Haasini walked along the street, her high heels clip clopping on the pavement as she walked. She called at number twelve, and collected her book, then walked on. Mr Clark at number fifteen looked up from his gardening and watched her pass. She knew he was watching her, and swung her hips, smiling to herself. It was mid summer, a warm late afternoon. She wore a pair of gladiator sandals, heeled to define her calfs which were crisscrossed by the long thongs which reached her knees.

She had good legs, long and slender. The short summer dress moved with her body. She felt great. But there was always but! Her husband was in a long tour. She was lonely. Lonely and frustrated she reached number twenty four, Deepa’s house. Her last call, drop the book and she was done. She knocked on the door, wondering if Deepa fancied a night on the town. She rang the door bell, but there was no answer. Haasini walked around the back of the house, expecting to see Deepa in the garden.

She wasn’t there, but the back door was open. She walked in, calling out her friend’s name. She opened the lounge door, and stepped in. Phil was totally absorbed in his computer. The door bell rang, making him jump. He ignored it. It was too soon for his Aunt to be back from the shops. She said she’d be a couple of hours, and anyway she had a key. He heard footsteps walking away, and he relaxed. He was back in the fantasy land of his computer, his mind closing out everything else.

He didn’t hear the voice call out his aunt’s name, nor the lounge door opening. He didn’t notice that he was being watched. All he saw were the two blonde girls in video. Two very naughty teenagers masturbating each other, as he wanked himself. Haasini watched the boy, remembering Deepa telling her that her sixteen year old nephew would be staying with her for a couple or three weeks during the summer. Deepa hadn’t told her what a big boy he was!

She watched him, as he watched the film, wanking furiously. She walked up behind him, and reached over, and gripped his cock. The reaction was immediate. He almost jumped out of his skin. Aunty, he stammered. Phil tried to think of something he could say to his aunt. Her hand had a firm grip of his cock. He looked up, and saw to his relief that it wasn’t his aunt after all. His relief faded quickly if not his aunt, then who?

The woman was about the same age as his aunt, mid thirties. She was good looking too. She smiled at him. He felt sick. Obviously a friend of Auntie Deepa, and as soon as she got back he’d be for it. As he tried to think of any number of excuses, he realised that not only was she smiling, but she was working her hand up and down the shaft of his still erect cock. Haasini gripped the boy’s cock, an idea forming in her mind.

Without letting go she walked in front of him, pushing her laptop away with her foot. She looked at his face, good looking boy. She knelt, and pulled his cock to her mouth. She parted her lips, then closed them around the bulbous head, her tongue already busy. She felt him stiffen, and then his cock throbbed. He groaned, and came in long hot jet into her mouth. She drank it all down, then squeezed the last drops from his cock, and licked them away.

Haasini stood, and lifted the hem of her dress. “Now me,” she told him, pulling her knickers to one side. She knew as soon as he tentatively touched his lips against her pussy that he had never done it before. Her heart sank. She didn’t need a virgin. What she wanted was satisfaction, and she wanted it now. Phil had what he had wanted for as long as he could remember a face full of cunt. He breathed in the smell. The wonderful aroma he closed his eyes, he wanted to remember every moment.

Then he froze. What did he do now he desperately tried to think? He played back the video of the two girls in his mind, but his mind was a blank. Haasini took him by the ear, and led him to the sofa. She laid back on it, having pulled her dress around her waist, her panties well to one side. She parted her pussy, and then instructed the boy. “This is my clit, rub it, then pull the hood back and lick it, she commanded. The boy did as she told him, he did it eagerly. She closed her eyes as the pleasure ran through her body.

Put your fingers in me.” He did as she asked, and she noted, he didn’t pause with his tongue. She came quickly, not a great orgasm, but a badly needed one. Phil felt her body tremble. Her cunt was so wet. When she came, his mouth seemed to be flooded by her. He slipped his tongue into her, remembering the women in the porn films did that, and liked it. She liked it, he could tell that straight away.

She laid spread eagled on the sofa, her hands above her head, nails digging into the sofa’s arm. His cock was hard again; he knew this was the time. Time for him to do it do it for the first time. He clambered on top of her, and pushed his cock against her wet cunt. It slid in at the slightest pressure. Then he was deep inside her. He felt her tighten her pussy muscles around his cock, now that did feel good.

He was about to start fucking her, when she opened her eyes and told him “stay still, just for a moment,” her voice had a husky edge to it, he did as she instructed him. The cock felt good inside her, Haasini thought to herself. The boy was a quick learner. She contracted her cunt on the hard cock that was buried inside her. “Just a few moments, just savour the feeling,” she thought. Then unconsciously she began to move her hips, slowly at first.

The boy feeling her move did the same. She reached down, and gripped his bum, pulling it to her, as there love making became more and more urgent. She came again, pushing herself forward to meet his thrusts. Faster, faster, that’s it, now harder oh yes, yes, yes,” she groaned as she felt a rolling orgasm engulf her body. She dug her nails into the cheeks of his arse. She felt him push himself deeper into her, as he came inside her.

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Who are you, Phil asked her I’m the Avon lady, Haasini told him. Haasini, a friend of Deepa’s. The taxi dropped them outside Deepa’s house. They paid the fare, and he drove off into the night. Hey were both a little light headed, but by no means drunk. Slightly tipsy, but no more it had been a good night. They’d chatted, been chatted up, danced, and generally enjoyed themselves. They walked arm in arm down the path of Deepa’s house.

Sssh, we don’t want to wake Phil,” Deepa whispered. They closed the door behind them, and tip toed into the lounge. Phil was sprawled on the sofa. He was asleep. He wore a towelling dressing gown. The gown was tied at the waist, but gaped open, revealing an impressive erection. An erection that Haasini remembered vividly from the previous afternoon he didn’t stir as the two women entered the room.

Oh my said an embarrassed Deepa, Haasini, I’m so sorry. Don’t be silly, it’s not your fault. Still he is a big boy isn’t he? Haasini replied, Haasini, he’s my nephew, cut it out, Deepa replied automatically. She looked at Phil. He was a good looking boy, and as Haasini had pointed out, he was indeed a big boy. Shame he was her nephew. Well what are we going to do, just stand here and admire the view?” Haasini asked.

I’ll just cover it up,” Deepa said. She walked to the sofa, and gently pulled the gown over the offending member. It sprang free straightaway, sticking up like a flag pole. Get hold of it, and tuck it in,” Haasini suggested. Come off it Haasini, I can’t do that! Well let me,” Haasini told her, and walked over to where her friend stood looking down at the still rock hard cock. Haasini took hold of the familiar erection. She was about to do as she had suggested, tuck it away.

Then she threw caution to the wind, and kissed it lightly. Haasini, for fuck sake, Deepa said. He’s your nephew, not mine,” Haasini told her, then opened her mouth, and took the entire length of the shaft into her mouth. After a few moments, she looked up. Deepa was still standing there, indecision written all over her face.Want some? Haasini asked. No, Deepa said, but Haasini noticed with less firmness than before. And she hadn’t moved away.

Well I do, Haasini said, and continued with the blow job. Oh, why not, just a little, Deepa whispered. Haasini took the cock from her mouth and passed it to Deepa who had knelt beside her. Deepa took hold of it. “Bloody hell, it is hard,” she said, opening her mouth and circling it with her lips. Haasini watched her friend then stood up. If they were doing this, they might as well do it properly. She undid the belt of her dress, and unbuttoned it. Having taken it off, she stood in her underwear.

White cotton bra and panties, Haasini saw Deepa take her mouth away from her nephew. What do you think you are doing! Deepa said in a loud whisper. What do you think! Haasini replied, unclipping her bra as she said it. She threw it onto the chair where she had thrown her dress. Her knickers soon followed. Keep him hard, Haasini instructed. Deepa she saw moved her hand up and down, ensuring it was indeed hard, not that there seemed any danger of it not being.

Haasini straddled Phil, and lowered herself onto his erection. It slipped into her, as she slowly lowered herself, until it was fully inside her. Deepa still knelt on the floor, indecision written all over her face. Lick his balls,” Haasini told her. Lick his balls,” Deepa thought, as above her Haasini slowly fucked her nephew. Haasini looked down on her, her back was to Phil. Deepa watched the cock sliding in and out of Haasini’s cunt.

Then Deepa did as Haasini had told her, running her tongue down the centre of Phil’s testicles. Wetness from Haasini trickled down, and she licked that as well. Deepa was near the shaft of Phil’s cock when Haasini slid back down it, and accidentally her tongue touched Haasini’s pussy. She pulled away quickly. Sorry,” she said don’t be sorry, I liked it do it again, go on! Haasini told her. Deepa looked up at her friend, shook her head, and gently touched her clit with the tip of her tongue.

Phil woke. He’d been having the most fantastic dream, but couldn’t remember what it was. Then with a jolt, he realised it wasn’t a dream. He was being fucked. He didn’t know by whom, the woman had her back to him, and the only illumination in the room came from the telly. Not only was he being fucked, but someone was licking his nuts. What the, he started to say. The woman straddling him, stopped what she was doing, and stood up.

She turned, and he saw it was Haasini, his aunt’s friend. She was stark naked. He smiled at her. Then with a shock he saw that his aunt was between his legs, her head buried in his crotch, as she sucked one of his testicles. She suddenly looked up, her face racked with guilt. Haasini, Aunty, what’s going on, he said. We, err, I was all Deepa could say. When we came in, your dressing gown was open and you had the hardest hard on, so we, I thought what a waste.

One thing led to another. Phil looked at Haasini. She really was a gorgeous looking woman. Great figure, lovely tits. And her legs wow. His aunt was still dressed. He’d always fancied her. She had been his fantasy older woman. He always tried to sit opposite her, and look up her skirt. Sometimes he had succeeded. Now she was kneeling between his knees, his balls still in her hands. He had the upper hand he realised. But dare he? Phil smiled. Auntie, I’ve always fancied you, he began.

Deepa listened as Phil confessed that he’d always fancied her. She knew that. But it was a teenage infatuation. He was always trying to look up her skirt. Sometimes she had deliberately flashed her knickers at him, crossing her legs, or bending over when she knew he was looking. I know Phil, well shall we carry on? She asked she saw Phil nod. Talk about keeping it in the family! Haasini said.

Deepa stood, and then slowly pulled her dress over her head. She stood in her own front room, in her knickers. She hadn’t been wearing a bra. The coral lacy knickers, were miniscule, and just covered her pussy. Want to do the honours?” She asked Phil. He did. He stood up, his cock sticking out in front of him. He removed his dressing gown. Then he reached out his hand, and placed it between Deepa’s legs. She felt wet.

If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up, he said then pulled her panties down. As he exposed her cunt, he paused, and gazed at it. She had just a little strip of pubic hair, unlike Haasini, who had none. Why don’t you take my knickers off, then you can have a proper look,” Deepa told him. Phil held them, as Deepa stepped out of her panties. She walked to the sofa, and laid on it. “Come on, have a look. She told him.

Phil watched her walk, her breasts moving in a mesmerizing way as moved. She held her tits, and offered them to him. He took one, sucking on the nipple. He was overjoyed when Haasini leant over the sofa’s back and did the same to the other nipple. Like this, Haasini told him. He copied Haasini, and she used her mouth and tongue to excite the nipple. He took his mouth away, and kissed Haasini.

Then he moved down the length of his aunt’s body, to the V at the top of her legs. Deepa spread her legs, her cunt opening slightly. It looked different to Haasini’s, the inner labia lips poked through the outer ones, whereas Haasini’s were hidden. Go on, like I showed you yesterday, Haasini told him. Like you what! Deepa said. I’ll tell you later, Haasini told her, as Phil parted her cunt, and flicked the very tip of his tongue on her clit, the hood of which he had already pulled back.

Deepa closed her eyes, as the sensations caused by the attention Phil was giving her flowed through her body. Now try this,” she heard Haasini say. Her clit was pushed up, and nibbled tenderly. Deepa looked down, and saw Haasini instructing Phil. It felt good. No don’t stop Haasini, a little more honey. Phil, come here. As Haasini busied herself between her legs, Deepa helped herself to Phil’s cock. It was big, not only long, but thick. She went to work on it with a will.

Haasini smiled to herself, as she looked up from Deepa’s cunt. Phil was getting the most enthusiastic of blow jobs and from his aunty. Haasini felt Deepa’s cunt contract, as she came. Time to fuck Aunty Phil, Haasini said, Haasini watched as Deepa took her mouth away. I’m not sure, Deepa said. Not sure about what? Haasini asked confused. About fucking Phil, I can’t. He‘s my nephew its wrong.

For fucks sake, so is sucking his cock, and letting him do oral on you! Haasini snapped, exasperated. Auntie, I’ve always wanted to,” Phil said softly. Deepa thought about it. She’d come too far, she knew that. Haasini caressed her cunt, it felt good. She groaned, and knew she was lost. Phil knelt between her legs, and rubbed his still rock hard cock against her wet cunt. Deepa moaned and lifted her hips.

She felt Phil enter her, slowly almost as if he was frightened of hurting her. Harder Phil, oh for god’s sake, harder! Deepa almost shouted. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him down to her, and kissed his mouth, her tongue in his mouth, tasting herself on his lips. She felt him thrusting inside her. Bloody hell he was big, she thought. She brought her legs up, and circled his waist with them, allowing him deeper inside her.

She threw her head back, and came again, the pleasure washed over her, the cry of utter joy caught in the back of her throat, her eyes closed tight. Now from behind, Phil,” Deepa was almost desperate. Doggy was her personal favourite, the penetration deeper, and it would hit her G spot. Phil withdrew, and she got on all fours. She saw Haasini suck Phil’s glistening cock, still so hard. But then he was so young, she thought guiltily.

Haasini sucked Deepa’s love juices from Phil’s cock, she reached under Deepa, parted her cunt with two fingers, and guided Phil into her. Deepa pushed back to met Phil’s thrusts, as he gripped her hips. Haasini sat on the arm of the sofa, Deepa’s head was between her legs. She fingered herself, as she watched Phil fuck his auntie. She needs him to fuck her. Deepa was being greedy, soon it would be her turn, and she couldn’t wait.

In the mean time Haasini took Deepa’s head, holding it in both hands. Then she pulled Deepa’s face to her aching pussy. She felt Deepa resist, but with Phil fucking her from behind she was forced forward, forward into her cunt. Haasini pulled Deepa’s hair, lifting her face. No Haasini, no, Deepa said. But it was too late. Haasini needed some relief, and whether Deepa wanted to go down on her or not she no longer care.

She pulled her firmly into herself, feeling Deepa’s face against her. Her hot breath on her sex. Haasini waited, feeling Phil’s thrusts transmitted through Deepa’s body. Then she felt Deepa’s mouth on her pussy. Deepa began to explore her cunt, hesitated a little, then her inhibitions slipped away, and her tongue was everywhere.

Phil still couldn’t believe his luck. Here he was fucking his aunt, who was in turn licking out her friend. The friend he had fucked only yesterday. Yesterday it seemed an age away. Yesterday he had been a virgin. Now he was having a threesome, and what a three some it was. Two gorgeous women, both milfs, he couldn’t wait to tell his mates! He ran his hands over Deepa’s body, cupping her tits, playing with her nipples.

He loved her tits. Then he ran a hand down her back, feeling each bump of her spine, as he went lower. Then he was at her anus. He ran his finger around its rim, then across it. It flinched, as she clenched it, closing it tight. He was intrigued. He pushed his finger against the orifice, and felt her resist, and then he was inside her arse, and pushed his finger deeper. He saw Haasini was watching him, smiling.

She reached over Deepa’s back, and pulled his hand away from Deepa’s bum, pulling it to her cunt. Haasini couldn’t help but smile, as she watched Phil explore his aunts bum, and felt her stiffen as he pushed a single finger into her. Now she guided that same finger to her pussy. She pulled Deepa’s head away, by the hair, and then she rubbed Phil’s fingers into her own wet pussy, ensuring they were good and wet.

Then pulled Deepa’s face back into herself now, try it now,” she told Phil. She continued to watch as Phil fingered Deepa’s arse, first with one finger, then with two. She felt Deepa’s breathing become more and more heavy. God but she needed a fuck herself. She pulled Deepa’s face away from her cunt, where she had been holding it. Phil, for god’s sake stop fucking your aunty, and do it to me.

She saw Phil smile, and withdraw from Deepa. You lay on the sofa, I’m going on top,” she told him. He did as she had instructed him. The she straddled him, and slowly fucked him, gazing down into his face. It felt fantastic, slowly she sank onto him, so all his cock was inside her, then she lifted up, until the tip of his cock almost slipped out of her. Then fast down, before repeating it, over and over, gradually getting faster. Deepa, do you have any lube?

Haasini asked her friend sure, some KY, Deepa replied. Go get it, will you Deepa disappeared upstairs. Haasini had a surprise for her new lover and maybe for her friend as well. She returned after just a few seconds. Rub some up my bum will you,” Haasini asked her your bum, oh you mean. Deepa rubbed the KY onto her anus and some inside honey Deepa did as she was asked. Now on his cock, Haasini told her, as she lifted off Phil.

Deepa fetched the KY gel from her bedroom, where she kept it next to her vibrator. She returned to the lounge where Haasini still fucked Phil. He was doing well, staying power and a big dick. He must come to stay again. She put the KY where Haasini wanted it. So she wanted Phil to finger her arse as well. She’d quite liked that once she had got used to it. It felt weird having her finger inside Haasini’s bum, but everything was weird tonight.

Now on his cock,” Haasini told her, as she lifted off Phil. Deepa did as she was asked. Lots of it,” Haasini directed. Then she took hold of Phil’s cock, and guided it into her anus, slowly at first, as it penetrated her, then she slid down the well lubed shaft, the cock deep inside her. Deepa watched as Haasini grew accustom to it so she began to move up and down the shaft.

She saw Phil straining to control himself, as Haasini used him, how she had herself used him. Not that he wasn’t enjoying, himself that much was clear. Despite herself, Deepa began to masturbate, as she watched her nephew fuck her friend in the arse. She had never tried anal sex before, and had up to that point no intention of trying it. Now she wasn’t so sure. Haasini was panting hard now, sweating freely, and swearing as she came.

His cock felt fantastic inside Haasini’s bum, but it was tight. So tight, and she held it tightly with her anal muscles. The grip was amazing. He knew he would come soon. He had done his best not to, but now he knew he could hold out no longer. Beside him he saw his aunt playing with her cunt, her legs spread wide, almost as wide as her eyes, as she watched. Above him Haasini was coming, loudly, her anus contracting spontaneously as she did so.

Oh yes, oh fucking yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my arse harder, harder, noo, she screamed. She toppled off him. Deepa took his cock, and pulled the foreskin down hard. He came in an almost painful jet of hot come, Deepa opened her mouth, the come landing on her tongue, and then she sucked his cock, ensuring nothing was missed. She seemed to have forgotten, he thought, where his cock had just been.

He was exhausted. Sweat oozed from every pore, he struggled to breathe, taking great gulps, like a stranded fish. They drank mineral water. It was refreshingly cold. Deepa moved her arm across, and took hold of Phil’s cock. No longer the hard pleasure tool it had been. She stroked it, gently, trying to work some life back into it. She felt the first stirring of arousal after only a few minutes. Teenage boys,” she thought, “can fuck all day and night, thank goodness.”

Let me rest, a little aunty, just a while longer, Phil said Haasini, pop upstairs, in my side cabinet, bring it down,” Deepa asked Haasini it? Haasini asked my vibro, lets see if we can’t get him hard again shall we. When Haasini returned, she found Deepa trying to kiss life back into Phil’s cock, with limited success. She took the toy, and began to use it on herself, the gold tipped top disappearing into her still wet cunt.

Haasini helped her out, both with the toy and Phil. He was hard again at last. Watch, Deepa said to Phil. She turned her back to him, and then bent over, touching her toes. She reached between her legs, dipping two fingers into her pussy. Then she applied KY to her other hand, and rubbed it on her sphincter. Pushing gel into her now, nephew, fuck me,” Deepa commanded. She straddled Phil again, this time her back to him. His cock deep in her cunt.

She rubbed her clit, until Haasini did it for her. Faster she fucked, faster and harder, until she was so close to coming that it hurt to stop. But stop she did. She took the rock hard cock out of herself. Haasini licked it dry, and then guided it where she knew Deepa wanted it. She held it against Deepa’s anus, and Deepa eased herself onto it. Haasini felt her friend tense as she impaled herself. Haasini knew it was hurting.

She knew too the rewards it would bring. But no pleasure without a little pain first. Fucking hell Haasini, it hurts,” Deepa said to her. It’ll pass, relax,” she said. At the same time she fingered her friend’s pussy, before doing down on her. Haasini heard Deepa groan, the pleasure had arrived, and the pain had passed. She worked her hips and as she did, so the cock slide in and almost out of her arse.

Haasini took the vibrator, and plunged it straight into her friend’s cunt. Deepa was startled, her eyes wide open. Before she could say anything, Haasini flicked the switch to its full on position. The toy buzzed into life, delivering what it was designed to do. Vibrations swept through Deepa, as Haasini worked the vibro in and out of her, before pushing it all the way in again. In and out. Deepa’s first experience of a double penetration.

In her arse she could feel Phil, his cock thrusting hard and fast. She came, multiple orgasms, wave upon wave of them. Beads of perspiration ran down her back, and between her breasts. Deepa felt Phil in her anus, his cock stiffened, as at the same time he gripped her tits hard, so hard they hurt. He came inside her, she felt him ejaculate, it made her come again. She was totally exhausted. She had never, but never been fucked so completely.

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