I am Haasini, 35 and my hubby, Raj, 43 working in a bank. We had three children all of them in the school or college. We have our own gated house and a small garden, Raj goes by 9 to office and comes back in the evening before 6 pm. We have fairly good sex life. I am very fair in colour, big boobs.

I wear only sarees and my hubby whenever he goes out he makes it a point to buy some sarees for me. I go to the temple everyday and there we have several groups engaged in chanting and they all like me. Opposite to our house two bachelors were staying, both MBAs one Paul and another Sridhar. They were in the age group of 22 or 23.

They were friendly with Raj and used to talk whenever Raj gpes to collect news papers near the gate. They were working in some MNC and talked about big companies etc. When they find me going to the temple or returning they will watch and pass some comments of appreciation of the dress I wore etc. Who will not flattery. I thought it was without any bad intention and allowed to passby.

Raj once told me that we have to call these youngsters for food one of these days. I told him I can cook only vegetarian food and no non veg. OK ok, said Raj and just some simple home made food would suit. We told them that they are going to have supper with us and not to rush out anywhere. They said ok. In the evening they came, chatting endlessly.

I served them just chappathis, veg stew, rice, sambar and other side dishes. I made some payasam as a dessert. Both Paul and Sridhar appreciated the food very much and they devoured the food and comments of appreciation were more and more. I was very happy to hear that the food was good and they sat in the drawing room talking for a long time.

Paul was a short structured youngster and Sridhar was tall and lean. But both had a very amiable character. My husband Raj, goes to office in the office car by 9 am and all my children also go away in the early morning.

All my kitchen work would be over by that time, I just put the dirty clothes in the washing machine and sit relaxing for going through the newspapers and then take a leisurely bath and a nap before I take my lunch. In the meantime my servant will come to clean up the house and clean the vessels. She is always very irregular that she may not come for two or three days in a month.

One day at about 10 am I heard the sound of Paul from the front door. I went and opened the door and it was Paul and he said he wanted to talk to me came in and asked me what I was doing. Talking he lead me into the bedroom and quiet unexpectedly he touched my boob and that it was his firm desire to just it, will you give me, Aunty, he asked.

No. such of your desires are bad, I have not allowed any outsider to touch me other than my husband, no Paul, do not touch, I said. But he came close with a pleading face, with raised hand to touch my boobs and again said, please aunty, just once, I just wanted to lick your boobs and suck the nipples thats all.

So much of my arguments did not fall in his ear, he was pleading and pleading, I did not want to shout and raise an alarm. His hand were already there on my blouse unhooking the blouse, unhooking my bra and he was in a hurry to take a nipple in his mouth. Whatever said done, the moment his hand touched my boob I felt pleasure and did not push him away and allowed him have his way.

His one hand was massaging one boob and another was in his mouth and his tongue was going round and round my nipple. For a moment I forget about the situation, he pushed me slowly to my bed and made me to sit and pushed me to lie down. Ke kissed my cheeks, neck and sucked my nipples with more vigor and I was liking his action very much.

His one hand was searching for my crotch, raised my saree and petty coat and located my pussy. What is this, no no, this you should not do, Paul please I pleaded. But he was very quick that his finger was on my clitoris and gripped it firmly while his mouth was sucking my boob. All my resistance vanished in thin air, I was there lying before him with my vital parts fully exposed.

He said, do you know for how many days we have been wanting to do this to you. we simply cannot resist fucking you aunty, you are really charming. He took out his 7 inch cock out of his lungi and rubbed the tip on my pussy and clitoris. He raised my legs up and opened my knees and my pussy was totally exposed. I was yet to take bath and my pussy was smelling.

But he did not seem to mind, His mouth was buried in my pussy and his tongue searched for my clitoris and was sucking it. I was moaning softly and he knew I was already in his trap and I cannot escape. My white thighs, open pussy, since I had shaven a week back black stubs of hair around the pussy aroused him. Paul licked my pussy and sucked my clitoris occasionally.

I was highly aroused and was watching his action. He placed his cock in my cunt and in one plunge made his entire cock disappear in my cunt. Keeping his hand on my boobs he started to fuck and each stroke raised me to a new height of pleasure. With my hand I kept my knees wide open Paul was punching me at a fast rate.

Suddenly he shot his cum into my hole and hell on me and hugged me and shouted for his friend sridar. Sridhar at first smiled at me and then without able to bear my look closed his eyes and he pulled his 7 incher and Paul asked not to waste time but to commence fucking. sridhar placed his cock at the entrance of my fuckhole. Paul could not bring me to my climax.

Sridhar with his lanky body, but strong prick was pumping me very fast and I could sense my orgasm arriving. I urged him to do it fast as my servant may come any moment. Sridhar took more time than Paul and when he came he threw huge amount of his cum and my climax also joined with his and and I hugged him against my bare boobs.

Planting his kisses on my cheeks, without uttering any thing he just went away with Paul. Both of them wiped their tools in my saree. I got up from bed, wiped my fluids in my saree and then went to the door and bolted it from inside. Removed my sarees put it in the machine and then took my towel and went to the bathroom for wash.

I never expected that these boys will treat me like a cheap bitch. But their cock was really a magic rods that after a long time I got real fucking. My sex life with my husband was not at all unsatisfactory. He liked more of oral sex and we played lot of sex games and all our sex activity were in the night after putting our children to sleep.

But what these boys have done today was unexpected and they both were experts in fucking. They knew how to make a female happy. Their fluids were flowing constantly from my cunt for a long time. I too felt to have enjoyed the whole thing and my clitoris which was elangated by Paul by his sucking was having burning sensation. After bath I applied some white vaseline on it.

There were finger marks on my boob and I was afraid my huby may notice it in our sex session. My husband had a six inch cock and get fucked by two 7 inchers was a great pleasure. My regret was that they treated me like a slut. All the merry talk and friendship was ultimately for this only. I felt terribly guilty. I should not have allowed them to touch my body.

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