Today Raj seems to be very happy, as his friend RAHUL comes to our house. He was his thick friend from childhood. He has gone to the states 3 months b4 our marriage. He didn’t came to our marriage because of it.

So he comes to visit us name is Haasini I was fair lady.. medium built. I resemble Martina Hingis in appearance. I am at 23 now. I am 34-28-36. RAJ was well built and musculine just 2″ taller than me. He was fairer but not as me. May be next to wheatish.

RAJ always use to tell about him and his mischiefs with girls. I understood from the speech of my hubby that they are very close friends. I new nothing more than that.

Its around five in the evening, hubbys car rushed in to our house. I went out to see. Yes, as i thought, he came with RAHUL. RAHUL get out from the car and wished me , “HAI BHABI HOW ARE U”, and added RAJ must be lucky to have u.

I smile at him and greeted in. RAHUL is smart and looks same as my hubby in physical appearance. They both are of nearly same height and weight and well built. If someone see RAHUL from behind they could easily mistook him as RAJ.

RAHUL had a coffee and we had a little chat and jokes. Then as we planed, we are ready to go for a cinema with RAHUL. RAHUL made a small refreshment and came to the car. Exactly at 6 pm we are in theatre.

We took a left corner seat. I sat at middle and my hubby to my right and RAHUL to my left.

As he asked that he want to talk more with me and to know abt his best friend’s wife. So i agreed for it and i have no any wrong thinking as my hubby is near me.

The show started at 6.30 pm. All lights are off. Every one in theatre looks like a dark image.

After 15 min , Raj and Rahul went out to have a cigrette. After a while a dark image came towards me. I couldnt point out whether it is RAJ or RAHUL. I also didnt took any care to know it out. As they could come and take there respective seats.

The dark image sat to my right. I was intrestingly watching the movie. I thought it is my hubby. I asked where is ur friend. He replied in a lighter voice , ” He got a call, will come soon”.

Then after a while he put his hands around my shoulders.

I said, “shhh… ur friend might come”

Dark image replied, “let him come… ”

Slowly his hands went to my boobs. He squeesed it gently and softly over my saree. I kept silent as any time my hubby’s friend would come. But he thrusted his hands in side my saree and undid by blouse buttons . He started to sqeeze my boobs strong and rough. I felt fethised by his move… I couldnt control myself… i let a short moan.

Gradulaly his another hands pull off the saree in front of belly and tapped my belly. That drew me crazy. One hand rubbing my boobs and other thrusting in to my petticoat from belly.

I didnt face him at all. He was making me more and more horny.

He took my hands and kept it on his buldging cock over his pants. He unzipped and let his erected cock out and made me to hold his cock. Then he moved his hands over my pussy inside the peticoat. Slowly he started to rub my pussy…. and being horny i too started to move his cock with my hands.

I was shaking his cocks and he was dashing my pussy mount. Graduallly he let his finger in and out of my pussy… He took his hands from boobs and caressed my head. Made me bend to his cock. I clamped his cock in my mouth. He was astonished by the move and started to let a gr8 buzz.. and he too started to finger my pussy.

I sucked him hard and hard . I totally forgot about his friend… and started licking and sucking him… in a gr8 manner.. He too responded and caressed my back and kissed my fore head.

He just stroked my pussy….hard and hard and hard. After a while i cummed as a water fall over my peticoat. Still his cock was erect and massive. I started to suck him faster and harder. His left hand rubing my boobs and caressing my back. I never mind what his right hand does.

As i suck him more and more faster , he let out a huge long breath.Finally he cummed out and spitted the white gel into my mouth. Just i finished cleaning his dick by licking lights came on . It was interval. I just hurried to make right my dress. He too put on his zip.

I hear a voice calling from behind, ” Haasini”

I turned at once…. and shocked it was my hubby standing at back little far away. I immediatly turn to see who is sitting near me.

Yeh! it is RAHUL. Oh! i felt shy. How could i did this???

I was speechless and doesnt know how to react. My hubby came near and called, ” Rahul ! sorry i couldnt see the film with u. I got a urgent call. I have to be in office with in 5 min. Sorry Yaar! He handled his car key to him and said u come to home after the movie is over. Let me take an taxi.”

Saying this he moved in hurry. I never know what to do. I am ashamed and shy to see RAHUL’S face. I sat calm. There was a gr8 silent between us, till the end of the show.

Then we went to car. I sat on the back seat. RAHUL drove the car. The silent never breaked.

Atlast we reached our home.

As we got in the hall. RAHUL put on the T.V. and came to me and started his chat…. HAASINI

… HAASINI… nothing is happen wrong. come on lets have nice time. I kept silent still.

” HAASINI, you know I and RAJ are good friends, We use to share a lot and share anything of us. He used to take my clothes and i used to put on his shoes . Even we could exchange our underwears. Its nothing wrong sharing u with me.

I got anger and slapped RAHUL on his face and said ,” Is me and clothes are same ! Is me and shoes are same . Dont say that you are his friend. Please leave from here.”

Then RAHUL laughed a lot and loud … i could n’t understand….

I screamed… u cheat go out…

But he took his cell and on the movie clip….

I was totally shocked…. He has captured me sucking his cock…

Oh.. i was in deep silent then… No sound is heard…. Except the heart beat of mine rising as a big thunder….

His winkful eyes scavanging on me….. I just put my heads down….

He went to the door and closed and came to me and said ” HAASINI ! you know I and RAJ are good friends… we share everything… u wish me to share this video clip too with him…”. He winked at me.

I hurried, ” NO! NO! RAHUL… Dont do that ”

He continued , ” There’s only two option left my dear BHABI… whether to share this video clip with ur hubby or to share U with ME…. What u say dear… I give full freedom to woman yaar! ” saying this he started laughing… ” ha..ha..” His laugh annoyed me but i am helpless. I felt as a rat in the trap.

Finally i have to nod yes to his wish…. He was too happy and huged me and parted a lengthy kiss and said

” Thank u BHABI…Thank u….”, as soon as i nodded yes. He asked me to take him to bedroom. I showed him our bedroom. I was little nervous and said to him…, ” What if Raj came suddenly” . HE said , ” NOTHING will happen Dont worry”… and lifted me up in his arms… and took me to the bedroom.

My body was shaking in fear and heart beat pumped fast. I was sweating like anything. He made me sit on bed and asked me to cool and relax. “BHABI… come on be cool just took this as fun … we can enjoy lot”, saying this he brought a cool water from fridge and asked me to take some.

I dranked and some water spilled over my saree in nervous as i am gulping. RAHUL came close to me and licked slowly the water that passed from my chin to neck. I kept the water can aside on a bench. He grabed my shoulders and put his hands over my saree where water spilled. His hands moved over the wet boobs above the saree. He pulled away my saree over the boobs.

I closed my eyes both in fear and shy. I felt guilty but his touch made me to respond him. He pressed my boobs… thats seen through my thin blouse, that too wet with cold water… His gentle massage made my nipple erect.

My white skin over the transparent blouse made him mad. He started to burry his face over the boobs and bite my nipple over the blouse. He hugged me and caressed by back.

Then he undid my blouse and pulled of my saree and threw it away. I was is bra and peticoat b4 him. He asked me to undo his shirt. He parted a kiss over my eyes and ordered me to open my eyes. I did. My eyes stir directly to his eyes.

“Come on… undo my shirt BHABI”, fondling by bare stomach he ordered in a low voice. I undid his buttons and removed his shirt . I fell on his bare chest and he hugged me around and pushed my head to his chest. He fondled my body and abd back and started to remove my bra strap.

His bare chest was musculin and i started liking it and gave a genlte kiss over it. He undid my bra and i was topless b4 him. He was stuned my gogeous boobs. He turned me around and holded my boobs from behind.

Squeezed it hard and hard to his wish and gave a kiss on my neck and i turned my face back and he kissed my lips.

His tongue palyed with my tongue. His strong hands didnt stop at all and worked hard over my soft boobs.

My breath came faster and his hot breath touched my neck and made me still hot. My soft body was bouncing on bed as his hard hands played over me. My foot tied up as i got fetished and he admired my beauty inch by inch. He was caressing my red chin and chick as i became more horny.

His one hands palyed at by breast and other run to my peticoat. He spoted the wet spot on my peticoat and whishpered a joke at my ears and teased me. I felt very shy thinking of what happend at theatre. He laughed at me showing the wet spot over my peticoat. Slowly his hands again wet into my peticoat and rubbing my cunt. His hard rod again buldged and hurting me from behind as i was lied over him.

He massaged my belly and moved up to boobs and again went down to my pussy. He did it repeatedly for several times and made me moan. As i moaned i felt shy but couldnt stop moaning. I was totaly in his control. He gradualy undid my peticoat. He made me lie on bed. He kneeled b4 my legs and started kissing from my foot. Gradually he came up to my thighs. He stoped there and started to admire my pussy.

“BHABI you have nice rosy pussy and i liked the way u keep it shaved”, he comment on it. Then he asked me to undo his pants. He stood on bed. I kneeled b4 him and undid his pants. His strong erect cock protruded in his undies. Now I spoted the wet spot over his undies and laughed at him and teased him. Then I just pulled his undies down. As I pulled down.. his erect cock just stood rubing my face.

I was very surprised to see such an massive cock straigt against my face under light. He holdd his cock and circled its tip over my lips. I gave a gentle lick to make his whole cock wet. Then he lifted me up. He huged me as a mad and we strated mutual caressing. The caressing continued a while my sweat body , smooth body was caressed by his hard physic and his massive body was caressed by my soft spongy physic of mine.

He pushed me to bed and climbed over me. He licked my sweaty body. I left a long moan. He rubbed my pussy mount by his hands and then strated thrusting his finger in… 1..2..3.. and put his all 3 fingers in one by one and started to move his fingers in and out of my pussy.

After a while he thrusted his erected cock. Initialy he rubed the cleavage of pussy by his cock. Then he thrusted in. I hugged him tight and tight.. as he was thrusting. I was moaning loud. Now he started his rythm. Slowly he put his cock in and out in and out… repeatedly. Now he increased his speed… gradually and steadily.

He ruled all my wealthy land of my body. He kept on riding me. I hugged him and caredded him. I kissed him in madness and i was gettting more and more horny of my hubby’s friend. But i realy enjoyed it. He too start moaning and whishpered “Oh! HAASINI.. HAASINI BHABI…. U R SEXY GORGEOUS…MMMMAHHHHAHH”

I was moved by him and responded his pumping action… I lifted my hip so that to make his move ease.

He made the stroke fast.. faster.. fastest… hard.. harder.. I was getting hot..hotter..hottest… ohcchh….! Is it me…

I couldnt believe myself. But i was total surrender to him.

He said .. hai HAASINI i am going to cum… how u want it…. I am afraid of pregnancy.. so asked him ot let it out over my body… He took of his cock and poured his cum all over my fair body… WAW ! lots and lots of load was pouring. I didnt see this much cum from my hubby. He almost covered my boobs and belly all over by his cum.

Then he licked his cum over my body and feed it to me with his tongue. Finally he made all the cum clean by his tongue and feeded all too me.. Finally he hugged me and caressed all over me.. and i too. We slept on bed tired then…..

I was lyeing over his chest. After a while a hand caressed my head. With a smile i turned my head… i was shocked. It was my hubby RAJ standing beside our bed. I donnt know it is dream or what? I was so much afraid and stood. I and RAHUL both naked in bed… my hubby standing beside us…I felt shy and ashammed

Then my hubby asked me to cool and relax and waked up RAHUL. I thought RAHUL will be shocked but he woke up with smile and hugged his friend RAJ. Then they told the truth that… They are thick friends and they already decieded to share their wifes. But if they ask me openly they thought that i would deny or think ill about RAJ. So they made a plan to trap me and all went well as per their plan.

I was bit relieved now and hugged my hubby and RAJ kissed me passionately. We then get on bed for 3 some….

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