Myself 22 yrs of age doing MBA 2nd year and my family is rich, my dad is a business man who perfectly do his business, at least once a month he will be out of station for atleast 10 days, my mom Haasini is a home maker looks very beautiful who always wears saree and she will be very conscious about her health so she is keeping her body very fit till now her age is 40 but she looks between 30-35 yrs of age and her structure is 36-28-38 her ass and boobs are biggest assets to her which can make any one to see at her.

In our house there are two male workers and one female worker their names are Ramesh and Prabhakar between 35-40 and Radha 36 is a widow her husband died just a month back of the incident and she is staying just behind our house, She also looks good and her structure is 38-32-40 and I’m very much interested in fucking her but I don’t know what made me interested in her. Lets come to the story, On one day my mom went to some relatives marriage and my dad was on business trip, I as usual went to college and when I returned to home, my mom was not there and the door was also locked so I thought that the key would be in Radha’s house and I gone to her house and when I tried to knock the door I hear someone crying inside the house I peeped through the hole in the window and I was shocked to see the scene going inside, it was Ramesh and prabhakar trying to undress Radha . Prabakar ordered Radha to strip. She said, ‘ Never’ he gave her a quick and strong slap, she started to weep.

To that, Ramesh said, ‘ok we will undress ourself first then u do’ saying this Prabakar unzipped his pant and a 8″ black creature lashed out. Seeing that, Radha gave a stare to Prabakar’s huge tool. Ramesh used this vulnerable state of Radha to quickly undress her out of her Saaree, Blouse, and petticoat even before she could protest. Radha is now standing in her panty and bra. Her long hair, fair complexion, beautiful face, and well-curved body amazed them and me. Then they tore apart her last two pieces of clothes to make her completely naked. She is now wearing only her earrings, necklace, and bangles. They picked her up like a doll, and made her lie on her back on the big dining table. She was throwing her legs to resist their advances, so Prabakar held the legs forcefully and kept them apart to make the pink pussy clearly visible. By that time, Ramesh undressed himself and was ready for the action. Ramesh lied on Radha, caught her gently by her hair, and positioned his huge purple-colored cock onto her pussy lips. Radha begged for mercy and said ‘I am like your sister. Please don’t do this with me.’ To that, Ramesh told, ‘I don’t care to fuck my sister. If you cooperate, your pain will be less. Moreover, your husband died, Why not use this opportunity to taste a real fuck? You can get pleasure instead of pain!’Hearing the poisonous words, Radha hesitantly stopped for a moment.

She could clearly understand that there is no escape. By that time, Ramesh dick grew to be 11″ and erect as a iron rod. With slight pressure he slowly inserted the purple tip of the cock into Radha’s cunt. Radha was under immense pain and tries to escape but her effort went in vain. With some more pressure Ramesh inserted around 4″ of his huge thick black cock into her tight pink pussy. It was really tight and Radha gulped in pain. Ramesh was caressing her silky hairs and kissing her in her eyes, lips, neck, boobs, etc,. Radha felt the moment of losing her chastity to a big stranger man. Another hard push, and half the cock inserted deep into her pussy. Radha shrieked in pain. Prabhakar on other side with his 9“ dick he went on to radha’s face and started to carse his cock on her face and he tried to put his cock in her mouth but she shuted her mouth tightly so he cloed her nose after some seconds she opened her mouth to inhale at that time he inserted his cock inside her mouth and started to mouth fuck her at the mean time Ramesh inserted her dick fully inside Radha and now

Radha lost her control and started to give full co-operation to them after mouth fucking for about five minutes Prabhakar took coconut oil and applied on the ass of Radha, immediately Radha told to stop him and told that she didn’t even let her husband to ass fuck her. For that Ramesh told so only we are trying to give u the real pleasure, saying this Ramesh got up from Radha and Prabhakar lied on the table and make Radha to sit on his cock showing her back to him and Prabakar pointed his cock to the asshole of Radha and slowly made Radha to sit on the cock and he gave her some gentle push but her ass hole is very tight and she is also feeling pain badly, Ramesh applied some oil on Prabakars tool also and now it became easy for him to enter his tip of the cock into Radha’s ass and Radha started to cry in pain.

After lot of struggle he fully inserted his cock inside the ass and now Radha somewhat felt comfortable and they started to and fro motion and now it is Ramesh came forward to enter his tool inside the pussy, Radha told that it will be very painful but Ramesh convinced her by saying it will give more pleasure to her, so she let him to insert his penis and he was fully inside within some 5-7 strokes and now they three are in top pleasure and I was also enjoying the scene and they fucked like this for more than half an hour and they exchanged their position frequently and I was amazed because they both didn’t cum till now but Radha cumed almost 7-9 times Radha also asked the same doubt for that they told they had some drugs which stops from cuming for some time and they gave her a tablet. After some fifteen minutes they both increased their speed and started to groan Radha clearly understood that they are going to cum And asked them not to cum inside her pussy but they told it is an opportunity to her to get a baby which is not possible for her to get if she misses the opportunity because her husband died just a 25-30 days back and she can also cover her pregnancy in the name of her husband, for that she accepted and they increased the speed and one by one cumed inside her pussy and filled her.

Forced sex stories

By seeing this action I also masturbated there itself and decided to leave the place and come after sometime and the intension to get Radha also increased within me. Just before leaving they started to talked about having some fun tomorrow also, so I eagerly awaited to hear their talk but Radha said that she is too tired and she was not sure about tomorrows fun. They both were disappointed and me too. Ramesh told that if there is one more women means it will be good And immediately Prabakar told “what about our madam?” I was shocked to hear this and I became angry but I controlled and waited to hear their full conversation, for that Ramesh told great idea dude, immediately Radha feared and told not to even think about that and she told if anyone know the intensions like this means they will kill you, so don’t try that.

For the comment of Radha, Ramesh told that we can make her to surrender herself like u surrendered today, then we all can have fun all day but Radha refused the idea and told that she is going to take leave tomorrow and she don’t want to involve in those matters. Ramesh told ok we’ll take care and we are sure we’ll get her.

Then they started dressing so I left the place and I don’t know what to do. On that night fully I thought of the Ramesh and Prabakar’s idea after some time my mind started to think that can they make my beautiful mom surrender to them and I was excited to see the behavior of mom while the servants approach to her. And I was also interested to see how she behaves to them after having sex with her.

Forced sex stories

After knowing the intentions of servants I was much interested in seeing them in action with my mom. Next day according to their plan Radha didn’t came for work, she took leave by saying that she is not feeling well. When I hear that Radha was on leave I conformed myself that they are going to fuck my beautiful mom.

As usual at 9‘o clock I leave to my college and in loud voice I told my mom bye and the intention behind saying bye in loud voice is that the servants should know that I left the home. After half an hour I returned home and I came through the back door of the house which is near Radha’s house and I entered into my room and closed the door but I didn’t locked it. I went to the balcony which is common balcony for my room and to my mom room, I looked in to the room, my mom was sitting on the bed and she was reading something and I can see Ramesh and Prabakar cleaning the floor of the hall.

I was upset because I thought that servants will be in action with mom, but I decided to wait for sometime and sat on the floor and watched the servants and mom . I can see Ramesh and Prabakar talking something in low voice, I know that they were planning something regarding fucking my mom, I was waiting eagerly to see my mom being fucked up by the servants. After some fifteen minutes I saw both of them were swallowing the tablet and I am sure that was a drug that they used when they fucked Radha and now I became much eager to see them in action.

My mom also saw them while they swallowed the tablet and she asked them what they were swallowing?, for that both of them came into my mom room without telling anything, but with a smile on their face. Mom looked confused Prabakar locked the door and Ramesh sat next to mom and he put his hand on the shoulders of my beautiful mom, she was totally shocked and shouted “how dare you to touch me?” and she understood what they were planning. She tried to run but

Ramesh caught her hand and said “madam you are very intelligent you understood very quickly what we are intend to do?, likewise it is better to co-operate with us” Prabakar said “any way today there is no chance to escape from us if you co-operate there will be less pain and huge enjoyment, so it is better to co-operate with us”

Ramesh pulled her towards him she fell on him like a ripen mango. He then caught both the arms and Prabakar grabbed her from behind. Prabakar said “Oh my madam u are looking so beautiful, your boobs and ass are making me mad on you” saying this he kissed her neck she was almost like sandwich in between them getting crushed by their heavy bodies. Prabakar opened the clip and her hair fallen on his face

Forced sex stories

And he said “what a hair? I’m interested in seeing her hair in other parts too”. she was getting irritated by their talk and movements. Ramesh grabbed her head with his palms and kissed her on forehead eyes her nose and then he started kissing her lips. she tried to get free from the grip of Ramesh but he was very strong for her. She resisted much and sometimes she screamed,

By that time Prabakar took off his shirt and pants and was now in inners. she really got frightened and didn’t had any idea what to do. she was struggling to get free but couldn’t any how. Then Prabakar caught her hands and Ramesh took off his shirt and pants. She was still struggling to get free from their grip but they were really strong guys. She pleaded them “pls leave me I’ll not tell anyone about this and if u want I’ll give you money”.

But they simply laughed and didn’t show any mercy on her. Prabakar then grabbed her from behind and pulled her waist towards him. Ramesh started to suck on her lips but she was resisting very much so he gave her a hard slap and she started weeping and started to scream, to stop her scream Ramesh put his lip on hers she pushed him down and tried to escape but it went in no use.

Ramesh got angry and gave her another two hard slaps across her face, she nearly lost her conscious, but they showed no mercy. Prabakar was now rubbing his hands over her belly and inserting his index finger in her belly button and was simultaneously pressing his dick in the crack of her ass. Ramesh then pulled her sari out and threw it away. She was now in blouse and petticoat. Prabakar’s tongue was running all over her back and he was kissing her violently on her back and biting her neck and ear lobes.

Then Prabakar started to open her blouse buttons one by one. Ramesh pulled her petticoat down. Now she was only in her bra and panty infront of two servants. By now she regained her consciousness but somehow her resistance was less but she was crying. Then both of them became nude in front of her. Her eyes expanded as she saw their huge dicks Ramesh’s dick was 11” inch long and where as Prabakar’s was little smaller but not much difference atleast 9” inch long. She was terrified.

Then she pleaded again to leave her but they were not going to listen to her. They were now getting horny and excited and they told her “madam by seeing your fear on seeing our cock we think you are not having your sex for long time, am I correct?” Ramesh asked, she kept silent, then again Prabakar asked same question in loud voice she said “yes” in low voice. Then

Prabakar asked her to suck their dicks. she refused, so he gave her another slap which was more powerful than the before one and tears came out of her eyes again. But Prabakar had no effect of her tears. He pulled her hairs and a cry escape out of her mouth which enabled him to put his dick in her mouth. She hated all that but was helpless.

First she felt a bit weird to suck their dicks but they said “madam if u are not sucking my cock means then we’ll make you to do well” by hearing this she got more frightened. So she began to suck their dicks one by one and they both were moaning in pleasure, now she started to obey them and also listening to these words she began to suck more violently and taking their dicks till the fullest length she can. she sucked their tips and their balls.

After 10min of sucking Prabakar then Ramesh’s pulled her hair and put his dick in her mouth and she sucked for 15 min. Then Prabakar came back with oil in his hand my mom was confused but I understood what they were going to do she asked them about the oil they said they will let her know later and then they made her stand against the wall. Prabakar then lowered the straps of her bra and then opened the hook of bra.

Her boobs were exposed to them. Both of them and I as well delighted to see her huge boobs. Even at the age of 40 her boobs were not saggy it was looking very firm and I was very interested in touching them, Prabakar took one of them in his hand and started rubbing it very hard pinching her nipples while sucking the other and biting her nipples. she was crying in pain but her cry had no effect on him.

Forced sex stories

Then Ramesh pulled her panty down. Now she was totally naked in front of two servants. They were now looking her body like hungry dogs. She have huge, pink nipples, clean shaved pussy and very nice ass. They were very delighted and said “madam though you are not having sex you are maintaining clean shaven pussy and very good structured body”. Then Prabakar went near her and started to kiss her lips and sucked them while he started pressing her boobs. Ramesh was kissing her legs and rubbing her thighs and by now she was co-operating to them and responding to them very well by kissing them back.

He was sucking her pussy like hungry dog. He inserted his index finger in her pussy and moans were coming out of her mouth and I was delighted to hear her moans. He finger fucked her for a long time. He then sucked her pussy for 10min and then she started to twist her body and pushed Ramesh head further in her pussy and she started to moan louder and had the orgasm of her life after long time and he drank all of her liquid and said “madam your juice is very nice ”. Prabakar was pressing her boobs violently without any mercy as if she was their randi. Then again suddenly she pleaded to them to leave her but they were not going to stop till they achieve their mission.

Prabakar then lifted her in the arms and lay on the bed and pulled her legs apart as wide as he can she again pleaded him not to insert and break the tradition. But he said that “you bitch you enjoyed till now and asking me to stop now better co-operate with us”. She closed her eyes as she was now going to be fucked anyway today. Then he placed his dick on the opening of her pussy and rubbed his dick on her pussy. While Ramesh came near her and slept besides and was pressing her boobs

Now Prabakar was ready to pump his dick inside her pussy. He took her legs in his hands and parted more wide and with one hand hold his dick in his hand placed it on her pussy. Then he made a gentle stroke and his penis head entered in her pussy and made a harder strokes half of his dick entered into my pussy. He relaxed for a second and gave another harder stroke and his dick totally entered her pussy she started to scream because it has been long time that her pussy was fucked.

He immediately started pumping her. She felt like a hot rod of iron has torn her pussy. She was crying badly. All of her body started to paining badly. He was simply pumping her. After some time her pain seems to be reduced. He was pumping as usual. He pumped her for about 25 minutes and cummed inside her pussy.

Forced sex stories

Now it was the turn of Ramesh his dick was more longer and thicker than Prabakar’s. He too shoved his dick into her pussy. This time she felt much more pain than fucked by Prabakar and this time his cock was also struggling to enter into her pussy and after some hard strokes it entere her pussy. She was moaning after sometime and she was enjoying it seems.

Ramesh made much more harder strokes than Prabakar and was fucking her like a wild lion. He fucked her for 30 minutes and during this time he pressed her boobs very badly. He then lifted her up and made her sit and came in between and facing each other while sitting in her laps and made harder strokes. She was now enjoying the game. He hugged her in a very tight position and her boobs were crushed against his chest.

After sometime she saw that Prabakar was erect again and was ready for another trip. Seeing this Ramesh slowed his fucking speed. And he laid down on the bed with her sitting over him. Then Prabakar tried to penetrate her from behind in her ass. Immediately my beautiful mom told him that it will be painful and asked him not to do that for that he simply smiled and took the oil and applied it on his dick and on her asshole now she was clear why he bought the oil. But her asshole was too small for his huge lund.

So he parted her ass cheeks as much as he can and then he made a harder stroke and his dick penetrated her ass. This time she cried much louder as he had tore her ass apart and blood was oozing out of her ass. They both pumped her for an hour in that position. Her both holes were pumped badly by the two. After a hard pumping Ramesh took out his dick from her pussy and Prabakar made her in the doggy style and Ramesh shove his dick into her mouth. His dick was coated with cum of all of them.

Forced sex stories

She tried to get away from that dirty thing but no use. Soon Ramesh was over and he threw all his cum in her mouth. Soon Prabakar was too over and cummed in her ass. After relaxing for about 15 minutes they again pumped her. In this way they pumped her for another 3 hours. And looked they were not going to leave her till night Continue reading…

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