I am divya, a housewife. I am living with my husband in kerala. My husband is working in a private company. My age is about thirty. I am very beautiful and sexy too. My husband always says that I grab his friend’s attentions. We both are satisfied with our sexual life. But I never expected this would happen in my life. It was the occasion of my son’s first year birthday so we invited all our friends and my husband’s colleagues and after the party everybody were departed except my husband’s boss .My husband and his boss were talking something in the balcony while I was cleaning the dishes and drawing room after the party.

All of a sudden my husband came and told me that his boss wants to have fun with me. First I was astonished, wondered how his boss dare to give such a proposal and rejected it without any delay. I said, “No. I am not a whore to fuck with your boss”. My husband replied if you give him a chance to fuck you then in exchange he is ready to give me chance to fuck his wife and a immediate promotion of assistant work manger”. I nodded my head asked to my husband “you want to use me for your own benefits?” “Please Reeta, please if you won’t agree he will not give me promotion and give it to my junior and we will loss about two thousand rupees for month” he replied. “Oh Shit!” I shouted. “If you agree to fuck him, he will give me promotion from next month and allow me to visit every day evening to his bungalow to fuck her sexy wife Seema and you know how beautiful she is.” My husband again tried to convince me. I put my hand on my forehead and sat sadly.

After a few minutes I said, “Ok only this time and not more than once he should not put his cock in my ass and he will use condom ”.“Oh Reeta he won’t agree for that please, “No, I won’t agree”. “Please…”“No chance, if he wants then he must use condom while fucking my pussy”. “Ok. But can you take him in your pussy he is so big” my husband said. “That is up to him. If it pains I will pull him out.” I finally told him. My husband went to his boss and said every condition of me. He said, “Ok that is enough for me but she has to suck me”. Finally he had agreed. After 15 minutes I was ready for a real fun with my husband’s boss…He took his boss to our bedroom and came to me. “Ok he is waiting in bed room go and join him Reeta” my husband said. “are you not coming in with me?” I asked him. “You want me to join you?” “Yes I want you there. “Ok let’s move” We went into the room where he is.

We saw him reading a book. As soon as he saw us there he stood up and looked at me. His boss welcomed me I smiled the boss and he came close to me my husband signed him to take me. He looked at me. I was looking to the ground. He touched my arm I can feel the shock wave running at the moment he touched my arm. He caught my hand and kissed me on my wrist. I looked at his eyes. That was enough for him to hug me. My husband’s boss hugged me hardly in front of my husband. There was no space for the air to pass between us. My breasts were pressing to his chest. Boss started to kiss and lick all over my earlobes, forehead, eye, nose and her cheeks. His hands were wandering on my back over my hip. He now got hold of my face and looked directly to my eyes I too looked at his eyes. He suddenly planted a kiss on my cherry red lips. We sucked each other’s lips and played with our tongue. His behaviour and wild kisses were making me arouse and hot. Now he lowered his hand to my hip and then he put his hand on my buttocks.

He gently rubbed my ass cheeks using both his hands slowly he increased the pressure on my ass. My husband’s boss squeezed my ass cheeks very hardly as I started to moan in front of my own husband. He moved the sari over my shoulder and breast. He kissed my breast over blouse and then kissed my deep clevage. His lips were like burning coals on my breasts. I helped him unhooking the blouse buttons. I removed my blouse and then I was standing in my black colored brassier in front of my husband and his boss. He squeezed and rubbed my bra-covered tits. He completely removed her sari. He looked at my stomach. He licked my navel and rubbed his face over my stomach. Then he called my husband to join. Now the boss was sucking my breasts while my husband was caressing my thighs and kissing me there it was giving me some exotic pleasure. He stood up and started to undress I helped him undressing. He also ordered my husband to become naked.

Then they became nude by seconds when I turned towards boss’s cock I was rather surprised because his cock was big enough it is almost 8”, 2 inches bigger than my husbands and thick, I took hold of his enormous dick my hand felt it like touching an hot rod it was jerked in my hand, I smiled and sat down on my knees. Then I looked into my husband’s eyes and bent and kissed his dick twice even my husband also surprised, he was comparing his dick and his balls. Boss once again hugged me and squeezed my bra-covered boobs .He undid my bra and removed it. He felt the softness of my bare boobs for the first time. He took my both breasts in his both hands and had a long and good look on my breasts. He now holds both breasts by the dark nipples between his thumb and index figure. He gently started to pull and rotate my nipples and then hardly he used his hand over my breasts. Now he put his mouth on my breasts. He licked her breast and nipples. He started to suck nipples hard and I was presseing his head over my breast. Then he removed my Petticoat, hugged her and squeezed my ass and put his hand inside my panty over ass mounts to feel its softness. He rubbed my ass for few minutes.

Then he removed my panties and made me lie on the bed. He caught my legs and kissed feet he sucked and licked it clean. Then he kissed rubbed and licked my thigh. Finally he touched my pussy. I had a clean shaved cunt He asked me, “Can I taste your pussy?” “Ok, suck hard and make me cum” He softly rubbed my pussy, and then planted a kiss over pussy. He took hold of my pussy lips using his fingers and then he gave few kisses on my pussy and started to lick it gently and then hardly I started to moan loudly. MY husband afraid of our neighbors so he came near me and closed my mouth with his own “I am Cumming, I am Cumming suck me hard ya ya do it” I shouted I could not stay calm and moved my head this side and that side up and down. My hip moved as a running snake. Finally I cummed on his face .He licked my pussy clean.

Then the boss of my husband asked me to give him a blowjob. With out any other words I sat on the bed and took his cock and opened my mouth. “Wow! That is beautiful” I took his hard cock on my hand and moved it up and down gently. Then planted a kiss on its red head. Seeing me sucking his boss cock, my husband could not hold on any more came near me. I was on my knee kissing his boss’s eight inches cock. He made me stand in my all four. My husband rubbed my pussy from back and watched my reaction. I took his boss’s cock inside my mouth. Now his cock was in my mouth covered his cock with my sweet red lips. I took it out and spit a globe of saliva on his cock head and spread it all over his long shaft. Now his cock was shining with my saliva. I again took him inside my mouth and started to give him a nice blowjob. I took his cock out and run my tongue all over his read cock head and again started to blow his cock using my mouth. I started to give him a hard and a great blowjob of his life.

At the same time my husband inserted his fingers and worked in my pussy for a few minutes. Then he placed his cock in the opening of cunt and slowly inserted his cock inside my pussy. He kept on entering my pussy very slowly until he was completely inside her. With a very gentle pace he started to move in and out of her.

I started to moan though my husband’s boss cock was inside my mouth. As time passes my husband increased his speed after a few minutes I stared to cum. My husband asked “Reeta I am going to cum are you ready” “Yes my husband, I am cumming I am cummmming. Do it hard ya ya yaaaaaaa dooo it hhaaaaaa, yaaaaa oh ya ya yaaaaaaaaa fuck hard I am Cumming just hold on” I came hard for the second time. My husband kept on pounding hard in my pussy. With in a minute he also came in my cunt. He came jet after jet of cum inside my womb. Seeing this sight my husband’s boss’s cock begin to stand erect more and more inside my mouth. My husband then said to his boss, “Sir it is now your turn to put your heavy cock in my wife’s tight cunt for first time” Boss asked me “Are you ready” “Yes Sir, fuck me, do as you like in my cunt. I want to taste your penis in my pussy”

He made me sit on his lap and then made me sit on his cock. He adjusted his cock in-between my ass cheeks. Now his cock is in my ass crack. He made me move up and down over his cock. He said that this his long time fantasy to fuck in ass hole of a lady and with help of my husband and me his fantasy is going to fulfill now. His cock moved in between my ass cheeks. Then he stood up with me with out moving his cock out of her ass crack. As I stood up my ass cheeks moved more closely and pressed his cock between them. Feeling of her soft cheeks pressing hard on his cock made him even harder. He moved his cock up and down in between my ass crack. Then he moved on to his knees behind her. He smelled my ass cheeks and kissed them, he squeezed my ass cheeks.

He put his tongue and licked all over my ass cheeks .He separated ass and had a good look he found my asshole is very tiny. He then came to my cunt. He spread the lips of my cunt. He touched it and rubbed over it .He used his tongue between my pussy .He spread my ass cheeks and gave three or four long licks from my pussy to asshole. Then he positioned behind me and spread my cunt lips showing the cunt hole. He called my husband for help. My husband went near us and spread his wife’s pussy lips as much as possible to show his boss’s cock the perfect way to hide. With out wasting any time Boss took his cock in his right hand and placed it in the opening of my cunt. He pushed his cock head in he was catching my hip using his left hand .He said that it was very heat inside my cunt hole .It feels like something is burning. Inch by inch he entered his cock head in my cunt. Finally after along war between his cock and pussy muscles he was able to enter cock about six inches in my cunt.

After that he started to work slowly. He thought that he cannot get in any more in my pussy and started to work. He stared to give me a gentle fuck. After some time passed his cock moves in more and more as my cunt invited his cock. Finally after a hard work for some 15minutes he was completely inside my pussy. He started to move very slowly. As time passes his speed was increased and I started to moan in more and more pleasure. He now started to give me long and hard fuck in front of my husband who was watching our fucking.

Finally he was in the maximum speed. He hold my breast and kissed my back as his cock was in maximum speed going in and out of my pussy. His cock now started to shine because of the fluid on his cock which he digged from my cunt. He finally came hard in my pussy. He held his cock tight in my cunt, as he started to cum after Cumming hard he made a few more strokes. I also used her pussy muscles to suck all the cum in his hot rod. I felt a complete orgasm of my life of course I already went two times finally he filled my cunt with hot thick juice which ran into my thighs. He is really a good fucker, After fucking I got up and go out of the room. He asked me. “Where are you going?” “Is that not enough? I am going to bathroom” “Why can’t you use me? ”“What?” “You can use my mouth as your bathroom” “Don’t joke I cant hold on I have to piss immediately” I replied “I am serious use me” “Really?” “Yes” Boss said. I came near him, he laid on the floor.

I positioned myself over his mouth and started to piss first a few drops started to blow on his lips, and then a huge amount of piss entered his mouth. With out any hesitation he drank all my piss. The last few drops fell on his neck and chest he took them in his fingers much as possible and licked. He licked my piss over my pussy lips and sucked it clean. After that night as per condition boos has taken my husband to his banglow next day after office hours, introduced him to his wife Seema and three of them had a great fucking that evening. From next month boss also gave my husband a promotion. He fulfilled his promise but I could not stand by my words of fucking him only once. Since that day boss is fucking me whenever he wants and many a times all four of us had sex together.

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