My husband was transferred to another city and since both our kids are studying outside the state, I moved with him to the new house till summer when it is time for the kids to come home again. In the new city we rent part of the house which was owned by man who was widowed for many years and stayed with his only daughter till recently when she married and moved with her husband.

Of course there is a helper coming trice a week, but that’s it. On knowing that we moved to the apartment; his daughter called me and expressed her happiness that at least her dad will have company and will not be alone anymore.

Since the landlord lived all by himself; my husband took pity of him and asked me to help him by preparing a meal for three instead of two; an extra to share with him every time I cook a meal. We have been staying in his property for more than three months and in the two storey building; he occupy the ground floor and we took the next floor.

During the day when my husband was at work; he used to visit our apartment every now and then and I use to serve him launch too. That is how we got acquainted. One day while returning from shopping, I saw the door to his apartment was open; I called his name ‘Mr Ravi, Mr Ravi,’ but there was no answer.

I thought maybe he was not well, so I entered the apartment and call his name again yet; there was no answer. Then I saw the door to his bedroom was kept ajar and I walked on that direction and enter the room. I thought he was sick but what I saw in the room was a great shock. It was a shocked of a lifetime as I have never seen such unpleasant incident.

He was standing in front of the mirror half-naked with his pants and underpants on the floor around his ankle. On his bed I saw a bra which looks familiar and on his right hand he was holding again a familiar panty which he placed on the tip of his hard cock while he used his left hand to move up and down his penis to masturbate.

Using the mirror; the moment he saw me entering the room; he ejaculated on the panty and I ran helter-skelter from the place. I opened the door and hurriedly locked it and threw the stuff from the market on the floor. I don’t know what I was doing, and sat on the couch unable to comprehend what I had just saw.

Then I remembered I put my cloth on the line to dry and went to see whether my bra and panty were still there. My worst fear was confirmed; the bra and the panty he used to masturbate were the one I changed after I took a bath this morning. I put them to dry; but they were not on the line anymore.

I was in shock and don’t know what to do, I had never had an inkling that he had a feeling for me. That day, although I was able to finish my chore but I don’t know how the day went. I was not able to think properly because what I saw; keep coming to my mind on and on.

Late in the afternoon before it is dark, I went to the top floor where we dry our cloth and saw my undergarment, I immediately collected all the cloth and rushed to the apartment. Inside the house I initially hesitated to touch my under wear but slowly I took my panty and put it on my nose to smell it,

then I saw a small crispy white flake caked on the panty fabric and I don’t know how and why but I took the panty close to my mouth and lick it with my tongue. The next morning after my husband has left for office; I took bath and while I was about to finish; I heard a doorbell rang. I thought it was the delivery boy, because I ordered a skirt online.

I immediately put a t-shirt and wrapped a towel round my waist and walk to the door. Before I opened the door I looked through a peephole and saw Mr. Ravi the landlord in front of the door, I initially hesitated to open the door, but then I saw he was carrying an empty bowl in his hand. I opened the door and he said that he was about to take tea and found that he had run out of sugar.

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I don’t want him to stand outside, so I asked him to enter. I asked him to sit on the chair in the dining room while I prepare tea for him. I took the kettle and poor some water in it and put in on and lid the gas stove. In the mean time I went to get a cup and put some sugar into it. While I was preparing the tea I was turning my back to him not saying any words to him.

He started the conversation first and hesitantly he said ‘I am sorry about yesterday’ and I kept mum. Then he continued and said that he fell in love with me the first time he saw me. He also said that he was madly in love with me and thinks of me every time and he used to masturbate regularly using under garment.

Because I remain silent, he took the courage and stood up from his chair and said ‘you look so sexy with your wet hair.’ He moved slowly to where I was standing and reach close enough where he can smell me and said ‘Oh baby you look so fresh,’ then added ‘you smell so nice’. And I continue to remain silent.

I tried to walk away from the kitchen but he grabbed my hand and then put both his hand around my waist and holds me close to his chest. I struggled to remove his hands from my waist but he was too strong for me. I tried run and request him to leave me alone, but he did not relent and in the scuffle the towel I wrapped around my waist fell to the ground.

I was stark naked half down because I did not have the time to wear my panty before I answer the door. I tried to pick the towel but he was fast and took it with him. I then tried to cover my womanhood with my hand but now he move closer to me.

He again grabbed me from behind and whisper on my ear, ‘baby you are a lame duck, it looks like you are ready for me.’ I covered my cunt with one hand and tried to remove his hand with the other but it is all futile he held me close and murmured in my ear begging me ‘please Haasini don’t be angry with me.’ He also said ‘You know Haasini; I have not touch a woman since my wife died.’ ‘Since you and your husband moved here; I feel alive again.’ He turned me to face him and almost in tears he said, ‘you are not only kind but you are so beautiful too and I love you so much,’ he said.

Then he held me with one hand and with the other he lovingly caress my cheek and hold my chin he said, ‘look at me and listen’ and he continued ‘since you came to my life; I had not slept a single night without thinking about you, please Haasini do not torture me anymore.’ I did not say a word but continue to release myself from his clutch but he was much- much stronger than me.

Holding my chin with his right hand; he moved his face closer to kiss me, but I turn to the side to avoid him. ‘Kiss me Haasini just once, kiss me’ he said with deep voice and I said ‘i can’t Ravi’. He then held me tight with both his hand kissed my neck instead.

I said ‘please Ravi don’t do it’ and tried to move him away from me but with his right hand he held both my hands on my back and I cannot do anything with my hands anymore. ‘I want you now Haasini’ he said almost crying.

He then hold me close and tight and put his head on my shoulder with tears rolling down his cheek he asked, ‘can you feel my heartbeat?’ then he released me from his clutch and move away and said ‘look Haasini, I don’t want to force myself on you and if you don’t want me I will walk away.’ ‘I just want you to know that I love you so much, I want you so much and I can’t live without you.’

I was standing there half-naked and dumbfounded and don’t know what to do. Then noticing my bewilderment, he again moved towards me and held me from the back. He put his nose on the back of my head and said ‘Haasini you are so beautiful and you smell so good baby.’

He kissed the back of my neck while his hands move towards my boobs and because I was not wearing a bra, he hit the jackpot immediately. ‘This is wrong Ravi,’ I said but he kept kissing me and replied ‘no it isn’t; if it feels good.’

He continued to kiss my neck and then move his hand to grab my whitish fleshy ass and I was standing there like a rock. ‘Baby your round tight ass is as so beautiful’ and grabbed and pinch both side and move his hand caressing my thigh.

I stand there without responding while he continued to kiss and caress my breast till he pinched my nipples. It was when he pressed my nipples that I was awake from being bowled over. Like a bolt from the blue I realize that I was with a man other than my husband and his hands were pressing my boobs as well as playing with my nipples.

‘Let me love you Haasini just once. I want you now’ I know it is wrong but then the pleasure from being caressed pinched has just started building and I mourned aahh, aahh ssshhh as I bit my lips. He then moved one of his hands to my cunt and slowly and delicately started to play with my clitoris. ‘Ravi stop, stop please’ I beg him but he continue to love me.’

The sensation started to overwhelm me and I want him to play more. Then he made me sit on the dining table and put his head between my legs and started to eat my cunt, he lick my clit and then fucked me with his tongue. ‘A beautiful woman like you should be cherished’ he said. I was over the moon.

Grabbing the hair on the back of his head; I pulled him closer to me while he fucked me with his tongue and with his finger. He then kissed me and let me taste myself and without wasting anytime he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, lowered his under wear and pushed his hard cock inside me.

He fucked me for some time at the same time kissed me and grabbed my boobs and then discharge inside me. He then removed his rod from my cunt, pull his pants and sat on the chair while I collected my cloth and went to the bedroom to change to proper clothing. When I came back to the kitchen he told me ‘Haasini; now I am ready for a cup of tea.’

After we had our tea, he again started to kiss me but this time it is slow and steady and there is no more rush. ‘Haasini I am not young anymore’ he said ‘come let us do it properly in bed baby.’ Without waiting for my consent; he then carried me to the bedroom (it is his house he knows where the bedroom is)

made me lie on the bed and started to kiss and caress my breast from over my t-shirt. We removed each other cloth till we are naked and kissed each other faces and bodies and lips. Then I get down and started to suck his penis. I started by kissing the pink bulge and teased the tip which oozes clear pre-cum with my tongue.

I kissed the pink knob while he begged me ‘suck me deeper Haasini, go deeper baby’. Then I deep throat him till he can’t hold it anymore; he soon made me lie on the bed and started to enter his cock inside my already wet cunt and fucked me for some time. ‘you are so wet, I like it baby he said.’

I then pushed him over and told him that I want to fuck him sitting on his lap. I like this position because it gives me control over the movement and I enjoyed it very much. I told him ‘this is my favourite sex position’ and added ‘pity my husband can’t take it.’ I said and continue ‘He do not last long as he come very soon whenever we fuck in this position.’

I told him ‘let see Mr Ravi if you can last longer than my husband in this position.’ After few minutes I realised Ravi is much better than my husband and last much longer. ‘I hold him tight and kiss him while he played and suck my boobs. After I had fucked him sitting on his lap till I satisfy, he then asked me to turn my back to him as he penetrate and fucked me doggy style.

I was already wet so he can easily enter me; finally we lie as he fucked me in the missionary position and he fucked me hard and fast and finally; he ejaculate and I orgasm at the same time. For me the climax is only when we come together at the same time.

We lay together for some time and when we chance to look at the clock on the wall, we realize that it already 3 o’clock and my husband will return from work in about two hours time. We kiss each other got up immediately.

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