I came into the office rather this morning. I didn’t know that Haasini would be there. I have had a crush on her for a while. She is tall and very petite, very sexy. She doesn’t have very large breast but they fit her build. She has short brown hair and a bubbly personality. She sometime wears these glasses with the black rims, the ones that looks like a little school girl. I love it!

Today she was wearing a low cut silky blouse. I could see her bra at times, and a mid length skirt that was very sexy. Our company is not very strict on dress code and I am very happy for that. Our desks are side by side so when we talk to each other we have to turn our chairs to talk. Every time we talk I pretty much have to cross my legs so not to show my rising cock in my shorts.

We go on for seems like hours talking and all I can think about is me wiping my cock out and rubbing a load in her mouth. One time she got up and was making copies and I took her picture with my phone. I rub one off every now and then looking at her fine ass. A customer came to the window and I decided to go and help the customer since Haasini had taken the last five.

I should not have because my dick was rock hard. As soon as I stood up I looked at Haasini and she looked straight at my bulge. She looked at me and smiled and then went back to work. My face turned bright red as I turned to help the customer. I sat back town after helping the customer and continued to work. An hour went by and it was pretty silent.

I turned to ask Haasini a question about work and I noticed her skirt had risen in her chair and I could see she was wearing hot pink panties. She did not realize that her skirt had risen that far up. She turned to me. As she turned she crossed her legs and gave me an even better look of her hot pink panties. She had to know she gave me an eye full.

She answered my question then she started talking about unrelated work stuff. She and her husband had been going through a tough time the last several weeks. He had told her that he was leaving her. He came back after a few days. Haasini obviously cares for him but I think she wants more. I joke with her and we laugh a lot.

I’m trying to get her to think about something other than her husband, if you know what I mean. We get back to work. I am about to dial the phone and Haasini comes over to my desk. She surprised me. She leans over my right shoulder to ask a question. Her body kind of leaned up against mine. She had a pen in her mouth chewing on the end but suddenly drops the pen in my lap.

My cock was already hard from her sexy body leaning up against mine. She reaches down and grabs my rock hard cock mistakenly for the pen. I said “Ohhhh ……that feels good!” “What feels good?” she said “Oh umm …..You just grabbed my cock.” She turned red and said “I’m so sorry; I thought I grabbed the pen.” “Yeah you were a little off their grabbing the pen.

I hope that it was a little larger than a pen, if you know what I mean” She laughs and says “yeah it was quite larger than I expected.” Haasini went back to her desk and sat down. I turned to her and said “You can’t tease me like that!” “Tease you? How?” “You grab my cock and play it off like nothing happened!?” “I grabbed a pen, remember?”

The day went on like normal and nothing else happened. I went home horny as hell. I just so happened to snap a few more shots on my camera phone and had nice little whack session. I have never cum so much in my life. I lay in bed thinking how I could lick Haasini’s nice little pussy and suck those beautiful tits tomorrow.

The next day I arrived at work and Haasini was already there. I walked in and she was already working. She was wearing a shorter skirt than yesterday and a tight fitting blouse that fit her just well. I notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Was that on purpose? I hope so. “Hello Haasini, you look mighty nice today.” I said very naughty like without giving too much away.

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“Thanks Rahman!” I sat down and began to work. I turned and asked how her evening went and if she did anything fun last night. I noticed she was fidgety. Her skirt was also almost all the way up to her hips and I could not see any pantys. My cock was rock hard at this point. She turned her chair to me like she always did and said.

“Nothing much happened last night, but the strangest thing was I could not sleep.” At this point Haasini gave me a full view of her clean shaved pussy. “Why was that Haasini?” I said in a very curious voice. “Pawan didn’t come home last night and I didn’t really care because I was thinking of someone else.” A customer came in. Haasini jumped up to help the customer.

My heart was pounding and my cock was swelling. While Haasini helped the customer, I stared at her ass and rubbed my cock through my pants under my desk so the customer could not see what I was doing. Haasini finished up with the customer and she dropped something on the floor. She bent down to pick it up.

As she did her skirt slid up and gave me a wonderful view of her ass and the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. There was a slight shimmer coming from the edges of the lips starting to run down her leg. She stayed in that position for a few seconds but seemed like hours. When she stood up she looked at me with a smile.

“Did you like what you saw?” Haasini said in a sexy voice. “Hell Yeah Baby! You had something dripping down your pussy that needs to be cleaned off.” “What are you talking about?” Haasini lifted up her skirt and looked down and saw her wet pussy dripping. She reached down and took her finger and wiped her inner thigh all the way up to her wet pussy and spread her swollen pussy lips apart.

Her finger went in and wiped it clean. She then put her dripping finger in her mouth and sucked it clean while looking at me. “Ummm….look what you have done to me.” She said in a very seductive tone I almost fell out of my chair. I looked at her and I am sure I looked like a deer staring into head lights. She walked back to her desk and sat down and started to work.

I am thinking, what the hell is going on here. I got up from my desk and started to walk over to her. I stopped just before I reached her desk. “Hold on I will be right back.” I said “Where are you going?” She asked “I’ve got to lock the door.” I went to the front door to lock the door. I turned the closed sign on and put a sign up saying will be back in an hour.

I heard a bunch of noise in the office while I was standing at the front door. It sounded like stuff hitting the floor. I walked back in the office and everything on Haasini’s desk was on the floor and Haasini completely naked sitting on top of the desk with her legs spread eagle. She was rubbing her pussy very slow and deliberate. She looked beautiful! She looked every bit what I imagined.

Her breast were small but were the perfect size for her. Her nipples were at attention with dark areolas to accompany the perfection. She had a flat sexy stomach with a belly ring that shimmered against her beautiful tanned smooth skin. Her pussy was clean shaved and still wet as it could be. Her legs were long, toned, and smooth.

Too fast for an Indian girl and the surprising part was the belly ring “Hey baby.” In a very sexy tone coming from her beautiful lips “You like what you see?” I didn’t say anything. I walked over and touch her smooth leg and ran my hand up her hip. I grabbed her left shoulder and pulled her in.

I moved both hands to the back of her head and pulled her lips onto mine and we locked on to each other for the first time. It was amazing! As we kissed, Haasini grabbed the end of my shirt and lifted it over my head. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me back in to continue our kiss. She then unbuckled my belt and shorts and pulled my shorts and boxers down in one pull.

My cock popped out hard and ready to go. Precum dripped on her leg. Haasini immediately wiped it with her middle finger and sucked down her throat. She then wrapped her petite hand around my eight in cut cock. “Wow! You are bigger than I thought! Your cock is a monster! I don’t know if it will fit in my little pussy.” “You bet it will baby. You will see.”

As she stroked my hard cock I rubbed her firm beautiful breast and rubbed small circles around her erect nipples. “Umm…Ummm that feals sooo gooood” “Yeaahh keep rubbing my cock baby, that feels good” At this time Haasini leans down and starts licking the tip of my cock sucking up the precum dripping down on her hand. I am trying my best not to cum.

I usually have pretty good stamina but Haasini is testing me. She is one like no other I have ever had. As Haasini sucks hard on my cock I start rubbing her back as if I am massaging her. She begins to moan louder. As she moans I feel the preasure build in my cock. “I’m going to cum…I’m about to cum….” Haasini didn’t stop. She didn’t even slow down.

I could not hold it anymore. I shot a huge load all in her mouth down her throat. She did not stop and not a drop exited her mouth. She slowed down and milked every drop out of my cock. She grabbed my balls and looked up at me and said “I want more!” I pushed her down on the desk and buried my face in her pussy.

It was so wet and the smell shot chills to my spine and exited through my cock to lift it back to life again. I started slow teasing her clit depriving it from the satisfaction it wants. Long soft gentle strokes from the bottom to the top changing the path of my tongue each time while getting deeper and deeper. “Ohh..Ohhh..Ummm” “Rick..Umm…Yeah that’s it Ohhh….. don’t stop….”

I pushed my tung in as far as could and buried my nose into her clit. I did this over and over. Haasini’s moans got louder and louder. Her back began to arch and her face had the greatest ex-pression. “Don’t stop, don’t stop!!!” Haasini started to hold her breath and a soft scream let out on every exhale. Her legs began to shake and…. Ohhhhhhhh Rahman !!!!”

She cums all over the desk. I have never seen anything like it. She laid there for a few minutes. I started to kiss every square inch of her beautiful stomach. I continued up to her breast and gave them the attention they deserved. Sucking and lightly biting her nipples. I then moved to her neck and blew in her ear and said in a whisper “You are so beautiful, sexy, and a great woman”.

We then locked lips and kissed for what seemed like hours. I heard something. It sounded like a knock on glass. I jumped up and realized we were at work. “Shit, someone is at the front door.” Haasini jumped up and ran to the bathroom with her clothes. I grabbed my clothes and threw them on as fast as I could. I took a few deep breaths and went to the door.

When I got to the door my heart stopped. It was the owner of the company. I opened the door and let him in. That’s it and from that day till date I have not got a chance to pound Haasini, but im planning to do so in the forthcoming days

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