My name is Haasini. I am a 22 year old female, working in a reputed software company based in Pune. I am a fun loving girl by nature, and am considered quite attractive. I enjoy a few sports and also hit the gym occasionally. So, I take good care to keep my body in great shape.

I’d like to share details of my physical encounters with readers on here for some feedback, and also for the fun of it! And yes, it’s all very true. No erotic imagination, fantasy, etc! I’ll start off with describing my appearance & a little background. I have fair skin, dark long hair and my figure reads 34-24-30. I live with my family, so I am well off. I have a vibrant social life and a lot of friends, at work and otherwise.

I am about to share with you, the details of my visit to a close friend’s wedding. Her name is Sheetal and she is 24. We have been friends since we were 10. She was getting married into a very wealthy family, and was also happy with her to-be husband. There was a good feeling around all of it. I wrapped up work on Friday, and packed up my things and my best outfits, excited for the wedding.

It was to be held at a resort in Lonavala. (which is much near Pune) The 3 hour drive with family landed us up at an extremely lavish resort with a sprawling campus, beautiful gardens, buildings, etc. We were greeted and shown our rooms. There were two rooms. So I took one and my parents took the other.

I got into some casuals (skin tight blue tee, black jeans and sneakers) to go meet Sheetal. We met up, and were so excited and happy. We went through their couple photographs with a few other friends. Sheetal and her to-be husband had been dating for 2 years. I was very happy for her. Meeting some other close and old friends felt nice too.

Me and 2 other friends took a walk around the resort and had a look at the preparations and met some other family relatives. It was a grand event. After a bit, we ran into some of the groom’s friends. Their family was from Punjab. They didn’t have turbans on, but behaved like gentlemen and certainly knew how to talk to women. 3 of them were Raj, Varun and Mann.

All 3 were well chiseled boys and I don’t know about my other friends, but they were certainly having a good look at me. I enjoyed the attention and flirted harmlessly with them for some time. I returned to my room, talked to my parents a bit and then took a nap. I got up and had a long shower. Then, I applied some oils on my skin, rid myself of the trimmed pubic hair and took another shower.

I wanted to feel at my prettiest for the occasion. Besides, I enjoy taking utmost care of my body! Then I put on brand new lacy light pink g-string and a matching, tight, raunchy and very sexy lt. pink bra. The mirror showed the color went well with my fair skin. Above that, I wore the prettiest pink sari I had picked up a few weeks back, a backless white blouse and high heels.

I had nicely done up my hair in a bunch. I reached the hall with my parents, from where we split into our groups. I went off with my friends, and they with theirs. The ceremony and arrangements were so grand and majestic. It was a wonderful ceremony. I had a great time mingling with friends, relatives and receiving compliments from almost everyone I met!

I didn’t need to put on any blush! After a few hours, food was served. I had a light meal, and moved on to drinks. This was when Raj, Varun and Mann showed up. All 3 were very well dressed and looked handsome. They complimented me a lot. I enjoyed it, simply blushing and smiling. I insisted they join my group of friends for drinks. We started, and knew we wouldn’t stop!

Everything from beer, to vodka, to tequila, shot after shot. I was having a ball, and had a lot to drink as well, but not so much as to lose my senses. What I noticed was, despite having so many girls around, the 3 boys were all the time hanging around me. I didn’t care too much. I kept on drinking. I started to lose some sense and blurted out whatever came to my mind.

MY group eventually moved inside the hall and the 3 of them took me out to the lawn, with bottles of vodka in their hands. I danced along as we joked, laughed and fooled around. After a bit though, I noticed we had come far away from the hall in the lush green lawns. The night air was cold and chilly. Then, we started to dance as I noticed all 3 of them started to feel me up.

They ran their rough hands across my slim, exposed my waist, touching my breasts, ass and shoulders and rubbing against me. I started to get high on the alcohol and men. I did not object. They did not take a minute to understand this. What shocked me a little was, they were prepared.

They took me behind a tall bush and there was a video camera on a tripod there, and a big white blanket on the grass. The thought of being taped turned me on even more, and being half drunk, I didn’t care about the consequences as I nodded. This sent them over the edge. Mann went behind the camera and turned it on, as Raj and Varun came from behind and unwrapped my sari.

Raj dug his hands into my blouse and pulled it down, exposing my right shoulder, as he kissed it. I moaned softly, as Varun unhooked my blouse. Mann came ahead and went on his knees, digging his nails into the sari wrapped on my waist and pulled it down to my ankles. I gasped, as in a flash; I was standing in my g-string, bra and heels, and nothing else, in front of a camera and 3 studs.

They hooted and cheered at the sight of me. I conceded a smile “Ab kis baat ka intazaar hai” (“Now what are you waiting for?”) I said, letting my hair loose. All 3 of them came onto me and groped me in every way, on my ass, my breasts, everywhere and put their lips all over my body, saying all kinds of dirty and nice things in that cute Punjabi accent.

They let their tongues play with mind, one by one, as I miffed and purred around, and then screamed …laughing as Mann slid off my bra straps and poured vodka all over me, neck down. Raj took control of the camera as he recorded Varun and Mann licking and sucking the alcohol of my tits and waist, and belly button. All 3 boys were naked by now.

I could feel their rough skin, hair, muscular bodies and erect cocks touch and rub against my soft skin. Raj then took the camera off its stand as the 3 of them surrounded me and one of them said “Ghutnon pe, meri jaan”. (“On your feet, my dear”) I understood what they wanted, as I went on my knees, as they turned the camera light on and tilted it down on my face, as I saw 3 huge cocks surround me.

The smell of manhood turned me on, and awoke the slut inside me. I let my cold hands stroke their hot, massive, throbbing cocks. Turn by turn, I first sucked their balls, lapping them, sucking them, popping them in and out of my mouth and pinching the sac between my lips. I almost made out with their nuts.

Then I lapped up the backside of their cocks, reaching the tip and sucking each cock head turn by turn. They loved it and were making dirty noises and comments all the time. I then stroked their shafts, two cocks in each hand as they poured vodka on me and their cocks, recording all of this. Then I started to suck each dick.

I let my petite lips around each cock, chance by chance and sucked hard, stuffing my mouth and sliding deeper. All of them were loving it, I could tell from their comments. Then, slowly, one by one, I sucked each boy’s cock, bobbing my pretty face along their length, as I then slide real deep and choked my throat with their penis,

my nose resting on their pubic hair and their balls sticking to my chin as I held it in, gagging and spurting – this, to each one of them, as it was recorded. I gasped for air as they brought me to my feet, as I had a sip of vodka to down the taste of their cock, they took turns darting their tongue down my throat as the others felt my wet pussy and spanked my ass, laughing as they zoomed in, etc.

(I’m sorry to keep bringing up the camera bit, but it really turned me on!) Then Raj had me mount his cock as he lay on the sheet with his legs spread. I knelt above him and let myself down on him, letting his hard, pulsating cock stuff into my tight pussy in one full go. I yelped loudly as I felt it throb against my walls inside me.

He pulled me to him, as my tits hung above his mouth, and my back was curved, as he used his strong arms on my tight waist and started to flop me up and down, sucking my breasts simultaneously. Slowly, I picked up momentum, as I started to furiously ride his cock, jumping up and down on it, screaming,

not caring if anyone found out as my silky white thighs and tight ass slapped against his hairy, rough and manly thighs. I was so turned on at that moment! Then Mann came ahead and slipped his cock into my lips, which parted, forming a delicious ‘O’. My moans and love sounds were muffled by his cock choking my throat as I felt so dirty, having two cocks inside of me.

And if it could not get worse, Raj stretched me more, pulling me down onto him more, as I felt Varun teasing my puckered ass hole with his cock. I had done anal before with my ex-BF, but not a DP*! A little scared, I was too horny to object, as he teased around a little, and then slowly stuffed his cock into my ass.

I gasped, shrieked and yelped as I felt his rod, inch by inch, pushing down inside me. After a few seconds, it was all in. And then, to my extreme horror and pleasure, all 3 of them started to ram, in and out, mercilessly ploughing my holes as I just squirmed and screamed my throat dry in pleasure and pain. The experience was unforgettable!

Soon, all of them were letting out moans and groans, and withdrew, as I knelt before them. The camera was once again above me, as each of them took turns to splatter my tits and face with their hot, thick juices. I felt like such a slut, covered in cum, sweating and gasping for breath …as the three of them collapsed besides me.

What followed was sweet silence, of satisfying our hungry young bodies and their desires. I got re-dressed and joined the three of them back at the party.

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