It was one of the days in the office when nothing much was happening. So most of us browsed the web, checked our mail and soon had nothing left to do. The boss knew that not much is going to happen that day so she decided to give the office the day off. We jumped for joy but mine was soon shot down as I was to hold the fort that day JUST IN CASE.

What the fuck???? I was so pissed off. Being reasonably senior, I couldn’t protest and resigned to watch every one pack up and leave. The parking lot was soon empty. I could see security bolt the gates shut and retire to his cabin to doze off. I was soon through with all the social networking sites and shut off my cmptr and decided to walk around the office to see who else was around.

Office after office was empty. The entire building was empty. Till I reached the reception. Dolly, the receptionist was still there. She was one hellva curvy babe that I had been trying to hit on for a long, long time, but with no success. She was also glad to see that there was someone else left behind.

We soon got talking and since there was nothing to do in any case, she forwarded all calls to my phone and we moved to my office simply because it was more comfortable. After a while of general gossiping dolly had started becoming friendlier and remarked that a beer would be a good idea to kill time. She knew that there was always some in my fridge for our foreign visitors.

I too liked the idea and soon opened two cans and gave her one. We sat on the couch in my office and soon the gossip drifted from one topic to another and she gradually started loosening up. I was soon getting to know of a number of office romances that were going on. Dolly was on her third can by now and so was I.

The alcohol was doing its tricks and soon I was admiring the curves in the lovely woman in front of me. Let me describe Dolly for you. She is around 5ft 1 in. Has a lovely round face and beautiful straight hair. Her USP are her awesome tits.(F size cups as I learnt later). She has a nice small waist and a good ass. Over all a gr8 package.

And with a few cans of beer she was far more friendly and casual than ever. Apparently she thought so too. She remarked, “ I never thought of you as being a fun guy. You are always so aloof and difficult to talk to.” “ I tried so many times but you simply wouldn’t take the hint.” I just laughed and leaned forward to pick a snack and so did my beauty.

Our hand touched accidently for the first time and a current passed between us for the first time. Soon Dolly excused herself and went to use the powder room. She soon returned and sat back on the couch this time closer than before. I could easily smell her perfume as we continued chatting. My dick was becoming hard and trying its level best to come out.

I too went out to the loo and on my way back paused near the door. Dolly was rubbing her legs together and squeezed her tits over the blouse. She appeared to be getting horny. She got a call on her cell and she quickly spoke and hung up. I had by now decided to go for her at the first available opportunity.

As I entered the office I could make out that her black skirt had ridden a little higher and was exposing some thigh. She had also opened about two buttons of her shirt and was showing a definite amount of cleavage. She patted the couch on her side as if inviting me to sit there instead of the single seater that I was occupying earlier. “This looks good”, I thought.

So I sat there and the small talk continued. The sexual tension in the air was unmistakeable. Dolly had by now slipped off one sandal and was playing around absently with my trouser leg slowly massaging my leg. I would be one big moron if I could miss this ‘come here’ sign. I kept my beer on the table and shifted closer.

Dolly just smiled back. I then took her beer glass from her and kept it on the table. My arms went around her waist as I pulled her to me. A small cry of mock surprise escaped her mouth as she came over willingly and our lips met for the first electric time. The hunger in her was unimaginable. She was quite a tigress and kissed furiously.

She was by now firmly in my arms and my hands were exploring her back over her shirt and skirt in gay abandon. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH ! ! ! !! ! I was beginning to think you were going to be a boring gentleman and I am glad to find the rogue in you.” Dolly whispered as she hugged back tightly.

In response I simply pulled her shirt out of her skirt waist band and my hands were on her bare skin now. She was boiling hot. My hands continued their exploration of the exotic woman and were soon caressing her under her bra straps. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Went Dolly as I pulled her onto my lap.

The kiss broke for a moment but Dolly bounced back into the saliva exchange within a moment. Her arms now snaked around my neck as she saddled me. We shared a long glorious kiss for a long, long time. My hands were at work eager to uncover her beautiful mounds. I soon had her shirt off and was squeezing her tits over her maroon lycra bra.

The colour contrasted beautifully with her peach coloured skin. The lovely tits swelled magnificently over her bra which was adding to their charm. They were (are) far bigger than my hands can hold. I pulled one out of its cup and latched on to it like a child. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” went Dolly as pleasure ripped through her.

I teased the swollen nipple with my tongue and teeth giving it little nips. Dolly went berserk with pleasure. “OOOOOOOHHHHH !!!! Yes ! ! !Suck harder” She ordered as she pulled my head into her awesome bosom. I was only too glad to oblige. I soon pulled the covers off the other breast and was soon alternating between the simply awesome tits.

As I always maintain They are the most amazing features of a woman. I was pinching the nipples with one hand while feasting on the other. Dolly was simply going OOOOOOOHHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! AAAAAHHHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! OOOOOHHHHHHHH all the while, and grinding her crotch into mine. This continued for a while we stroked the fires in us. Both of us soon needed more.

Dolly was on top so she broke the kiss and moved down south unbuttoning my trousers in a hurry. My dick soon was making a tent as it usually does on such occasions. The top was a little wet thanks to some precum that had seeped through. Dolly massaged my now iron stiff member through the undies and slowly pulled them down to uncover the object of her desires.

Her manicured hands pulled my dick out and started stroking it gently. With a lovely smile she opened her beautiful red lips and sucked my dick into her warm and velvety mouth. Dolly soon got into the swing of things as she proceeded to give me the most wonderful blow job ever. She licked and my balls (OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

that’s nice) alongside and used her hands skilfully to manipulate and stroke my dick. Her tongue was all over slobbering all over my now very wet and slippery cock. It felt absolutely wonderful. This girl knew her beans. I really love a well experienced woman. Sex is fun when the partner responds in equal measures and Dolly was more than upto the task.

I could feel my juices begin to boil over. I didn’t want to blow my load so early, so I pulled up Dolly and seated her on the couch. She understood as I pulled her to the edge and without much fanfare pulled her black skirt and panties off together. She was as naked as the day she was born.

I separated her legs and was rewarded with the first sight of the shaved pussy that half the office was dreaming of. I drenched in her juices which were now beginning to flow freely. I pushed a towel under her to prevent the stains. I admired her crinkled lips for a while as I gently played with them. Dolly lay back contently and patiently waited for her turn.

Her pussy was exuding a slightly pungent smell and the office was by now reeking of sex. I slowly give her pussy lips a big lick right from top to bottom all the way through. She jumped with delight. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! ! !! ! ! ! !!! ! ! ! ! A small cry escaped her lips as she pushed her pussy towards my mouth. I was delighted to get this hot minx.

I stared with the long slow licks just brushing over her clit. Dolly shivered every time I reached close to her button of joy. Her pussy seemed to have a will of its own it seemed to crinkling and reaching for my lips as I left them for even a second. Dolly was by now trying to crush my head between her soft oriental thighs.

I added a finger to my tongue that was already pleasuring this creature that was adorning my office couch. Her luminescent skin contrasted with the dark brown of the couch and she looked like an angel in lust. I added another finger to the one already sticky with her juices and started pumping them in and out of her cunt.

OOOOOOOOHHHHHH ………..AAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAHHH HHAAAAAHHH ! ! ! ! !! she went as her body struggled to feel all the pleasure that I was forcing upon her. I soon replaced my tongue with my thumb on her clit as I massaged it gently. I shifted my mouth up north where her lovely tits were heaving with her breathing quite unattended.

I soon sucked in a nipple and gently clamping it between my teeth gave it a little tongue lashing. A few minutes of this and my minx went completely over board and with a huge AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH………….AHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHH she emptied a lot of juice on to my hand. Dolly collapsed on the couch breathing heavily.

Her magnificent tits heaved as if she had run a marathon. I also climbed back up on the couch and let her catch her breath. Dolly soon snuggled up to me and we kissed again as she recovered her breathing and floated back to earth. Not quite satisfied she soon saddled me and inserted my long neglected cock in her drenched pussy.

She pulled my mouth down to her tits as she started riding me slowly. I was now alternating my hands on her tits as well as my mouth as and when I felt like it. My cow girl was now riding full steam. Her hair was flying all over as she jumped over my cock. Her cunt muscles were like a glove of velvet holding on to my cock milking it for all it was worth.

It appeared as if Dolly wouldn’t like to leave even an iota of pleasure that she could squeeze out of my throbbing cock. I was soon holding her waist and helping her in her rhythm of pumping my cock with her cunt. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH” she went as she neared her orgasm.

Dolly didn’t want to come so soon, so she slowed down for a while and collapsed on my chest to take a small break and let the feelings subside. I cuddled her and hugged her tightly as she fought to control the waves of pleasure that were breaking upon her. There was a slight movement behind the office door as I thought that someone attempting to peak in.

I kept on cuddling my minx as I discretely checked my cctv camera outside my office. The monitor showed Veronica Ming, another voluptuous creature from the HR peeping in through the door with one hand inside her panties. Her skirt was hiked up and the cctv which was behind her showed a fabulous ass. By the looks of it she had been there for some time.

Meanwhile Dolly was going full steam trying to get her rocks off. It suddenly struck me that I could have two gorgeous babes today. “ NOOOOOOOOOO….. “ protested Dolly as l suddenly pulled dolly off my cock and darted to the door and yanked it open. Veronica Ming was caught with her fingers inside her panties. I pulled her into the office and confronted her.

“Look dolly we have a peeping tom” I said. Dolly was still breathing hard with her exertions and her all her naked glory she couldn’t say anything. Her breasts heaving with her heavy breathing. But she hardly looked flustered or surprised. She also made no attempt to cover her nakedness. Veronica also was more than pleased to be caught and finally be in the action.

This was obviously planned. And I said as much. Veronica smiled and said “she texted me that she was having fun and I decided to join in.” She wrapped her fingers around my very hard cock and gave it some light strokes and said, “I need lots of this too.” I pulled her to me and gave her a big kiss on her lips and fondled her tits simultaneously. She was more than willing.

I pulled her panties off rather unceremoniously and parked her on the couch. Giving her leaking lips a kiss I said, “ Enjoy the show for now or join in. you are on next.” I said as I walked back to the sofa where my minx was lying with legs wide open stroking her pussy gently.

I was welcomed back with heaving open arms and open legs. I gently spread her legs and re-entered the velvety warmth of the gorgeous pussy. “ OOOOOOOHHHHH YYYYEEEESSSSSSS” breathed Dolly as I slipped in, I started my pumping action slowly to accustom her to the action.

I was soon going full steam ploughing as hard as I could into the lovely wetness below me. “OOOOOOHHHH …..OOOOHHHHHH…….. “ dolly was grunting her pleasure as I worked my way to my orgasm. It seemed to be a long distance away thanks to the little disturbance we had. I turned around to see what was Veronica upto.

Veronica was lying in the same position I had left her in and she was busy fingering herself. Her two fingers were buried deep inside her and her juices were shining on her hand. Her other hand was mashing her tits and alternating between her tits and her clit. Her eyes were tightly glued to her friends’ dick filled pussy and she was as excited as both of us.

I had never screwed infront of an audience before. This was a huge turn on. Especially so because the audience was a fantastic young woman wanting a piece of the action. I turned my attention back to Dolly and I kissed Dolly hard and started pumping in and out with gusto.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHH……..AAAAAAHHHH……….OOOOOOHHHHHH,” went Dolly as she thrust back with equal vigour. Her lower body thrusting back providing as much pleasure as she was getting. This woman knew how to fuck. Her inner muscles had caught hold of my cock with a firm grip I never imagined possible.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH…………AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH… OOOOOOOOHHHHH” went both of us as we spiralled towards the fantastic orgasm clouds. I could feel all her cunt muscles milking me for all my cum was worth. I too shot load after load into her pulsating pussy.

With a loud “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH ………. OOOOOOOHHHHH” I collapsed on to a lovely pair of tits which cushioned my fall. Their magnificient ownerhugged me tight as we floated down from our clouds. After some time we heard clapping. As we rushed back to the real world veronica was clapping to our performance.

She was all decent and properly clothed now. “Good job guys”, “ Now clean up its time to go to my apartment for the encore. The best was yet to follow. We grinned and disentangled ourselves. Dolly pulled out some hand towels from her bag and we cleaned ourselves and got back into our clothes.

We locked up our office and checked in our keys as we wound up the day for a long and a fuck filled weekend.

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