Haasini had recently delivered a baby boy. After delivery, she went to her mother’s house in Nagpur for recovery. Her husband, Sanjay worked in Mumbai, and did not have enough leaves to spend more than a weekend with them.

He had to return to Mumbai on the day Haasini left hospital. Haasini’s mother had appointed Maya full time to take care of Haasini. Maya was a widow in her early 30’s. Her son lived with his uncles near Chandrapur. She had come to Nagpur in search of a job.

Being from a tribal  community and very hard worker, Maya had a very good physique. She was around 5 feet, with very slim body. Her complexion was brownish and she had long hair, big eyes and sharp nose.

Maya always wore traditional Maharashtrian Nine yards Kashta style saree. Although she was widow, Maya lived with dignity. She would prefer to remain quiet and never let any man come near her. Her overall personality was such that although beautiful,

men did not dare to take undue advantage of her. Maya would come to work at Haasini’s residence by 8 in the morning. She would wash infant’s soiled clothes, prepare herbal medicines for Haasini and give a complete body massage with special herbal oil to Haasini.

After massage, she would assist Haasini with bath. Rest of the day, Maya would take care of the infant. Haasini used to look forward to Maya’s massage every day. Maya’s hand was soft, but when massaging, she could apply firm pressure at right places.

Initially, Haasini felt awkward undressing in Maya’s presence. So, Haasini used to clad herself in a cotton saree without any blouse and lie on her stomach when Maya massaged her lower back. Within few weeks of delivery, Haasini’s  bleeding stopped.

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At the same time, she started getting more comfortable with Maya. Maya always recommended her to lay nude during the massage and Haasini always refused. Maya used to laugh that time. Finally on one day, Haasini decided to listen to Maya

and removed all her clothes and lied on the bed. That day, when Maya poured warm herbal oil on Haasini’s lower back, for first time Haasini felt erotic. May be because she was slowly getting out of Postpartum and the regular breast feeding had raised her Oxytocin levels.

Maya poured warm herbal oil on Haasini’s back and started spreading it all over her lower back and her buttocks. When Maya started kneading her buttocks, Haasini’s clitoris was rubbing against the bed, which was arousing Haasini further.

It was the first time in 2 months that she was aroused. She adjusted herself so that she could rub her clitoris well against the bed. Maya noticed the change in Haasini. She realized that Haasini was getting aroused. She spent more time massaging the buttocks.

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Then Maya moved her hands up along Haasini’s flanks. Her fingers were applying firm pressures on Haasini’s ribs. Slowly, the fingers moved closer to the outer side of Haasini’s breast. Haasini loved that touch and unknowingly she moaned.

When Maya heard Haasini’s moan, she asked “What happened didi?” Maya called Haasini, Didi. Haasini just nodded her head. Maya laughed and said “Don’t hide anything. I know you are feeling hot. That means you are coming back to normal Didi”.

Haasini lifted her head and looked at her and said, “Is that so?” Maya winked with one eye and said “Dont be shy with me. I have massaged many ladies. Just let your feelings flow”. Haasini smiled at her. Although it was very odd for Haasini to feel sexy in front of another woman,

her hormones were running very high and she decided to rather use Maya’s massage to satisfy her urges. She asked Maya to continue. Maya gave her a hard pillow and asked her to keep it between the bed and her clitoris and rub against it.

Haasini followed Maya’s instructions. Now, as Maya continued the massage, Haasini continued rubbing herself. She asked Maya to focus more on her buttocks. Haasini took her hands and kept them between the bed and her breasts

and started pressing the breasts while Maya kept kneading her buttocks such that Haasini had good contact between her clitoris and the pillow. Haasini continued stimulating herself for next 3 minutes. Her palms were wet with the milk leaking from her breasts.

The pillow was wet with the cum from her vagina. Her breathing had increased as she was going closer to the orgasm. In next few seconds, Haasini had an orgasm. She moaned very softly. Maya stopped massaging and started patting Haasini’s back.

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While Haasini rested after her orgasm, Maya prepared for Haasini’s bath. For next couple of days, this new routine continued between Haasini and Maya. Maya continued helping Haasini with the orgasm. On third day, when Maya started the massage,

Haasini said “Maya, do you have any herbal medicine for my nipples? They are sore because of breast feeding. ” Maya said, “I have a cure for that”. “What is it?” asked Haasini. Maya said, “They should be licked with the tongue”.

Haasini giggled and said “Silly you! that can not be the cure”. Maya said “If you don’t trust me, what can I say? But it really works”. “But how can I do that? I can’t lick my own nipple” said Haasini. “Should I do it then?” asked Maya very coldly.

Haasini was startled and said “YOU?”. As if nothing wrong has been talked, Maya said “Yea, why not? I do that for my clients!” Haasini did not say a word and let Maya continue with the back massage for few minutes. But the thought of her nipple being licked aroused her.

Just the imagination of Maya licking her nipples sent a current through her entire body, and she turned around. Maya stopped massaging and started staring at Haasini, who was lying on her back, totally naked. Haasini said, “Okay, lick them!”

Maya obliged. Maya stood behind Haasini’s head, held her shoulders and bent down over Haasini to reach her breast. She gently wrapped her lips around Haasini’s nipple and then licked the tip of Haasini’s nipple. Haasini had a heavenly feeling.

Maya’s flat stomach was right over Haasini’s face. Maya’s saree had drifted from her stomach, thus making it bare. Without any hesitation, Haasini licked Maya’s flat stomach hanging right over her face. At the same time, Haasini was rubbing her clitoris.

Haasini’s wet tongue’s touch on Maya’s flat stomach sent shivers through Maya’s body. Maya tightened her grip on Haasini’s shoulders and continued licking her nipple. She had swallowed the droplet of milk coming out of Haasini’s breast.

Haasini squeezed the breast that Maya was licking. It squirted milk in Maya’s mouth. Maya swallowed it. Haasini realized that Maya was breathing faster now and was getting aroused. Maya continued to lick Haasini’s breasts one after the other and Haasini

continued stimulating her clitoris with fingers. Within few seconds, Haasini had her orgasm. Maya stopped after Haasini calmed down from the orgasm and as if nothing happened, went into the bathroom to prepare for Haasini’s bath.

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Haasini rested there until Maya called her for bathing. When she went to bathe, Maya got out of the bathroom. After having a warm bath, Haasini wrapped towel around her and came out of the bathroom. She saw Maya lying on her bed,

rubbing her clitoris with one hand and pressing her own breasts with other. Haasini just stood there to watch Maya have an orgasm. Maya realized that Haasini watched her masturbating. She immediately got up from the bed and rushed out of the room.

Haasinis was startled, but at the same time her eyes sparked, reacting to the idea that came to her mind. Next day, when Maya entered Haasini’s room to give her massage and shut the door behind her, Haasini asked Maya “Maya, take your clothes off.

Give me massage naked”. Maya looked at her with surprise. Haasini said “Do as I say”. Maya smiled in her mind. She knew what was coming her way. She stood in front of Haasini and first dropped her pallu. Her cleavage was visible to Haasini.

Since Maya did not wear a bra, her erect nipples were apparent through her blouse. Now Maya unhooked her blouse and slowly exposed her breasts. Her breast were dark brown and her black erect nipples were surrounded by large black areola.

Haasini also took off her gown and removed her bra. Haasini had fair complexion. Her breast were wheatish with very faint pink areola and erect nipples wet with the breast milk. Maya now removed her saree. She was complete naked.

Haasini took off her panty. Now both of them were complete nude. Haasini moved towards Maya and held her close to her and kissed Maya’s lips. Maya’s firm, well rounded breasts were pressed against Haasini’s milky breasts and Maya

shivered with the wetness of Haasini’s breasts. Their noses rubbed against each other while Haasini chased Maya’s tongue with her own tongue. Haasini was kissing a woman first time. It was a first time for Maya too. But both of them enjoyed it.

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Their smooth bodies were rubbing against each other. Now, Haasini moved towards the bed. First she lied on the bed and then asked Maya to come over her. Maya sat over Haasini’s vagina. Her bushy pussy was rubbing against Haasini’s shaven one.

She bent over Haasini, again rubbing her breasts again Haasini’s. And then Maya kissed Haasini’s neck. She kissed Haasini’s earlobes. Haasini was enjoying the soft gentle kisses from Maya. It was different than what Sanjay did to Haasini in past.

Now Maya moved onto Haasini’s breast. Before she could reach Haasini’s breast, Haasini squeezed it to squirt breast milk over Maya’s face. Maya licked it and then started gently sucking Haasini’s breast and swallowing her milk.

This aroused Haasini. Maya felt Haasini’s wetness and she moved her hand over Haasini’s clitoris. She started rubbing Haasini’s clitoris. Haasini put her hand underneath the pillow and pulled out the cucumber. She gave that cucumber to Maya.

Maya took it and shoved it very softly in Haasini’s vagina. Haasini moaned to sense the cold cucumber in the hot vagina. She tried to squeeze the vagina walls around cucumber but they were too loose due to the recent delivery.

Maya stroked the cucumber inside Haasini. Haasini was now squeezing Maya’s breasts and moaning. Maya started stroking harder and harder. Haasini’s moans became frequent. Haasini was reaching the point of no return. Her vagina is soaking wet.

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It did not take long for her to reach an orgasm. Maya could sense Haasini’s vaginal orgasm. She pulled the cucumber out. Now Maya lied besides Haasini and put the cucumber insider her own vagina. Haasini turned around and held the cucumber

and started stroking Maya while sucking her hard nipples. Unlike Haasini’s nipples, Maya’s nipples were dry. Haasini continued to suck Maya’s nipples and stroked Maya with the cucumber. Maya was panting. Haasini stroked harder and harder.

Maya’s panting increased. Haasini could sense that Maya was coming closer to the orgasm. Haasini removed the cucumber and inserted her two fingers into Maya’s vagina and started stroking. Maya’s vagina was tight.

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Maya easily tightened her vaginal wall around Haasini’s fingers. At the same time, Maya had an orgasm. Haasini felt Maya’s orgasm against the fingers. She kissed Maya again. After that, both of them lied on the bed, naked for some time.

Later, they both bathed together, wore the clothes and resumed their regular activities 

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