I am Haasini, a 36 years old widow, mother of two daughters. My husband died 8 years ago and I miss him in bed. For 8 years I have been using my fingers to cool my itching cunt. My brother Shiva is younger to me by 10 years. Last year his wife left him and eloped with her lover. Poor Shiva. Once my older daughter got her name struck off in her school as she missed too many classes.

 My brother is a teacher in her school and I went to ask him to to get my daughter on the school register again. Shiva lives s few houses from my house. My brother is 6 feet tall, muscular and very handsome. The house seemed empty as I walked into his house. It was 2 in the afternoon. As I went near his room, I heard his moans. “Aaaaaah…..Soni, you bitch….aaaahhhhh….fuck you Soni……….ooohhhhhh…..aaaaahhhh……………fuck you….I am cumming…oooooo!”

I looked into the room and froze at what I saw. Shiva was naked, fisting his 9 inch cock, his face contorted in sexual frenzy as his hands moved over his huge cock. Then he began to shoot his cum. Gobs of thick cream began to erupt from his swollen cockhead. I held my breath. I had never seen a cock as big as my brother’s. I could not take my eyes off the massive prick. I could not speak and my heart pounded in my chest. I felt my pussy muscles tighten and contract.

My God! Shiva’s cock is huge! I looked intently on his cock. Then my brother saw me. “Oh Didi, when did you come….I am sorry….I am sex starved after Sonia left me……I thought I will self pleasure myself…I did not hear you didi”

Family sex stories

If he was sex starved, I was more starved. I could not look away from his cock, ” Shiva, you have such a lovely cock. I dont know why Soni left you. If I were your wife, I would never leave you for a moment” I said without knowing what I was saying. “Sach Didi?(really sister?)  Didi means sister You look so sexy. I did not know you miss your husband so much” I nodded. If I had my brother for myself, no one need to know and I could have him for a stud. “Come on Didi, feel me, touch my cock. It has been ages since it was touched by a female” He placed my hand on his huge shaft. He let out a long deep groan as I closed my fingers around the fat throbbing dick. I ran my eyes up and down the huge length, admiring the thickness and the hugeness of his cock.

I began to slide my hand up and down the throbbing cock, “Oh Didi that feels so good” He cried out.

I looked up at him, his eyes and at his handsome lust filled face. “It is so big Shiva! I can’t believe that you have such a beautiful big cock….do you like your Didi playing with it?”

He nodded his approval and let out a long deep groan” yessss Didi, yesssssss!!! You may suck it if you like”.

Family sex stories

Without saying anything, I knelt down facing his cock. It seemed to get bigger and harder as I pumped it in my  fist. He caught me by my hair and lifted my face to his and kissed my lips in a man woman kiss. I reluctantly released his cock from my grip and stood up. “Carry me to your bed, Bhaiya. Take me where you fucked Sonia. I have not fucked a real cock since my husband’s death. I am burning for you my brother. Make me your wife and ride me. Fill me with your meat. Ohhh God, fuck me!!” I begged.

He took me in his arms and carried me to his bed and then began to undress me. When he took off my panties, there was a big wet spot on my crotch. Shiva smelt my panties and then kissed the wet spot. Seeing my brother lick my cunt juices made me even more hot for his cock. He stared at my full tits and trimmed pussy with lust filled eyes. ” Didi, I must eat you and you must suck my cock, lets go into a brother sister 69. I must taste your honey” With that he lay on the bed along side me with her mouth on my cunt and his cock in front of my mouth. My heart throbbed fast. Slowly opening my legs apart, I reached for his cock and took it in my hand.

Then without saying a word, Shiva began to suck on my wet pussy lips, as I worked my hand over his big cock.

I felt a huge rush of excitement as my brother’s lips touched my pussy for the first time. I felt my muscles tighten and my clit tingle as he moved his lips and tongue on my slit.

“Oh yes Bhaiya,(Brother) lick my wet pussy ” I said as he pushed his cock forward for me to suck, which I did.

His cock filled my mouth and when he pushed it deeper into my mouth, I almost gagged. “GOD MY BROTHER’S  COCK IS SO HUGE”, I thought as I continued suck on his hard donkey cock.

He was eating my my cunt and was making me very wet. I could feel his tongue dipping deeper and deeper into my depths as he gripped my buttocks.

I was sucking on  his enormous beautiful  cock.

I cupped his heavy balls and began to ease Shiva’s huge cock deeper into my mouth. The feeling of having my brother’s massive cock in my mouth was so exhilarating. I could feel it hitting my throat. My spit dribbled over the huge thick head and down towards his heaving swinging balls.

The more I sucked on his lovely cock, the more wet I got, my juices dripping down my legs. I felt his cock swell, knowing he was ready to fuck his sister now. I sucked harder on his beautiful cock, gripping my lips and teeth around the hard shaft. I wanted to fuck my brother now. I was ready. He was ready. We were ready.

Family sex stories

I told him to sit at the edge of the bed so I could sit in his lap. I wanted to feel his  cock against my pussy lips and this was the best way. I turned my back to him and lowered my cunt on my brother’s erect cock. My pussy was on his fat pink cockhead as I sat on it. His huge cock went between my wide spread thighs and found my dripping welcoming cunt as I started to hump.

I rode his hard cock with my cunt as his cockhead entered me. Shiva held his arms around me, playing with my large tits.

My ass was moving back and forth as I rode his cock, the big head touching my womb every once in a while. I rocked and bounced my ass on his lap “Ohhhhh Shiva, you are in your sister’s cunt all the way……..It is so fucking heavenly brother…..My brother’s cock feels so massive in my pussy…..Ohhhh Bhaiya (brother) you have become my Sainya (lover)….Fuck me harder lover….Fuck me deeper,  my fucker brother…….I need it in me! I need your big cock FUCKING ME!!!!!!!!!!!”

Every time I lifted myself up slightly I would bounce down a little bit harder, slamming my ass in his lap. That massive hard-on felt even bigger now as I rocked and gyrated on his lap, my tits were bouncing wildly around, I could not believe that my own brother was fucking me.

I was feeling incredibly horny.

Family sex stories

“Didi, turn around, I cant see your beautiful face. I want my Didi to ride my cock but I want to see her too. Let me see my cock go into your CUNT….Let me see  my COCK go into your CUNT!!!”

Now he lay on the bed and asked me to mount him. I slid over the top of his hard cock, spreading my swollen pussy lips apart for my brother’s COCK. I was so wet, that his entire cock went into my pussy in one clean shot. The feeling of his big cock going in me took my breath away as my pussy engulfed his hard prick. He gripped my hips and helped me work my pussy further onto his massive cock and I began to fuck him with my hot cunt.

My pussy gripped tightly around the monstrous shaft, feeling him sliding into the depths of my CUNT. I held my breath as it pushed deeper into me, banging me hard. I had never experienced a feeling like this with my husband.

My brother reached up and took my breast in his hand as he put his lips around my nipple, sucking on it as I wiggled my hot pussy from side to side taking all of his enormous cock into my hot cunt.

Family sex stories

His big cock filled my pussy so full.  I slowly worked my cunt back and forth, enjoying the intense feeling of being fucked by a real man for the first time in my 38 years. There I was, sitting on top of my brother’s big cock, bouncing hard, giving him my plump pussy as we fucked. What a degraded bitch I had become!!!!! I was, fucking my own brother, my own big pricked brother!!!!


My brother began to fuck me harder, deeper and more roughly. I felt his beautiful cock pounding me so deep, touching places that no cock had ever touched before and I started to cum.

My body was trembling and my pussy was convulsing as my climax just kept going on and on as he fucked me hard and deep.

“GODDDDDDDDDD…….SHIVA CHODO……MAIN JHAREEEEEEEEE………CHODO…….OHHHH BEHNCHOD…..CHODO MERE SHIVA….MERE YAAR…MERE PATI….MERE KHASAM…MUJHE APNE COCK SE PELO BHAIYA “fuck me Shiva….I am cumming…..ohhh sisterfucker….fuck me my Shiva….my lover….my husband, my partner…fuck me with your cock)” I screamed as my cunt gushed over his huge thrusting cock, my ass bouncing insanely on his muscular thighs.

Shiva had his big cock all the way inside me as he thrust so deep and just held me down on his massive cock. His hands held me tightly around my hips. I felt his cock throb deep within my cock hungry pussy. He was ready to cum  as I slammed my ass down harder on his huge prick. He let out a mighty hard deep groan as he began to cum in my cunt.

“I am  cumming too, Didi. Ohhh Fuck….I am cumming in my Didi’s cunt…Ohhh Didi, I have become a real sisterfucker now…You have made me a sisterfucker, Didi!!” he groaned loudly.

“CUM WITH ME BHAI, I WANT YOUR CUM IN MY CUNT BHAI, DIDI IS CUMMING TOO…..SHOOT YOUR CUM IN MY CUNT” I screamed, pushing my hands down on his chest, slamming my ass hard on his cock.

Family sex stories

I moaned as my pussy quivered over his hard cock and he started to cum in me, that hot cum spurting out and filling my cunt.


I felt my brother’s spunk filling my hungry cunt. My brother groaned loud and hard as he rammed his monster cock in his sister’s cunt, sending more streams of his cum inside me.

We came and came and then I lay on top of my brother. I had never had a cock as good as his, and never came like I was doing as he fucked me.

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