It started out rather innocently, out of a necessity but culminated into a life altering experience.

Haasini and her husband Sunil got into a car accident. They were lucky it was very a minor one. Sunil scathed scratch free, however, Haasini complained about neck and back pain. Sunil took her to their family doctor. He prescribed some pain killer and told her to get professional massage for her neck and back.

Haasini was surprised that she even fooled her doctor. She was not hurt at all. She was just trying to get more attention from her husband. After 20 years of marriage the passion in their life had all but gone. More and more Sunil was devoting most of his time towards his business. Sex between them became as infrequent as rain in hot Indian summer. She still fondly remembered when she was the centerpiece of his world and love making was as frequent as monsoon rain. Now Haasini considered herself lucky if her husband made love to her just once a month. It was far from what her sex starved body needed to satisfy her carnal desire.

She had just turned forty. She kept herself in very good shape. She could easily be mistaken as a woman of thirty years old. Sunil was 7 or 8 years older than her and as her sexual desire was growing his was waning real fast.

Another thing that had fueled her desire, was her friend Surma’s bold and naked advices. Surma was living overseas and came to visit her family. She was a very modern and sexy woman. Shyness was never an adjective that could be attributed to her. She encouraged Haasini to find a young stud as a lover.

“Look girlfriend, you are still a very young and sexy woman. Pretty soon father time will take over your body and before you know it, it will be all over.” Surma advised her with the confidence of someone who knew what she was talking about. “Find yourself a young lover and let him fuck your brain out. Don’t let cobweb grow in your pussy. “

Haasini could not help but laughing at Surma’s comment of cobweb growing in her pussy. She knew it was easier said than done. She was not sure if she had the guts to cheat on her husband. If she did, it had to be with someone she could trust one hundred percent.

Before Surma left she gave her a dildo and couple of porno magazines. She had never seen fuck pictures like this before. The magazines were full of pictures of couples engaged in anal, oral and vaginal sex. In her entire life she never experienced the pleasure of anal or oral sex. Her imagination began to run wild. She started fantasizing about getting fucked by a faceless huge cock in every which way possible. In reality her dildo ended up being her fantasy cock and became her constant fucking companion.

“Where I am going to find a professional masseur?” Her husband asked on their way back from doctor’s office.

“Don’t worry, I will be fine without one.” She said with all the womanly indication of not really meaning it.

“No, honey, I’ll give you massage myself if I can’t find anyone.” He assured her. That would be fun she thought. She would finally get some attention from him after all and it might turn into something that she had been craving all the time but getting it only scarcely.

That afternoon Sunil came home with a young man carrying a small bag in his hand.

“Haasini, this is Suresh, He is a professional masseur. He would give the massage you need.”

Suresh was a young good looking man and he greeted her in traditional Indian way, putting his hands together and saying ‘namaste’.

All of a sudden a cold spell took over her. The idea of another man beside her husband touching her seemed too farfetched for her psyche. She might have been having fantasies about other man, but in reality she was still very conservative and meek. No one except her husband had ever touched her since she had grown up. She grew cold feet immediately. She took her husband to bedroom.

“Are you out of your mind?’ She vented her frustration on him, “I won’t let a stranger touch my body.”

“Honey, this is part of your treatment. Think him as your doctor or nurse.” He desperately tried to convince her.

“Absolutely not! Either you do it or no massage.” She expressed herself adamantly and Sunil knew his wife well enough to realize she would not buzz from her decision.

He reluctantly let Suresh go and even more reluctantly agreed to massage her himself. Under any other circumstances it would make him happy that his wife only wanted him, but fact of the matter was he had been too busy with his business and putting up 15 to 16 hours day. Even though he loved his wife very much he just did not have much time for her at this juncture of his life. He was hoping it would change for good in the near future when his business really got going.

Haasini took her clothes off and laid herself face down on the bed. She was getting excited anticipating her husband’s touch. She started feeling dampness in her pussy already. Sunil came over her and pour some of the massaging lotion that the doctor gave them and began to rub Haasini’s neck and shoulder. Haasini cooed and her body began to relax. She began to think that her fantasy of an erotic massage would finally be materialized.

Then his cell phone rang and it kept on ringing. Business talks and erotic massage would never go hand in hand, she thought. To her dismay, he kept getting calls one after another. In frustration, she abruptly jumped up from bed and went into the shower. If it was five years ago, Sunil would have followed her in the shower immediately and the whole thing would have ended in a delicious fuck. Hoping against hope, she desperately wanted to hear his footsteps through the bathroom door. None was forthcoming as he kept on talking on the phone.

“Honey, something came up. I have to go now. We’ll do the massage tomorrow. See you at dinner time.” He shouted from the bathroom door and quickly existed without waiting for her response.

Haasini took comfort in knowing that her faithful dildo won’t let her down. She fucked her pussy with her rubber lover and relieved herself.

Family sex stories

Next day Sunil made a great effort to massage her. He took his cell phone out and turned it off. Haasini was very pleased at his gesture. He began the massage. Just when she was totally relaxed and enjoying her husband’s rub down, there was a knock at the door. It was their 19 year old son, Anil.

“Baba, phone call for you in the drawing room. He said it was an emergency.” Anil informed his father.

“Anil, come here. Massage your mother’s back while I take the call.”

“No.” She protested.

“What’s the problem now? He is your son, not a stranger.” By saying that Sunil went to answer his call.

So much for an erotic massage, she thought. She was really upset at this development. Still lying face down, she quickly pulled the blanket up to her waist to cover herself. Anil began to massage his mother’s back as his father told him.

Sunil and Anil alternated few time massaging her in between his phone calls. Suddenly Haasini realized the difference between two of them. Her husband was massaging her just for the sake of it, without putting any real efforts. His gestures made it clear he rather be somewhere else, like at work. On the contrary her son was massaging her forcefully. He was forcing her back down harder and she was feeling the pressure on her breasts. Her nipples were rubbing against soft fabric of the bed sheet and they quickly became erect. His knees and hands even touched her buttocks few times sending a chill sensation through her. She unintentionally began to get wet between her legs. She wanted to have this feeling when the massage started, but not from her own son.

Family sex stories

“God, what I’m thinking. He is my son.” She reprimanded herself and quickly took control of her emotions. She immediately ended the massaging session and went to take a shower. She was very upset with herself about having sinful thoughts about her own son. But her sexual urges were so strong she could not help but to touch her pussy. Pretty soon she was fucking her pussy with two fingers and experienced a soothing orgasm.

“I have to go out of town for three days.” Sunil told them at the dinner table that night, “Anil can massage you when I’m away. Your college is closed for summer, right son?”

“Yes, baba. I don’t mind if it is okay with ma.” His son responded diplomatically.

Haasini’s dilemma: To fuck or not to fuck her son.

Now, I was really mad at me for refusing to get massage from the masseur. My refusal had given rise to this current predicament. I did not want to get touched by my son at my present perpetual horny condition. But if I had said no, it might show my weakness. I grudgingly agreed, hoping to keep my emotions under control at all times.

Early next morning Anil took his father to airport and came back around 9.

“Ma, can I massage you now. After that I want to play some cricket.”

“Sure, son. Come to my room in about five minute.”

I told myself it would strictly be just massage. Under no circumstances I would think about sex. I had to stop my fantasies and just enjoyed the rub down. Part of my brain that controlled my moral values told me that I could do it. I felt good at my strong resolve.

I stripped myself except for my petticoat and laid face down on the bed like yesterday. Anil joined me momentarily. He spread his leg and positioned his knees on both side of my waist and began massing my neck and shoulder. His warm and strong touches felt so good!

Family sex stories

He leaned forward few times. Was that his manhood that touched my ass? My resolve melted faster than ice cream in hot Indian summer. My pussy began to twitch and started getting wet. There was a contradicting fight brewing inside my brain again. Part tof me urged to control my urges, other part that controlled my sexual desire was telling me to go with the flow and let the chip fall where it may.

Anil moved to my feet which his father never did. He pulled my toes and fingers and popped them. He then started moving up my legs. How far would he go, I asked myself. More importantly how far would I let him go? He stopped at my knee joints and again moved up to my back. This time he let his hands slid down my sides. My breasts were large and firm. They were squashed on the bed sheet. But because of their ample size, part of the flesh had overflowed at both my sides. His hands touched my exposed flesh for few seconds and moved on. Goose pimples popped up all over my body. Was he teasing me and trying to test the threshold of my tolerance? Or was it just innocent massage from his part? I desperately wanted a strong manly hand to fondle my breasts. For a moment I thought if I would roll over and expose my top.

Family sex stories

“God, what I am thinking?” My morality won over my urges. I quickly got up covering my breasts with a towel and told him that was enough for one day. I also thanked him and told him he did a wonderful job.

“Thank ma. I am glad you liked it. I was little worried at the beginning. Now, I am going to play cricket with my friends. See you later.”

Thank god, the young man had a cool head over his shoulder. After he left, I took my dildo and made love to it many different ways. A good orgasm always had cooling effect on me. After I cooled off, I began to feel terrible for my sexual arousal at my son’s touch. I had to stop this charade of massage before things might go out of control. I decided to tell him I had gotten better and would not need massages from him any more. This type of strong logical reasoning really made me feel better. My moral conscience had won the day over my sexual desires. At least so I thought.

Next morning we had breakfast together. Then exactly at 9, he announced that it was time for massage.

“Okay, come to my room in about 5 minute.” I could not believe my ears when I heard what I just said.

Whatever happened to my strong resolve and my morality? Was not I supposed to tell him I no longer needed massage from him anymore? But it was too late. I went into my room trying to reason that this would be last time I would let him massage me.

I normally never wore panties at home. That day I decided to wear one of my black panties. I knew against my fair skin, it would look very sexy. I took all other clothes off. I put a small towel over my breasts and laid me down on the bed.

He joined me few minute later. His eyes widen when he saw me almost naked. I turned over. As I was turning over my towel slipped little bit and he got a good look of my exposed boobs for a fraction of a second.

“Today, I want you massage my back and as well as my legs, okay baby?” I tried hard to keep my voice as normal as possible. But it was tough. Within my brain two sides had been waging war already.

“OK, ma.” He responded in a rather shaky voice.

He did not spend much time on my shoulder or back. He quickly went down to my feet. He also barely kneaded my feet just for a while. As I suspected his hands quickly moved up to my thighs. The massaging lotion made my smooth skin ever more silkier and softer. His hands kept slidng in and out of inner and outer part of my thighs. Slowly his hands got very close to my pussy. Any closer he would touch the forbidden part of my body. He probably could feel the heat of my soaking pussy. I wondered if any of pubic hair was poking out of my panties. Part of me wanted to part my legs wider for him, but I could not. His hands moved up to my buttocks.

He started massaging my behind through my panties. He pushed down my spongy flesh hard and squeezed them. I felt the pressure all the way down to my clitoris. Then he began to play with my ass checks. He spread them wider and closed them quickly. He did not know it, his motions were spreading my swollen pussy lips also. However, after a short while, just like other parts of my body, his hands moved on.

He slid his oily hand at my both sides and just like yesterday touched my slightly exposed side of breasts. Only difference was yesterday he barely grazed them and today he tried to squeeze them.

In the endless contradiction within my mind, his last action triggered a forceful response from my sexual side. I wanted his hands on my breasts. I wanted those hands to massage them. So, I decided to play a game with him. I turned over and placed one arm across my breasts. I knew that barely covered my ample flesh.

Family sex stories

“I want you to massage my chest.” I purposely did not mention the word breasts, “But you have to close your eyes.”

Looking at my half exposed breasts his eyes almost popped out.

“Okay, ma.” He barely able to say those words and like a good boy closed his eyes.

I poured a good amount of lotion on my exposed boobs and grabbed his hands and placed them on my mountainous flesh. My nipples were already hard and they became harder at his touch. This boy was a fast learner. He started rubbing my boobs in a circular way and at the same time putting downward pressure. It felt so good that I moaned softly for the first time. I closed my eyes, so that he could take a peek at what he was doing to my breasts. We began to play ‘peek at boobs’. The moment I opened my eyes he would close his.

Was it still a massage? I thought to myself. The whole thing was so erotic that my pussy was completely soaked and my whole body began to shake. A wet spot was clearly visible at my crotch. I desperately wanted to touch me between my legs. If I had read it correctly, his condition was not any better. His manhood had formed a very noticeable tent in front of his pajama sporting a round wet spot.

He was kneading my breasts sitting on my right side. He decided to change position and came over me. He placed his knees on both side of my waist. His penis stood menacingly through the thin material of his pajama. By the look of it, I thought it must be larger than only other penis that I had ever seen, which was his father’s.

Straddling over me he began to knead my breasts again. He was not pretending not to look anymore, he was looking at them with glazed eyes. I had never seen this look of him ever before. He seemed to have transferred into a different person altogether. Occasionally, he lowered himself and his hard on touched my groin, just over my pussy area.

Was it still a massage? I thought to myself again as he lowered himself on me and stayed there. I felt the hardness and the heat from his rod. His penis touched my pussy through his pajama and my panties. To my utter surprise he began to push his body back and forth. My god, he started dry fucking me.

Should I stop him or should I still pretend that it was part of massage?

His penis touched my clitoris through our clothing. I moaned out loudly. We both started breathing harder and harder. Suddenly he looked at me with those glazed eyes. His body became rigid.

“I need to go.” He told me in a harsh and dry voice.

Family sex stories

Before he could move, his entire body shook violently and a long wet line appeared along the entire length of his white pajama. He hurriedly turned around and sprinted towards the door, leaving a trail of his seed on the floor. May be I should have stopped him and let him enjoy his orgasm. But I could not as at that very moment my body exploded into my own orgasm.

Whole day I kept asking me now what? I let two sides of my brain debate it over again.

My moral side was telling me, “Please stop. You have gone far enough. It is your son, your blood and flesh we are talking about. If you decided to go further you might ruin your relationship forever. Don’t fuck him.”

My sexual side blew that logic away, “Oh, grow up. You have already fucked him. Only thing you did not do was putting his cock into your pussy. Now go all the way. Did you not see the pleasure in his eyes? Did you not enjoy the touch of his penis on your pussy? Screw the moral values. Moral values do not satisfy your physical needs. Just think how his big penis will fill your pussy up. Beside because he is your son, he will be safest fuck you would ever have. He loves you and he would never tell anybody. “

Last argument was very strong as I felt my sexual side was getting stronger and stronger. My lust had won over. I decided to fuck my own son. To paraphrase my friend Surma, I’d get the cobweb out of my pussy. Once I made the momentous decision a calmness descended over me. I began to feel relaxed and under control.

I was eagerly waiting for Anil to show up. But where was he? After he unexpectedly came in our earlier massage session, he abruptly left my room and I had not seen him since then.

He stayed out of home all day and returned around 9 at night and tried to sneak into his room. I stopped him at his door step. He was very nervous and was avoiding eye contact with me. Poor thing, he thought he had done something wrong and I was mad at him.

“Ma, I am not hungry, but I’m tired. I’ll go to bed now.”

“What ‘s wrong honey? Are you sick? Come here let me feel your temperature.”

Very reluctantly he came closer. I placed my hand on his forehead.

“There is nothing wrong with you. Listen I cooked your favorite fish. Go take a shower and I’ll have dinner ready in no time. After you eat you will feel much better.”

Half hour later we sat down for dinner. I did most of the talking and he did most of the eating, even though he was supposedly not hungry. After dinner he wanted to retreat to his room but I forced him to stay and watch TV with me.

“Your father is coming back tomorrow.” I told him.

“Yes, his flight will arrive at 6 in the evening.”

Then there was a long silence. Finally I decided to make my moves.

“I enjoyed your massage very much. Did you enjoy it too?” I asked him.

“So, you are not mad at me for what happened?”

“No, why should I be?”

His face brightened up.

Family sex stories

“To show that I am not mad, I want you to do a special massage that we have not done yet.” I tried to hide my lewd proposal of fucking my own son under the disguise of massage, “This massage happens only between a man and woman. You have to promise me that you would keep this secret as long as you live. Would you like that?”

His eyes got wider. He could not say anything as if he had choked in excitement.

“It is also okay if you do not want to massage me that way. I will not force you to do anything against your will.”

“No, no! I will massage you any way you want.” He excitedly nodded his head up and down.

“Come to my room in 15 minute.” I smiled at him and went to my room.

Oh, yes, I locked my moral values in a deep dungeon within my brain and threw the key away already.

I undressed and sat on the edge of my bed waiting eagerly for Anil to arrive. He came wearing only his pajama short. He already got a hard on. He looked at my naked body and smiled nervously. I motioned him to come closer. When he came within my reach, I pulled his short down. His penis sprung free few inches from my face. God, it was big, at least one inch longer than his father’s.

I touched his beautiful penis and took it in my palm. It was hot and rock solid. An lustful electric shock began vibrating through my body. My pussy started getting wet.

“You have not massaged me in one place yet. Do you know what I am talking about?” I asked him.

His nervous face was precious. He managed to mumble something.

“You have not massage me here.” I pointed a finger towards my pussy, “And you need this special beautiful tool of yours to fu… I mean to massage me there.” I wrapped my hand around his throbbing shaft. It was pulsating in anticipation. My palm already got moist with his pre-cum juice. I laid myself down and spread my legs and pulled him over me.

We didn’t need any foreplay. The forbidden taboo act about to happen was stimulating enough. My starving pussy was juiced up already and more than ready to embrace his huge penis. I guided his shaft over my vaginal opening.

“Now lower yourself, little bit more and push…yes…just like that…easy does it….oh….yes baby….you are doing fine.” I encouraged him all the way as his massive penis penetrated me. It filled me up completely. It expanded my pussy in every direction and touched the deepest part inside.

His whole body now resting atop me. My breasts were smashed into his chest. I could feel his breathing near my ears. His balls were touching the part between my pussy and anus. But buried ball deep into my pussy, he just remained there motionless. At first I thought he was resting, but over a minute passed and he did not move a muscle.

“Now baby, you have to start massaging my pussy.” I whispered very softly into his ears.

“Ugh…..” He looked into my eyes with a dreamy look.

“Like this.” I pushed my groin up.

“OK, ma.”

Family sex stories

Like I said before, he was a quick learner. First few moves were clumsy and half hearted but with my help pretty soon he found the rhythm of fucking. He began to slide his penis in and out of my pussy effortlessly. Every time, he sank his tool deep into me I raised my hips from the bed and pushed him upward. Each time he plunged into me, my love juice spluttered out of my pussy and soaked our pubic hairs.

As he began sucking my nipples, I decided to talk dirty. I read in one of the magazines, talking during fucking could be very stimulating.

“You like fucking mummy?”


“Say it baby. What you like?”

“I like fucking mummy.”

“Good boy and mummy likes fucking you. Is mummy’s pussy tight and slippery?”

“Ah ha.”

‘No, say it.”

“Mummy’s pussy is very tight and very slippery.”

“Now then fuck my pussy faster and harder.”

He picked up the pace and to my delight started pounding my pussy as hard as he could. I tightened my pussy muscles and began flexing them around his sliding tool. I had never been fucked like this nor participated in a fuck like this in my entire life. But like all good thing, I began to see the ending of our first fuck in sight.

He took his mouth off my nipples. He was breathing heavily and his entire body stiffen.

“Ma, I am going to……”

“That’s okay honey. I can not have babies anymore. Shoot your seeds inside mummy’s pussy. Fill me up with your cums.”

I felt his first eruption deep inside me. He kept spewing his hot and sticky seeds into me.

“Yes baby….mummy is cumming too. Please don’t stop. Fuck me faster and harder… ohhhhhhh.. ohhhhh… feels soooooo goooood… are such a gooooood fucker…mummy loves you very much.”

“I love you too ma.”

I did not know if I passed out or fell sleep immediately after the most wonderful and forbidden fuck of my life. When I woke up in the middle of the night and first thing I realized that my life had changed forever. I fucked my own son who was sleeping in a spoon position right next to me. I felt his semi hard penis at my ass crack. I pushed my ass back into him to capture more of his penis into my ass crack. It immediately began to grow and touched my ass hole. It sent an amazing sensation through my body. I never experienced sex through the back door. Instantly, I decided to go all the way and loose virginity of my ass to my son. I began to grind my ass on his now rock hard manhood.

Family sex stories

He woke up to and started fondling my breasts. My nipples responded by getting hard under his palm.

“Want to do it again?” He whispered.

“If you want to fuck my ass, than you have to lubricate it.” Though he never mentioned ass fucking, I expressed my desire or may be lust to him, “Go get the Vaseline from bathroom.”

I took his throbbing rod in my hand. I loved the way it pulsated on my hand. I made it sleek and slippery in no time with Vaseline. Then I raised my ass up in front his face and asked him to lubricate my tiny tight hole. His fingers felt so good inside my ass and my pussy began to get moist real quick. Both of my holes were ready for his penis. This time I wanted it in my virgin anus.

He came behind me. He slapped my ass checks with his hard on few times before placing his cock head at my ass entrance. My whole body tensed up at the anticipation.

I screamed out loudly in pain as he pushed almost half of his shaft inside my anus with one push. It seemed like he tore apart my ass.

“I am sorry ma. Did I hurt you? Should I stop?” He showed his concern.

“Just go slow, honey. I am still virgin down there.”

“Sorry ma.”

He took snail’s pace to push remaining few inches of his penis inside my ass. Which was just fine with me. When he was all the way in, I felt my ass muscles expanded and relaxed. Just like morning fog, my pain disappeared suddenly. I started feeling frisky again.

“Now baby, fuck mummy’s ass harder.” I urged him on and like a good boy that he was he started pumping my ass back and forth. His balls were slapping at my pussy. As he was banging me I kept pushing my ass back into his groin. He leaned forward and got hold of my boobs. He started tweaking my already hard nipples.

“Ma, you have very nice boobs.” He finally started talking. Until now he was either grunting or saying ‘yes’ or ‘ugh’.

“How about my ass?” I teased him.

“Your ass is very nice too. Firm and tight, so is your pussy.”

“You have a very nice body too, specially I’ve fallen love with your penis.” We complemented each other, “You know what I want you to do now? I want you put your fingers into my pussy and finger fuck me.”

He quickly removed one of his hands from my boobs and placed it over my soaking pussy. I moaned loudly when he inserted two of his fingers into my hole. What more a horny woman could ask for, I wondered.

My ears were being nibbled by his warm lips. His penis was buried balls deep into my anus. His hand was fondling my breasts and now he was finger fucking my pussy. It felt like my whole being was involved into this wonderful fucking that he was giving me.

I felt he was stiffening up as his breathing became erratic. He was showing clear sign of his impending fire work. I wanted to climax at the same time with him. I started grinding my pussy muscles hard on his fingers and at the same time pushed my ass up to his groin as far as I could.

Family sex stories

He shot his load first, deep into my ass hole. I climaxed a moment later. He kept fucking my ass through his ejaculation. His semen began to ooze out of my hole down my legs. His penis was making sloshing sound as it was moving in and out of my cum filled ass. Finally we both collapsed into each other arms.

After a while I went to bathroom and came back with wet towel soaked in soap water. I thoroughly cleaned his penis. I wanted to keep it clean, because deep down in my mind I was sure I was going to suck this wonderful meat one of these days.

Whole next day we fucked each other like two sex crazed rabbits. I was impressed by his stamina and how quickly he learnt everything. We fucked until about hour before we set out for airport to pick my husband up.

“How is your back honey? Did Anil give you good massage?” First thing he asked when we got in the car.

“Oh, yes. He is a quick learner. He started out unsure, but now he has become an expert. Few more massages like this I would be hundred percent cured in no time.” I told him with a broad smile.

“Good, it is settled then. He is our family masseur from now on.” My husband announced.

“Well, you have to increase his allowance if you want him to work that hard.” I winked at my son behind his father’s eyes. He was thoroughly enjoying the insinuation of my double talk with his father.

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