She is my mom’s younger sister  30 and married for last 5 years and still childless. Her husband is business man and remains busy in making money. She got herself medically examined by an expert male gynaecologists, who declared that she fit to bear child but the sperm count of her hubby is very low. She was advised to take help from semen bank to get conceived.

But she refused for accepting any body’s sperm without his identity and preferred to get conceived by some known and close person, whom she knows very well. Her husband also was in this opinion and gave her full liberty to find alternative source of her choice with full confidence and privacy.

Before I tell you my true story and about ourselves. Pls. hold you breath, because you will not believe me and my father have fucked her the desperate aunty to conceive her. That my father is fucking her for long time without any result. Where as she is bearing child from my sperm and she is very happy & thankful to me. No one knows about our affair accept aunty and me.

Let me tell you about me, Aunty and my parents & their sexual activities and looks. I am diploma holder in electronics and searching for job. I am good looking physically strong and healthy person in my 23rd years. I am 5-10, 70Kg. with blue eyes and fair color with good personality. I have very strong and big dick and can stand for long time to satisfy any demanding lady.

I am very accommodating with pleasant nature, besides opportunist. I am also peeping tom and feel very lucky to see nudity of many ladies in and all around in my neighbor. Our neighbor have open bathroom on the back side and I have made a hole in the common wall to see every thing. The lady of the house takes bath topless, but raises her petticoat all the way up while pissing.

Her daughter and daughter in law takes off all the clothes and enjoy bathing facing our wall. The daughter in law shaves her armpit and pubic hairs almost every day and I get a good view of her wide open pink cunt fully exploded. The daughter is teen and has scanty growth. I have also seen my parents enjoying sucking and fucking thru key hole.

Aunty is only 10 years elder with me and she is in her full youth. She tall, fair and slim with proportionate and attractive figure and cuts. She is about 5-8 with fully developed and firm boobs and large nipples. Must be 36-D, flat and silky smooth fleshy belly with perfectly round deep navel. The buts are round and solid stuff.

Cylindrical legs with a beautiful and attractive camel toe cunt. The genitals are stuffed with mouth filling flesh of big size clitoris and large size of lobes of flesh of Labia, sticking out half the way. She is very cooperative, submissive and extremely horny in bed, besides demanding & carefree Bindas lady. She isfree and frank, modern lady and looks very seductive in short and tight dresses.

Her relations with my dad of Jija&Sali; are very intimate like the saying” SALI AADHI GHARWALI” Both have sex affairs for long time. My parents and she and her hubby went to Singapore, Hongkong& Bangkok together for a pleasure trip for two weeks. Bankok&pattay; is said to be the paradise of sex. They enjoyed the most as per my information.

They crossed all the limits and swapped their spouses for a change and variations and to add spices in their sex life, along with other couple sin the swingers club. I could collect all these information from the private diary and photo chi card, which I managed to get fron the almirah of my parents with duplicate key.

The nude photos in compromising positions with each other’s spouse on the nudist beach and pictures with cabaret dancers in nude, besides a short movie enjoying fucking after full body massage gave clear picture of their enjoyment of sex by shedding all inhibitions and shame.

All this information helped me to come closer to my aunty and enjoy full stream sex in kama sutra style, freely and openly in the absence of my parents. On the very first day of her arrival I over heard very important conversation without their knowledge. Aunty was expressing her deep concern about conceiving baby.

Mom advised her to try out with different persons as she is medically perfectly fit to conceive. Then she disclosed that she has even tried paid service with a gigolo, who satisfied her all the way and fucked her 3 times continuously throughout night till fully exhausted, for 3 days but no result. Then mon asked her to try with some young person of the age of her son(mine) and see the results.

From that onwards she started coming closer to me and seducing by one way or other & showing her nudity on one pretext or the other. I also developed keen interest in her and tried to get involved with he rand waited for the proper time to Ancash this opportunity which was right on my door step.

Let me explain how and where the things took shape. It was a turning point for me. There is a shortage of accommodation of space in Delhi. We have small house with a drawing room, kitchen and one bed room, besides common bath and toilet at ground floor. There is a big room with open terrace on first floor. My parents live on ground floor and I live on first floor.

Since the room is very big and spacious, it is furnished with two beds on either side with a 8 feet space in between. Aunty was sharing room with me and we were badly attracted to each other from day one. I was badly allured by her nature and sexy looks besides by her cleavages with bulges of boobs and sexy belly exposed to maximum some times.

Family sex stories

She was used to sleep with minimum & light, comfort clothes as a result she use to loosen the string of her petticoat or salwar and tie very low on the hip. Besides she always unbutton maximum number of hook of her blouse without bra to feel comfortable and relaxed. In case of salwar, she use to wear a thin material almost see thru schmeze.

This way her nudity was exposed beyond limit and I was getting crazy. I found her her thighs and boobs badly exposed to last limit. Once I got courage to raise her petticoat further up to expose her pubic region all the way besides releasing her boobs out of the blouse to have a good look and ending in masturbation.

One night I woke up to hear a hissing sound between my father and aunty. Although they were talking in very low voice, but I could make out every thing. My father was insisting her to take off all the clothes,but she was not ready. They spent more than 20 minutes in making love and then fucking and I could sense the sound of thrusts and her moans while fucking and during orgasm.

I over heard demanding more and more and make her cum. All these things aroused my passions and desires to enjoy sex with my aunt. Thanks God to give me an wonderful opportunity when my father got a summon from Vadodra Court to appear in person for hearing after two days. Mom also accompanied him and we were left alone to have a nice time.

I didn’t wanted to miss this opportunity and started to impress and please her to take her out for lunch, purchasing in malls and movies to come closer and take full advantage. She was also getting bore and became happy to give me company. She asked me to take her to beauty parlor where she spent more than a hour for facial and waxing.

She put on a sexy out fit and looking very gorgeous beauty besides seductive. She became vey happy when I paraised her beauty and sexy outlook. She didn’t mind when I used word sexy and pointed out at her cleavage and belly. I buy one Triumph brand expensive laced bra and panty and she hugged and kissed right over there in the public. That was the good indication of good beginning.

Family sex stories

She was very fond of non ve. And I took her to Kentuky fried in the food court. The taste was very good and she tried for the first time, We became open and very close to each other while cutting jokes and making laugh. In between I cut a sexy joke and gave me sexy smile while looking into my eyes passionately. We were siting in a deserted corner and our topic turned to sex.

She was taking great interest and started many question about my sex life and interests. By this time we were discussing and sharing like lovers. Thereafter we went home took some rest and were ready to go to see English movie. She accepted the invitation gladly and changed the clothes. Actually she needed the company of a young daring guy like me.

She was wearing short dress upto thigh length and looking younger than her age, like a college student.I gave her compliments and welcomed by thanks. It was one and half hour Adult movie. There were few sex scene. I took full advantage of darkness and closeness and placed my hand on her bare thigh and pressed hard and moved all the way up to thigh joint, when there was a sex scene.

Family sex stories

She didn’t object. Then I placed my other hand on the back across the shoulder and also pulled her towards me to stamp a kiss. To my surprise she responded warmly to give green signal to encourage me and I gathered courage to pump her boobs by putting my hand inside the blouse. My dick also started to rise, but als the picture was over and we have to stop there.

On the way back home I asked if she drinks. She told occasionally and when asked the choice then disclosed the name of Red wine. I purchased a bottle of Red wine and food for dinner of her choice on the way. I was very happy that things were going in the right direction and that I will get best chance to fuck the beauty queen and sex doll freely.

I followed her when she went to change and refresh. She changed clothes in my presence without any hitch and and didn’t mind to see me pissing. I like the sound and placed my hand under the shower besides touching the flesh of her cunt. It was beginning of nice moments. I also changed clothes in front of her and she was pleased to see my masculinity.

We then started with the drinks and chicken tikka. We forgot every thing and concentrated on enjoyment and our topic was sex. After the first round of drinks she was in very light and gay mood and started responding to all me queries. I then presented her a picture of a lovely cute baby.

Family sex stories

She kissed the baby and told me that she desperately needs a baby like this disclosed about medical check up and sperm bank. Then she frankly told me that she is trying to get conceived by my father and swapped spouses in tour at Bangkok. She slept with two more men in swingers club.But without any result.

She also disclosed that yesterday night also she was fucked by my father in our room. Now she wants to try her luck with me to get conceived by my sperm. She told me that she can do any thing and go to any limit with me to get baby from me. This was a clear challenge and signal for me to enjoy best of sex and give her baby.

I accepted gladly and hugged her with passions and started showering kisses. She responded with equal interest and warmth. Then we shed all or clothes and moved to the bed of our parent where the game of love and passionate sex started like true lovers. We made love by kissing and caressing for some time and went to bath room for refreshing.

We had lots of fun under the shower besides pissing on each other. I was feeling full of pressure and pointed the stream of my pee directly on her fully exploded wide open cunt deep inside, parted by her hands. This caused her labia to vibrate. She like the act very much.

Family sex stories

Thereafter we came back to bed room where we started with oral sex. She made me to lie down and sat astride with her cunt wide open on my mouth in her favorite “69” position. She lowered the tight fore skin of my dick down to expose the glan and started sucking like a lollypop. I parted the lips of her camel toe cunt to explode further and started moving my tongue all around and up and down.

She started moaning with pleasure, saying yes, like this, suck my labia and clit and make my cunt burst open with pleasure. I started nibbling, twisting and stretching the large lobes of wet flesh of Labia and blowing to throb with my lips. Her cunt started bulging out to burst and she couldn’t control her pee and started dripping. I like the taste of her pee and asked her for more and more.

She applied pressure from inside to pass more pee which caused her cunt to burst wide open to give me full access to suck and lick flesh deep inside. I was getting mad with the taste and enjoyment. Then I took over her big clitoris and licked thoroughly to stimulate.

Her moans increased and she demanded more which caused her ass to rise higher and higher until she reached the heights of climax and suddenly her body jerked heavily with a shuddering Orgasm in abundance with ultimate pleasure. She was fully satisfied and praised me for the act and company. She expressed that she never experienced such a strong & bursting Orgasm before.

I could see the signs of satisfactionbesides the passions on her face and in in her eyes. She kissed me to express herself and told me that you’re a very fucking very good hunk. I really need a person like you to fuck me and make me pregnant & give me a lovely baby. I am very confident to get conceived from your sperms. I assured her of my best efforts and positive results from my side.

Family sex stories

I convinced her that we have three days in hand to try and enjoy fucking. I will fuck you as many times as possible and bombard ur uterus to flood your cunt with semen loaded with tons of sperms to make thru. I supported her mentally as well physically.

By this time she was regained and fully prepared for steamy intercourse. She lied down on the bed and I pulled her down to the edge of the bed and placed a thick pillow to raise her ass. She raised her legs and spreadedwide apart to give me full access to fuck her.

I further pushed her legs behind and she held my throbbing dick steaming to dive inside her wet and hot tight tunnel and placed at the entry. I pushed and glided my rock hard cock with a smooth but tight penetration up to her hilt. Her breast swelled up higher during penetration and heading the ultimate target.

She was also fully prepared and involved mentally as well as physically, besides deeply lost in lustful sex. Her mouth was open and exhaling with sound of satisfaction while her eyes were close and face were full of passion. I bent down to kiss her and suck her nipples tight and erect. The started stroking her holding her legs.

Family sex stories

Her whole body and boobs were shaking in rhythm to the thrusts and she was moaning with pleasure while demanding more and more. I was having good control on discharge and stopped in between by taking out my dick for some time and inserting again. Soon she reached in ecstasy and her legs started flying in the air.

Finally I couldn’t stop discharging and before cum I warned her that I am about to cum, yes just coming, Ohhhhhhh I have come and my back arched with a dynamic pleasure thru my nerves. She clutched me with her legs around my waist ceasing my movement. I spurted heavily and bombarded the sperm on the mouth of uterus with my dick plugging her hole tightly.

She was feeling great and peace on her face. Her attention was concentrated on the feeling of discharge and her uterus, which was very good sign to conceive. We remained tandem in the same position without any movement until my dick became loose and slide out itself. I asked her to remain lying and started kissing her cunt and patting her buts.

Family sex stories

Her genitals flesh started spasming with aftermath pleasure and she felt some reaction at her uterus. This was very good indication of conceiving. I stopped her to get up and go for refreshing to avoid sement to come out. We slept nude whole night and took bath in the morning to refresh. There after we enjoyed steamy sex in the same manner number of times till we both were feeling exhausted and satisfied.

She was very happy with me and my performance and expressed that she has been fucked with so many different persons, but never got such a fantastic pleasure. We are very happy and don’t think that there is any sin or some thing wrong to enjoy sex in this relationship. Now she is pregnant and the result is awaited. We have pledged to keep our relationship a top secret.

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