Hi i am Jonathan from Bangalore, I am in my 24 and working in the systems dept for an MNC company. Though I’m a bachelor, I had enough sexual pleasure in past luckily. Haasini married my brother 6 years ago. My bro was working in Hyderabad during that time and Haasini started her marriage life there itself. 

Soon after their wedding, Haasini blessed with a male baby and now he is 5 years old. Haasini is one of the pretty house wives in our family so my bro is too lucky to have such a beautiful house wife not only she looks pretty, also she gained her name through her kindness and caring mentality from my young age itself, I use to love her presence whenever she comes to meet us. My sexual experiments in recent days never missed to give thoughts about Haasini.

I never thought my dream will become real soon as our families were split up in some property issues few years back. It was a Sunday evening when my bro visited us alone. My dad also not had anything to fight with him as all our family issues faded in time. Also my bro was expressing his guilty and felt sorry to my parents as we were convinced soon, I also become happy that we have engaged again. Bro looked fat than earlier. T-shirt was holding his tummy tightly and formal loose fit jeans were below his stomach. 

Chain and bracelets showed his wealth but he lost his physique even in his early 30s. He was telling that he is going to get transfer to Bangalore and searching for a flat to shift from Hyderabad after 2 weeks of his visit, I came to know from my Dad that my bro will be with his family nearby our flat and it is in our apartment only. We were expecting their arrival in few days. However my mind was somehow very eager to see Haasini soon the day arrived when I have been asked to pick them from station. 

I was waiting in car suddenly my bro came nearby car and recognized me. The moment I saw Haasini, I stuck up with no words. Her complexion improved lot which may be due to her sophisticated lifestyle as usual her long tied thick black hair attracted me by seeing the Hair, my eyes were gone up to her hips where I stunned. Yes! Her ass mounds developed sexier than ever and I could guess the starting area of her voluptuous thighs. 

Her sky blue silk saree helped to get her well developed figure. Her boobs were developed and very little flesh around her navel was visible through her saree. My car also moved fast after my sight to Haasini bro and Haasini were engaged in formal talk with me but i could not answer for anything with attention next day of their arrival, I took leave for receiving their belongings from packers and movers. Bro also joined with me till the unloading and we were started to arrange all things inside their flat. 

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Haasini also helped us which gave me numerous chances to see her bare stomach when she bent down to lift things. Her big boobs were packed safely inside blouse but attracted me in side view. Soon after that I use to ensure my presence in every free time inside their flat. Haasini became very close to me in few days. We use to chat about many day to day affairs without explaining much on it, let us come to my day when I got Haasini in bed.

I never thought it would happen in same day when our topic moved near to sex. It was a day when I took off from my job. No big reason I just wanted to spend whole day with Haasini alone. To avoid my bro’s presence I took off for oneday by saying some foolish reasons. Morning itself I informed mom that my office on leave today and went to bro house. Bro was left already and his son also went to play school. Haasini came to me after finishing all her works. 

Soon our chat involved with politics, cinema etc. Somehow the question which I expected came from her Jon, anyway when are you going to give us treat of your marriage? I replied ”Marriage? No chance. You know every day I am afraid of marriage. She smiled and said afraid? For what? I made myself sad and answered nothing nowadays there are lots of issues between husband and wife. Many people are not happy in their family life.

Haasini laughed again and told ”Hey young man! What made you to think like this? I have acted like nervous and told No beyond this i could not discuss about this to you as you are woman and also my bro’s wife’. I kept my head down after telling this. Luckily I have received the positive reaction from Haasini hey, Jon! Look at me. What happened? Are you serious? Having any problem with you? 

By telling this she lifted my head with her soft milky hands. I was keeping quiet and looked at her eyes. She continued further ”Jon I think I have started this topic and made you sad. I am sorry after all I am like your friend. If you want to tell, then tell. I will help I was not reacting to this question but she never given up and asked hey can you hear me. Finally I planned to make my final move and told do you know? 

All the time I am feeling that I may not be able to satisfy my partner physically. I don’t know why! After hearing this, she laughed like anything and told hey fool. You are well built young chap why you are thinking silly? Again I replied her with courage how can you tell about me in confident? I may end up as loser after marriage. She again delivered a wide smile and told then do experiment with somebody. 

Though I got expected response, continued further and asked are you joking? She replied hey I am not joking. You may try I replied if I would have somebody, I could have tried it Haasini told so sad then I gathered enough guts and asked her can you help me? Her face turned red and asked what do you mean? I continued shall I do experiment with you if you are not mistaken after this her reaction not as before and started to shout at me like anything. 

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Finally I could not find any way to make her cool and she started to threaten me if I ask like this in future she may inform to bro. I asked thousands of sorry and told she was so attractive from first day so I could not control myself. She never paid attention and I also left from her flat when I entered my house I found my mom was getting ready to go one of old neighbor house which is 20 km far from us. Soon mom left the house and I was also laid in sofa. 

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I was very upset with negative ending of my approach after one hour I heard doorbell rang so opened the door. My goodness! Haasini was standing and asked shall I come in? I told Mom is not here and she went outside. She replied ‘I knew and she informed me while going. I have come here to see you only. I was surprised but not shown to her. She continued further ”I am really sorry Jon I asked her for what you are asking sorry’ by the time she came in and sat beside me in sofa. 

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She told nothing you and I were talking frankly but I reacted wrongly at you. I have replied her with courage so you may think over it and may let to experiment. This time she reacted positively and told you are funny always! By saying this she stroked my chin. I was turned so horny this time and held her hand tightly. She was trying to remove but I kept her hand suddenly above my pants where my cock already taken position.

I told see, how hot I am? She immediately removed her hand with rush but never moved from her place. She was sitting quit which gave further courage. I suddenly sat infront of her on the floor and she was sitting in sofa by holding her head down by both of her hands as I was sitting down to her and I could see her from below slowly she lifted her face and seen me with smile. This concluded me this bitch is mine now. 

Slowly, I lifted her saree and got my head inside in darkness also, her whitish legs were glowing and her thick black her on legs added more spice in look. I started to lick her legs from the toe which does not allow her to sit idle. She caught my head along with saree and started to moan heavily Jon, I could not control anymore hhaa haaa. Gradually I started to press my lips frequently on her both thighs. 

I could not find single hair in her thighs and sweet smell was making my cock stiffer. Haasini stood up suddenly and lifted her saree by both of her hands as I was inside her. I understood and came out to stand in front of her and by this time, she removed her saree and standing with her petty coat and bra. Sandal color bra looks like skin black color petticoat removed by her and she held my head to go down. Oh! Her pussy was shaved and skin folds were looked wet. 

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Her big ass mounds are another hot spot so I cupped both bums by my hands and started to lick her pussy. She started screaming oooooh. Jon! Come on you are such a licker ooohhhh lick lick’ by her heavy moans and beauty, I was in the verge of cumming in my pants so suddenly left her. She was such a homely whore who understood my position and started to remove my pants. My cock was facing her straightly and hardly holding my innerwear. 

She slowly removed my inner wear as I was engaged in removing my t shirt. She held my cock in her hand and came upwards straight to my face by biting her own lips sexually. I could not hold anymore and started to flow huge cum in her palms. I was embarrassed and tried to remove my cock from her hand but she never let that. She went on cleaning my cum by shaking further with smile. I could see the drops were dripping on floor after 5 min of her continous act.

My cock started to rise again with slight pain in it. I wanted it more but this time by her mouth. I have asked freely to her I have licked your pussy but you are not she understood and smiled. She said ”Hey stupid, it’s not like that instantly she gave a deep kiss on tip of my cock. I was jumped a second oh Ani you are great. She let my cock in mouth and started to suck it softly. I was fully erected and finally lifted her whole body with full of my strength. 

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Haasini shouted hey are you mad leave what you want I will fall without listening further, I have taken her to bed room and let her get down. She looked at me with cunning smile and said ooooh sir wants to do something in bed with me’. I was in full swing and told Ani, I want to fuck you right now. She acted as she was not going to co-operate. She replied ooooh no baba I can’t let you to do intercourse and that is sin. 

That’s why I have taken your cum out in hands.  If you want, cum in my mouth, even fuck me orally. I was not in the state to accept that after seeing such a sexy pussy I ever seen. I was very aware if i made her very horny, I can fuck her with permission. I said then ok. Let me to satisfy you first orally. She nodded for that. I went down to her navel by holding her plump breasts in my hands.

I started to role my tongue deeply in her navel and kissed the near by tiny flesh mound. Haasini started to lift her bums and hit bed again and again with pleasure. She was moaning hhhhhaaaaa Jon. You are great bite, do what ever you want I never had this master acts ever from your bro. She held my head and started to push over her pussy. It was very wet and swollen along with lick; slowly I inserted my fingers in side of her cunt and moving in and out. 

She was very happy and murmuring ooooh let that finger go more, hhahaaa, she was moving like snake in pleasure. I recognized that she is going to get her orgasm soon. So I have taken out my finger, mouth both. She lifted her head suddenly and asked what happen you are wonderful do it please I was keeping quiet by controlling myself. She yelled hey fool what happened do it. She held my head with anger and pushed it over her pussy but I have never reacted. 

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What you want? Why kept quit? She shouted again. I have taken my cock in hand and showed her. She laughed and told you bloody such a nasty bastard. I was astonished to hear such words from typical homely housewife. She widened her legs with smile and told come put it in but do not cum quickly as you did earlier. I have jumped and slowly inserted my cock inside cunt as snake goes in tunnel. She placed her both of hands over my ass.

She started to lift her hips upwards to take cock fully when we both coupled I was moving in-out slowly. She held my face and licked all over. She was moaning in pleasure Jon fuck my sweet pussy let your cock fill it hooooo ha as I have cummed earlier once I was lasting longer. She was started to jump fast so I understood and moved faster. She yelled hhhhhhaaaa Jon, I am cuming ooooooh. I could feel her shivering and her cunt filled with some colorless liquid as she was finished.

I have asked her with fear Ani, shall I let my cum inside. It is my wish can I? She was taking her breath heavily with smile in her face and told you have given me the multiple orgasms today which I never had in my sexual life. Do what ever you want. If you want me to suck your cum, I will do that too with pleasure for Jon by telling this she planted a deep kiss on my forehead with love with green signal from her, I have started to move in her flooded pussy and moaning hhhhha Haasini, I love you ha. 

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She hugged me with love and co operating to satisfy me. That looked very strange for me and it made me hornier also. I was licking all over her body especially her breasts. Soon I felt I am going to blast. I let out a huge moan aaaaaahhhhhh. Ani, I’m going to cum in your pussy aaaahhh. She was delivering a wide smile and tightened her grip over my back. I have jumped heavily on her. 

Finally I could feel the throw of my cum inside her pussy oohhhhhhhh. Haasini, I’m cuming! I groaned in some other voice. She never let me till my last drop inside her cunt. I have kissed her neck deeply and said thank you Ani. I will never forget this in my life time. She kissed me and got up. Now clean your body and house and she said with smile and started to dress. I could see the drops of our liquids dripping from her cunt.

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