Varun and I were best friends since college, but one of the main reasons I hang around with him so much was because of his mother, Haasini. Haasini was 20 years older than Iwas, but I was in love with her from the day I first met her.

She was tall – about 5’7 – with long, smooth sexy legs. Her hair were always coloured light brown, long and perfect. She had beautiful brown eyes and wonderful tits. Ah, those wonderful tits! They were huge, but they seemd so killing.

Every time I would be at varun’s house, I used to stare at her, hoping not to be seen by here (or anyone else). varun and I did alot of things together, like most young kids, we talked alot about sex and masturbation. Haasini really turned me on and I jerked off thinking about her many,

many times. Once, when varun’s bathroom was leaking, I went into her bathroom ( I told her I had to go, too, so she said to use it)to pee. I found some of her panties in the bathroom, so I pulled out a pair of panties.

I sniffed them and could smell her pussy all over them. I put them in my pants and, when I got home that day, I masturbated while I sniffed her panties. It was one of the great treasures of my life. I guess Haasini realised that I was hot for her,

because all of a sudden it seemed as if she were TRYING to let me catch a glimpse of some private part of her. We were sitting in the kitchen one time, Haasini was wearing a loose xl t shirt and working in the kitchen. She dropped something,

bent down in front of me to pick it up and when she did, I got a nice glimpse of her tits beneath her dress. As she arose, she looked me straight in the eyes, knowing that I had just seen her tits and she just smiled. I was embarrassed, but managed to smile back at her.

I had overheard her talking to someone over the phone about their sex lives and remember Haasini saying that she hardly ever had sex with her husband anymore. She said she was getting pretty horny and she uses a candle with a condom on it to satsisfy herself & They laughed.

There were a few more time with Haasini when I saw her tits. We were sitting at varuns home one day (Me and Varun). Haasini walked in & and she was going to a party with her husband and then drop her husband at the airport as he is going on a business trip.

She was wearing a black saree with with a sleeveless blouse with a deep cut & I can easily view the cleavage and she was not wearing any bra. she looked so hot, I got a hard on right away. She sat down in front of me.

We chatted a little bit, she adjusted her blouse as if she wants her boobs to breath & I got a hard on & I was staring at her boobs. She saw me staring and smiled back at me. She asked varun to go get her a drink and when he got up she looked at me and, I’ll never forget her words,

she said to me. “You know, you are turning into quite a handsome young men. Very sexy, too.” She smiled and laughed. I blushed and thanked her. I wondered if she could see that huge hard on in my pants. She asked if I wanted to spend the night at their house.

Her husband was going out of town and she said that she AND varun would love to have me stay over. I said sure. She said she would call my mom and ask her if it was okay. I wondered if she had had some reason for asking me to stay.

I thought that she would take me to her bed and let me fuck her all night. She came back at 11 after dropping her husband at the and Haasini again started chatting,She asked if I had a girlfriend and I told her no.

“Young, sexy boys like you should be going out with girls, don’t you think?” She gave me a naughty smile. I agreed with her but told her that I hadn’t met anyone. I got a little bold and told her that I liked older women because they seemed so much more mature.

She was surprised as I said that and replied, “Oh, really? How much older?” She seemed very interested in my reply, but before I could, varun was back in the room and she said, “We’ll talk more later.” She got up, told varun that I was sleeping over and I cwill sleep in the guest room.

varun was happy and we took off and played some games together. About their house, there were 2 floors. varun’s room was on the second floor and the guest room was on the first….so was Haasini’s bedroom.

There was space in varun’s room for both of us, but Haasini had said I could sleep in the guest room. She explained to varun that I probably wanted a room to myself and I’d be more comfortable there. We all agreed, though I was thinking that maybe she really DID have some

plans for me that night. I couldn’t wait to go to sleep. she cooked us dinner. while taking dinner I would sneak a peek at her, lustfully, and she would catch my glimpse and return it. Once she winked at me and smiled. I nearly came in my pants.

Being 16 years old, it was difficult to determine if she were making sexual advances or just being friendly, which she always was. finally, it was time to get ready for bed. We said goodnight and I went to the guest room.

Haasini was still up and she was sitting in the bedroom watching TV. “Going to bed?” she asked me. She looked so good sitting there, her hair perfect, her legs long and sexy. “I guess so,” I answered, hoping she would ask me to stay.

She did. “Wanna watch some TV?” She patted her hand on the sofa next to her and asked me to sit down and join her. I didn’t have to be asked twice. Now I was wearing pajamas and if I was to get a hard on, there was little I could do to not let it be seen.

I sat there, a little uneasy, watching some program on TV. she lit up a cigarette and started to puff away as she watched. I was more interested in her than the TV. I shot an occasional glance to her and she would smile sweetly at me. I still couldn’t read her signs, so I just watched tv.

She finished her cigarette and stood up, straightening out her cotton nightie which had gone up a little revealing a little more of her thigh to me. I stared at her legs. They were gorgeous. “I’m going for a shower. You just stay here and watch some TV, okay, sweetie?” She said.

I loved the way she called me sweetie. “Make yourself comfortable.” She turned, and walked towards bathroom, which was straight in front of my view. I watched her walk away, and I can see a nice view of her ass in the cotton nightie as she walked.

She went inside the bathroom, but, intensionaly, she didn’t close the door completely. Now I know she knew that I could seeinside of her room from where I sat. I forgot about the TV and stared into the room, wondering if I would get a glimpse of her as she undressed and took a

shower. My patience was rewarded soon after. First, all I saw was her nightie tossed on the bed, then her bra, finally, those sexy, pink panties she had on. The panties missed the bed and fell to the floor. I knew she was now totally naked and I figured she would jump in the shower

and I would never get to see her nude. Boy, was I wrong! My hand was on my cock, my hard, throbbing cock, when she passed in front of the open door. It was just for a moment as she walked to the other side of the room where she apparently had her towel.

She never looked my way and I wondered if she knew that I had seen her. She must have, I thought. She knew I could see in there. I waited for what seemed like an eternity until she crossed over the room once again to the bathroom.

This time, she stopped, right in full view of my eyes. Her back was to me and I could see her ass fully. She had a beautiful ass. She put her hand over one cheek and rubbed her ass as I watched, eyes fixed on her.

She bent down to pick up the fallen panties and I could see her tits swaying as she picked them up. het tits were beautiful from what I could see and I was totally surprised by this gorgeous woman.It was then, as I was totally glared on her, that she turned around towards me.

She stood up, holding her panties in her hand. I could see her bush completely, her tits completely, her whole naked body completely. My jaw dropped and my eyes must have came out. She just stood there as if she were watching my reaction.

I was both embarrassed and enchanted. She made no attempt to cover herself up or to move away, she just stood there for a moment allowing me to take a look at that wonderfully sexy 40 year old body. My dick was ready to come out of my pajamas as I stared at her.

I had never seen a real naked woman before and this was everything and more that I had hoped it would be. I’m sure it was only a couple of seconds that she stood there, but it seemed like an eternity and It pasted that view into my mind forever.

If this were all I would ever get from her, I said to myself that itwould be enough, but it really wasn’t and, thank goodness, it wasn’t all thatI would get. She gave me a broad, toothy smile, looked me directly in myeyes and turned away from the door and headed to the shower.

Unfortunately,one good look at her was all I would get…….at least THAT night. I kept one eye on the TV and one on the door, waiting for another glimpse of her, but that was it She finished her shower, got into her nightgown and came out.

She smiled at me knowingly, but not saying anything about what had happened. “I’m going to sleep,” she yawned. She walked towards me as if she wanted to hug me goodnight, so I obliged her. She pressed her arms around me, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Goodnight.” she whispered in what I made out to be a very loving tone.”Good night, Mrs. sharma.” She headed to the bed. Eventually, I got to sleep after much thinking about what had happened. Of course, I had to jerk off with the vision of her naked body fresh in my mind.

The next couple of weeks were filled with secret glances and secret smiles whenever I would see her, which was as often as I could. Later on I would realize that what had happened was a test. She wanted to see if I would say anything to either her or varun or my mother, which, of

course, I never did. Several weeks later I would be rewarded for my ability to keep a secret. My parents had been planning a trip for quite some time and we made arrangements for me to spend the 4 days they would be away at varun’shouse.

it seemed like forever waiting for those 4 days, but they finally arrived. varun’s dad was businessman and he was often away. I hoped he would be gone for those 4 days. he was home the first night, but would be leaving the next day.

That first night, I slept in varun’s room. next day I was sleepng in the guest room. The real reason I wanted to sleep in the guest room was that I hoped that maybe I could see Haasini’s naked body again.

Haasini knew I was going to sleep in the guest room. I told her that I didn’t sleep well in the bed in varun’s room.varun went up to his room, and I lay in my bed tossing and turning, thinking only of her. About an hour later,I heard the door swing open in my room. It was her.

“Are you asleep, nitin?” she whispered. “No!” I answered quickly. It was dark and I could barely make out the shadow of my fantasy woman there in the doorway. “Mind if I come in?” She asked. “No. Of course not,.” I sat up in the bed. I was sleeping in my underwears that night.

I kept the bed covers over me so that she doesn,t notice it. she walked over to the bed and sat down beside me. She stroked her hand through my hair and whispered softly to me, “Thank You,.” “For what?” I asked confusingly

For not saying anything about the last time you slept over Uh, you didn’t, did you?” Of course I knew exactly what she was talking about. “Oh, that! I would never say anything.” “I know you wouldn’t,” she replied sweetly. She looked at me and I looked back.

There was a silent moment and then she put her hand on my chin, thumb on one side, 4 fingers on the other and held it as she came over and kissed me lips. It wasn’t like other kisses. Those were friendly, motherly type kisses (at least on her part).

This was a REAL kiss. Tender, sensual, erotic. No tongue, just a firm, tender kiss on the lips. It was incredible. I don’t think I will ever forget that kiss as long as I live. I was in love with her at that moment. “That was nice,” she sighed. She leaned over and kissed me again.

It was just as tender and loving as the first one. I felt her sigh deeplyas we kissed. She took her hand from my chin and placed it behind my head.As we drew apart, she put my head towards her breast. I lay my head against her warm, covered tit and I could feel it against my cheek.

She wasn’t wearing a bra and I just lay against her silently. I managed to begin to whisper, “Mrs. sharma, I…..” “Sssshhh, “she spoke as she put her fingers to my lips to quiet me. “Don’t speak.” She rubbed my back as she came up next to me in the bed,

pressing me harder against her almost naked breast. I was so nervous because I wasn’t surewhat to do, but she knew that and tried to comfort me. “Have you ever been with a girl before…….?” “Not really,” I answered honestly.

She laughed easily. I loved that laugh of hers. “I wasn’t sure. Don’t worry, I will guide you, okay?” she holded me in her arms and, for a moment, I had the feeling I was lying there with my own mother. After all, she had been like a mother to me all of my life.

She sat up and pulled her clothes over her head, revealing the most beautiful tits I’d ever seen. of course, they were the only tits I’d ever seen forreal. I stared at her tits as she watched me, tossing it to the floor. She had on a pair of panties.

She watched me watch her and finally she said to me, “Go ahead, touch them. They won’t bite,” she smiled. I gently caressed her breast with my hand. They were soft and warm. It felt so good to touch her breasts finally. Her nipples were dark brown.

I thought for a moment how lucky varun was to have breast fed from those beautiful nipples. I touched them uneasily, not really knowing how to please her and that was what I wanted most. She helped me, though, and told me to rub her nipples with my fingers.

“Gently, sweetie. Gently.” She cautioned me. She lay back as she felt secure with the way I was handling those precious tits of hers. I put my lips to them and began to kiss them. I was going wild. I started to suck on her nipples and I must have bit too hard,

because she jerked back and let out a little scream. “Easy, baby. Just relax.” She calmed me. She let me play with her tits for several minutes as she lay back and enjoyed my touch. I was ready to just ram my dick in her and shoot a big load up her pussy, but I let her be the boss.

I decided that whatever she wanted, I would do. I was already in love with her. “Nitin,” she softly spoke, “You just don’t know what a lonely lady I am. You know, I’ve had my eye on you for quite some time, but wasn’t sure how you would react to this.

I don’t want you to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. If’ you’d like me to leave, I will, OK?” She looked at me with the most unbelievable kitten eyes you’ve ever seen. I told her that I was quite happy being there with her and then I told HER how much I thought about her.

Of course, I didn’t tell her about all the times I jerked off thinking about her. She raised herself up, She got off of the bed and for a moment I thought she was leaving, but she stood up and began to get down her panties. I waited anxiously to see her hairy pussy.

She stood there in front of me, totally naked, totally beautiful and let me stare at her. She was proud of her figure. For a woman her age, she was in great shape. She ran her fingers through her hair and then she put her fingers on her hairy bush and played with herself for a few

moments. My dick was ready to explode. She climbed back on the bed and pulled the covers down from my waist. “get back” she whispered. I did and she proceeded to slip off my underwear as I lay there. My cock was hard and, for a 16 year old, was pretty big.

At least she was impressed, and that was all that mattered. She rubbed my thighs with her hands and then touched my aching cock I could see her as she touched me. her hand slipped around the shaft of my cock and she began to slowly slide it up and down.

It wasn’t like I slide it up & down, it was much better. She slipped her hand over my balls and held them in her hand. She saw that I was about to cum and she quickly put her mouth to my ready cock. That was all I could take and I shot a load into her mouth.

She moaned as I came into her lips and she swallowed my cum easily. She licked her lips and held my cock for a few more moments. Man, I couldn’t believe my best friend’s mother had just sucked my cock and swallowed my cum. She rubbed my chest smoothly and lovingly.

A smile came across her pretty face. She leaned over and kissed me on the chest, then she kissed my nipples, one at a time, and then she kissed me on the lips. This time, though, she slipped her tongue between my lips. I kissed her back and our tongues came in contact.

She lay over my chest, her tits pressed against me and I held her tightly. I felt the warm, tender skin of her back and slipped my hands over her ass and pressed tightly against her cheeks. She rolled over, taking me with her and I ended up on top of her.

My dick was already hard again and she wanted me to fuck her badly. She slid her hand between our bodies and grabbed my dick and guided it to her cunt. She rubbed the head of my dick against her clit for several moments and then slipped me inside her.

When I did, she made a great sigh as my cock slipped in her warm, wet cunt. It was an unbelievable feeling being inside a cunt for the first time. I had imagined this moment for so long and now it was finally happening. To make things even more erotic,

I was doing it with my friend’s mother! I knew I was in heaven. I started to thrust my cock deeper inside her and with each thrust, she would breath a little deeper and moan. I was going like a rocket out of control when she grasped my shoulders and pushed me back a bit.

“Whoa, handsome! It’s not a contest to see how fast you can go. A woman likes it smooth and easy. Like this,” and she pulled me in and out in a much easier pace than I had been going. What did I know anyway? This was my first time and I was only 16.

Of course, she knew this and understood. She had a lot of patience with me that first time. I never knew how good it felt to fuck. I had only imagined before this. It was great. As I settled down to a nice easy, smooth pace of fucking, she started to touch her clit with her fingers.

In a few moments she was cumming. Her breathing got real deep and I could hear her moaning with each passing second. When she came, she grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me tight against her. My cock was as deep inside her as it could go and I was ready to cum,

too. I let it go in a hot flood of passion. I wrapped my arms around her, she around me and she felt my warm cum explode inside her. She closed her eyes and we held each other tightly, then we kissed. It was hot and passionate, deep and lustful. I was madly in love with her.

As we finished cumming, we lay there for a moment, me on top of her, my head against her neck, her arms wrapped around me holding me passionately. I was totally out of energy for the moment. My cock softened up and came out from her hot pussy.

I could see some of my cum dripping from her hairy bush to the sheets below. I slid over beside her; she turned towards me and hugged me. She ran her hands through my hair, stroking me softly. She was a wonderful lady. We lay there together, lovers now…and forever….saying nothing, thinking of the fantastic sexual experience we had. At that point, nothing really needed to be said. I slipped off to a dream-filled sleep.

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