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Part 1

Silviya was not happy when Subodh told her about Ashim’s staying with them. She even had a big fight with Subodh opposing his decision. Even after she failed to persuade Subodh to give up his idea, and Ashim joined them, she always resented his presence.Sameer was surprised at the changed behavior of his mother. She seemed to be getting along so nicely with Ashim. He had noticed a drastic change them over the last few days. Silviya had stopped yelling at everyone… She appeared so happy now… She even stopped nagging him. Ashim too seemed to behave differently. Sameer as such was very fond of his young cousins, especially of Ashim’s younger sister Gauri. Together they had shared many precious moments during their childhood when Ashim’s father, his uncle, was alive and he used to spend his entire summer holidays with Ashim’s family.

However, it happened almost four years ago. He hadn’t visited his cousin’s family after death of Ashim’s father… Mainly due to Silviya’s opposition. Therefore, it was surprising to him that the same Silviya was now so fond of her nephew. Sameer had grown up to be a fine handsome young man, with a good lean athletic physique with a great passion for music and girls. He had his first sexual experience when he was 18 and since then, it became a hobby too.At college, he joined a music band, which in fact was a perfect excuse for him to be absent from home very frequently. The presence of Ashim at home helped him in many ways…

Firstly his mother Silviya stopped nagging him about his studies as she had found a new target to vent her ire, and secondly, Ashim was there to help him with his assignments and other things related with his studies. In return, he provided access to his cousin to his collection of porn magazines and CD’s. He had partly shared his secrets with Ashim though not everything he told him was true. For that reason, the night when he fucked his aunt for the first time, Ashim was aware that Sameer was in the city enjoying the night with his girlfriend whose parents were out of the town. Suddenly, Silviya laughed loudly. Sameer came out of his trance. He looked at his mother and smiled.”What’s so special?””Nothing son,” She was stilling laughing. “Ashim was telling me a nice joke.”

Then she turned to Ashim.”Ashim… Why don’t you tell him also?””No… It’s all right.” Sameer was in no mood to listen jokes. He stopped him. “I’m feeling tired… Haven’t slept for last two days.”Ashim smiled at his cousin. He knew the real reason for his tiredness.”What Sameer… ?” She protested. “You never have time for us. Look Ashim has brought a new movie CD. Finish your dinner… Then we’ll watch it in my room… I’ll prepare coffee for all of us.””Sorry… I’m dead tired.” He shrugged his shoulder in refusal. “All I want is a good sleep.””That’s not fair.” Silviya feigned unhappiness; but she felt relieved inside. Ever since she began fucking her nephew, she had become a cock hungry whore. Initially, they observed restraint by screwing only when her son and husband were not at home… But later she became somewhat daring…

And they occasionally began enjoying their carnal relationship even when someone was at home… Though such occasions were very rare.Far the last two weeks Sameer and Subodh both were at home, and she couldn’t get a chance to fuck Ashim for almost one week; that made her very horny. Tonight, when Subodh was again out of the town, she wanted to utilize every single moment available to her. Immediately after the dinner, Sameer retired to his room. He desperately wanted to sleep. He had spent his last two nights with his girlfriend’s sister-in-law, his latest affair. He met her one month ago during his friend’s birthday party, and after that he met Mitali twice.

Last two days, her husband was out of town on some business trip and she invited him. They celebrated their friendship with a non-stop fuck marathon. Sameer changed his clothes, turned his room’s lights off and jumped into his bed. Lying in the bed he tried to think about his mother and Ashim… How happy they were… Together… They appeared so intimate… So close; His eyes began to close and within no time he was snoring loudly. Sameer woke up suddenly with a big thirst. He remained in his bed for some time breathing heavily in the darkness. Then he got down from the bed and went out of his room. Everything in the lobby was covered in the darkness. He went to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and fetched a water bottle. He drank thirstily.

He closed the door back and came out of kitchen.He was returning to his room when he heard a faint giggle. At first, he didn’t notice it and continued walking towards his room with sleepy eyes. At his door, he heard the sound again… This time he noticed it. He looked at the wall clock mounted on the sidewall of the living room. It was quarter to three. He yawned… He must be hearing voices. He opened his room’s door. It came again, little louder this time… Unmistakably a woman’s giggle.It was strange, very strange… His mother was still awake at such late hours. Then he recalled… Her plans about watching a movie. Probably, Ashim and his mother were still watching the movie. He deliberated for a moment, and then decided to join them. He wasn’t feeling sleepy anymore; therefore, there won’t be any problem if he joined them. He walked upstairs. He stopped before his mother’s room.

Lights were seeping through the creases of door, quite evident that she was awake. The door seemed locked from inside… Another surprise. He raised his hand to knock at the door. Before he could knock, a faint soft moan filled the silence of the corridor. He froze. He had heard those sounds before… Not only once but many time. It was the moan of a female in heat readying for her mate. All of a sudden, Sameer realized his heart began beating faster. His senses suddenly became very active. He hesitated for a moment, and then bent to his knees bringing his eyes in level of the keyhole.He slowly inched his eyes closer to the tiny hole. What he saw inside set his adrenalin running high. From the keyhole, he got the direct view of his mother’s bed and everything happening there. Inside the room, Silviya was sitting at the edge of her bed… Topless…

Her gown and bra lying on the floor, while Ashim, who was completely naked, sucked her nipples. Silviya’s hands were fondling his erect cock, tenderly running along its length.Sameer couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. His homely mother was playing with his cousin’s cock while he sucked on her tits, and from her looks, it was obvious that she was enjoying it.He withdrew his eyes away from the hole. His heart was beating fast… His breathing heavy. He didn’t know how to react to the sudden revelation. He had never expected to see his own mother in such a condition… Exposing herself so wantonly to a man who was not her husband.

Sameer had always considered her as a kind of prudish woman. Once, he accidentally entered in her room while she was changing her clothes. He was only thirteen then. Though he immediately came out of the room, the brief encounter remained intact in his mind. The naked figure of his stunning mother remain imprinted on his mind, and when he began masturbating after about one year, along with his other lady interests, his mother was also one of his main fantasies. At times, he felt ashamed after yanking his cock thinking about his mother… And he felt like a pervert. Nevertheless, his fantasies about his mother remained until he got sexually involved with the first woman of his life.Now, after so many years, she had revived all his forgotten fantasies. Sameer lowered his eyes again and looked inside. Silviya and Ashim were French kissing each other.

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His hands were on her tits… Pinching her creamy bosom while he sucked on his aunt’s moist tongue. Silviya’s hands were busy massaging his cock. They broke the kiss, and Sameer heard his mom giggle as she pushed Ashim back. She remarked something, which he can’t hear, and then she reached down cupping his heavy sacks in her hand. Sameer watched as his cousin’s cock throbbed as Silviya fondled his balls. Ashim enjoyed the delightful sensation running through his body as his aunt strokes his balls and cock. He bent forward, and began rolling her panties down.Sameer held his breath, his eyes continuously glued to the keyhole. Silviya let Ashim’s cock free, and fell backward helping him in removing her panties out of her legs… Totally unaware she was being watched by her own son. Sameer licked his dry lips as he looked at her exposed fluffy hair covered pussy… Realizing for the first time that he was hard… Very hard. Ashim crouched before Silviya, gently spreading her thighs to expose her moist cunt. He always loved the way her cunt looked… So delicious… So titillating… So mouthwatering. He considered himself extremely lucky to possess such a gorgeous pussy.

Ashim pressed his hands between her parted thighs, his fingers brushing against the fine glossy hair of her juicy cunt. He ran his fingers along her wet slit, and gently poked his index finger inside her cunt. Silviya moaned with lust, and again reached for his cock, running her fingers along the length of his mammoth organ. Ashim felt her slick pussy lips tightening around his deeply embedded finger as he fucked his finger around in the hot sticky depths of her overheated cunt.”Honey” Silviya whispered, feeling his index finger moving in and out of her scorching pussy. “Lick my cunt.”Feeling thrilled by his beautiful aunt’s request, Ashim quickly lowered his face toward her crotch. The first whiff of her aroused juicy cunt hit his nostrils intoxicating him with lust.

He inhaled the pungent aroma of her pussy. A wild tingle raced up the length of his thick swollen prick when his nose and lips touched the soaked bush covering her delicious slit.”Lick it,” She groaned huskily as his hot breath fueled her already simmering cunt. “Stick your tongue inside.”Her son observed through the tiny keyhole, as his cousin’s head disappear between his mother’s thighs. Sameer unzipped his fly, and took his cock out which was raging like a mad bull. He gently squeezed the swollen head. Inside the room, Ashim was celebrating his good fortune as he ran his tongue between the glistening folds of her dripping pussy lips tasting the salty taste of her pussy juices.

Ever since he began going down on her, he always relished the taste of his aunt’s juicy cunt.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… ! That’s good, Ashim,” She whimpered as she shamelessly pushed her hot slick crotch against his face.”Lick me… Honey. Stick your tongue all the way in.”Loving the way she was begging for more, Ashim rolled his tongue and let it slip inside her wet cunt reaching deeper. He felt her cunt juices entering into his mouth and he sucked it greedily.”Mmmmmm… ! Ohhhhhhh… ! It feels so good!” She cooed erotically gyrating her hips. “Please don’t stop… Suck me… Ahhh… Ahhh… Suck me good!”She raised her legs and supported her thighs over his shoulders… Grabbed his hair, forcing his head deep into her inflamed cunt. Sameer observed through the hole, his hands moving along the length of his shaft… His tempo rising with every passing minute as he witnessed the amoral act transpiring between his mother and his young cousin. Ashim was pleased the way his aunt was responding to his tongue’s skillful calisthenics.

He excitedly continued his oral massage of the tasty cunt. With every passing moment, He became more aroused as he sucked and licked on her juicy little cunt.”Lick my clit… Suck it harder,” Silviya moaned “Stick your fingers in my cunt!””Ohhhhhhhhhh… Yes!” She moaned again as she felt his two fingers sinking into her juicy depths. Ashim bored his fingers up to his knuckles finger fucking her cunt while his lips sucked deliriously over her engorged clit. Ashim could feel her beautiful aunt shaking uncontrollably in a wanton abandon as his index and middle finger reciprocated inside her hot, slippery passage. Her juices soaked his lips and chin, yet he continued unabated.”Ohhh… ! Godd… ! Yes!” She screamed, a feverishly loud gasp escaping her lips as Ashim took her clit between his lips and sucked it harder. Silviya whimpered, suddenly feeling the tingling sensation between her legs rising to mammoth proportions.

She couldn’t take it any longer; she pushed his face from between her legs as her body convulsed with a shattering orgasm. Though feeling disappointed, Ashim looked greedily at his aunt’s cunt. Her body was arched up on the bed and she was shivering under the impact of her terrific orgasm. Sameer ceases beating his cock, looked at his seething mother… Almost mesmerized. His cousin’s lips and chin’s were all covered with his mother’s pussy juices, to which he was licking so sumptuously. He was suddenly jealous of his cousin. He looked at his cock, ready to shoot anytime now. But he restrained himself… The way things were going inside, there were many more things to come, and he wanted to witness everything. Silviya opened her eyes and looked at her nephew smilingly.

He grinned back at her. They kissed.”It’s my turn now.” She whispered.Ashim jumped on the bed, and settled beside her. She gently took hold of his cock between her fingers and began massaging it. She lay opposite to him in such a way that her lips were facing his crotch. Ashim pulled her legs near his head and placed his head over her thighs. Now her cunt was only a lick away from his lips. As he inhaled the musky aroma emanating from her dripping cunt, he felt a moist caress on his prick when Silviya lowered her hot lips down over his pulsing cock. Excitedly, he stuck his tongue out, and licked her pussy juices sticking to her bush. He felt his cock being swallowed by his aunt’s hungry mouth, and the sensitive tip of his cock nudging against the back of her throat.”Oh, God,” He mumbled and looked at her flushed beautiful face. She was sucking his cock furiously, running her lips over its length… Imitating a wet cunt.

His cock was big enough for her to take it completely inside her sucking mouth; therefore, she gripped the base of his cock with her fist and engulfed the remaining length of his cock inside her mouth. Whimpering with lust, Silviya sucked his throbbing hard on with a feverish pace… Her talented tongue slithering up and down his cock… Salivating his entire cock length with her spit. Trembling with excitement, he drew his attention to her wet cunt wide open in front of her. She was again dripping… Quite evident from the way her trimmed bush and thighs glowed with her nectar sticking to it. He again buried his face between her thighs and lapped on her juice. His nose rested against her open ass cheeks, and he whiffed the acrid aroma emanating from her anus.

He looked at her sphincter… The tiny wrinkled hole… So tantalizingly opened before his eyes. He had never licked her anus before… He hesitated for a moment, then stuck his tongue out and touched her buns. He could feel a mild tremor in her body. He slowly swirled his tongue around her wrinkled hole, avoiding any direct contact with her anus. However, the fragrant smell from her anus drove him crazy with lust, and he finally touched her ass hole with his tongue.Silviya stopped sucking his cock as she felt his tongue licking her anus. She had never been licked there before, and the feeling of a wet tongue over her sphincter was beyond comprehension. She had seen anal licking in porn movies but never expected that any one would ever lick her rectum.

Her nephew’s wet tongue over her arse drove her wild with lust. She began twisting her head from side to side, rotating her mouth around his cock. First using her tongue, then her lips, she fiercely licked his cock. Ashim lost all his inhibitions, and began lapping at her aunt’s ass hole. Forcing his tongue into her anus, he slipped the tip of his tongue inside her rectum. Silviya mumbled something. Her mouth was stuffed with Ashim’s cock and she wasn’t in a position to utter anything. She enjoyed her nephew’s hot tongue fucking her ass. Ashim began to feel the pressure. He knew that his inflated cock wouldn’t be able to survive long under the extreme suction generated by her sucking lips.”Oh… Shit!” He withdrew his tongue out of her ass and moaned.

Silviya anticipated his impending orgasm; she began sucking him furiously. It almost blew his mind as she passionately sucked him. The aching pleasure was one of the wildest sensations he’d ever experienced. The pressure in his balls began to rise, and he could feel his climax drawing nearer. His stirring balls were ready to shoot a torrent of hot cum. He buried his lips between her thighs and sucked her harder.”Oh… Fuck… !” He cried forcing his cock upward as he felt the boiling cum began to rise along his shaft. His entire body shivered with delight as his peak hit him. Silviya was aware of his orgasm as she immediately withdrew her mouth when he began shooting… But not before the first torrent landed directly into her open mouth, which she sucked gleefully.

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Sameer watched in amazement as Ashim’s cock erupted violently, splashing gobs of cum over his mother’s face and her tits. Ashim’s cock jerked repeatedly, with every jerk releasing more and more of his white gluey fluid, drenching a part of her face and her tits. Once the strength of his ejaculation receded, she again took his semi erect cock and began sucking. She licked every remaining drop of his cock and sucked it thoroughly. Then she turned towards Ashim and smiled sensuously. Ashim stopped sucking her cunt and smiled back. He rose from his position and help Silviya lay on the bed.”Look…what you’ve done.” She smiled at him seductively. “Now you got to clean me.””My pleasure… Aunt dear. I caused this mess… I’ll clean you.”

He smiled back.He bent over her, and began kissing her from her pussy. His tongue slowly traveled to her tits, which were drenched with his own cum. One by one he sucked each of her tits licking the cum deposited over. Once he was through with his job, the aunt and her nephew kissed each other… A long lingering kiss. She enjoyed the whiff of her ass on his tongue. Ashim then licked his cum off her lips and cheeks. They kissed again. Silviya took his tongue between her lips and sucked hard. Realizing that it was buried inside her anus a minute ago, she found it very titillating. She enjoyed the feel of her own arse. She grabbed for his cock, which was now languishing between his thighs. She took hold of it and began pumping her fist over it…

To revive it back so that she could now take it in her pussy. Sameer looked as his horny mother kissed and pumped his cousin to another hardness. He could expect what was about to come. He waited with anticipation. Silviya worked furiously over his cock length. He effort began to pay he began to show signs of revival. She immediately turned around and took his cock in her hot mouth. She sucked hard while using her right hand she softly squeezed and released his balls. She began to slide her head back and forth causing his cock to fuck in and out of her hot lips.She was rewarded soon as in a minute or so his cock swelled to original proportions. Finally, satisfied with her efforts, she let his cock slip out of her mouth.”Now you’re ready to fuck your aunt.”Ashim tried to rise but she stopped him. Ashim lay spread eagle on the bed, his rigid manhood proudly pointing towards the ceiling.

Silviya stood on the bed and straddled his body between her legs. Ashim looked at his aunt’s slick hairy pussy hovering over his crotch.”Today aunt’s gonna fuck you… Honey.” She swayed her hips erotically and began lower herself. While she was half bent, she reached down and took hold of his erect cock. She rubbed the fat knob of his erect cock against her inflamed cunt lips. Sameer looked excitedly as his mother gripped Ashim’s cock and pointed the bulbous head at the opening of her pussy, slowly lowering herself on to it. He watched in amazement as Ashim’s mammoth cock disappeared inside his mother’s quivering pussy.

Sameer again began beating his cock furiously. Ashim jerked as he felt her sticky warmth engulfing his hardness. It was an exquisite feeling. He left himself at her mercy and waited for her next move. He groaned with pleasure as she began rising and lowering her ass, fucking herself with his cock. He brought his hands below her ass and helped her with her motion.”Like it Ashim?” Silviya was ecstatic. She fucked her nephew harder, now rising and lowering her ass with increased speed.

She had never fuck him in this position, but it appeared a better position as during every stroke Ashim’s cock seemed to fill much more deeper as compared to the normal missionary position, their usual position of fucking.”Like it Ashim…” She asked again. “Does my cunt feel good.””Yes… Aunt… Silviya…” He mumbled, almost lost in his incestuous adventure. “It feels great… Silviya. Your cunt feel so tight… So warm.”Ashim breathed heavily, enjoying the feeling of her supple cunt lips moving up and down on his shaft. Sameer was also observing the same thing. He watched fascinatingly as his cousin’s cock appeared and disappeared into his mother’s furry burrow.

Silviya had been maintaining a steady rhythm as she rode Ashim’s cock. Her strokes were well controlled, taking in his complete cock length and then lifting her ass until only the head remaining inside and then again, a lower stroke to engulf his raging monster deep inside her heavenly abode. Silviya rode his cock dexterously… With alternate up and down moment and enjoyed his thick fuck tool sliding in and out of her dripping pussy. Ashim’s cock was slick with her cunt juices while pistoning smoothly with every stroke of her ass.She bent her body forward and rested her hands over his shoulder, getting into a position where she could control the strokes more efficiently without the fear of hurting Ashim.

Ashim removed his hands from her bottom and gripped her erotically undulating boobs. He pinched them hard. Silviya moaned and stopped her strokes. Ashim took the opportunity; he raised his hips upward and began plundering her pussy from beneath.The whole process was reversed now. Silviya’s ass was hanging in air, her arms supporting her weight over his shoulder while Ashim’s hips were flexing again and again pumping his swollen cock deep into her wet pussy.

Both aunt and nephew squealed and whimpered with delight with every stroke. Ashim released her boobs and again grabbed her ass cheeks. Supporting her part weight with his hands, he began humping her harder now.”Fuck me Ashim… Fuck me.” She pleaded with lust. “Cum inside me. Fill my pussy with your juice.”Ashim fucked her harder and harder. He was panting with effort but didn’t relent his pounding. Silviya was moaning loudly… Completely unaware that in the silence of night her every moan was being heard by her own son who was crouching behind the door enjoying the most erotic spectacle of his life. Then her orgasm shook her body. She cried loudly and bucked forward, breathing heavily…

Her tight pussy lips suddenly appeared tighter as she squeezed her cunt muscles to milk his cock to orgasm. Her pussy throbbed around his cock, which was still plundering her pussy mercilessly. Beneath her, Ashim was gasping for air. He was drawing all his will power to continue fucking her. Realizing her orgasm, he too went into overdrive drilling her cunt like a madman.”Ohhh… Aunt….Silviya… I’m ready to cum.” His voice was croaky.”Do it… Do it… Honey… Do it.” She moaned, still raveling in her orgasm and fierce pounding of her pussy. “Fill my cunt with your cum. Give it all to me.”Leaning forward, she kissed him.”Ahhh… ! Ahhh… !” Ashim moaned, and bucked his hip forward impaling full length of his cock deep inside her. The bulging head of his cock jerked inside her and released his fresh load inside her warm depths. Spurt by spurt, he filled his aunt’s pussy with his thick cum. Silviya felt his massive cock throbbing and jetting his hot cum inside her.

She squeezed her cunt muscles, and tried to extract every single drop of his teenage cock.Crouching on the other side of the door, his eyes glued to the tiny keyhole, Sameer massaged his cock incessantly. Watching his mother and cousin cumming together drove him crazy with lust. He pumped his cock for final two stokes, and let the cascade fell open. He didn’t try to stop his ejaculation and let the steaming cum splash on the door and floor. When Ashim’s organ finished erupting inside her hungry cunt, Silviya collapsed over his chest. Ashim was panting…

Gasping for fresh air. He lay on the bed… Completely motionless… Only his chest heaving with effort, his cock still throbbing inside his aunt’s cunt but there were no fresh jets of cum. His balls were completely drained. Both, Silviya and Ashim remained idle for many minutes… Slowly getting control of their breathings. Silviya could feel his cock slowly losing its hardness and their juices dribbling out of her pussy. From the keyhole, Sameer watched them relaxing. His cock had also stopped shooting. A large pool of fresh cum was deposited at the doorstep of her mother’s bedroom.

He squeezed his cock to release the final gob of cum out of his semi-tumescent cock.Silviya was the first to wake from her post fuck stupor. She slid of his body and stood on the floor beside him. Ashim opened his eyes and looked at her lovingly… His lips spread in a lewd grin.”Get up.”He looked at her… Questioningly.”Go to your room… Before Sameer catches us.”After enjoying her fuck fest with Ashim, she suddenly realized the their vulnerable position. However, she knew that she was only to blame. She had invited Ashim to her bedroom, and though Ashim warned her about the presence of Sameer in the house, she continued with her pleasure excursion. She was now feeling guilty for not being able to control her urges. Ashim realized his aunt’s dilemma. He jumped off the bed and began putting his clothes.

Sameer watched him dressing; he got up and immediately scurried to his room downstairs silently. Silviya slipped her gown over her body and opened the door partly. Carefully, she observed outside to ensure no one was there; then she gestured Ashim. Ashim moved quickly to the door. He stopped near he door; smiled at her and hugged her in his arms caressing her shapely body with his hands. Silviya felt a fresh wave of arousal rushing through her body. Her thighs were sticky from the mix of their spending that had oozed out of her freshly fucked pussy.”No… !” She pushed him as he tried to kiss her.He didn’t resist, and immediately went out of the room. Silviya didn’t follow him.

She waited silently, hidden behind her bedroom door until she heard the faint noise of the opening and closing of doors from the downstairs. She waited there for few moments, and then barefooted she came out of her room. Carefully shutting the doors behind her, she went downstairs. The living room was completely covered with the darkness, and so were the rooms of her son and her nephew. She remained there for a minute or so, looking for any unusual activity especially in her son’s room. Finally satisfied, she turned around and went upstairs. She gently pushed open her bedroom door and was about to enter when her right food landed on some thick, sticky substance in front of the door.

Surprised, she opened the doors fully letting the light fall on the thick white pool of liquid. She was perplexed; she kneeled and took the while fluid between her fingers. The sharp smell of fresh cum entered her nostrils. As if someone had taken away the life from her legs, she collapsed on the floor… Her whole body shaking feverishly with fear. She looked at the keyhole… Immediately realizing what could’ve happened there. She brought the door to close position and looked through the hole. Shivering like a terrified sparrow, Silviya sat near the door. She cursed herself for her stupidity. She knew that her secret was out. Someone had witnessed everything that took place between Ashim and her; and worst of all she knew who that someone was.

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