a question mark and he spoke “aapko dus saal se jayda ho gaye hain akele rahte hue…” “Main imagine bhi nahi kar sakta aap kitna lonely feel karte hoge”. That’s what I needed; now somehow I just wanted to say that I have started feeling lonely since he is here but I failed to say that and just uttered

“Shuru mein to pata nahi challa….par jaise jasie age badh rahi hai bahut akelapan feel ho raha hai” and to my words Kartik casually said “To fir Shaadi kar lijiye” “Aap bhi kaisi baat kar rahe hain…ab hum iss age mein shaadi karenge kya? …..log kya sochenge?” I instantly replied back in sarcastic tone and once again Kartik replied back casually by saying

“it’s all about you and your life… log jo sochte hain unhe sochne do” “aise nahi hota…Ankur(my son) bhi bada ho gaya hai…ab Shaadi karna possible nahi hai….” I looked into his eyes while saying that and Kartik accepted my point with the expressions of his eyes.

We both were sitting in the room and as there was no electricity there was no AC, we just had a fan over our head, I was perfectly all right in that temperature but there was cold wind blowing in open and I suggested Kartik to get on to the roof and he agreed. We both climbed on the roof and sat down on the last stare.

I really don’t remember what was running in my mind; I just remember that deep inside I did not wanted electricity to come back so that I can continue spending time with Kartik. “aise mast mausam mein koi akela nahi hona chahiye…bahut depression hota hai” Kartik spoke out casually as wave of cold air blew and I replied back by saying “humen to aadat padd gayi hai is depression ki….”

And once again Kartik praised me “that’s why I said…aap great ho…aapki jagah main hota to ab tak pagal ho jaata” I smiled over his expression mildly and replied back by saying “hum koi great wreat nahi hain…thodi si majboori hai… thoda sa darr hai” and he instantly asked me back “darr kiska hai…?” “society ka…aur kiska?” “aur majboori kya hai…?”

He asked me again and I replied him giving name of my son “Ankur(my son)”. As I said that Kartik looked at my face in the dark and finally uttered “aap aaj bahut depressed lag rahe ho….?” And I accepted by saying “haan….but patta nahi kyun….?” “meri maano to ek baar Ankur se baat karo….” Kartik responded back to my words and I asked him back

“Kiss bare main….” “apni Shaadi ke bare mein…..I think you should get married” hearing his words for an instant I thought saying everything clearly, that I don’t want to get married, I just want have sex with you but nothing came out of my mind and I just kept on looking at his face and Kartik took my expressions other way round and spoke out sorry

“I am sorry…..aap please….mind matt karna….maine to bus jo feel kiya wo bol diya” I smiled over his gesture gently before saying “aapki baat hum kabhi mind nahi kar sakte….” And in response Kartik suggested to have coffee “chaliye coffee peete hain….I think mujhe beer chadd gayi hai aur mein bakwaas kiye jaa raha hun”

I smiled over his casual and down to earth statement and spoke “humne suna hai Sharab peene ke baad log sach bolne lagte hain…aur ek tarah se aap sach hi bol rahe hain….hum hi us sach ko accept nahi kar rahe” and to my words Kartik just smiled while looking into my eyes.

We both came down to his floor and I started preparing coffee, Kartik tried to help me but I told him to sit aside and he obeyed me and casually sat down on the vacant slab of the kitchen. We did not spoke much while coffee was getting prepared.

It was a span of 5-10 minutes in which I grinded sugar and coffee together by hand and kept milk over the fire to bring it to boil and throughout that time I saw Kartik was looking at me from one side. I don’t know what was running in his mind or he if he was staring at my body. I just kept busy in making coffee and finally poured the milk in the mugs and looked at him to say that it is ready.

Kartik jumped down, picked his cup while looking into my yes and asked if we can go up on the roof again and I agreed. Once again we reached to the roof and instead of sitting on the last stair, while resting our back with a wall we sat down at one corner of the roof. Initially we had our coffee without much conversation, but we looked at each other’s face couple of times and smiled casually.

I am not sure but I think there was a mild impact of alcohol in Kartik’s gesture, which I believe he wanted to dilute by having hot coffee. “I think aap ko neend aa rahi hai…. Aap sow jaaiye….” Thought wanted to spend more time with him even then I spoke to that.

“nahi…achha lag raha hai aapke saath baaten karna….” Kartik replied back and up to an extent I spoke out what I use to feel for him “humen bhi achha lag raha hai aapke saath….actually hum aapko apna friend consider karte hain” and Kartik took that as a compliment and thanked me by saying “thanks…” with a smile.

Few minutes passed and finally electricity resumed, “light aa gayi” Kartik spoke, I did not replied back as I was disappointed as for me time just flew away and now I had to go back to my floor. We came down and I entered in his kitchen with the mugs and saw few unwashed utensils and casually started washing them.

Kartik came from behind and told me not to do but I continued. He just stood behind me and saw me washing for a while. I don’t know exactly it was his desire or he read my mind that I need physical love from him, as I was about to end the washing he came closer and wrapped his arm around my waist from behind. I puffed with a strange shivering and tried to turn around.

Certainly deep inside I wanted him to do that but still I was shocked. We looked into each other’s eyes with a flick, “I am sorry…” Kartik apologized and spoke again after a pause “actually I thought like me…aapko bhi sex ki desire hai….”

My heart was pounding high and I wanted to say that you don’t have to be sorry… you are right…I need sex but even after trying hard nothing came out of my mouth and I just continued looking onto his eyes. Next instant Kartik held his ears, like children do and once again said sorry “I am really sorry….mujh se bahut badi galti ho gayi…..”

I removed his hands from his ears instantly and somehow utter in low voice “Sorry mat boliye…” once again I tried a lot to speak but my throat was choked with my own saliva and I blushed and looked down.

I was failing to speak up my desire because I was realizing that whatever I am thinking to do is wrong; being a woman how can I do wrong to some other woman but somewhere deep inside I needed him, bars were broken by him and I very well knew that if I will step back once then Kartik will not think about it again, and anyhow I did not wanted to loose opportunity to get closer to the person for whom I was obsessed.

Finally lust conquered ethics and I decided to go with him. I looked up in his eyes and spoke out with a pounding heart and choked voice “hum bhi aapse pyar karte hain”. For a moment my words made Kartik speechless, he avoided eye to eye contact but in the end spoke out “main aap se Shaadi nahi kar sakta” I looked at his face and responded back to his words by saying “Shaadi to hum bhi nahi kar sakte….”

Once again there were no words exchanged for next few seconds, we just looked at each other’s face “fir…?” Kartik asked me and I moved my eyes from his face, finally I was about to accept the forbidden truth and I uttered while looking down “aapne theek samjha hai ….humen aap ke saath sex ki desire hai…”

Kartik did not reply back, he just continued looking at me, he somewhat waited for me to look up at his face and as I looked up but he did not spoke anything, “aapse milne ke baad pata nahin humen kya ho gaya hai….….” once when it was said I tried to open my heart even more and Kartik replied back to my words by saying

“mujhe bhi bahut baar feel hota tha….ki aap mujhe like karte ho” and I blushed over his way of looking into my eyes. “abhi to Ankur(my son) aanewala hoga” Kartik spoke again. As electricity was back to normal he somewhat reminded that my son must be coming back now and I opened the truth by saying “wo aaj nahi aayega…raat ko apne friend ke ghar par hi rahega”

“Ok” Kartik spoke out just one word and stepped ahead to come closer to me and extended his arms to my waist and spoke “to fir aaj raat ko aap yahin pe ruk jaao…mere pass”. I looked up at his face and knobbed my head in yes and next moment Kartik pulled me further close to his body and I just went into his arms.

We hugged, I don’t know what was he feeling, I just know that, for me it was nothing less than a heaven. Gradually Kartik wrapped his arms around me to embrace me better and I started melting in his arms. “Room mein chalen…hmmm?” we were standing in kitchen and Kartik asked about going to the room, hearing him I moved a bit in his arms and Kartik released me and we walked out of the kitchen.

While walking beside me Kartik wrapped his arm around my waist just before entering into the bedroom and we reached to the bed. I sat down on his bed and Kartik pushed me lightly to make me lie down and rose over me. Truly speaking friends I can just write whatever happened that after that, anyhow I cannot explain my feeling.

I was touched by a man after more than decade and I realizing what all I have missed in my entire life. Leaving his partial weight over me Kartik was lying over me and kissing me over my cheek and area around my neck and ears and I was moaning in pleasure. We both were holding each other’s body in excitement, my hands were over his back and one of his hands was over my breast.

Along with kissing and licking my neck and bare skin around Kartik was squeezing my melon with his hand and I was enjoying getting handled by a man of my dreams. For an instant Kartik stopped loving me and looked into my eyes and then he placed his lips over my lips and started kissing me.

I can easily say I was never kissed by my husband like that even when I was newlywed. Initially Kartik started by sucking my lips and slowly he entered his tongue in my mouth and fenced it all around my inner cheeks. Anyhow I cannot explain the affection I was getting from Kartik, his tongue was moving inside my mouth and he was trying to suck my mouth with all his love and passion.

Slowly he pulled out my tongue with his lips and took it inside his mouth and sucked it. His hands were again over my breasts and now he was playing with them with some passion and at my end I was somewhat getting unconscious with his love making and could wait to surrender my body to him.

Slowly he stopped kissing me and got up on his knees and took off his t-shirt and under shirt and became bare from his top. I was lying on his bed on my back and next Kartik tried to lift my Kurta and I told him to switch off the light. He went to the door, locked it from inside, switched the light off and came to me again.

Although room was dark but there was some light which was coming from outside and we could see each other. By now I was sitting on bed and Kartik sat down in front of me and once again tried to lift my Kurta and this time I just raised my arms. He took out my Kurta from my arms and threw it away.

I was just having a bra over my breasts and I felt them getting heavier in excitement. Looking down at my waist, Kartik took out the knot of the thread which was buried in my Salwar and pulled to open it. He slowly loosened my Salwar from my waist and pushed me lightly on the bed and once again I was on my back. He pulled my Salwar to take it out and lifted my bottom.

Now I was lying on his bed just in bra and panty. Next Kartik got up a bit and took off his shorts and wearing just his underwear he rolled over me on the bed to get me under his masculine body. Once again Kartik started adoring me and my body and I started feeling significant wetness over my fuckhole.

He started with a kiss again and explored my mouth thoroughly, this time I responded to his kiss properly and inserted my tongue in his mouth. Slowly his wet lips moved to my neck and I started moaning in divine pleasure. He kissed and brushed his wet lips all around my neck and cleavage and for an instant took my earlobes in his mouth and sucked them to make shudder in strange sensation.

Slowly while kissing and brushing his lips over my cleavage he moved down to my belly and sucked my naval. I trembled with tingling sensation and moaned in husky voice and slowly he moved down to my thighs and kissed me all around my panty.

Kartik was well aware of my state; he knew this fact that I am not touched by any male specie from more than ten years and that is why he was making love to me with a tender pace and I was dying in pleasure because of his slow and gentle. Gradually while kissing and rubbing his wet lips Kartik reached to my feet and next he turned me around over my belly.

Now I was lying on his bed showing my fleshy ass mounds packed in tight panty. He gradually lied over me and once again started with kissing me around my neck and back and I started breathing heavy to increase my uneasiness once again he sucked my earlobes and I started puffing madly while trembling in excitement.

He slowly unhooked my bra and kissed and licked my entire back tenderly and continued gasping because of his heavenly love making. While moving down Kartik went on kissing my body and reached to my waist kissed me there for long. He licked the skin closer to my panty, of my thighs and waist and I just went on going crazy and desperate to get him inside me.

By now I was flooding at my pussy, while lying on my belly I could feel heavy wetness over my panty. Finally while sitting around my legs Kartik inserted fingers of his both the hands in the elastic of my panty and slowly pulled down the last cloth of my body. Exposing my fleshy ass mounds I was lying on my belly in front of him stark naked.

Kartik cupped the flesh of my ass in his hands and like I was expecting him to do, while playing with ample flesh of my mounds he started kissing my rubbing his lips over my ass buns and suddenly I felt something sharp plowing my ass flesh and I cried in mild pain. I realized that Kartik has taken a bite of my ass and next instant he repeated that for my other ass mound too.

Though it was bit painful but I enjoyed his way of making me cry in pain. Next Kartik turned me around over my back and leaned over me and asked me while smiling and looking into my eyes closely, “jayada dard to nahi hua na…?” I blushed and replied back with just one word “nahi.”

We kissed again and while exploring my mouth he took out my bra from arms and started squeezing my melons with his hands. Kartik initially played with my milks tenderly but steadily his treatment to my breasts went rough and he started crushing my milk mounds in his hands and breaking the kiss I started moaning better and louder.

Like I was expecting after breaking the kiss next he moved bit down to my sagging milks and took my hard and erect nipple in his mouth and started sucking it like a new born child. Truly speaking friends virtually I am mother of a grown up child but that instant I was moaning in the way as if I am experiencing all this for first time in my life;

for no other reason that in last 10-12 years of isolation I was totally cut off from this feeling; exactly how it feels when a man loves with all his affection. Kartik went on crushing and sucking my milks with his hands and mouth and I kept on grunting in pleasure.

Slowly my delight of getting manly treatment enhanced when I felt his hand moving down to my crotch, he rubbed my thighs for a while and finally reached to my pleasure opening. As I was having lot of hairs over my fuckhole Kartik’s fingers searched for my love opening and next instant I shuddered in ecstasy of getting plowed at fuckhole after so many years.

Kartik inserted two of his thick fingers in my starved pussy and fucked me steadily with his fingers. I was crying and moaning as if I am dying and fuckhole started oozing out fresh streams of pleasure juices. “Condom to hai nahi…aise hi daal dun na?” Kartik asked me in low and sensual voice and his question made me shiver in strange sensation.

I was about to get fucked after ages and that instant I did not wanted to think anything else and I replied to him by saying “haan…koi baat nahi….ab daal dijiye…”. Next Kartik got up and drifted down his underwear and I took a glimpse of his Penis. I don’t know the size of his monster but certainly it was big and fully erect.

Unintentionally I widened my thighs to give him space between my legs and Kartik came in the middle and once again inserted his fingers in my fuckhole, probably to locate my pleasure opening. He slowly moved his bottom and touched his crotch with mine while holding his rod straight and I felt tip of his Penis touching my pussy.

Next he rubbed his cock tip over my fuckhole, possibly to hear my pleasure gasp and I grunted in delight of being at doorway of feeling a real pleasure of being a woman. “Aahhhhh……..” Finally Kartik seared into my flesh and I cried erotically, his Penis was so big, so incredibly thick and huge that I thought it would rip me into two from my cunt,

but I wanted it all and I grabbed him and dug my fingers in his muscular arms in rising excitement.

Kartik also groaned in the bliss of getting hot clamp of my wet fuckhole over his thick monster and flexed his bottom back and forward with a sudden jerk and shoved his monster deep into my womb.

Finally stretching my virginal muscles as wide as possible Kartik started fucking me with slow and long strokes and many times while driving his monster deep in my fuckhole he tried to crush my fleshy body under his heavy and muscular body. My sagging breasts jiggled erotically with his inward motions and he squeezed them hard, with his hand and under his hard chest.

As Kartik was diving deep in my womb, down there over my fuckhole, I was feeling his heavy balls pressing my soft and wet pussy lips repeatedly. I was puffing and gasping in rising lust and my pleasures enhanced when while thrusting my starved fuckhole Kartik played with my long and erect nipples.

He took my one nipple in his mouth and clenched it with his teethes and, reached to the other with his hand and twirled it in his fingers badly and I just failed to control my voice and whimpered in pain and excitement while arching my head. Kartik bitted my both nipples one by one to make me shudder in painful excitement and I really enjoyed his way of handling my sex starved body.

Slowly Kartik passion increased and paced up his inward movements and my body started jerking and rocking under his fucking strokes. My breasts were swelling and nipples were getting further hard, my whole body was burning with lust and I took several deep breaths to regain control but things were going bizarre,

I was reaching closer and closer to my burst with every passing second I started crying in evident pleasure. The way I was getting ploughed over my fuckhole by his massive crusher I felt as if my pussy will explode and Kartik sensed my state that I am reaching to the verge of climax,

holding my breast tight in his hand he started fucking me harder and harder and now with every thrust he was trying to get deeper and deeper in me and I cried out loudly as his swollen Penis was piercing my belly. His hips rose and fall madly over my crotch and with every inward stroke I came out with shriller gasp.

I cried and cried and cried like never before, I was reaching to the orgasm which I could not even fantasize while masturbating. My Pussy was trembling very strangely and some sort of pulsations were rising in my belly, I was about to explode but Kartik just went on fucking me with all his passion and just in few seconds I cried out loudly, trembled like a fish and moaned passionately.

It was kind of pleasure which I never experienced in my past married life. I just squeezed my pussy over Kartik’s pulsating monster by wrapping my fleshy thighs around his pumping ass and held him tight in my arms. Kartik failed to retain his posture and simply collapsed over me.

He stopped vibrating inside my fuckhole and burying his monster in my flesh till it’s root he stood still and next instant some sort of tidal waves started passing through my body and holding him hard and tight I started trembling in sudden jerks, rising from my pelvis going till my breast through my belly. I orgasmed hard, like I never imagined and took some time to recover.

Kartik was holding my tremulous body while looking at my erotic state and as I recovered and opened my eyes he smiled a bit and leaned over me. We kissed again and from the way Kartik was loving and adoring my body I felt that he is yet not over.

After kissing me he sucked my breasts again for a while and uttered in low voice “abhi mujhe aur karna hai” by now he was slipped out of my fuckhole and I spoke back “hmmmmm…. kar leejiye” “kisi doosri position mein Karen?” Kartik asked me and I replied him by saying “jaise aap karna chahte hain kar leejiye” “Doggy style main karte hain…!” he spoke again and I accepted just by saying “theek hai”.

Next we both got up, I turned on my four and jerking his Penis with his own hand Kartik moved to my rear and once again kissed on my fleshy ass and moved his wet lips till my waist. Next he extended his hand under my belly, once again to locate my exact opening and finger fucked me till I started puffing in pleasure.

Holding his hard Penis in his hand Kartik tried to put his cock tip over my opening and I helped him by holding his Penis in my hand and taking it to my pleasure opening. I gasped lightly; his thick cock was touching my fuck opening; although I was discharged massively just few minutes back, even then I was starving for more.

Kartik held me from shoulder and tried to pull me further towards him, I eased myself further towards his hard erect rod and puffed in delight. Stretching all my virginal muscles wide open, once again his huge cock was entered into my starved tunnel. He too grunted at the hot clamp of my pussy on his cock and impaled himself even deeper and my eyes got shut and face got twisted in joy,

entire length of his penis was squeezed into my tight channel in different posture. Holding me from my waist Kartik sank his shaft completely in my cave and waited and I moaned with different sensation as he was touching deepest corner of my love tunnel which was never explored before.

Next He slowly pulled bit of his Penis s from my pleasure hole and pushed back deep inside. I moaned in enormous pleasure. He did that again “Aaahhh….haaan…kariye….” my body was setting on fire again and I demanded more. But Kartik moved slowly and plunged his monster in my fuckhole numerous times till the root of it.

I was on my hands and knees and I needed him fast and slid myself in and out on his throbbing cock in that rhythm. Finally sensing my body’s demand Kartik moved with some speed and started pumping me from behind in a steady rhythm and I gasped erotically.

I must say friends since I was in his touch I was feeling that he is a kind of person which every woman desire as her husband, understanding and very down to earth but that instant I was realizing that he is just not a good person, he is a divine lover too powerful and very demanding on bed, kind of a person which every female desire as her sex partner too.

Anyway Kartik continued drilling me with deep, skewering thrusts and with every thrust of his cock deep in my fuckhole, I felt a new sensation running through my body. Slowly he paced up his fucking speed and started getting his pleasure puffs over my ears. I was thinking that now Kartik will went on going harder and faster till he reach to his climax but he stopped at certain point.

Took out his monster from fuckhole, kept couple of pillows over one another and told me to lie down on the bed while leeping them under my belly “aap inko apni belly ke niche rakh ke late jaao”. Like it can assumed I obeyed him, now my fleshy bottom was up,

Kartik widened my thighs with his own hands to get clear access of my fuckhole in the posture and once again after invading my pussy with fingers Kartik came over me from behind and inserted his thick monster in my fuckhole. Once again I moaned while taking his entire length inside me and gradually leaving his entire weight he lied over me and stated fucking me with a good pace.

I must say it was a very pleasurable position for both of us, I was much more comfortable as compared to typical doggy style and I really enjoyed getting plunged in that posture. While lying on me Kartik pumped me from behind for minute or bit more and his movements were very steady,

but as heat rose he started losing control over his body and his pace enhanced significantly and we both started puffing in pleasure. After that instant with every passing second his moans went on rising and I could feel him going to his peak with every stroke he made inside my fuckhole.

Finally Kartik grabbed my body tight and started diving in my flesh with all his strength and just in next few seconds, with a loud moan he buried his thick and long monster in the deepest corner of my cave. While holding me tight Kartik trembled in ecstasy and I felt his monster shivering deep inside my fuckhole and next moment he spewed out stream of hot jizz in my womb.

I did not climaxed again but I enjoyed every fraction of that post orgasm fuck. We both were tired now and because of shyness for an instant while washing I thought about saying that I am going back to my place but I did not uttered anything, maybe because deeo inside I wanted to stay and Kartik brought me to bed again.

He took me in his arms and asked me casually “maine aapko jayda pareshaan to nahi kiya na….I mean wo job maine aapko bite kiya tha?” and I denied and accepted that I liked it “nahi….achha tha…”. I was lying in arms with just panty over my body and now I did not wanted this night to end, I wanted to be like that for rest of my life but it was not possible.

What all I could do that instant was just sex and since morning we did that two more times. Once somewhere after mid night and then again somewhere around 5 in the morning when I got up to go to my place. Next morning, as it was a Sunday my son came back home around 8 in the morning and remained for the whole day and me and Kartik did not spoke to each other.

Throughout the day I was mobbed with deep thoughts, somewhere I was feeling guilty that I have done a sin but along with that I was also recalling the pleasure I went through after so many years. I was in deep dilemma whether I should continue this relation or I should put a break here only.

Time passed and Kartik went out of House somewhere before lunchtime and came back after 9 and informed me in solitude that he has bought the condoms and with that gave me something in brown envelop. I took it out, it was a razor and before I would have looked up to see him he spoke “ye wahan ke baal saaf karne ke liye hain”.

A strange sensation passed through my body and without giving a thought about quitting from this relation I accepted by looking up and saying “theek hai…hum saaf kar lenge” “aaj raat ko aaoge…?” he asked me again “patta nahi…Ankur ke sone ke baad dekhenge….” “Ok”.

That’s what all we spoke in whole day and it was more than enough to drive me out of day long dilemma and I just reached to his bedroom after midnight, when I knew that now my son will not get up until I will wake him to go to the school in the morning.

Now here if I will try to write my second consecutive night with Kartik then I would say, when I knocked his door he was waiting for me desperately and after bolting the door from inside he instantly started taking off my cloths. I told him to switch off the light but he denied, he said he wants to see me naked in white light.

Finally within two minutes of reaching to his room we both were stark naked in the glowing room and first place over my body where Kartik touched me while kissing me was my clean shaven fuckhole. He started with a tender rubbing of my fuck opening but soon putting in two fingers he was digging me there with speed.

Slowly heat rose in me and I took his monster in my hand and started jerking him. After sucking my melons casually, hardly for couple of minutes he reached to my lower half and licked my fuckhole. I tried to stop him from doing that filthy act but he insisted and told me to relax.

Ultimately I surrendered and lied over my back with fully spread thighs and Kartik sucked my starved fuckhole in a way that I felt as if there is nothing like getting sucked and ultimately I will die while gasping in crying in pleasure.

Spreading my thighs as wide as possible, and burying his mouth as deep as possible Kartik roamed all around my fuckhole with his tongue and I was at the verge of explosion when he stopped sucking me. Then moment came for which I was little scared and it was nothing but a sucking of a Penis and that was the thing which I have hated most in my past sex life with my ex-husband.

“please ab aap mera suck karo” Kartik spoke out in such a soft and requesting tone that I failed to say no to him and without uttering a single word of disinterest sucked his monster tenderly until he himself stopped me. After that finally fucking started and Kartik took me over his top.

I rode over him with my desired pace and while lying under me, he played with my sagging milks. We both really enjoyed having sex in that posture but unfortunately we did not climaxed and later resting my both the legs over his shoulders Kartik folded me into my half while fucking me passionately and we both climaxed nicely more or less at the same time.

After spending an hour or so with him on the bed when I thought about going back to my place Kartik stopped me and ultimately I reached back to my room around 4 in the morning. Kartik fucked me once again after that and because by now his passion was bit subsided for me it was proper love making session where he adored my entire body before plunging my fuckhole

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