Hi, this is Bunnyman as I like to call myself, I m now 35 years of age, married man with 2 kids. I stay in Jharkhand & have been travelling around the world for work .I am an avg. Indian man with 5.8 height and now some belly, but have a nice thick tool of fair 6-7 inches dick which can satisfy any need of women.

Before marriage I had a friend named Rani, we were good friends and used to talk a lot on phone in night but nothing sex or horny. She used to visit my place often and sometimes I had chance to visit movies with her, but we never held hands or had any horny feelings, but inside me I always wanted to enjoy her.

I was scheduled to move to Sydney and just before moving she invited me in her home, I went and saw she was all alone, she prepared some sweets for me. Now describing rani would be like just an average girl, small boobs which I could put whole in my mouth, short, fair but sexy smile.

While having sweets we were sitting next to each other and I said here I will miss u, she also had same feeling and we just hugged casually, but it ignited the fire, seems she too was eager. Suddenly our lips met and it was real wet kiss, my tongue deep inside her lips, she wanted to kiss, but was also revolting herself, like her mind was in two ways.

I kept on kissing her, and she was in middle saying ‘ Mat karo, galat ho jayega” I said Rani, nahi hone dunga, but my hands went on her small tits, and by the way it was first time I had touched boobs, I had instant hardon. She too moaned and I kept kissing her lips, cheeks, eyes and whole face, neck and she had closed her eyes, seems she was going with the pleasure flow.

For 10 min same thing happened, we rubbed our lips and I had my hands on her both breasts above her top. Suddenly we came to senses and I left immediately. That night our phone call was different and I said to her I like what happened today, she kept quiet, I then said sorry as I could not control myself and touched you.

She was still quiet, I kept on saying sorry but heard her cry and she said she has fallen in love with me. I was now in trouble as I was heading to Sydney in 2 days and honestly I was looking forward to fuck white girls and have relationship with them. She asked me to visit her again next day as It was last in my home town, I said I will but I wanted to see her in saree. Rani said ok.

I shagged 2 times that night and kept on making plans to fuck her next day. I reached her home around 10 but she called and said her dad has not left for office, I waited around 20 min near her house, after her dad left she called me and asked to come in 10 min. When I knocked the door, she opened the door and I was like Fuck her, she was looking like a bomb in saree,

I went in and immediately took her in my arms and we began smooching, this time we went in her bedroom and we both lied on her bed, I kept on smooching and pressed her boobs over her blouse, they were tight like anything, I inserted my hand inside and finally touched her nipple, she led a moan and closed her eyes,

I kept sucking her lips and she was really responding well but was too shy to open her eyes, I removed her pallu and also mine being first time I was not knowing what to do. I started sucking her breasts above the blouse and this really made her whine and moan, she was shrinking beneath my body and I gripped her below my legs.

I slowly opened her blouse hooks and released her small white boobs in bra, I inserted my hand inside bra and for first time in life I feel like in heaven, I slowly mounded them sometimes touching her nipples, and kissing on her neck. She was responding well, and then I released one boobs from bra, as I was not having patience to open it completely,

I started to suck it like anything she went all mad and pressed my head against her breasts tightly, I too went all horny and started pressing her another boob but was unable to bring it out of bra. I suddenly stopped and looked at her, she too opened her eyes and shyly put her hand inside my tshirt and felt my back, she lifted my tshirt and pressed herself against my bare skin, I kept kissing her eyes and cheeks.

I took her hand and guided to my dick, which was already oozing pre cum, had it not be shagging before I visited her I would have come just by her touching. She was too shy to touch it, but I opened my jeans slided it little down and made her touch my whole dick, she held it very tightly, but she hid her face in my chest.

I showed her hands how to shag a dick, but surprisingly she said she knows, she saw some movies before and she started to feel my dick, up and down, I was in heaven I started kissing her and felt her boobs again. This went on for 5-6 min and then suddenly my hands reached her thighs, she kept on saying don’t do don’t do, but I caressed her thighs near her panty,

and suddenly I pressed her pussy over the panty, It was all wet, just by touching it my hardness reached to its peak which I had also not seen during masturbating. She left my dick and hugged my tight while I rubbed her wet pussy over panty, she directed my mouth to her nipples.

I kept sucking them and rubbing it, I wanted to fuck her and make her nude but some how it did not happened, she did not even looked at my dick and and we both enjoyed touching and rubbing until I cummed al over her saree. She smiled and went to clean. Changed to normal kurta and came and sat on my thighs we kissed again and hugged each other for 10 -15 min.

After that I parted and it was like silent love, she knew I have life somewhere and this is the best moment we could have had. Next day I took flight to Delhi & then Sydney and slowly our chatting on yahoo also ended. Now I went to Sydney, graduated, got married many jobs blah blah blah and came back to my home town in Jharkhand to set up my own business.

Fucked my wife to hell & she used to enjoy but with coming time she seems to loose interest in sex and look after home & kids. I too decided to be loyal and since had fucked many babes abroad & in job I too decided not to cheat. But eventually when the dick wants a pussy you have to give it one.

Also my wife was not satisfying my needs, hence I was looking for some safe relationship, but the ladies now a days are more on money making through sex than pleasure. Some 3-4 months back I recd a friend request on facebook and was surprised to see it was Rani, She too go married off to an IT guy in Delhi and had a daughter.

We share our mobile no. and sometimes had messages shared on whats app. She was looking almost same and was very cool in talking to me, she did not showed any interest in our past nor she discussed it. This went on until I had to visit delhi and I informed her, she was staying in Noida and my stay too was near atta market.

Well we decided to meet and have evening snacks together, I was too hesitant but inside me I was wishing to fuck her, I was thirsty of sex and wanted to remind her of our past. But anyhow we reached there and went to mc Donalds, with usual chat she said I look fat and my hair is gone, I said few things need to change but else everything is same, it was my hint but she did not paid any attention.

We started to chat about our lives, kids and spouses, since I was not so happy with my wife I told her, she is boring and I am not happy, I m frustrated with my life. She kept quite. After some snack we were walking inside GIP mall and I took her to a ladies store and asked her to choose a top, a gift from myself, she said no, but I kept on insisting and said also 1 gift for your daughter from my said,

after all we have been very good friends. Finally she took one top, went to trial room and come out wearing it, It was little tight top and I saw her breasts have grown and were not same. She saw me staring at her breasts, I felt little embarrassed, but avoided any eye contact.

I paid for the top and we went to a toy store which was almost empty, while searching for a toy, she asked me why you are not happy with your wife? I said she does not have time for me, I m bored, suddenly she asked hows ur sexual relationship with her? I looked into her eyes now and made a sad face, she smiled and said nothing.

We then took off from there and she said she will come to drop me to my hotel which was near by. I said no issue. My brain was saying touch her, ask her to fuck but was afraid too. Well we reached the hotel and she said she want to try the top once again. I took her to my room, since it was a star hotel they never ask in reception.

I went in, put the aircon to high and switched on the TV, she took her top went for bathroom, she changed to it and came back and asked how I am looking, I finally took some courage and said her, as sexy as before but seems u have grown to a sexy lady. She smiled and came near me and hugged me tightly, in ears she said I love you still, u were my first love, I wanted to marry you,

but after you left my parents got me married in a year. After listening to this I did not wasted any time and said I love you and missed you, we kept on hugging each other and I saw tears rolling down her cheeks. I took her face in my hands and said no don’t cry, its destiny and kissed her cheeks, she gave a smile and then the heat began.

I picked her up and made her lie on me, she was clearly feeling my manly dick over jeans as I place her pussy over it, I pressed her hard and her boobs went all crushing to my chest. I put my lips on her and she opened her mouth, our tongues met and It was same hot kiss I had 5-6 years ago, but seems she was more eager and horny than me, she kept on kissing and tasting my saliva,

while she opened her top in one go, she was nice sports bra below, she said last time you were fool not to open them all, let me do this time, she took off her bra and showed me her boobs, she was all shy, I touched them slowly and said they have grown very big, even your nipples are bigger now, she cupped them and rubbed over my face and then slowly put one in my mouth,

I started biting it, she moaned and cried harder, eat them and suddenly she started abusing me saying dabao inko, kha jao kutte, sale pichli bar tumne nanga bhi nahi kiya inko. I was totally astonished. I pushed her side and opened my tshirt and jeans, I was in my underwear and it had wet spot as I was oozing again.

She saw it and smiled, I went near her and she opened my underwear, she stared at my dick and held it, I said what happened, she said last time I only felt it and I never forget it, now I m seeing it full, I cant live without your dick, its mine, I was happy I made a girl horny for my dick, I asked her to suck it but she said not today.

She wants to play with it, she started to masturbate me, doing my skin up and down, I have never measured but its not less than 6 inches and thickness is more than 2 inches, since my dick was already wet and most cum coming out she started to rub it hard, while I lied she was playing with my dick, I was little sad she was not sucking but atlast I was going to get fuck my old girl friend that also when I needed most.

She came near my lips kissed me there, went down kissing, started to bite my nipples, while I touched her back, she still was in her salwar, she went near my dick and kissed her, I again urged her to suck it, but she refused, she kissed my thighs and came near me and lied down.

I kissed her lips again, said I love u and missed you a lot, I slowly undid her salwar and inserted my hand in her panty, she was wet and completely shaven, I felt her pussy to be to hot and very wet, I rubbed it like anything, grabbing it and touching her hole, she had closed her eyes and was enjoying it.

I then removed her salwar and made her naked, she all of sudden felt shy and tried to hide her face, I lied over her and kissed her nipples, started sucking and moulding them hard, she was enjoying it and she started to pull my hair tight. She spreaded her legs and started too look for my dick, I said I m in no hurry but she said, i want to get fucked now, I m too hungry,

she took it and put inside her hot pussy and it went all in, she started to make faces and said its hurting, mat karo, please, I said kya hua, ok I will let it be in fr a minute and then fuck, but within seconds she started to shake her waist, I understood she is more eager to be fucked than I am eager to fuck, while fucking her I asked, does ur husband fucks u well?

She said no yaar bahut Chhota hai uska 2 min main nikal bhi deta hai, jabse tumhara pakda tha yahi soch rahi thi ki maine tumse kyon nahi chudwaya, ab tum jab chaho delhi ake muche chodo, aur jab main ghar aungi to wahan bhi chodna, meri chut sirf tumhari hai, listening to all this I kept pushing harder and fucked her for 12 min after that I too came, bcos I was also having good sex after many months.

We lied there and kissed and touched each other, around 20 min later she went to bathroom cleaned her pussy and brought the wet towel, she cleaned and wiped my sleeping dick careful and started sucking it, I was in seventh heaven now, she said she always wanted to eat it but was too hot at that time for sex.

Later on I fucked her till 9 pm and and then she went back her home. I am now waiting for her to come to home in Durga Puja Festival, where I can fuck her hard.

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