Hi. My name is Ramya and I am 39 year old housewife with 2 children. I was introduced to your website by my nephew and have found it very arousing. After he kept pestering me, I have finally decided to share our experience with you all.

It happened 3 years ago when we were visiting my husband’s native place. We had been married for 12 years and we did this every year. Almost all of his family visited. He had 2 sisters and a brother. They all brought in their family aswell. We always used to have a good time though I had to do a lot of work, because we had to cook for everyone and also take care of a house which had about 8 kids. 

We usually stayed for a month and I used to be tired at the end of the day, every single day of that month. There wouldn’t be enough beds and so we would usually sleep in the huge living room on the floor, after propping it up with enough mats and bedsheets. The women and the kids usually slept together and after a week I found myself sleeping next to my 18 year old nephew, Akash.

I had almost fallen asleep that night, when I felt a hand on my shoulders. I thought it must by nephew sleeping next to me putting his hand on me in his sleep. So I just ignored it and was falling asleep again, when I felt that hand move. He actually had his palm over my shoulders and slowly moving it down my arm, as if caressing it. I immediately thought I was imagining things, he was after all only 18years old. But then his hands reached the end of my blouse and continued to go down my arms. As his hand reached my hips, he slowly moved it to over my hips. Now, I was totally shocked.

 My 18 year old nephew was feeling my body, thinking that I was asleep. I thought of getting up and giving him a piece of my mind. But I calmed myself down and decided that it was just his raging hormones and I would talk to him in the morning. I thought if I shift in my position, he would think I was waking up and stop what he was upto. I shifted and immediately I felt him taking his hands off. I stayed awake for some more time before I felt it safe to fall asleep.

I was woken up again by some pressure on my breasts. First I did not realize it was him, because I was a little groggy with sleep. But when I felt a distinctive pressure on my left breast, I completely woke up. I realized that my saree pallu was off my shoulders and my breasts were exposed, though in my blouse still. He hadn’t realized that I was awake, and he was cuddling my left breast. I felt them being squeezed. A shiver started developing in my body and I fought hard to control it. It was at that second that I realized that I was getting turned on by this, my 18 year old nephew playing with my breasts. I decided to play along. I kind of stiffened my body and just lay there.

 I felt his fingers touch my cleavage and the shiver started all over again. I felt it go down my spine and culminate in a warm wetness developing in my panties. I was getting wet. I felt his fingers fumble with the first hook and finally open it. I felt his hands slide inside my blouse and I felt my body responding. I was slowly thrusting my breasts up to his hands. His fingers entered my bra and brushed my nipples. That’s when I made my first mistake. A moan escaped my mouth. I immediately felt him pulling off his hands. I opened my eyes for the first time to see him turn around away from me.

I was so turned on that I couldn’t fall back asleep. I badly wanted someone at my pussy. My panties were totally wet and I could feel my swollen pussy lips rubbing on them. That’s when I made my second mistake. I put my hands over my nephews shoulder and slowly turned him towards me. He looked very scared. I hadn’t pulled back my pallu or hooked up my blouse. I took his hand and placed it on my breasts. He looked up at me and I could see him clearly. I smiled at him and squeezed his hands over my breasts. I took my hands off and still felt him pressing my breasts. He moved closer to me and started unhooking my blouse.

 He slipped his hands inside my bra and squeezed my breasts very hard. I bit my lips to stifle a moan. I unhooked my bra and slowly led his face to my breasts. When his lips touched my nipples it sent shock waves through my body and I shuddered. I was pressing my legs tightly together as my juices were flowing freely now. He was sucking on my breasts when I took his hands and put it on my pussy over my saree. He pressed hard over my saree and I pushed forward to feel him more. He started pulling off my saree tucked inside my petticoat. I undid the strings of my petticoat and he put his hands inside my petticoat. I felt his hands over my completely wet panties. 

I felt my body shudder again and reach a near orgasm. He put his hands inside my panties and the first touch brought an orgasm I had never felt before. My whole body was heaving and I was involuntarily pressing his hands harder on my pussy. I let got his hands after what seemed an eternity. He didn’t know what was going through my body and he started rubbing my pussy lips. He found my hole and pushed a finger inside of me. I hadn’t finished with one orgasm, when I felt my legs tighten – I was getting ready for another one. I held his hand and started stroking him in and out. His finger was small, so I forced him to put in 2 more of his fingers. I pushed him down so that he could move his fingers faster. My body was moving with his fingers now, thrusting more and more. I wrapped my legs tightly around his hands and still kept thrusting. I felt my body writhing and I was biting my pillow now as I felt my body shudder into another earth shattering orgasm. I don’t know how long it took me to release his hand.

I slowly released his hand and lay there exhausted. He was trying to play with my breasts again and I felt him move closer to me. My mind was in a whirlpool. I had reached two orgasms in such short succession that my head was still spinning. At the back of my mind I started feeling guilty about using him. It was then I felt him rubbing himself on my thighs. It was his manhood. I pushed my guilt aside and made my third mistake. I put my hands on his cock over his shorts and I felt it respond to my touch. I slowly pushed myself lower and started rubbing his cock over his shorts. I pulled down his shorts and took his tool out of his underwear. I felt its warmness in my hand.

 I felt a little wetness at the head, his pre-cum. It felt good in my hand and I wrapped my hands around it tightly. I felt him shifting and thrusting it forward. He was trying to jerk off in my hands. I slowly stroked him, but he kept thrusting it harder. I realized he wanted to come very badly and I started stroking him harder and faster. He shot a load of cum all over my hands. I slowly let him go and wiped my hands on my saree. I then used my saree to wipe his now limp cock. I was wiping him off when I felt him responding to my touch again. 

I realized it was a 18 year olds cock and had a lot more energy than my husband’s. So I moved down further and took his cock in my mouth. The second my lips touched his cock, I felt his cock harden. I pushed off the skin at the head and I licked it. I felt the salty stickiness on my tongue. I have always liked the taste of cum. I slowly took the cock head in my mouth and started sucking him. As I took more and more of his cock in my mouth, I was surprised that he was filling my mouth up. I started feeling his warmth and started sucking him harder.

 He was thrusting his cock faster now and I found myself deep-throating him. I felt him grab my head and he was involuntarily fucking my mouth. I kept sucking him harder till I felt his cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed a lot and then moved his cock out immediately so that I could suck on his cum rather than swallow it on the whole. He kept cuming in spurts for quite sometime and I sucked off every drop off his cum. I finally licked him dry.

When I finally got off him, we were both totally exhausted. I tied my saree as well as I could though I was still lying down and then moved away from him and tried to fall asleep. I forced myself from not feeling guilty, because I had enjoyed it more than I ever had in the last 4-5 years of my marriage.

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