..This is about one stormy night when I was fucked by three of my husband office collogues, Mantosh, Ravi and Sachin. I was helpless and that instant I did not wanted all that to happen with me but still I did not protested and surrendered myself to let all three do whatever they want to do.

Apparently at that time I was somewhat getting blackmailed to take out me and my husband from the deep trouble but I must reveal this fact too that as far as virginal fucking was concerned, deep inside I was starved for intense manly treatment since long and as these three started playing with my body together,

slowly I felt myself getting indulged into the act and I also accept that up to an extent I enjoyed getting a fucked by three males one after another for the whole night. Later when I was totally out of trouble I often use to recall my past to arouse myself and particularly from the time I have started thinking about writing down my experience I remain heavily aroused all the time

and by trying writing my life experience in a way I want live those weird moments again. I am sure after reading my so far description, most of readers might feel it a bogus incident and rest will consider me a slut. Anyhow I cannot prove anything to readers, neither this that this is my true life happening nor this fact that I am not a slut but still I would say whatever I am trying to write down

is my real experience and I am just a normal female who has high sexual desire as compared to normal Indian females, above that unfortunately I am married to a male who has lost his health and sexual strength because of excessive drinking and smoking.

Anyway instead of getting into the incident directly first I would like to detail bit about me and my husband Rahul and the environment in which without my husband’s knowledge I allowed three men, Mantosh, Ravi and Sachin to fuck me in my own my own house when my drunkard husband was lying unconscious in the other bedroom.

For introduction if I will try to explain my appearance in words then I will say I am fair and good looking female, around 5’5” in height but with a heavy bony structure. Unlike females detailed in most stories of this blog I am not slender and well in shape, rather I don’t have even a flat belly,

in around five years of married life I have procured bit of tummy and apart from that I have good amount of flesh over my thighs and also have round, fleshy and jutting out ass mounds with big and heavy breasts. And if I will talk about my husband then I would say in last five years of marriage he has become just opposite to me.

In height he is couple of inches taller than me but because of unhealthy life style and bad habits in last five years he has lost significant weight. While talking about my sex life with my husband I will say I really don’t remember sexually when I was fully satisfied last time.

Since long Rahul has failed to retain himself inside me for more than a minute and that is why unintentionally I had developed a habit of fingering myself while bathing. Now without mentioning the name of the place I would say we both me and my husband belong to the town of U.P which is close to the capital of the country and well known tourist place around the globe.

Ours is love marriage and I have somewhat fought with parents to marry Rahul and I feel that I have made a mistake by doing that. I feel as a person Rahul is not exactly what he uses to pretend before marriage. I knew this fact that he drinks but occasionally but after marriage he started smoking too and became a drunkard; may be because after marriage my income started coming to him.

While staying in our home town over the time lap of around 3 years or bit more, even after trying my best I have failed to take him out of this habit. Within six months of marriage Rahul lost his job and after a year my in-laws threw us out of the house because of all that.

After losing his job for around next 3 years Rahul did not settled down in any job and in addition to the he got into imprisonment for injuring a man in drunken state. After that as suggested by many people of our family I along with Rahul shifted from our home town to Delhi, just to break Rahul’s friend circle but ultimately nothing changed.

Although after coming to Delhi initially Rahul was changed a bit, I was not expecting him to stop drinking, I just took a promise that he will not drink outside the house and for few months he followed his promise but ultimately once again he found three of his type of guys, Mantosh, Ravi and Sachin and he frequently started coming home drunk.

Couple of times I had fights with him and he apologized but ultimately nothing changed. Over the year or bit more I adjusted myself with the truth with a relief that like past he was never over drunk and he was working consistently in the same company from around one and half year since we were here.

Like Rahul use to sit with his these friends at their place, many times he came up with them at my home and sat here to drink. All three uses to address me Bhabhi Ji, and among three Mantosh was the one who use to talk to me sometimes. Although many times I have seen them staring at my body with a lustful perspective but as such I never faced any trouble with the three which I could oppose.

Now while coming to the incident I would say time was passing casually and at one corner of mind I was thinking about planning a baby now, as I said as compared to past Rahul was changed a bit; he was consisting in his job and getting regular appreciation from the company in monetary concern and I was expecting after getting into fatherhood he will get more responsible

but things changed in a fraction when one day Rahul came back home over drunk and after bit of vomiting he went into deep sleep. I remember it was a Saturday evening and I was already expecting him coming back bit drunk and that instant I took everything casually and thought about talking to him in the morning regarding his over drunk state,

but next day my life story took altogether a different turn and after getting conscious Rahul asked me if he had a bag in his hand when he came back home and I denied. Just in a fraction my “No” about presence of any bag took Rahul’s breath away and he confirmed me that at least ten times.

Actually in that bag Rahul was caring around 10 lack cash which belonged to the company he was working and it was missing now. As I heard that I too got scared and for a moment felt as if it’s a nightmare. One by one Rahul called all three of his colleagues with whom he was drinking last night but there was no clue of the bag.

Although Rahul was not very sure but still what he could recall that he was having that bag while coming home and he lost it on the way, may be in the shared auto through which he reached half a mile away from home so as such there was no way he could doubt any one among three of his drinking partner.

Suddenly our life was dazed and we could not see any way out and within couple of hours, Rahul’s all three drinking partners gathered at my place but as such there was nothing which they could do except giving condolences. All three remained at my place for really long and tried to console me too over whatever happened and ultimately took leave.

Among three being HOD of Rahul’s department and also one of the oldest employ of the company Mantosh was bit closer to the boss so he promised that he will speak to the boss about the incident and try to find out the solution. Finally day started coming to an end and truly speaking friends I cannot forget that dreadful night in my entire life.

While looking at the roof of our bedroom we both remained awake almost for the whole night and as such there was nothing which we could talk to each other. Anyway while being very positive we both Rahul and me were expecting that his boss will excuse him for the loss or maximum he will terminate him from the job but it did not happened.

Initially when this matter opened in front of him Rahul’s boss behaved very badly and distrusted him and threatened him from the police case but Mantosh the one who was heading the department while working in the company from around ten years handled the situation and requested the Boss to give some time to pay the amount off.

After some persuasion Boss agreed for not filing the case immediately and gave Rahul months time to pay off the entire amount. That day Rahul came back home early and after I reached back home from my work place he detailed me everything and we started calculating the amount we had in two different accounts.

While living in two bedroom rented flat as such we did not had much savings and ultimately after adding up the value of the gold jewelry I had we were reaching to the one third of the amount we were suppose to pay. To arrange rest of amount Rahul called his parents and I too tried talking to my parents but like we were expecting there was no help from any side.

Gradually day started coming to an end and once again Rahul’s drinking partners reached at my place and all four started discussing what all happened in the office and what can be done now. As such I was not involved in the conversation but while being close to the living area I was keeping an ear over whatever they were talking and from over all expressions from all three

I could make out that they were much concerned with the trouble and seemed as if they will certainly help us at this difficult phase. Slowly time passed and expecting that all three will stay for little late I started thinking about preparing dinner but they decided to go and agreed Rahul to come along with them to sit in some bar

and I understood that once again Rahul will come back home drunk and from my side I told him not to drink too much. Slowly evening passed and around eight it started raining, I called Rahul to ask when is he coming back and he told me not to wait for him for dinner and giving me tentative time told me that he will come after 10.

I had light dinner and went to bed, time was little passed to 10 when I called Rahul again it was still raining and this time someone among three picked the phone and informed me that very soon Rahul will be back home. I understood that once again Rahul is over drunk and I was right.

Time was well passed to 11 when they reached back and Mantosh stayed in the car and Ravi and Sachin brought Rahul home from half a mile, from where they could not come by car. I was feeling annoyed over Rahul to see that none among two; Sachin and Ravi was that drunk and it was just him who drank more than his ability to stand with.

Anyway as it was raining heavy they all were wet and dripping and because I was also trying holding Rahul I was also mildly wet from my breasts, I was wearing Salwar kameez and I didn’t had stole over my breasts and I saw both Ravi and Sachin looking at my heavy milks with lustful eyes.

We reached to the bedroom and I told them to lay Rahul on the bed but because he was wet Ravi told me to give me his fresh clothes so that they can change and put him on the cot after that. I tried to avoid it, told them that I will manage but they insisted and said that I will not be able to handle it and after some persuasion I gave them clothes and came out of the room.

It took them 5-10 minutes and they ask for a water after coming came out after changing my husband’s clothes and before I would moved Ravi spoke out while looking at my big breasts “Arre Bhabhi Ji aap bhi geele ho gaye…aap bhi change kar lijiye…” it was casual but I didn’t liked the way he saw me there and spoke.

Anyway I gave them a glass water and Sachin asked me if they can also stay here while reflecting their helplessness because of rain “Bhabhi Ji hum soch rahe the aaj raat ko hum bhi yahin ruk jaate hain…barish aur tez ho gayi hai” I did not wanted to say yes to it, I was sensing that probably something is running in their mind but I moved my head in acceptance.

“Aapko koi problem to nahi hai na…?” Sachin asked me again if I have any problem with that and I denied without looking at them “nahi nahi koi problem nahi hai”. I took those two to the other bedrooms and meanwhile Ravi called Mantosh who was sitting in the car and they had light discussion over the subject of staying here;

what I could understand by listening one side was Mantosh wanted to go home but Ravi was insisting him to stay here only. I was preparing bed by beating a dust with a cloth and Sachin was standing behind me. Ravi walked out of the bedroom while discussing the matter with Mantosh and by the time I was up with preparing bed and putting pillows he came and said that

Mantosh is also coming and then asked me for few dried clothes for them. I went to my room and came up with 3 t-shirts and three shorts and Ravi asked for the cup of tea for all three and I went to the kitchen. By the time I came to their room Mantosh was also there and they all were in the clothes which were given by me.

Apparently everything was fine but don’t know why deep inside I feeling scared, it was a kind sixth sense which was not letting me believe that nothing wrong is going to happen with me. I entered in the room with the cups filled with a tea and few things to eat and kept the tray on the bed and formally told them to call me if need anything and Mantosh spoke to me in that regard.

Saying “Bhabhi Ji aap tension matt lijiyega….sab theek ho jaayega…hum hain naa…Rahul humare Bhai jaisa hai aur hum teeno aapke Dewar hain…” from his side he tried to comfort me from the trouble but I smelled odd in his tone but I moved my head in acceptance.

Now I wanted to go back in my room; beside my husband and as I moved a bit Ravi pushed the door to close it and I skipped the beat. “Bhabhi aaj aap yahin issi room mein sow jaaiye…humaare saath” Mantosh spoke again and I got scared like hell.

I wanted to scream but nothing came out of me I just kept on looking at Mantosh and also looked around to two other males and Mantosh spoke again “Bhabhi Ji hum aapke saath koi zabardasti nahi karenge….aapke liye humare pass ek proposal hai…” he waited for a moment and spoke again “Rahul was saying after selling your gold do-teen lakh wo arrange kar lega…”

I could guess what is he going to say but was I looking at him like dumb and he spoke again “We have said that we will try……humne Rahul ko koi Promise nahi kya hai…but hum aapko promise kar rahe hain….we will arrange rest of amount…we will give 3 lacks each…which he can give us back slowly…and you do not have to sell your gold…”

That was a proposal which was a kind of life saving drug for me and my husband but it needed my integrity, my faithfulness and that’s what Mantosh said next, “isske badle aap humen wo dedo jo humen aapse chaahiye…”

I was not at all thinking about saying yes to it, I wanted to go out but I was scared that if I will try running they might attack on me and ultimately fuck me so I stood still without saying a word and just then Ravi spoke “Bhabhi Ji if it is no then we will not give even a Penny…at least I will not give anything….” “I will also not give anything….” Sachin spoke that.

“Dekhiye Bhabhi Ji ab hum itna paisa denge to humen kuch to chahiye hoga isske badle mein….?” Mantosh spoke again, I was not in state to speak anything but somehow I managed to utter, “aap log meri Jewelry rakh low” “hume aapki jewwlry nahi chahiye…hum aap chahiye ho…raat bhar ke liye” Ravi replied back instantly and just then Sachin spoke out

“waise bhi Jewelry hardly 1.5 lacks ki hai…” I looked at him and just then he adjusted his Penis in his lower. “Dekhiye Bhabhi Ji aap dariye matt…hum aapko aapki marzi ke against haath bhi nahi lagayenge….aap jaana chaaho jaa sakte ho…hum aapke saath kuch nahi karenge…but fir hum Rahul ki help bhi nahi karenge…usko jail ho jaayegi…”

It was Mantosh who spoke that and picked up his cup of tea and sipped it, for a moment I thought about moving out of the room but just then I realized what Mantosh said, that Rahul will get imprisonment and I looked at Mantosh, into his eyes for a moment and he spoke again “Bhabhi Ji aap usko jail jaane se bacha sakte ho…I promise it will always be a secret…

Rahul ko kabhi kuch bhi nahi patta chalega…” and with that Mantosh told both the males to pick their cups and after asking me formally for the tea they all started sipping it. By now they all were sitting, two on the bed and one on the small stool and I was standing in the middle of the room and the way they all were looking at me I was feeling as if I am standing stark naked in front of them.

It was still raining heavy with thunder storms in between and they all wanted to enjoy this wet and stormy weather with my body, “Bhabhi Ji jaldi decide kar lijiye…agar aapki naa hai to hum abhi chale jaayenge” it was once again Mantosh who said that, my throat was choked with my own saliva but I somehow manage to speak and requested “Bhaiya please mujhe majboor mat kijiye…”

“Bhabhi Ji hum aapke saath bilkul zabardasti nahi kar rahe….this is just a deal…if you don’t like it…you can say no” Mantosh spoke back and after a pause he spoke “Bhabhi Ji aaj kal koi kisi ke liye kuch nahi karta…hum itna kar rahe hain… wo hi bahut hai….” And as he ended Ravi spoke “you know…10 lakh ka interest kitana hota hai…? But you just have to surrender yourself”

“Bhabhi Ji hum teeno aapke Diwaane hain…bus ek raat ki baat hai…humen karne dijiye ji hum karna chaahte hain aapke saath…” Mantosh said that and by now he and both the other males were over with their cup of tea and finally Mantosh asked me again “boliye Bhabhi Ji…kya karna hai…” and then spoke again

“if it is no then you can pick the tray and go out…if it is yes then Ravi will go out to keep it in the kitchen” I don’t know exactly what was running in my mind, I was free to say no and walk out of the room but I was so messed up with the thoughts and could not say even no to them,

I don’t know if I was feeling aroused but certainly now I was not scared of getting fucked forcefully and giving a last try I kneeled down on my knees and begged Mantosh while pleading “Bhaiya please humari help kariye… main aapke haath jod rahi hun…” I was not crying but I was with expression of grief and Mantosh instantly got from his place and lifted me while holding my shoulders and spoke out

“Arre Bhabhi Ji ye aap kya kar rahi hain…aap rahne dijiye…hum kuch nahi karenge aapke saath…” while being positive for a fraction I assumed that it worked, with those words he means that he will not do anything with me but he will help me and to confirm I spoke same words again “Bhaiya please humari help kariye…” “Bhabhi Ji hum help karenge…lekin free mein nahi karenge….”

Mantosh cleared the doubt I had and after a pause spoke again “bus…humen aapki ek raat chaahiye…uske baad koi problem nahi hogi…rather hum Rahul ko aur better support karenge…aur main uska ek achha sa increment bhi karwa dunga” from his side Mantosh was doing his best what he could do for us but he needed my body against that.

“Bhabhi Ji aap haan bol do….I promise…main kaise bhi Rahul ki income ek saal mein double kar dunga” that was another lucrative proposal which I think was nothing less than life for me and since this conversation was on, that was the first moment when I thought about accepting the proposal.

We all were standing and all three were looking at me but I was looking down and could not say yes to it and just then I came up with a thought of hanging this matter and I spoke that “Bhaiya aap pahle sara amount pay karwa do…fir aap jo bologe main wo karungi….” “Bhabhi Ji pahle aap doge…fir hum denge…aur aapko hum par trust karna padega…”

it was Mantosh who was handling the deal and after saying that he spoke again, this time to his friends “let’s go…Bhabhi Ji nahi maanegi” and I looked up into his eyes, I didn’t had time to think over it and as such there was nothing which I could do except accepting the proposal but as I thought about saying yes to it my heart beat went high and I failed to utter anything and Mantosh guessed my mind state and spoke again

“Bhabhi Ji agar haan hai to bol Dijiye haan…” and I moved my eyes from his face in disappointment and finally uttered words of acceptance and they were “kar lijiye jo karna hai aap logon me mere saath”.

That was all, I surrendered and with that my heart started throbbing like anything. At their end they were waiting for that only and the moment I said that Mantosh looked at Ravi and signaled him to pick the tray and he instantly did that and before he would have left the room to put that tray in the kitchen Mantosh told him to see if Rahul is sleeping sound and I casually spoke out that

I will check it but holding my wrist Mantosh pulled me a bit while “Bhabhi Ji ab aap kahin mat jaayiye…aaram se bed par letiye aur enjoy kariye” and his words made me shiver in strange sensation. Mantosh continued pulling me tenderly till I reached to the edge of the bed and then pushed me lightly from my shoulders to make me sit on that.

“Bhabhi Ji late jaayoye aaram se” Mantosh spoke again and with that he lifted his t-shirt and in a moment got bare from his top and I started feeling scared. But for me now it was too late to step back and I saw that Sachin has also taken off his t-shirt and next instant Ravi also came into the room and Mantosh told him to bolt the door from inside.

He did that but before that he too took of his t-shirt and all came close to the bed. I was still sitting on the edge and Mantosh told me to get into the middle and then spoke to his friends “Chalo aao Bhabhi Ji ko Nanga karte hain…”and with that they all climbed on the and pushed me to make me lay on my back.

It was surprising for me that I was not scared, rather I was breathing high and puffing in a low voce, it was a strange pleasure which was not at all in my control and I was feeling that I have started leaking in my panties.

Like I said I was wearing Salwar Kameez and the moment I lied down I felt all three sets hands touching me. Mantosh was over my upper half and he started playing with my heavy breasts roughly over the clothes and don’t know among two; Ravi and Sachin who was rubbing my inner thighs over the cloth.

I closed my eyes and completely surrendered myself while puffing n pleasure and Mantosh placed his lips over mine and started kissing me like my lover. He was sucking my lips and trying to insert his tongue in my mouth and before I would have thought that I have to open my mouth or not somebody pulled the cord of my Salwar and I puffed in the excitement of getting naked from my lower half and just then Mantosh invaded my mouth with his tongue kissed me like thoroughly.

At the same time among rest of two one lifted my bottom and other pulled my Salwar out of my legs. Ohh…I was just having a Panty on my lower half and both the males moved their hands over my fleshy thighs till they reached to my panty and I heard someone saying “Mantosh Bhabhi ka Kurta Bhi uttrane de…”

hearing that Mantosh stopped kissing me and they made me sit and lifted my Kurta and like an obedient girl I just raised my arms to support them. Now I was just in a bra and panty and it just disappeared from body in one more second. Holding elastic of my panty from my waist Sachin just pulled it out from legs and at the same time Mantosh lifted my bra up without unhooking it and took it out from my arms.

I was stark naked in my own house with three males at the same time and next they all took off their lowers and their hard monster popped out in my sight and just then I heard Sachin saying “Bhabhi Ji Ki Chut dekh…kitni pyari hai” while I was looking at their thick and hard monsters I realized that they all were looking at my fuckhole and I blushed in nervousness and brought my fleshy thighs together to hide my love hole.

They all were looking ugly while jerking their hard monsters and seemed keen to plunge me but Mantosh somewhat requested both the other males that they do not have to plunge me in hurry and told them that they have to arouse me by saying “andar daalne ki jaldi mat karna …pahle Bhabhi Ji go garam karte hain…..”

once again Mantosh pushed me on my back and started playing with my breasts along with sucking them and before I would moaned in that pleasure I felt that both the other males are trying to open my fleshy thighs. I was holding them together with a strange fear and did not wanted to open it and I heard somebody saying “Bhabhi Ji taange kholo…humen apna paani peelao”

they were excited and they just opened my legs wide apart and I failed to bring them close again. I was puffing high and breathing fast, my thighs were open and I was feeling cold breeze hitting my wet fuckhole, Mantosh was sucking my nipples with all his affection while crushing my other fleshy mound with all his passion and just then I don’t know who buried his mouth in my fuckhole

and I gasped loud and I felt as if sort of electric current passed through my body. I was on my back and could not see who was buried between my thighs into my fuckhole but whoever he was, he was sucking my fuckhole like my husband never sucked and other one was helping him by keeping my thighs wide open.

“hat ab mujhe chusne de…” I heard that after a minute or so and I recognized that it was Sachin who said that, it meant that it was Ravi who sucking me earlier and in a moment I could make out that mouth over my fuckhole is switched. Now Sachin was sucking my fuckhole and he was doing it in a way that I could not bear the pleasure.

He opened my thick and fleshy pussy lips with his fingers and tried going deep in my fuckhole and somehow succeeded in swirling his tongue inside my fuckhole like a snake. He somewhat fenced my inner virginal walls and I just went breathless in a moment. I could clearly hear water was pouring heavily outside and now it was me who was going through storm of pleasure from deep inside.

I tried to get up by pushing Mantosh from my top and at the same time tried release my legs but they held me tight, Mantosh used his weight to overcome my efforts of pushing him and both the other males held my thighs tight and wide apart. “Bhabhi Ji aapki izzat lut rahi hai…lutne dijiye…ek saath teen mardon mazza lijiye….” Mantosh spoke that his words made me shiver in strange delight.

I was moaning like hell and could not believe the way I was flooding at my fuckhole. I was feeling fresh streams my sticky juices flowing out of my fuckhole freely and once again I felt that mouth over my fuckhole is changed. “Mantosh Bhabhi JI ka paani bahut meetha hai…” I heard that in Sachin’s voice and Mantosh replied back with “hato ab mujhe bhi peene do Bhabhi Ji ka prem ras”.

Apart from getting pleasure from the sexual acts they were doing to me I was getting with the statements they were passing on frequent intervals. Anyway with that Sachin came over my upper half, to hold me and spoke “Bhabhi Ji aap mera Lund Chusiye” and then spoke to Mantosh again “Mantosh inko ghodi banna lete hain…tu Peeche se chaatiyo…main aage se muhn mein daal dunga”

but Mantosh denied to do that and spoke “nahi mujhe inki aahen sun ni hain….dekh Bhabhi Ji kitna mazza le rahin hain” that instant I was moaning with an open mouth, Ravi was buried in my fuckhole and for me it was a kind of a feeling which I could imagine even in dreams. Pressure was building inside me and I was feeling myself going to the verge of explosion.

But just then Mantosh stopped Ravi from sucking and he himself went down to my lower half to suck me there and I felt short of my climax hardly from few seconds. “Bhabhi Ji mann kar raha hai…main khud hi poora ghus jaaun aapki Chut mein….” Mantosh said that while opening my thighs for himself and next told Sachin and Ravi to hold my legs wide and they just did what he said.

While holding my both the shoulders with one hand they folded my thighs inward and raised my feet up, my fuckhole was facing roof and finally Mantosh also dived into my fuckhole like rest of two and once again I started gasping in pleasure. Initially Mantosh started licking my fuckhole tenderly and for me it was a sheer pleasure which I never had with my husband

and with a slow pace once again I started feeling pressure building inside me. I was expecting that Mantosh will suck me like this only and ultimately I will climax but I was wrong. As I started gasping louder Mantosh’s mouth over my fuckhole went little rough and he started chewing my thick pussy labia passionately.

I was enjoying that too, my gasps were turning into cries and from my state it was evident to them; that I am enjoying and heading to my climax and Ravi said that too, “Bhabhi Ji mast garam ho gayi hain…” he and Sachin were looking at my face with a smile while I was crying in pleasure but just then Mantosh stopped sucking me and told both the males to hold my thighs hard

and apart by saying “Tum dono Bhabhi Ji ki Jaanghe(thighs) khol ke aur kass ke pakad ke rakho …abhi ye pagal hone waali hain” and they; both Sachin and Ravi did what Mantosh said, once of them along with my leg held me tight from my shoulder and other one widened my thigh painfully wide.

As I heard Mantosh that I tried to set myself free and they held me tighter Mantosh started sucking me again and along with that he invaded his finger in my fuckhole and started fisting me along with licking my opening.

I continued crying in pleasure, because of excessive sucking my thick Pussy labia was paining a bit but still I was ok with it and up to an extent I was enjoying heading to my climax but just then whole scenario changed. Mantosh stopped sucking me but continued teasing my swollen fuckhole with his fingers roughly over the edge of it.

It was brutal and he was doing in way as if he trying finding something in my fuckhole and spoke to his friends who were holding me wide and apart “Dekho Yahan kahin humari Bhabhi Ji ka Clitoris hoga…jisko ragadne se ye Pagal ho jaayengi” and just then he found that clitoris and like he said I literary went mad as I got touched over there.

Suddenly my pleasure moan changed into a shrill cry and Ravi kept his palm over my mouth to control my voice and the same time I heard Mantosh saying “Mil gaya…yahin hai Bhabhi Ji ka clitoris” and he started rubbing me there like a mad. Truly speaking friends anyhow I can’t explain what that feeling was.

I didn’t knew that female clitoris is that deadly for her, just few seconds of vigorous rubbing of my clitoris took my breath and I failed to resist and went violent. I started moving my legs madly to set myself free, I was exploding but Mantosh and other two did not wanted me to explode calmly,

once again Mantosh told them to hold me hard and both further tightened their grip on me and with that Mantosh continued rubbing thick flesh of my soft lovehole exactly over my clitoris and for a moment I felt that my fuckhole is going to blast, I was not in state to say anything but somehow I screamed somewhat like

“Aaaaahhhhhh……. Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please stop……stop….. Bhaiya Aaaaahhhhhh……. Aaaaaahhhhhh ……. Please…… please….” but my condition was arousing them especially Mantosh, he was not ready to leave me and somehow he fisted me with his two or three fingers for a moment while holding my body very tight and I felt that I am going to die with this pleasure

that and just then Mantosh stopped teasing my fuckhole but held my thighs wide and even tighter and I just went even crazier. I trembled helplessly like never before, I could not breathe for few seconds, could not even scream and just hummed in a very strange voice, I wanted to close my legs to squeeze my fuckhole to prevent the liquid flowing out but they were holding my fleshy thighs wide and apart.

Nobody except me can imagine that how I was feeling while being opened like that, my fuckhole was facing roof and sensation which was hitting my body was almost same as if I going to die now. Blood of my whole body was running through my fuckhole and suddenly I started getting strange jerks from deep inside my womb and still I could not breathe and my moaning voice was really very strange,

and after few jerks I felt some sort of liquid stream flowing out of my fuckhole and I heard Mantosh’s voice “humari Bhabhi Ji paani Chhod rahi hain”. Closing my eyes with all my strength I was releasing liquid from my love tunnel, rain was stopped but I was pouring out whatever I had in my womb and my pleasure hole was twitching while oozing out those juices.

I opened my eyes and saw they all were looking at shivering of my cunt lips with a cunning smile. It was a moment which I will never forget in my entire life, I was embarrassed like hell and dying in shame. In way I was getting blackmailed and ideally I had do all this just as a task but it was evident from my gesture

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