Hi, my name is Haasini. I am 25 years old and i am married. I am in perfect shape, the classic shape of 36-24-36. My husband I is a school teacher and he earns a good salary but not enough to let us enjoy some household pleasure, so I joined the call center. Call centers are good for house wives as we don’t have to work too much; there is not much work load.

But it is also inappropriate as it is most of the time night jobs. I was good during my college years, good in studies I mean. Good grades and no body competed with me when it came to speaking in English. I had a friend whose father owned an outsourcing company. His name was Swapnil. He was a good guy, handsome, well natured, good in studies he was good in sports too and we were best friends.

We were so best friends that everybody in college thought we were a couple, but we kept on rubbishing the rumors. He was good I liked him too. But I never gave it a thought, I was afraid that it would spoil our friendship. I knew he had some feelings for me too, but he did not approach to those feelings for the same reason I did not. We both were together till our graduation in MBA, after that we both went our different ways.

He took over his fathers company, while my parents decided that I should fuck my life, career, and my self and get married. I married to Raj at the age of 23. Two years into our marriage and I was already bored of my sex life. Not that I had experimented before college that I would know what sex is all about, but I never really got excited when Raj fucked me. He would come, get naked, kiss me for some time, fuck me in both my holes, cum and go to sleep.

I mean there were no love, no romance, and no fore play. I was never loved the way I wanted, I had never felt excited, I wanted to be loved; not just to be used for sex and then forgotten. In these two years I did not once have any orgasm. I never planed to cheat on my hubby. But when you’re not fully satisfied and there is a burning fire in your body it is hard to control yourself. I still controlled myself for a very long time, but situations and my hunger to be loved lead me rather I say forced me into cheating my husband.

Two years later in our marriage I was looking for a job to support my husband financially so that we could enjoy some lifestyle pleasures. How is you search going on? I asked my hubby. Not so good. What kind of job you are looking for.” He said, as he came form behind hugged me form behind, and kissed on my collar. Now that was kind of some romantic stuff which really got me excited, as I was not excepting that my panties got wet as soon as he left a warm wet kiss on my collar.

Oh! That sensation, that warmth how I loved it and I just wanted him to fuck me right there on the table, but he was a kind of limited and not so creative guy in sex; who kept sex in bedroom and for himself. He realized me and sat next to me on PC. You should try for some call center jobs. He said but I was not listening, I was still trying to make as much as I can of the warmth of his kiss he left on my shoulders before it faded away, who? What I said.

Try for some call center jobs. He said and left me there, incomplete. My body was angry, it felt betrayed. I looked for some call center jobs. Hey honey, I had a friend who owned an out sourcing company. I said. Oh that is great, why don’t you ask him. We have not been in touch for three years now, and I don’t have any contact no. of his. Try searching him on facebook. Oh! Yes face book, right place to find all your lost friends.

I typed his name, and a list of Swapnil arrived with their pictures in front of there name. I scanned through the page and there it was a picture of his with nothing on his chest, a perfectly fit, body at display, unbuttoned jeans, with jockey flashing in big letters. I went on his profile page and sent him a friend request. Boy there were some hot pictures of his on his profile, he liked getting his pictures clicked like models do, so I guessed he would have done it and uploaded it.

At evening when I checked my profile, I had about fifty messages from him. Where are you? How are you, I thought you forgot me’ messages. I checked, and was lucky he was on line, Hi’ I typed and we chat for about two hours, I told him about my job needs and he asked me to come next day itself. For interview I asked are you mad you don’t need interview you are hired. He replied. I was happy. Next day I went to his office. He welcomed me with a great hug. You have not changed a bit. He said and still the perfect figure.

Neither has you andooking great I said. He showed me around and told me what goes on around in there. After all the formalities were done, I said good buy and left for the day. Next day, I went on my shift time, it was in afternoon till my training for voice process got over then after that it was 1 at night till 10 in morning. That meant my marriage life and some of what sex life I had was fucked up. But I had to do it. Fifteen days as my training was going on, I did not see him as he mostly came at night.

When my night shift started I saw him after long time. During breaks we used to talk. So how is you wife?” I asked not complaining.” He said and how about you. Good as days passed by we started getting close as we used to be during the college period, we shared everything. What would happen during the day, what all was going in our marriages. We were comfortable sharing our sex lives with each other, We had talked about sex in college and had made fun of it, not tried sex I mean but just verbal fun. Ill tells you a secret” he said. “See that girl, Nita.

Yes, I said.

I had sex with her while her husband watched.

What? I asked, shocked.

Why you getting so shocked.

You are cheating your wife.

No I tell her every thing; she is quit open about it.

Does she to have sex with other people.” I asked amazed

No, she does not like it, I tried tricking her in doing sex with others but, she never tried.

Wow, you are lucky.


No lady would let her hubby have sex with some one else, and not have sex with some one her self. Due to theses time slots me and my husband had very little time to spend with each other, we fought a lot and I started using my offs and worked on those too. My husband would come home at 4 in afternoon he would find me sleeping on the bed. Whenever he felt he would just remove my cloths and start fucking me, he did not even mind waking me up. He would use me like a dead body.

I started getting sad because of this and surely Varun noticed. He asked me about my problem and I shared everything with him he comforted me. Next few days he would bring me flowers, sweets, chocolates, ice creams, all the things I liked so that I stayed in a cheerful mood. It had been months I have been working with him, and the time I spent in that call center with him was more fun than what I did at home. But there was one problem in the story.

There was this assistant manager Rahul who used to hang out with us, I mean he would be stuck to us like a leech. Varun had told me that he had the hot’s for me. And I had noticed it too. When ever I bent he would stare at my breast. I did not like him but I could not get rid of him, I told Varun to get rid of him but he said what he is supposed to say to him, he did not own me to show his right.

One night I was feeling very sad, Varun knew the problem, so he decided to take me out to eat ice cream. There was only one ice cream shop which used to be open at 1 at night so we had no option but to go there. It was ten minute walk. Varun asked me to come, but I said I wanted to go walking, which would give me more time out side of office as I was not feeling like working. So we went walking.

All the way Varun kept on talking but I was not listening to anything. So he held my hand. His touch woke me up. His warm touch, he had a very firm and nice grip. I replied by gripping back his hand with same pressure. Oh! It was romantic, holding hands and walking on lonely road, late at night, what most teenagers enjoy, don’t they. I was starting to feel like a teen ager again. When we reached he bought ice-cream for me, but he did not buy for himself.

He was making jokes, telling me about some comedy incidents which happened on my off, and I was enjoying it too, I had almost forgot about my worries. I asked him to lick some of my ice cream from my cone. And he did. This was all happening like some teenage couple, I was enjoying it, although at that moment I did not realize it, I was just enjoying it, its now when I am narrating what happened I realize what had happened, and why I was feeling that unwanted closer.

This might seem filmy but, suddenly it started to rain. And it started raining heavily. I was wearing whit salwar kameez. And he was wearing whit shirt and black jeans. We ran towards the office, but the rain was so heavy, that in some seconds we were completely drenched. Varun caught my hand, and I started running with him. Again a feeling rose in my heart, and I came to know, I was having all the taboo thoughts, I was enjoying pleasure with some else other than my husband.

I let go his hand just stood there shocked. The situations were such which were pushing me towards him, and to add more, Rahul was not with us toady to disturbed us, that is why my feelings were flowing freely for Varun, I wished now that Rahul should have been with us. What happened? he asked, I did not reply, he caught hold of my hand again and lead me to office. We went straight to his cabin, which was right at the entrance. He closed the door. No body saw us getting in, the cabin was made such that the employees would not know if he had come, so that he could sneak on them while they worked.

All drenched I removed my dupatta and started squeezing all the water out. There was no extra room, so Varun just removed his shirt, and did the same. My salwar was striking on my skin, reviling my white skin. My bra was visible from my salwar, and the shape of my ass was all been reviled. My nipples were standing because of the cold water. My perfect classic shape of 36-24-36 was reviled. I looked at Varun, who was staring at me. You look beautiful.” He said. I blushed, and felt shy at the same time. Till now I had forgotten that I was married. This was just like any Hindi movie romantic situation where the actors would make love.

My desires were taking over the situation; my hunger was not letting me think straight, I was lost, I turned, hiding myself from him. He came from behind and slowly placed his arms on my waist, as soon as he touched me a goose bumps went through my body, a current flowed making me paylarised, I could not stand on my legs correctly, I let my head fall back resting on his chest. He was breathing deep and so was I and his hands slowly moved forward on my waist and were locked in front of my stomach.

I started breathing even more heavily. I loved you in college.” He whispered in my ears, his warm breath which collided on my shoulders made me crazy. And then he kissed me on my collar, sending another flow of current, knocking me further down. I moved my face to wards his kiss, pressing his lips deep on my neck. He was slowly kissing on my neck, making me loose my control for good. Then I remembered that this was not college, we were married, I was married, and that this was not right.

But his soft warm lips on my sensitive neck made me forget everything. I remembered that I loved him in college too. I loved you too,” I said, breathing heavily, the words were dying to come out of my mouth since six years, since I first saw him, and now they did not wait, for me to say it, they came out with out my permission. He turned me around. With one hand on my waist and other under my chin, lifting it high so that our eyes met our eyes met, and I lowered them with shyness, I was breathing heavily.

I did not say anything and closed my eyes, waiting for him to kiss me, waiting for his warm lips to touch mine, wait for some one to show me what love, what is romance, Oh is! I was waiting for it for so long. And then slowly his warm lips touched mine, sending another wave of current right through my body till my toes. I shivered, and he held my face with one hand, and his other hand went on my back.

It was all happening I was finally being completed. And person who was doing it was the same person I wanted it to do all this six years ago when we sat there just making fun of sex while we could have experienced it. We kissed, and then I let go myself loose. I started inserting my tongue in his mouth, and he let it enter, I explored his mouth, like I had never before. Not even my husband had tasted my tongue.

My hands went into his hair, and I pressed his face in to mine. He inserted his tongue into my mouth and both our tongue dueled each other like two swords do. His hand was slowly moving towards my ass. And when it reached there he gave it a gentle squeeze. By this I got naughty and I bit his lower lip. After ten minutes of kissing we parted our kiss. But he did not stop, now he kissed my, chicks, my fore head, my chin, my nose, my neck my shoulders.

I was guiding him with my hand in his hair, I was making him kiss all my body parts which were waiting from so long to be kissed, to be loved. His hands now came in front and went slowly to my breast. Varun was gentle, he did not rush even a little. He knew the right time, he knew how to please a woman, he did not behave like a sex addict who would never get a chance again to fuck, and he behaved like a sex god, an experienced man, who knew what an incomplete woman needed.

His strong hands were on my breast, as he kept kissing on my neck and surrounding areas, my hands still in his hair, gripping and realizing him on the places I needed attention. I was panting, heavily like an asthma patient. Now he squeezed my breasts, hard, as if he was pressing a soft toy, he kept on pressing hard as I was gripping his hair more and more tightly to indicate him to squeeze it more tightly. Ahhh’ I let out a moan as my breast squeezing desires were on the peak.

I guided him down, and he did not wait, he bit my nipples from top of my salwar itself. Ahhh, yes’ I moaned even louder. I pressed his face on my breast, asking him to bit harder, to squeeze even harder. Now my hands were just resting on his head, he did not need any guidance he knew what I needed; he was doing what I wanted. His hands went at the back. And he unzipped the zipper of my salwar. Then slowly he raised my hands, he came up and planted

A kiss on my lips again sucking them, he held my hands for some period in same position, while he kissed me deep, and finally he broke ending by biting on my lower lip. My eyes were closed as he removed my salwar, our lips met again, I lowered my hands and his hands went at the back again to un buckle my bra, and he removed it slowly, and threw it on the floor. Finishing the kiss with a small bit again he went down kissing my neck along

And reached my bare breast and with no halt he kissed my nipples, rolled his tongue around them, making me crazy, I was so aroused that I had the first orgasm of my life aaahhhh, yes, I am Cumming.’ I shouted, he bit my hard, erect nipples, sending orgasm after orgasm in my body.

Ohhh! Yessss aaahhhh yessss and he bit and sucked my nipples, rolled his tongue around it, and he did it on both sides.

Ahh Yes, Bite it, b- bite it hard, uhhhh yeah, baby, suck them, yes, ohhh yeah, yes, ahhahhh. I love you Varun, I love you lot’ I said. He sucked and bit. He came up and we kissed, very deeply, he was eating my mouth and I was eating his, our tongues have changed places, his was in my and mine was in his. As we kissed he picked me up. I was in his arms, but we did not part the kiss, we were still exploring each others mouth, he laid me on the sofa,

Now he kissed me all over my neck and chest, he did not leave even one part of my body un kissed, slowly he went down, and kissed on my stomach, his hand rested on my pussy, fingering it slowly, over my salwar. A current went through my body. When ever he touched with his rough manly hands on the unexplored parts of my body, it would send a current right through my body; shivering me from my head to toe.

He went kissing step by step, till he reached my vagina, and without waiting he kissed it, from over my salwar. Ohhhuuu, I had a very intense orgasm. My hands went into his hair, and I pressed his mouth deep into my pussy. His hands went up and started releasing the knot of my salwar. He undid them and slid down my salwar, I raised my hips so that it would easily slide down, he pulled down my panties, which were wet due to rain, and the six orgasms I had.

After removing my panty, he put it on his nose and took a long breath, taking in all the aroma of my pussy. Ummm, you smell so good.’ He said breath. Then he went down and kissed my pussy, as he kissed my lips. Ohh another current went through my body. He brought out his tongue and inserted it in my pussy, and with some pressure he sucked it very hard. All this time my hands where in his hair clutching them tightly, pressing his face on my vagina.

He licked and sucked my pussy, his tongue was long and it was exploring all the insides of my pussy, his upper lip on my clitoris, the perfect spot to get an orgasm, lick, and suck he did with pressure, he was eating my pussy, opening and closing his jaw. His warm breath was releasing on my vagina making me hotter, and then I cannot hold back. I am Cumming I am Cumming’ I shouted. Listening this he pressed his lips on my clitoris, and opened his mouth wide

Ohh ahh uumm yeah baby yes, I shot loads of cum; four to five jets of cum came out, and went right into his opened mouth which was waiting open for it. As I was done, he came up, and opened his mouth, showed me his mouth filled with my juices and with a wicked smile, he gulped it. He drank all my cum. You taste so sweet.” He said. He went back down. After few minutes of his continuous sucking and licking he inserted his two fingers in my pussy, deep

And started massaging my inner walls, it was enough, no one had explored those spots, his tongue now exploring my ass, no one touched my ass before. It was a different experience. And I could not hold back, after five minutes of his fingering I finally let out my eighth orgasm, this time also he collected my juices in his mouth. He came back up and kissed me, putting my juices in my mouth.

I kissed him deep, letting my tongue explore and lick all of my sweet juice in his mouth, his saliva mixed with my juices, it tasted even sweeter. I held his shoulder and turned him around, and got on top of him. Kissing him deeply, I went down, step by step, kissing all over his body.

I kissed on his neck, I kissed on his chest, I sucked his nipples, slowly kissing, and down I went. I felt his penis over his pants, it big, and yes bigger than my husbands.

I undid button and unzipped his pants and pulled it down, he to raise his hips, as I pulled both his jeans and underwear down together. His penis stood erect, right near my face. It was longer than my face, at least nine inches. I took hold of the warm hard and leather tool, and started shaking it. Oh yes, your hands are so soft.” He said. This was the first time, I was taking a penis in my hand and I felt good, I had never touched my husband’s penis.

I jerked it for few minutes. And I never thought I would do it, but I had a wild urge of taking it in my mouth, and with out my own senses I parted my lips and let it guide its way in to my throat. It was warm, sticky with all the pre cum, and it was salty. I rolled my tongue around it, and took it as deep as I could, Varun’s hands went at the back of my head into my hair and he started stroking his penis in my mouth. I licked his penis from the base to the tip;

I mouthed his balls, rolled my tongue around them, sucked them, and pulled them with my lips. Then I just went up kissing gently, the whole penis with my lips, I took back his penis in my mouth. This was the first time I was giving any one a blow jaw, and I was exploring it my self, he did not need to tell me anything. All he shouted was, Ohhh, yes baby you are doing great, you h-have a natural talent just do what you like ahhh’

Then he started moving his hips very fast, and fucked my mouth, fast, then he arched, pressed my face deep down on his throat and I am cumming, I am cumming baby. I could feel jets of his cum hitting my at the back of my throat. With just two jets my throat was full, but there was still more to come, so I gulped down the sweet and salty cum of his. After about a minute long of his ejaculation my mouth was full of cum.

I sucked and licked his penis dry, before I was done cleaning his penis with my tongue, he was erect again. I stroked his penis for a few minutes. He asked me to lay on my back, and then he got on top of me, I parted my legs, he checked my pussy with his hand, I was wet and ready.

He touched my vagina with the tip of his penis. And retreated back, he did it again, rubbing it on my clitoris, and around my pussy lips, over my pussy. Teasing me and making me wait.

Please janu, don’t tease me.” I said. You will like it and then slowly he inserted his cock, in my pussy, his nine inch cock was very big for my vagina which till now held only a six inch penis of my husband. Ahhhuhhhh I moaned as his cock went only half of his length in side me. Ahhh it’s so big. I said breath and hen he gave a jerk, and with one go it went right in, tearing my pussy apart. Ahhh, I bit the back of my hand to stop my self from shouting.

He found my lips and started kissing me to muffle my loud moaning, and his sweet kiss made me forget of the pain and instead made me enjoy it. Our tongues explored. He started moving his hips slowly. His penis was deep inside, I could feel it touching my inside walls. He fucked me for almost twenty minuets in same pose, and during that period I came six times. His pubes and my thighs were all wet with my juices. Ahhhahhh I moaned as he gained pace oooohhh yesss.

Baby fuck me, hard, hard, harder and he started pounding me like a piston engine. Putt. Putt, His balls slapping on my ass. Yesss ahhh yeah baby ohhh yes, yes, yes I shouted. I heard some one trying to open the door, as it made noise while he rotated it. But it did not open. Thank god I thought last thing I want is some one disturbing me in this my sweet experience. And then suddenly what the hell is going on here?” that was our assistant manager. He had the key to the office.

Oh! Shit.” Varun said but he did not stop. He kept on pounding me. Rahul closed the door and locked it again, and started removing his cloths. What the hell are you d-doing get out I yelled yeah like I am going to miss this chance, to fuck you. He said smiling I have been waiting for your pussy for so long, no. Varun tell him to leave I said. While he still fucked me in my pussy.

What is he going to say, he didn’t say anything, while I fucked his wife yesterday, in front of him. Rahul said and just right before came. So that is why you were late today, and I thought how you could miss a chance to talk to Haasini. Varun said. By now he had removed all his clothes and he came near me. I looked at Varun, he is telling truth and we have shared many women, including our wives, now. Varun said.

Varun picked me up, now he was standing and I was in his arms, my legs around his waist, my arms around his shoulders, his penis in my pussy, as he banged me harder. Come join us. Varun said. What, no.” I said trying to get down, but my own body was not responding. Relax, you will enjoy it. Varun said and kissing me deep and Rahul touched my ass and as soon as he did, I let out a very large orgasm, it continued for almost one and half minute. Ohh yessssss you liked it didn’t you.

Varun said I did not reply, but instead took his tongue in my mouth. Rahul inserted his fingers in my ass. Ahhh it’s dry, I think I’ll have problem inserting my dick in her ass, she would really get hurt. Lay her down, I have to lubricate my dick before it goes up her ass, and it would be good if she does it her self. Rahul said and Varun laid me down on the couch, and started fucking me in missionary position. Rahul came near my face, his seven and half inch long dick pointing towards my mouth.

His dick was not as big as Varun’s but it was still bigger than my husbands. He slapped my lips with his dick, for some time, and then he just rested his penis on my lips. I just peed before I came in.” Rahul said with a wicked smile on his face our eyes met, and with a wicked smile I kissed his penis, opened my mouth and let him guide his dick in my throat. His penis smelled foul, it was very salty, and warm, and it tasted like piss. It was gross, but it was making me hornier and naughtier.

I rolled my tongue around his penis. Before today I had never tasted a penis, and in one day I took two different penises in my mouth great progress. I licked his penis from the bottom all the way to the tip, sucked his balls, and rolled my tongue around them, I kissed every part of his dick, I was happy with the new toy I got ooohh yesss’ Rahul said in ecstasy her mouth is awesome, warm and full of saliva, he held my head, and started fucking my mouth in pace, oh I loved it, his dick was hitting at the back of my throat.

After about fifteen minutes of mouth fucking, Rahul said let’s take a break I did not want a break; I wanted them to pound me together. Rahul pulled his penis out of my mouth, and Varun from my pussy don’t stop. I said don’t worry dear we are not stopping. Rahul said. Varun came near my mouth, and Rahul went towards my pussy. I took Varun’s dick in my mouth and Rahul took my pussy in his mouth ooohhhh, I have been waiting for this pussy since a long time.

And he plunged into my pussy and his warm lips made me go crazy, he was wild, he kissed it as if he was hungry for hundred years and suddenly he found food ooohh I shouted. He licked, and sucked every inch of my vagina, his tongue went inside my pussy and was rolling all in the pussy walls. After about ten minutes of sucking and licking, he climbed on top of me and inserted his dick in my pussy. Oh I have been waiting so long for this period. Rahul said.

He jerked, and his dick entered in with one go and but it did not hurt mush as my pussy had accommodated Varun’s nine inch dick. Rahul went wild, and started fucking me hard, he was pounding me faster than any rocket. Ohh ahh uuummm yes yess uck me baby yes harder harder yes. I shouted as it was hard for me to concentrate on Varun’s dick which was in my mouth, after all Rahul was going at a good pace. Rahul came up and kissed me

I let out Varun’s dick from my mouth and kissed Rahul back, and started giving Varun a hand job, while we explored each others mouth, out tongue fought against each other, and he was inserting his tongue so deep that it hit at the back of my throat. After about five minutes of intense kissing we parted. He looked at me; I gave him a smile back. He went down and started playing with my breasts, sucking them licking them, biting them; he rolled his tongue around my nipples.

Mean while I took Varun’s dick in my mouth again, and let him discover the depth of my throat, it was hard to take his complete dick inside, but I managed more than 3\4. After about twenty minutes of fucking my pussy Rahul said I want your ass now and took his penis out. Varun also took out his dick from my pussy and came near my vagina and inserted it in my pussy, he picked me up, my legs tied around his waist, my arms around his neck.

Rahul came from behind, and touched his penis on my ass, and slowly pushed.’I shouted in pain, Varun locked his lips with mine to muffle my screams, and Rahul pushed his dick again, it went half in. Ummmm, I moaned, with Varun’s tongue in my mouth. Rahul pushed again and it went right in, he started moving slowly, and picked up pace, for the first time in my life I had two penises inside me. Till morning I never even thought of cheating my husband and by now

I had two dicks inside me and I loved the slutty business I was doing ohh yeah yesss ahh fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me yes harder. I shouted. Both of them fucked me with great pace. Rahul turned my head and kissed me again, our tongue fought again in each others mouth. So Rahul, how did you convince my wife to get in bed with you?” Varun asked. After ten minutes of fucking. It was difficult, she really likes you. But I wanted to fuck her.

I went with an excuse that you wanted a file which I already had aaahhhhh yes’ mean while they fucked both my holes crazy she let me in, we searched for the file which I knew we were no going to find, so after some time I started talking to her, about sex, you know your wife is open about this stuff, she was there when we had sex with my wife, and she recorded the whole thing. Wait, so Varun’s wife was with you, while he and you fucked your wife?

I asked amazed yes Rahul said. This was making me naughtier any way so I told her that you wanted me to fuck her. Oh yeah what she say then?” Varun asked and she said ‘I know, but it was not going to happen. She was in the kitchen making juice while we were talking about this, so I went in the kitchen, she did not realize me coming, and I grabbed her from behind, my already hard dick touched her ass, and my hands wrapped all around her waist, I kissed her neck with my lips, she dropped the glass filled with juice.

But I want you badly, I said please don’t do this; she said al thought she didn’t mean it. And then my hand moved up and cupped her breast, she turned her head and bit my ear. And I knew she was ready, I picked her up and took her to the bedroom. Oh great, I am Cumming, Varun shouted and he came in my pussy, he came so much that my vagina cannot hold all his cum inside me, and it started dripping out of my pussy and rolling down my thighs it went till

My toe, the hot sensation of the rolling cum made me go wild and I came too oooohhh I am Cumming too, yesss. I am Cumming too, but he took out his dick out of my ass, and made me suck his dick, and then after few jerks, he came inside my throat, his cum tasted sweet. I came back up and kissed his mouth with my cum filled mouth. I pushed his cum inside his mouth with my tongue. Don’t worry dear, I have tasted my cum. He said and we slept, with Rahul’s penis in my ass and Varun’s penis in my pussy.

After this day we had sex regularly, and instead of working on voice process, I started working there as a whore. By now all the guys in the call center had fucked me many times. Rahul made a video collection of all the fucking sessions I had with all the employees. Once on my birthday, all the guys fucked me whole night. Since that day I had found out how wonderful sex was and I explored it everyday. Now even my sex life with my husband was good, as I did what ever happened at the call center with him

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