Mantosh told Ravi or may be Sachin to get water and he walked out of the room naked. Mantosh lied beside me and kissed my face and spoke “Bhabhi Ji mazza aa gaya aapki cheekhen sunke…” I was exhausted and could not even reflect him unwilling expressions.

He placed his lips over mine and started kissing me, I tried to behave reluctant but ultimately opened my mouth and he kissed me thoroughly. Ravi came back with a bottle of water and informed that Rahul is sleeping sound. I had water and desired to go to the washroom.

They left me so tha I can go and I heard Mantosh saying to two males “chalo ab shuru karo ek-ek karke Lund daalna” and Ravi asked back “pahle kaun daalega?” I don’t know what else they spoke after that because I was out of the room to use the washroom and entered in my bedroom and crossed my husband who was lying unconscious on the bed.

I took some time to think about whatever was going on with me. Physically I was never handled like this before, they just blew me like a bomb in the end which was unbearable for me and for a moment I felt that I have made a mistake by accepting their proposal.

But now it was too late to think over it and I tried convincing myself that it’s a matter just one night and I have already passed most of it and with that mind set ultimately came back to the room where all three males were eagerly waiting to fuck me.

“aaiye Bhabhi Ji…” Mantosh started and then spoke “pahle aapko thodi der humara Lund chusna padega” though I did not want to do that but I knew that they will certainly get their monsters sucked and I accepted without showing any unwilling expressions, now I was trying behaving as if it’s a task for me.

Once again they bought me to the bed and all three climbed over that, I was sitting and it was Ravi who while being on his knees inserted his monster in my mouth first. I started sucking him slowly and soon Sachin also came closer to me and holding my hand brought it to his monster and told me to jerk it.

I could not believe, scene in the room was nevertheless like a porn movies in which sluts get fucked by a multiple males and that instant that slut was me. I was sucking one and jerking other. Gradually both the monster were getting harder and harder, one in my hand one in my mouth.

Mantosh was sitting little far on but the same bed and enjoying a live porn and soon like it happens in porn movies Sachin stopped me sucking Ravi’s monster and told me to suck his “Bhabhi Ji ab mera Chusiye” I did that and now I was jerking Ravi’s monster and sucking Sachin and soon like Ravi he too started gaining and ultimately stopped me from sucking.

I was expecting that now Mantosh will come to get his Penis sucked but he stayed there only and told them to insert their Penis in my fuckhole “abb daal do Bhabhi Ji ke andar” and then added “main baad mein lunga inki”. Among two Ravi spoke to Sachin “tu daal le pahle…main thoda aur Lund chuwa leta hun” and ultimately they pushed on the bed on my back.

Sachin went to my lower half and widened my thighs to make space for himself and Ravi came to my mouth, once again to insert his monster in my mouth. I was lying and did not reflected any unwillingness and ultimately Ravi inserted his monster in my mouth and hardly after few seconds I felt Sachin rubbing his thick cock tip over my swollen fuck opening.

I was already spent as such I was not dying to get fucked but still I admit that my fuckhole was desiring to get something in it and next instant Sachin’s whole monster slipped inside my womb with a jerk. Holding my ankles with both the hands and keeping my legs as wide as possible Sachin started vibrating inside me by lurching his ass back and forward and I failed to resist myself from moaning in pleasure.

Although ay mouth was filled with Ravi’s hard Penis and more or less I was sucking it but still I was puffing in pleasure of getting fucked and soon leaving his monster I started grunting in pleasure. My pleasure moans aroused Ravi; he was happy to see that I am enjoying and he leaned over my face and started kissing me.

Unintentionally I responded to his kiss and soon I felt that Sachin is losing his control. He leaned over me and releasing his entire weight lied over me and I don’t know when I wrapped him in my arms and thighs and started enjoying getting properly fucked with fast furious strokes. Finally he exploded and cummed inside my fuckhole and instantly got away from my top.

My fuckhole instantly oozed out Sachin’s white sticky cum, I felt it going down to bed but I continued lying like that and Ravi gave me one t-shirt to clean it and told me that now he will insert “Bhabhi JI saaf kar leejiye… ab main daalunga”.

I did that and like he said next Ravi got ready to fuck me and Mantosh who was sitting at one corner and jerking his monster back and forward told him to fuck me in doggy style “Ravi Bhabhi Ji ki Ghodi banna ke le…” and Ravi accepted his suggestion and told me to get up with his hands and I got up. I turned and once again Mantosh passed comment

“Hai…Bhabhi Ji kya mast mote-mote Chuttad hain aapke….mazza aa gaya dekh kar”. I don’t know if he was doing it intentionally but since beginning Mantosh was speaking erotic, his way of speaking was very raw and so pure that it was playing vital role in my arousal, especially the way he was addressing me Bhabhi Ji.

Anyway I silently turned around and came on my four and Ravi went behind me and putting his hand under my belly from behind rubbed my fuckhole with his hand to know the exact location and finally succeeded in placing his monster rod over my opening and plunged me with jerk. From my side I moaned silently but it was evident to all of them that I have moaned in pleasure.

Once again I started getting fucked steadily from Ravi and holding my big ass he went on screwing me while grunting in pleasure. I was enjoying and I myself was feeling strange over my enjoyment.

Like I said since beginning of my married life Rahul was getting more and more involved in drinking and smoking because of which he was losing his strength and that is why I was never fucked properly in my entire married life and before getting fucked by all three even I didn’t knew that I was so starved for fucking.

Soon excitement rose in Ravi and he started fucking me faster and I lost control over my desire and started moaning in evident pleasure and once again Mantosh passed comment over my state and this time they were too vulgar and also very arousing “Bhabhi Ji aap bahut bade Chuddakad ho…I am sure Rahul aapko satisfy nahi kar pata hoga…uske andar taqat hi kahan hai aapki garam Chut ko sambhalne ki”.

Suddenly his words took me far and I started grunting higher I started feeling as if soon I will start heading towards my climax but I think more than me Ravi was affected with those words and next moment his pace got higher and he stood on his feet to fuck me fast and hard and just then Mantosh got up and bent my upper half down to raise bottom and spoke

“Bhabhi Ji apne Chuttad oopar karo…taaki ye aapki Chut achhe se maar sake” and just then I don’t know how it came in my mind and I squeezed my fuckhole tightly over Ravi’s vibrating Penis and he explode with a loud moan very next moment and ultimately collapsed over me. Ravi lied over my fleshy body for a minute and then rolled away from my top.

I continued lying on my belly with closed eyes, I could not believe the way I was getting fucked, rather more than that it was surprising that I was enjoying getting fucked like that. After climaxing once by fisting brutally I was fucked by two and by now I was also feeling charged, desire of releasing my pressure one more time was raising in me.

I got up slowly to have some water and Mantosh himself gave me that. I saw two were over but still one was left and I was more or less ready to get him too but he was not in mood to fuck me like that. Mantosh told me to water my fuckhole properly “Bhabhi Ji apni Chut paani se achhe se saaf karke aaiye…” like and obedient slut I got up and went to the washroom and saw my husband in same unconscious state.

I was not in state to think much I just washed my fuckhole and came back to the room and it was just Mantosh was on bed and rest two were around that to see me getting fucked by him. Mantosh took me to the bed and took me in his arms. He wanted to fuck me slowly and after laying over me and covering my fleshy body nicely he started with a kiss again and explored my mouth like my lover.

I responded to his kiss and once again felt myself getting into the act even after trying hard to resist. Slowly Mantosh went down and while clutching my heavy breasts with his hands brushed his lips over my neck and around my ears and I failed to resist myself from moaning in pleasure. Mantosh was playing with me and other two were watching me enjoying getting blackmailed like a slut.

Soon Mantosh was sucking my thick and hard nipples and squeezing my milks and I was grunting with a thought that very soon I will get plunged again. Like I said before Mantosh started seducing me, Ravi was inside me and while he was riding on me from behind I was feeling like reaching to my climax but before I would have climaxed he exploded

and now once again while getting handled by Mantosh like that I was feeling mild wetness in my fuckhole again and I was desiring to climax. Slowly Mantosh hands reached to my love opening and while sucking my melons he started fisting my fuckhole nicely and it enhanced my pleasure and pitch of my groans rose up.

Soon I was flooding at my fuckhole and I was expecting that very soon Mantosh will be inside my fuckhole but he wanted to enjoy me fullest and after arousing me up to an extent he got up on his knees and told me to open my mouth and suck his Penis “Bhabhi Ji apna muhn kholiye aur meri Lollypop Chusiye”.

I was on my back and before I would have reacted over his words and opened my mouth and he sat around face and rubbed his thick and hard over my lips and as I opened my mouth to suck him he plunged me deep. “Chusiye Bhabhi Ji Chusiye… achhe se Chusiye issko…yehi Lund Rahul ko jail jaane se bachayega” Mantosh was getting excited,

I could make out from his words and after plunging my mouth in a moment he started lurching his fleshy bottom back and forward and started rubbing his cock tip over my tongue in my mouth properly while moaning in pleasure.

I am not sure but I think including my husband’s Mantosh was having a thickest cock among all three other males who have fucked since now and gradually it was getting further hard. He continued fucking my mouth for a while and soon my mouth was completely filled with it.

I don’t why that instant I gave my best to him, maybe I was also getting excited in lust, my fair and beautiful face was already inflamed with his size and I took out more and more saliva and sucked him with hell of wetness and it enhanced Mantosh’s pleasure and he spoke again while looking at my face

“Ahhhh….. Bhabhi Ji aap bahut pyare lag rahe ho Lund Chuste hue….aur Chuso issko” and in excitement his pace of fucking my mouth went high and he started hitting me deep in my throat with his monster and I had to held his thighs and pumping ass to control his inward pace.

Thankfully after a minute Mantosh stopped fucking my mouth; he was excite up to max and now it was my fuckhole who suppose to get his thick cock inside and I was very much prepared and willing to get fucked by him.

Deep inside I needed him badly, sexually I was never so satisfied since long and I was failing to control my gesture of feeling aroused in front of them and I heard Ravi saying “Bhabhi Ji aap sach mein bahut badi Chudakkad ho…kitne maze se izzat lutwa rahi ho apni”.

His words embarrassed me a but I did not got much time to think over it as Mantosh told to come over his top and take his Penis in my fuckhole on my own “Bhabhi Ji oopar aakar apne haath se Mera Lund apne andar low”.

He lied down and told me to come over his top and I did that, without looking at the other two guys I got up slowly sat around his crotch and holding his inflamed thickness took his monster in my fuckhole with my own hand and holding my waist with both hands Mantosh told me to jump over him by saying “ab oopar niche aur aage peeche karo” I started doing that too.

I was trying my best not to reflect myself into the act but from my heavy breath and intense puffs it was evident in my gesture that I am in pleasure and they all were smiling over my state. I closed my eyes and by moving his entire length in my wet fuckhole continued fucking myself rapidly and within a minute Mantosh started moaning in pleasure and tried to control my pace

but resting my palms over his broad chest I just continued and went on increasing my pace, my heavy ass rose and fell over his and he went crazier, I wanted to blow him as soon as possible but my aggression excited other two males too and they came and while I was riding on Mantosh madly they started playing with body roughly.

One of them squeezed my milks badly and other one, I think Ravi turned my face and tried to kiss me and succeeded in exploring my mouth with his tongue passionately. As it slowed down my pace of moving back and forward over Mantosh, he stopped fucking me and pushed me to change the posture and told me to get into doggy style “bhabhi Ji Ghodi ban jao”.

Ultimately once again I was in my four. Mantosh slapped my fleshy mound badly while getting behind me and spoke “Bhabhi Ji aapke ye gore-gore Chuttad bahut mast hain….” By now I was getting mad in lust, not only Mantosh but other two males were also on bed now and they were excited,

from their gesture I could guess that now I will get fucked like a slut in a real sense and that awareness was making me moan and puff in a significant excitement. While I was on my knees and arms from behind Mantosh parted my legs wide to get access of my fuckhole for his monster and initially fisted his fingers in my fuckhole to know the exact opening and closing my eyes

I grunted loud and just then one of the other two, I think Sachin reached to my mouth with his limping Penis and told me to open my mouth “Bhabhi Ji Muhn kholiye apna” and I did that. Sachin plunged my mouth and started lurching is ass back and forward to fuck my mouth, closing my eyes deep inside I was waiting for Mantosh to plunge my fuckhole from behind and it was about to happen,

I was feeling his thick cock tip over my opening and it was just a matter of simple push and it happened next instant. “ohhhh…Bhabhi Ji mazza aa gaya….” as Mantosh entered in my wet fuckhole from behind, he grunted loud and uttered in rising lust and in a moment holding my waist while moving his entire length in and out of my fuckhole started riding on me with a steady pace.

I was in extreme pleasure, my fuckhole was stretched up to maximum and Mantosh’s thick monster was hitting my me somewhere at very sensitive point deep in my fuckhole but I was silent as my mouth was filled with Sachin’s penis and he was not ready to stop fucking my mouth. I wanted to moan with an open mouth but Sachin’s monster was getting harder and harder in my mouth.

Finally Ravi told him to get away as he too wanted to get his Penis sucked and for a moment I caught my breath back but just for a moment because as Sachin withdrew his Penis Ravi inserted his monster in my mouth and started fucking my face.

“Bhabhi Ji aaj raat bhar aapki Chudai hogi” Ravi spoke that in mounting excitement and behind me Mantosh increased his pace of fucking me and started banging his crotch against my big ass with hell of power and grunted loud.

That was something which I could not bear and releasing Ravi’s monster from my mouth I started crying in pleasure in a loud voice and Mantosh told his companions to shut my mouth “Muhn band karo isska…” Ravi instantly placed his palm over my mouth and next Mantosh spoke to Sachin, told him to press my upper half against bed by saying “Tu…aage se niche daaba…” and Sachin also followed what he said.

Mantosh wanted to raise my bottom up and next he lifted my ass bit up with his hands while saying “Bhabhi Ji apne Chuttad oopar karo….” I did that and Mantosh stood up on his feet, he dug his fingers in the flesh of my ass and started fucking screwing my fuckhole I could never imagine that my husband will ever do.

He was so fast and powerful that I could not do anything except burying my mouth in bed and crying in pleasure; I was never fucked like that, neither with that much of power not for so long. I don’t know exactly what kind of feeling I was going through that instant; when I was getting fucked like a bitch but truly speaking at this moment when I am trying writing down that feeling I am wet and dripping at my fuckhole.

Mantosh just went on fucking me like a crazy animal for a minute or so and grunted loud, he was trying his best to fuck me as much as possible but I was tired, though I did climaxed but I wanted to stop getting fucked and just like I did with Ravi sometime back, by clenching my ass mounds together I simply squeezed my fuckhole tight over Mantosh vibrating monster

and like I knew Mantosh exploded very next moment and just like Ravi lost his balance and collapsed over me while grunting loud and weird. I too climaxed in that span and felt weak and exhausted as if I am dead. Mantosh hollowed his ball over my ass with a loud moan and got away from my top and lied beside me.

“Bhabhi Ji mazza aa gaya….” Mantosh spoke that while puffing and trying catching his breath and just then I heard Sachin saying “mujhe dobara daalna hai…” and before I would realize what he said Ravi also uttered “mujhe bhi daalna hai”.

By the time I exhausted Mantosh other two monsters were excited but I was not in state to handle them, I was dead tired and anyhow could not think of continue having sex. Fortunately before I would have pleaded them to leave me now Mantosh interfered by saying them “abhi nahi….”

And after a pause he spoke to me “Bhabhi Ji aap rest kar low…. Thodi der mein hum ek-ek round aur lagayenge” though for a moment but it was a sign of relief for me and I further tried to get an escape by requesting him to leave me “Bhaiya please ab bas karo….”

And in response Mantosh smiled bit sarcastically “arre nahi Bhabhi Ji…sirf ek baar se thode na chalega…. ye sab to raat bhar chalega…” and then he spoke again “aap apne room mein thodi der rest kar low….hum thodi der mein aapko bula lenge”.

Finally that was an end of my first group fucking session, after collecting my clothes I came to my room and lied well awake beside my unconscious husband. I don’t know what all thought in that span, it was very weird mind state, at one corner I was feeling that I have made a mistake but at other corner I was feeling proud over myself that I have made a big sacrifice to save Rahul

from a big trouble and this is also true that in this perplex mind state I was also realizing this fact that sexually I was never so satisfied. It’s not that my sexual appetite is three men at the same time, surely I would have been sexually satisfied if Rahul; my husband had a normal strength;

I can easily say that after having sex with these guys I was realizing that sexually, for a female like me Rahul is just a kid and now I will never get satisfied with him. Anyway I lied in dim light wide awake for long and like I was expecting after some time, may be half an hour or bit long I heard some footsteps and I understood that somebody among three is coming to me to call me and I pretended sleeping.

It was Mantosh who awaked me and spoke out in whispering voice, “Bhabhi Ji Chaliye…” I looked at his face with an expression as if I am expecting a mercy from him and he smiled a bit and spoke “arre Bhabhi Ji aaiye na…khud bhi mazza lijiye aur humen bhi mazza dijiye”. Finally I got up and walked along with Mantosh to the other bedroom and like last time every started again.

They took all off all my clothes just in couple of minutes and after getting naked all three started enjoying my luscious body at the same time. After pushing me on bed on my back on the very instant Mantosh was kissing me, Ravi was squeezing and sucking my milks and Sachin was buried between my fleshy thighs while sucking my fuckhole.

Once again just like a slut I failed to resist myself to get indulged into the act and ultimately started enjoying getting sexually molested. One by one they all three sucked my fuckhole and by the time they stopped sucking me I was aroused like hell and desperately needed a fuck but they all made me suck their monsters and while I was sucking third one I got plunged by Sachin

while being on my back and after that rest two also fucked me till they cummed in my fuckhole and fortunately that was the end of my that fucking night. After second session they were not in state to fuck me anymore and they slept for few hours and left the house very early in the morning. Rahul was not suppose to go to the work so I also took a day off from my work place and slept for long;

till Rahul got bit conscious and apparently life resumed on daily track. In the evening Rahul asked me for sex and we had it and after devastating sex session with three males at the same time, once again I realized that Rahul will never be able to satisfy me sexually.

Anyway next day like I was expecting and badly needed in the evening Rahul gave me good news that his three friends have paid half the amount and remaining they will pay within one month. I was happy that since now they have kept their promise and I was expecting that like they have said they will pay off the remaining amount too but it did not happened that easily.

After calling me once to inform me that they have paid half the amount Mantosh called me again after bit more than a week and casually told me that I had to spend one more night with them for remaining amount. I pleaded him to not to do all that again and tried recalling him his promise that it was a commitment of just one night,

I tried my best to avoid but he did not agreed and said that it’s just not him who want to fuck me again but rest two are also desiring that and ultimately I surrendered. I remember it was a Thursday and on the same evening after coming from office Rahul informed me that Mantosh, who is actually HOD of his department has given him a task and he is going out of town for two days on Friday night.

I understood that it is planned and like I knew once again they all came to my place on Saturday evening and fucked me whole night like I could never imagine. It was most awful night of my life since now, after fucking me once in my pleasure hole in second session they tied my hands over my back and fucked me in my ass.

I was in doggy posture and burying my mouth in the pillow I cried and cried and cried but lifting my ass first they poured oil in my ass hole and then just went on banging my asshole with their thick and long monster. Ultimately they left my place after an early morning third session which was fortunately natural sex.

I don’t think I will able to write my dreadful experience of getting ripped at my ass by three one after another, so cutting a terrible story I would like to move ahead to try ending writing my script. On Monday evening Rahul came back home and informed me that Mantosh and rest two;

Ravi and Sachin have paid rest amount too and then casually detailed me that Mantosh gets lot of extra money from commission and he has changed his profile too and given him charge of 4-5 suppliers from whom he will get good amount as a commission and he will be able to pay off their dues in particular span.

Like he planned from next month onwards Rahul is simply passing the amount to Mantosh he is getting as a commission. Apparently life came on back on previous track, nobody among three tried to approach me for long, they did not sat at my place to even drink and time just passed casually.

Within few months I realized that like Mantosh promised including commission Rahul’s income has almost doubled. Though on second night I was ragged brutally in my ass, they treated me just like bitch but still I feel that it is great at their end that they have kept their promise and took us out from a deep trouble.

If I will talk about my personal life then I will say like I said nobody among three disturbed me for long and my sex life with my husband continued like it was and gradually I came out of treble memories of getting ass fucked and deep inside started cherishing memories of feeling sexually satisfied for normal virginal fucking.

But in the end I must mention this fact too that just few days back when Rahul was on out station trip, without Ravi and Sachin’s knowledge Mantosh has approached me and said sorry to me for whatever he and his friends did with me on the second night and ultimately asked me to have sex relation with him.

He has understood that sexually I am unsatisfied from husband and I too have accepted this fact that I will never get sexually calm if I try to be ethical and now I and Mantosh have sex regularly. He sends Rahul out of town whenever he wants and stay with me at my place in the night.

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