I am kevin an employee working for a private firm in Hyderabad and she is my neighbor. I visit their home often whenever I get time to have some time pass. Uncle does canvassing on different products. Prathiba and I usually hang out on weekends to purchase goods and I often buy for them as she usually doesn’t have sufficient money to buy them. Their kids study at her parent’s place.

She insists on not giving money but I used to tell her that she could return whenever she had money. Cutting down the uninteresting stuff, the main event started with. One day, we were shopping and she was in ladies section and I was doing some windows shopping. She ordered something as usual and while billing, the lady said the bill amount and she didn’t have.

I said I would pay but she denied, so she asked the billing lady to remove an item and balance the amount. She removed an item and the billing was done and we left. I just dropped her at her home and went back to see which item it was. I came to know that it’s a “Bra” and a “Panty” pair. I was surprised why it would cost so much.

The helper at the store said the fabric was different and every lady would like to have it. I purchased it and kept it aside. Some days later, she said the next day would be her birthday and that evening we were usually talking and watching tv. She was thinking something while saying all the things. Uncle came. We had a tea together and left.

The next day, I came from the office and freshened up and went to her home. Wished her happy birthday and gave her a gift and left. That night, I got a text from her saying “Thank you”. I thought she would scold me for that. To my surprise, I texted back asking, “Do you like that gift and winked?”. She replied, “Why are you doing this?”

I said I just wanted to make her happy on her birthday. She replied, “Come over, uncle won’t come tonight.” I went and she was hiding behind the door and she immediately closed the door after I went inside. I turned around and looked back. She was in a soft silk nighty that I bought her some time back. I asked what she was doing???

She sat on the sofa and asked me to sit and she stretched her legs and kept them on the glass table. I never saw her behaving like that. I asked, “What’s wrong???” She said, “You know, right from my toe fingers to my head, everything that’s on my body was bought by you.” I said “So?”.

She said “Well, you bought them but you never saw how I would look on them, so I thought I could give you a glance.” she was looking straight into my eyes. I said, “You always look good with or without them.” She said, ” you wanna see me without them?” I said,” I mean with these dresses or some other dresses that were not bought by me”.

She said, “Really, just tell me how I look with your birthday gift” and removed her night gown.Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those fabrics of that bra and panty were like velvet and shining and perfectly just fitting her big boobs and pussy.

She lay on the sofa with her legs stretched on the table just like a two piece bikini. I was awestruck and said, “What are you doing, aunty?” She said, “What exactly is in your mind.” I played innocently “What do you mean?” She straightly looked into my eyes,”What kind of perv gives women her inners?”

I said, “I just remember you looked bad when you had to leave them, so.” She, “So you thought you could make your move.?” straight shot. I said, ” this was not that I was expecting.” She, ”Then?” I, “I was expecting I could see you without them.”, boldly this time.

She came closer, “Go ahead, see 4 yourself”. I just pulled her closer and started kissing her lip to lip pressing the soft boobs over velvet shining bra and her ass cheeks. She lifted her leg and kept on my hip and we are kissing passionately. I lifted another leg and she is now totally on me and we were kissing passionately.

She held my hands and kept them inside her panty. I was touching her ass cheeks rubbing and kissing. She made me remove her panty by sliding down and she removed her bra as well by hanging on to me. Damn, she is like a porn star who took some dose or something.

She was moving her shoulders while removing her bra and I could still remember that. I was sucking her boobs and she took my mobile from my sports track and started taking pics of us. I didn’t mind and kept on licking her boobs and now she is nude.

I too removed my clothes and she is not getting away from me and I was licking her boobs like a wild animal, crushing her nipples and sort of eating the flesh. She was busy in taking all the photos. After some time, she threw my phone over the sofa and said, “Now you can masturbate whenever you want by seeing me naked.”

I never thought this shy well-dressed aunty would have such wild thoughts like that. Later I came to know that she found out uncle cheated on her and told her it was ok with him even if she did.

Now, she just got down and bent completely half in front of my cock and said, fuck your aunt’s ass. Give your best thrust first time. I gave a big blow inside and she shouted. “Aaaaaahhh”. She started crying and saying fuck me Kev. Fuck me like your bitch. Let’s go mad and crying. I was also in a different world and I was ramming her ass.

Her ass was shaking and she was shivering and I held her hip and we were fucking nude and she was crying. I was about to cum and said I would take out. She shouted, “Cum all inside you pervert. Cum all of it”. I was taken aback. I thought she was crying due to pain and pleasure. Soon, I realized it was not. I lost my interest.

I came inside her ass and took out. Removed the condom. I asked. “Aunty, you are not interested in me, it’s just a revenge on uncle. Isn’t it?” She said, ”It’s what you guys want right? You think we were all just holes where you can put your dick in and enjoy for some time whenever you can”.

I didn’t say anything. She was crying and saying.” I was loyal to my husband in spite of all the hardships I have been having. Kept my kids at my parent’s home but still, this fucking idiot cheated on me and said he had to do that for me.”

“He went on canvassing, a lady wished to buy all his products if he gave her pleasure. He gave her what she wanted and got what he wanted. I too thought you gave me what I wanted, so I should be giving what you wanted ” and crying.

Hearing all these words, I was totally off and said, “I’m sorry, I would have still have given all that I gave even if you wouldn’t offer herself”. She, “Stop the shit, all men are same.” I, ”shut the fuck up!!!!” yelled at her. I said, “Your husband doesn’t have to wait for 12 years to cheat on you. Just try to understand, what kind of trauma, he might have been going through.

Not educated enough. Trying hard to make money, wants to keep you and your kids happy. Being helpless might have got into a helpless dilemma and would have made it with another lady.”

“And don’t talk as if you are Sati Savitri. If you didn’t like my gift, you could have thrown them on my face and scolded me, so that I could never ever do such things to any women. You do have feelings for me. You just waited for a right time and want to take advantage of your husband’s situation and trying to justify your hidden deeds like this?????”

She came back to senses. “I’m sorry, I just lost my control with all of this. I just am guilty of doing this and I thought you would think of me as an indecent woman. I don’t wanna lose my dignity and at the same time, didn’t know how to approach you and I am angry with my husband. I always thought, we could have crushes but should control ourselves.

I am into all kinds of thoughts, didn’t know how to pull through all this. I’m really sorry” and started crying again. I held her head to my chest and said “I’m a sorry aunty. This is all quite human. You could rather make out with me and live with some peace of mind than keeping all this shit and blowing your head off.” I started wearing my underwear.

She stopped and said, “Give me some peace of mind”. I hugged her again but this time, I felt a different naked touch. I could feel as if her body is wanting me. No more porn, start feeling but a soft gentle relaxed feeling. I just threw her on the bed and started entering my dick in her pussy. This time, she is smiling and opening her pussy slowly.

I bent over her and started kissing her lips neck boobs and we she wrapped her legs over my hip and moving her pussy too and fro on my dick. My flesh is moving up on my dick and I started feeling her pussy flesh and slowly she started moaning. “Kevin, fuck me, please hard. Give your aunt the pleasure she is seeking for and show your love babe.”

This was encouraging and “I am giving my strokes hard”. She was moaning hard.” aaaaagh, Dengara kasi theera. Enni rojula nundi na gudhanu chusthunnavo, naku thelsu ra dhengu kasi theera na pukunu. Ahaahhhhhh ahhhhh. She started saying all these words in Telugu means.

“Fuck me, I know you gaze at my ass fuck me the way you want.” both were stroking and finally came out at a time. We slept that night in that nude. Next day, it started a totally different meaning to our lives. We became more close. I started helping her out find a job in a store and she also started earning. After that, it was like a strange relationship.

I just used to visit her home. We used to take bath together. Eat together, play together. Talk in an intimate way. Some times whenever I visited her home, she didn’t wear her clothes at all. She used to say, there was nothing for her to hide and winked.

We used to sleep one over other mostly she over me like my dick in her ass crack she used to ask “Put deeper, I want to feel your cock inside.” I used to put deep inside her ass without condom and then watch all romantic movies like “Original sin”.

She used to text me suddenly, that she wanted to fuck me. I used to bunk my office and she used to bunk hers. When we both met, she used to jump on me like crazy and drive me mad to get her pussy.

Some times, I never got a chance to put my condom but used to still fuck her pussy rubbing her flesh to and fro. We broke the barriers in all possible ways.

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