My name is Haasini. I’m a 28 year old woman from the Malabar region of Kerala. I am married to a handsome young businessman and we have a beautiful one year old baby girl.

One night, i got into a ladies auto from the railway station after getting back from a boring training in Mumbai. It was raining and almost close to midnight. I had phoned home and told my husband that i would be reaching in the morning as the train was running late. But i managed to catch another train while mine was held up at Mangalore.

As the auto started, i sat back and arched my aching back. That was when i noticed the auto driver looking at me through her rear view mirror. From the passing lights of the city, i could see a glint in her eyes. That was when i gave her a second look.

She was an older woman, probably in her early 40’s, married going by the sindoor on her forehead, just like mine. Though her body was covered by the ugly regulation khaki shirt, i could make out a well-toned working woman’s body.

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“Are you going home, dear?” she asked when she noticed me staring back at her.

I smiled and nodded.

As the auto rolled into a tight alley, i saw that the road ahead was completely flooded. And this was the only way to my street.

“Oh! God! What do i do now?” i said in exasperation.

“I can stop somewhere around here. Once the rain stops, the water will recede” offered my driver as she turned around to look at me.

“But how long will that take? What if the rain doesn’t stop?” i said, almost at tears.

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“Not to worry, dear. I will not leave you alone here. My shift does not end till the morning.” she said with a disarming smile.

I was relieved that i was stuck with a woman, not some seedy male auto driver.

“You look like you’re exhausted?” she asked.

“Yes. I am just coming back from a 4 day business trip.” i replied.

“Shall i give you a small massage?” said my driver.

I agreed and she turned the auto into an empty plot a few meters in from the road.

“Why did you stop here?” i asked panicking

“Don’t worry. I won’t harm you.” she said laughing.

She jumped out of the driver’s seat and got in beside me, pulling down the side curtains. Now the auto was completely dark, only the sound of the hard rain outside remained.

Suddenly an interior light flickered on and i got a good look at my driver.

She had a smile on her mild-complexioned face. She was not exactly beautiful, but not ugly in any way.

“Why don’t you move your sari from your shoulder? I’ll give you a nice massage.”

Without waiting for me to comply, she pulled down my sari’s pallu and put her hands on my shoulders.

She really knew what she was doing. In a few minutes, i was relaxed and almost in a trance. When i opened my eyes, i saw her looking at my heaving chest and licking her lips.

“Do you have a baby?” she asked, pointing to the dark spots on my blouse.

“Yes, sorry.” i said as i felt blood rushing to my face.

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“It’s okay. Your breasts must be full. Why don’t you take these off?” saying this, the older woman put her hands on my blouse and unhooked it completely. Without even waiting for my reaction, she pulled down both nursing cups of my bra and sat back to admire my perky, wet nipples.

“They are beautiful” she said.

She licked her lips once more and looked at my face “poor girl. They must be very sensitive. I ‘ll help you out.”

“How?” i asked although i already knew the answer

“Can i suck your milk? Your breasts look so nice and inviting.”

I looked at her in shock but had to laugh when i saw the innocent look on her face. A complete stranger of a woman had just opened my bra and was asking to suck on my breasts! What could i say to something like that?

I nodded and she smiled back.

I lowered my right nipple into her open mouth. Her lips closed around my hard nipple and she started to suck slowly. As i felt my warm milk gush into her mouth, i closed my eyes in pleasure and bit my lower lip as i had a small orgasm.

I sat there and let the unnamed woman suckle from my sensitive breasts as my sexual desire grew and grew. She sucked softly and seemed to know exactly how to feed from my breasts; after all she was a woman just like me. I wondered if she’d breastfed her own children as i absentmindedly fondled my lesbian seducer’s breasts.

“Please suck harder” i said in a whisper and she started to suck harder. I opened my eyes to see milk dripping down the side of her mouth as too much was coming out for her to swallow.

“mmmm, yeah” i moaned.

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I let go of my breast and traced my finger down to the other woman’s stomach down to her deep navel.

She cupped my breast in her hand and softly started to squeeze to stimulate it.

She took off her khaki shirt and pushed aside the pallu of her sari. I looked at her large bust as she unhooked her blouse and bra, exposing her dark breasts and even darker nipples to my gaze.

She pulled me close to her chest and i snuggled into her warm body.

“Let me show you my breasts, dear. But i don’t have any milk.” she said a matter-of-factly.

I don’t know what overcame me that night, as i said “it’s okay” and bent down to suck her right nipple into my mouth and began circling it softly with my tongue. They were almost as big as mine but were firmer with smaller nipples. It took me a few sucks before i got the hang of it and sucked like i was trying for milk. It felt nice, no wonder men lover to suck on our breasts like this, it felt even better than having my own breasts sucked on.

I continued this for a few minutes, and switched to the other breast for a while. After i finished sucking on both of them, she knelt down in front of me and put her hands on the hem of my sari.

I nodded and she pulled it up along with my underskirt till she could see my wet panties. I eased my buttocks off the seat, letting her take off my panties.

She held up my sopping wet panties to her nose and inhaled. I was so aroused from seeing that sexy act.

She smiled and put the panty on the front seat “i want to keep this.” she said.

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She pushed my thighs apart and kissed them. She licked my wet, shaved pussy till i felt her warm tongue enter through my lips.

The tongue ran carefully around the outside of my puffy lips, making sure to cover every inch, then slowly began circling inward toward my sweet opening. I let out a clear gasp when the tongue entered me, and the woman assaulting me was clearly paying attention to my responses for she instantly went wild on me, her tongue seemingly everywhere at once, driving me absolutely insane. I moaned as she licked my clitoris and fingered me.

At that point she had her hot tongue running up and down my wet slit while i teased my stiff nipples with my free hand. Just when i thought things couldn’t get any better she pulled her tongue out of me, wrapped her lips around my clitoris, then her tongue began rapidly flicking back and forth over it. I held on for as long as i could under the circumstances, but my resistance was futile and in no time i let out a mighty scream of pleasure as i came.

After a few minutes, i pulled her up to the seat and pushed her sari up. She was not wearing an underskirt, just like most lower class women in Kerala. I pulled off her large white panties and inserted my fingers into her thick-haired pussy. I finger fucked her till she came in floods.

I made sure that she saw me lick her cum off my fingers before i pulled her close and kissed her.

She moaned as she tasted her own cum on my tongue and we kissed for a 10-15 minutes. As we fondled each other’s breasts, i winced.

“What’s wrong? Have your breasts filled up again?” she asked with a smile.

I said “yes. They have become full pretty quickly. Don’t know why?”

“That’s because you haven’t breastfeed for a few days. When i sucked, they have started producing a lot more milk.” she said as she laid herself down on my lap and proceeded to suck my breasts once more.

I held her head in my arms and looked at the older woman blissfully sucking on my breast.

“You’re so good at sucking my breast.” i said as i looked at the rain battering down on the auto’s windshield as its passenger and driver got intimate.

For ten minutes, i let my new lesbian lover feast uninterrupted on my full breast, and then switched the older woman to the right breast again. I intended to let her drain every last bit of milk, or for as long as she chose to continue feeding. However, after half an hour of continual breastfeeding, the rain ceased and i made her stop nursing.

“That’s it, darling, unfortunately. The rain has stopped and i have to go home and you need to get back to work. There won’t be any milk left for my baby till the morning. I had the best time of my life tonight. Did you enjoy it too?”

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She laughed softly and gave each of my nipples a loving kiss. “You have no idea how wonderful i feel right now.” she said.

I grinned in the semi-darkness of the auto’s cabin.

“That’s very good to hear. I wanted you to have the most pleasurable experience i could give you tonight.” i touched each of her nipples in turn, reminding myself how they felt in my mouth.

Sensing what i wanted, she raised herself and guided my head to her nipples. I sucked on each of her nipples one last time, and then rose to place my mouth before my breast-baby with a hopeful look on my face.

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She did not disappoint me. She took my face in her hands, drew me forward and kissed me gently on my lips. Melting forward, her arms wrapped tightly around my neck, she kissed me for everything she was worth. When her tongue entered my mouth, i sucked it lovingly as she caressed my naked buttocks.

Soon we got dressed and she put on her khaki shirt. When she dropped me off at my gate, she refused to take any money. She punched her number into my phone and kissed me one more time before driving away.

I opened the gate of our house and went in as dawn broke.

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