Hi friends, I’m Rajesh this story is between me, my elder cousin and my niece Silviya. I’m 32 years old married to a 27year old lady and have three kids. my cousin is older to me by 12 years. she is 44 years old and her daughter Silviya is 24 years old.

she completed her masters in genetic sciences just a few months back and wanted to take a holiday before getting into job. my cousin is a canadian and she came to india for a 2 month holiday with Silviya. she has a son too but he is busy in his pg course and could not come in. my cousin is single as she was deserted by her firangi husband a few years back.

my cousin married a spaniard and after a few years of marital bliss, they had differences that cannot be reconciled. my cousin being an artist, made a good livelihood in the state of british columbia and in victoria city. I am a dealer in automobile spare parts.my cousin had come in during the end february this year and was to leave by april.

Silviya would report to job from early may. they toured a few places in india, met a few relatives. had a gastronomical delight.though my cousin and her children had travelled far and wide in the west, they were totally clueless about the east. in particular fascinating to them as all indians was singapore and malaysia.

I was enthrusted the job to plan an itinerary and was also requested to join them as an escort. its not that they cannot go alone, but they wanted company. I could not take my family as my children had ensuing final exams. so all prepared and we took a trip in end march 2014. we went to malaysia first and then to singapore.

we stayed for 5 days in malaysia and early april we were in singapore. after doing singapore for three days we were booked for cruise that leaves singapore to phuket and back. in malaysia and singapore we stayed at hotels sharing room with an extra bed. it was fun for us to stay together. so far there was no sex angle at all. I also never saw anyone of the ladies in that intent.

it all started in cruise. the first day went off well and we slept. the action started from day 2 of cruise. I woke up early morning and I was shocked to see that Silviya was exposing her private part.i could see her ass cheeks in full bloom and nakedness. she was wearing a maxi and due to restlessness, the maxi curled up revealing her ass cheeks as she was sleeping side ways.

I thought of covering her up, but the sight of her ass cheeks made me weak. they were round, petite and snow white in colour. I had a good stare and came the other side to have a look at love hole, but since she was sleeping sideways, it was covered by her clasping thighs and also a part of maxi was on top of that place.

so I got bold and said to myself that I will see from back itself and slowly tried to part her ass cheeks to get a preview of her cunt. while parting her ass cheeks she woke up and said uncle what are you doing ? I got scared and said nothing beta, I was trying to cover you up. lucky for me, my cousin was fast asleep as she was drunk the previous night and slept well.

later that evening we went to a show on the ship and it was a topless show. my cousin since she is used to drinking wine at nights, she took wine after dinner and slept at around 9.30 pm. the show was at 10 pm. simi and I went to the show. for them a topless show is nothing new.but for me it aroused like anything. but Silviya was also reluctant to watch along with me.

I said chill… its okay, look at the dance and art and not at nudity. we came to room. cousin woke up due to sound. I had various ideas running in my mind especially after seeing the ass of Silviya and the topless show. I wanted to try some action. I thought it to be just as a voyeur and not anything more. I had some whisky with me.

I told my cousin that lets drink and talk a while as our holiday is going to end in next two days. I laid down three glasses. poured whisky. but Silviya would not drink as she thinks alcoholic drinks actually harm sleep. being a science student she was also stays away from such things as she knows alcohol is a big killer.

she had advised her mom many times, but my cousin says she’s a healthy drinker and never goes overboard.this night I wanted them to go overboard. my cousin enjoyed her drink, I pretended to drink. I asked Silviya to drink some as it would be great enjoyment but she said no. I was clueless what to do.

I poured my cousin each time she emptied her glass and while munching chips and talking she gulped one after the another until she blew up. she went to wash room. she was so intoxicated, she left the door open and from where I was seated I could see her from the mirror placed opposite the entrance of bathroom, I could see her lift her maxi expose her private part to me.

but she was careless due to efefct of alcohol and then came out and hit the bed. I was pretending to see pictures taken on my I pad. my cousin slept in no time. I called her out to check but she wont respond. I then said Silviya drink some and sleep well like my cousin. immediately she shot back. why, you wish to continue what you left halfway this morning. I said no.. you have misunderstood me.

she said, I know all.. you were also staring at mom when she was in the wash room. how can a brother do like this to a cousin. I said Silviya I was concerned that she will fall down and was keeping a watch on her. c’mon uncle, while watching the show you were also elbowing me. yes, I was trying to reach her boobs thru my elbow. im not a kid uncle.

and why exactly did you force mom to drink and sleep. what is your intention ? I said nothing. but then I thought I must not let go this opportunity or else I shall never get it again. I asked, Silviya are you really angry on me. she said anyone will after what you did to me this morning. sorry beta, I got carried away looking at those round, beautiful milk white bums.

and I could also see the cheeks of cunt and the scene was so good for a moment I forgot im your uncle. can I ask you a bold question ? she said : what it is ? I said, forget it. you will tell your mom. she said, dont ask such questions that I may tell my mom. I then said, why did’nt you tell your mom about what I did this morning.she said, it will raise unnecessary complications.

then please do not tell anything that I talk to you to avoid complications. dont talk dirty she said. I said no, that’s exactly what I wanna do. what is it she demanded ? I wanted to see your pussy. can you show me ? she got wild and said, uncle are you crazy. im like your daughter and you talk like this with me.

I said, you speak about morality, what if you were not my niece ? will it be okay then ? no ways…im gonna tell momma if you try to say or do anything nasty. I then went to my bed and she slept next to her mom. I did’nt know how to proceed further. so I slowly crept near their bed and started feeling my cousin. I touched her boobs. Silviya was sleeping the other way round.

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my cousin was sleeping flat on her back. I lifted her maxi and saw her big white pussy. I was aroused by her too when she went to piss. I touched my cousins pussy, felt it and kissed it. the movement on soft bed made Silviya turn and she was shocked to see what I was doing with my cousin. she said stop, what are you doing ? are you nuts, you crazy pervert.

I said you just relax and sleep. she is my cousin. its between her and me. Silviya said, she is my mom and you cant do all that with her, I removed my pyjama and I was in my underwear. I said im entering your mom now. anyways you are going to tell her everything tomorrow and a big fight is gonna take place. maybe when I enter her, she may also wake up, but im unable to control my urge.

she said, uncle pls. dont do this. I said I promise I will not do anything if you just allow me to touch and feel you. see you in your birth dress. she said, no men can stop with that. I said I will and if cannot control I will masturbate and remove my pressure. do you promise, she asked. I said yes.

i asked her to come to my extra bed, it was little small but suited me fine as I wanted a small cozy and a tight place. I slowly lifted her maxi exposing her thundering thighs. I kissed them and then went upto her cunt. it was clean shaven, very small and cute. I started kissing and sucking. she let out moans. i asked Silviya, are you a virgin. she did’nt reply and said do not ask personal questions.

I then lifted her maxi up till her neck. she was in her white bra. I cupped them and kissed her stomach. the boobs were soft, tender and of medium size. but they were erect and cute. I lifted her bra up to expose boobs. I pressed them hard and suck them to my hearts content. her nipples were erect and turned pinkish red.. I tried to spread her legs with my legs, but she stopped me and said.

you promised not to go further. I said promises are made to be broken., but she will not allow any of it. she got up and was about to go to her bed. but I made her sit on my bed. I stood in front of her and revealed my monster for the first time to her. I said, best sex is oral sex. just blow me and all are safe. she said no. she will not do that. I then said atleast stroke me please and she obliged.

she gave strokes after strokes. it was so good that I started to feel an orgasm. I know I was about to cum but did’nt tell her as otherwise she will stop. the heat was so furious that I shot my cums like jet stream and directly on her which fell on her dress, face and hands. yeek, uncle why the hell did you pour ? she immediately ran to wash room to clean herself.

I on the other hand wanted more. I had already seen my cousin too.so I thought let me explore her again and started touching my cousins big boobs. my cousin woke up in her intoxication and said what happened and what are you doing. I said nothing, just sleep im massaging you. she went back to sleep. Silviya also came out. I went to washroom cleaned myself and then retired in my bed.

I wore my pyjama alone as my underwear also became wet due to earlier encounter. I did’nt feel like taking out another underwear from my suitcase. I started fantasizing about Silviya. I closed my eyes.she tried to sleep. but she was restless and turning this way and that way. I asked what happened. she said nothing. I went to her bed and said, what happened don’t be scared tell me please.

she said nothing. I said, you must have enjoyed sex and you want more but are scared or ashamed to admit. she said no.it’s not like that. I said it is exactly that only and I kept my hand on her chest. there was no reaction from her side. I started pressing hard just to see her reaction. she said uncle, not so hard..it pains. this was the signal I required.

she wants it but she wants it in a loving way. I then said, I want to kiss your lips. she did’nt say anything. I now knew she is fully aroused. I parted her lips with my lips and started sucking her saliva and tongue. she said you truly are a ‘kans’ uncle. I said call me rajesh or raj. don”t call me uncle. I lifted her and carried her to my bed.

I asked her what she liked in the oral sex and she said she loved it when I sucked her down there. I said I can do better if she does exactly like I say. now she was game for it. I lied down and asked her to sit on my face. I asked her to remove her complete dress. she was scared what if momma wakes up. I confidentally said, we’ll make love to her as well.

she was scared but relented as lust took over both of us and dignity and morality were thrown to the seas. she sat on my mouth totally stark naked.i too removed every bit of cloth and my penis was pointing to the sky. her cunt was red hot and oozing juices. it gave a queer smell but very intoxicating. I started sucking her and she started moaning deeply.

while doing so I also played with her petite tits that were firm and having strong erect nipples. I then asked her to turn around and sit. she was not facing my penis. she was moaning even harder now and I said its time you bend over and take my penis. she did as was instructed and we were in position 69. this continued for a few minutes and we both experienced orgasm around the same time.

she sensed it and lifted her mouth from my penis. I shot cum in the air, but her cum was directly getting drained in my mouth. we cleaned ourselves again, this time together as all inhibitions were laid to rest. now again I lifted my cousins maxi to reveal her crotch. Silviya said, why you do like this ? you will wake her up. but I wanted Silviya to see her mother naked.

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she said mom even at this age looks beautiful. I did this so that if there are any pangs of guilt, Silviya must forget it now. we then laid next to each other on my bed. I started sucking her lips and boobs. she was fondling my penis. after about 15 minutes, I was ready for action. I said Silviya, lie down straight I want to suck you again. I wanted to lubricate her. I sucked her again to my heart’s content.

I reached her boobs now falling flat on her and started to suck the lovely melons again. with my legs I was parting her legs and slowly touching her cunt with my penis. I then spread her legs, spread her cunt lips, placed my penis in full frontal nude cunt and was about to enter when she asked, should we do this ? I said wait a second and I pushed my penis in.

it was tight but then slid in as it was well lubricated. I said, we have done this and no stopping now. I started thrusting in and out and she was biting her lips. wow ! what a great feel it was fucking a young girl after a long time, a tight opening and the extra kick was she was my niece. it was awesome and while fucking I reached out to her boobs and played with them.

we both had orgasm and I cummed inside her. my hot semen made her moan and she pulled me hard towards her and her nails scratching my bare back. it was too much and we fainted. after some time, I was ready for action again. but this time it was my cousin. I tried reaching her, but Silviya stopped. and we did sex for one more time. day two was most memorable.

it was day three and bright sunny morning. ship reached phuket and we all went out of ship for day excursion to phuket. my cousin was giving me puzzled looks right from morning. when Silviya was not there she asked me, was everything okay as I could make out something fishy. I said nothing. maybe you had an effect as you drank too much.

later Silviya told my cousin checked with her as well. she too said the same thing. we then came to ship again by late evening. we had dinner. I again served whisky to my cousin, she just had her regular quota and said im not drinking more. it gives me wild ideas. she then told Silviya, you sleep in the single bed and let rajesh sleep here as you are too restless and turn around a lot.

you don’t allow me to sleep well.actually my cousin was planning something then,. Silviya signalled me to behave and sleep silently. but I had already become an animal. I waited for my cousin to sleep. I then went to Silviya, but she pushed me away. she would not allow me to come near at all. it was past midnight, Silviya was fast asleep. my cousin woke me up.

she said, though I was drunk, I was a bit weird. I remember like a distant dream that I went to wash room with door open. you were staring at me.i was always a bold man and I said yes, because I was keeping an eye on you so that you don’t fall. I also have a feeling that you were touching me here and there. you said something.

I don’t remember. no ways, how can you think so about your brother. no I have faint memory. tell me truly as Silviya should not know about it. I said, yes didi in such a romantic getaway I was missing my wife. and after seeing you naked, I just could not control. what all did you do ? did you get into me. no no.. aayee shapat..no. I just saw and kissed that place.

tell me, I asked my cousin how did you feel being touched there because I think you are single and it must have been long your husband must have had sex with you. my cousin said, Silviya is here, we cant talk all this here. I could not let go the situation. I understood, that my cousin does not mind talking or doing dirty, but she is scared about her daughter.

I intentionally sneazed very loudly,. Silviya woke up… I said Silviya you told me that you love cool breeze, dark nights on sea, please go to the deck and enjoy the night and breeze and stroll for sometime. I need to talk to your mom. my cousin was also taken aback. Silviya said no.. I want to sleep. I said please go as it is important private talk.

while locking the door, Silviya said don’t do anything with mom kans…i said trust me, she is my cousin. I will not harm her. but Silviya knew and went out. i latched the door. immediately undressed as I did’nt wish to do away with any opportunity. my cousin was shocked. she shouted, what are you doing. I said, it is fair that you see me fully as I also saw you naked.

my monster was red hot strong and erect. she said no..dress up. I said, don’t worry no one will know. just touch and enjoy. she too was reluctant but ultimately gave in. I asked her to stand up and removed her nighty. she was naked down there as usual. little bush. I fondled it and kissed her. I made her lie down… sucked her hard. her vagina was big but very juicy.

I removed her bra and started sucking her boobs. they are big, slightly sagging, nevertheless boobs are boobs and great to suck. she was touching my penis and pressing it hard. I made her sit on the edge of bed. stood next to her and said, open your mouth. she was ready like a lioness and took my hot monster and gave a blow job like a professional.

I started to build tension and cummed in her mouth. we both cleaned ourselves. Silviya was getting restless and came in after a few minutes., I let her in and she stared at me. I gave her a killer look. she knew that I have had my way with her mom too, but she did’nt say anything. infact this time my cousin gave her whisky, even though she said no, my cousin insisted.

Silviya knew what was coming. she silently drank a little and went to sleep. we waited for some time. I asked my cousin to go on her knees in doggy style. she did so on the edge of bed. I stood on the floor and spread her ass cheeks. what big ass. she is not fat, but had right mass on ass. her butt hole was also fair and pink. I fingered it and aroused her,.

I then entered her vagina in a doggy style and inserted her,. I fucked her hard. then she asked me to lie down and she rode me on top of me. the sight was great to see her huge sagging boobs go up and down. in no time, I emptied my ammunition. again at midnight my cousin was fondling my penis. I now knew she wants more. so I rolled over her, pulled my pyjama down.

lifted her nighty out of her and went in again. this time I fucked for longer duration. thus satisfying my cousin. my cousin was so horny that I knew she will digest anything that I say then. I asked her, do you love lesbian sex. she said never tried and no particular interest,. I said you have a lovely daughter.. you can try with her. she said dont bring my daughter in all this mess.

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I said, you have not seen your daughter from close. I switched on the light of room and lifted the maxi of Silviya. my cousin asked, what are you doing,,, I said. be quiet. I asked her to look at her cunt. Silviya woke up and got scared. mom its not my fault, its all uncle’s fault. I said, dont worry Silviya, your mom is also party to this fun.

and what can my cousin say after having slept with her own brother not once but twice. all this while we were naked, both my cousin and i. my cousin was covering her assets with the bedsheet. I told the whole ice is broken, why you want to cover now and pulled her bedsheet. I took simmmi’s hand and placed in on my cousins boob. she drew back immediately. but my cousin was horny.

she sat next to Silviya to console her and kissed her. I put my cousins hand on Silviyas breast and my cousin seemed to enjoy. my cousin said, you go rajesh, Silviya feels shy. I started laughing and Silviya had a mixed laugh, with pleasure and also scare. my cousin asked why are you laughing. I said tonight you were my wife and last night Silviya was my wife. my cousin looked astonished with disbelief.

I said I rode her three times. my cousin said ‘behenchod’. I said behenji chod also.i then said, what all happened between us will be privy to only three of us. we promised never to disclose to anybody. i then said, Silviya’s boobs are ripe and her cunt is the best hole in the world. my cousin touched her boobs and kissed her. my cousin was already naked and Silviya was in her maxi.

I asked her to get out of that. Silviya was scared to do all that in front of her mom. I said dont worry im already exhausted. I can do nothing. what ever you two do, I can only see and enjoy.i said we men are lucky as we can get to suck cunt and also fuck it. my cousin said even we can suck cunts. but can you fuck cunt I asked her. she said its okay. we can take penis in and you you guys cant.

I told her you can fuck the cunt with your tongue. she asked me how. I laid my cousin in front of her daughter spread her legs and showed her how to explore. I then said we will play three some. I asked Silviya to lie down. I asked my cousin to sit on top of Silviya and Silviya was sucking her cunt.

I spread Silviya’s legs and entered her and at the same time fondled with my cousins boobs and sucked it. it was awesome. more than anybody else, it was my cousin who was horny.later my cousin and I lip locked while she was getting digged by her daughter and I was digging her daughter. it was great and I exploded in my niece’s womb.

later on I came to know she takes pills when she has sex. so she was not a virgin for me. but the pleasure was not less. and more so fucking a young girl right ion front of her mother. we had 4 more sessions next day in day time. as by evening we had to move out of ship as the cruise ends on fourth day at singapore. it was great while it lasted. we came back to india.

my cousin came back to senses and said, please dont do anything to Silviya again. lets forget the unfortunate past. for me it was very fortunate. she said im your prey. eat me whenever you want because I have fallen in love with you

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