I have fucked three guys till now but the one I am fucking nowadays is the best. Actually he is my cousin brother. He is the son of my dad’s sister. Before going farther I shall tell a bit about myself. Well I won’t tell you my real name so lets take it as J kaur; I am 24yrs. old Sikh girl living in Delhi. I am the only child, my dad is a businessman and mom is into lots of social services, so none of them has any time for me, therefore I have lots of time and money with no one to interfere or even ask where I go and on what I spend the money. Now how I look, I am 5’6, weighing 58 KGs, average frame, not very fair but fairly fair, long black hair with some nice highlights done on them, slim,

 I don’t wear much make up just some eye liner, some light compact and mild lipstick but not daily. To be frank I am not a hot chick kind. I have even have got my each ear pierced with 4 holes (on the request of my latest lover i.e. my cousin, I will call him A). Now some about A,  he is tall around 6 feet, have a nicely built body, he helps his dad in their family business . They are quite well off. They have many spare properties and one of which is a fully furnished apartment at Rohini, in Delhi itself, which is our den, most of the time A and me make love over there.

 Now I shall pick up from where I ended the last one. I woke up when the bus halted at the house that was booked for us to stay. A was still sleeping besides me; his head was resting on the window panel. I then shook him a bit to wake him up. As soon as he woke and saw me in my eyes, everything that happened that night came in front of my eyes. Then he smiled at me and I also smiled back to him. Inside me I was very happy and there was a feeling of some kind of completeness that I never had before. I came out of my thoughts when he said ‘excuse me, let me pass I have to go and help the bus guy in unloading the luggage’. So I then gave him a way while passing he touched my face with his palm, I knew he did it in purpose, I also quickly planted a kiss on it. It happened so fast that I am sure that no one would have known. Then after that I didn’t see him for almost three hours. My eyes were wandering here and there in search of him but in vain. 

That house was not big enough that every family can get a separate room so all the bedrooms were to be shared by two families each. I know he did it, that some how his and my family were to share the same room, it was not a big room. There was just one double bed there and we were six people to accommodate. The six people were his mom and dad, he, my mom and dad and I. He was nowhere there, some time passed away in settling down and unpacking. We, the three ladies, were sitting on the bed when he entered the room. He looked hot, and then when he found that no one other than me is looking at him, he winked at me and I responded with a smile.

 He came to call us for the brunch that was in the hall downstairs and disappeared as swiftly as he came. I asked my mom and aunt to go and I’ll join them in five mins. as I was going for a shower. When I came out of the bathroom, wearing a white salwar kurta. I saw him standing right in front of the door and was smiling at me in a mysterious way. He said ‘when I saw the moms leaving the room, I thought to come to say hi’. By now I too was standing close to him facing him. There was a strange silence between us. He then took my face in both of his hands at and started to caress my cheeks in a very romantic manner. I suddenly asked him to stop and said that ‘hey what are you doing some one may come’ he replied very coolly that ‘no one is going to come as I have locked the door while coming in’.

 Then in the very next moment his lips were on mine and we started to kiss very passionately, then just a few secs. later I felt his right hand cupping my left tit over my kurta. This time there was no guilt in me and I was also enjoying it, then he removed his hand from over my kurta to its lower end and entered his hand in it and reached my tits, which were held tightly in the bra. He was quite cool; I think it was so coz I didn’t show any resistance this time. He then in a one push pushed that up and my firm tits popped out and he started to roll the nipples between his fingers and thumb, I was like on the seventh cloud of pleasure. My cunt started to ooze the love juices.

 We were still kissing, heavily. He then broke the kiss for a while and said ‘some one also wants to say hi’ and continued with the kiss. Then he took his left hand, which was on the back side of my neck, to hold my right hand and placed it over his bulge. His dick was very hard. I squeezed it a bit from over his pants and a moan came out of his mouth. I then started to stop him coz I was not supposed to be there for long and was worried if someone comes looking for me. So broke the kiss and said to him to save (with another squeeze on his cock) this for some time later as it was not a good time, but he was not stopping, I then literally pushed him away and asked him to go away, and he left. I then managed my clothes, combed my hair and went downstairs for lunch.

 After noon was spent lazing around, there was a ladies sangeet in the evening in the same hall, downstairs. While getting ready for the sangeet, the only thing in mind was he and there was some curiosity also about what will happen. So it was a twice a special night for me, firstly, it was my cousin sister’s marriage and secondly, I knew some where deep in me that tonight something was going to happen between him and me. I was wearing a lehanga for the occasion. It was a green netted one with some delicate work done on it and with a crushed tissue stole. I wore some makeup also. When I got ready, I knew that I was looking very pretty and on top of it I was lucky also coz he was the first one to see me in the lehanga. 

‘Wow’ was the only word that came out of his mouth and after that he remained silent with his mouth open, for few seconds. The silence was broken when my mom came in the room, shouting ‘what is taking you so long Janu (it’s my nick name), come on fast everyone is waiting for you, downstairs.’ So I left the room hurriedly leaving him in the room. He also came down after me. All the ladies were singing and dancing in the hall and all the gents were chatting and having drinks in the lawn. My eyes were all the time looking for him. Then suddenly he came, I don’t remember from where, in the hall. I then, some how managed to indicate him with my eyes that I am going to the room and you also come there after me. I then managed to get out of there and started to move towards the room. After reaching in the room I sat on the bed, thinking if he had got what I meant or not. 

When he didn’t come for about ten mins., I thought that he surely is a stupid boy who doesn’t even understand a simple indication I gave and I am waiting for him in vain. So, I decided to go back downstairs, as he is not going to come, then as soon as I stood up to go, the door opened, it was he. A big smile came on my face. He was looking out side the door, if anyone has seen him coming in the room or not. There was no one outside, so he came in and bolted the door behind him. I was still standing there; he came close to me and very romantically took my face in his hands and planted a soft kiss on my left cheek. I was wishing, him to kiss on my lips.

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 I think he was hesitating as I was wearing a lipstick. So I took my hands behind his neck and turned his face toward me and placed my lips on his. This time he didn’t hesitated and started to kiss and suck my lips and tongue with his in a passionate way. When the kiss broke he looked very funny as his lips were all red with my lipstick, it lead to a small giggle. On realizing what it was about he quickly wiped it off with my chunni (stole) and after wiping he took the whole chunni off me. My blouse had a deep neck, it showed lots of cleavage and his eyes got struck over there. The kiss had already ignited a fire in me, down there and I felt moisture on my panties. Then he placed both of his hands on my waist and started to move them in every direction possible.

 Then all of a sudden he pulled me towards him with his hands on my back. It was a very tight embrace, and then he started to move his hand up and down without loosing the grip. My tits were very tightly pressing on his chest. He then took his hands on my butt and pulled me farther in and along with that he was also squeezing my butts. It all felt so nice that I was, like shivering in his arms. No doubt I was enjoying this. Then he removed his right hand from my butts and with that he picked up my face from my chin and started another smooch. 

When our lips got locked he removed his hand from my chin and placed it on my left tit and started to fondle it, his other hand was still on my butt, squeezing and pressing it. The hug was still so tight that I was now having difficulty in breathing, so I broke the lip lock and pushed him back with full force and shouted on him ‘Do you want to kill me?’ Then after regaining the breaths I sat on the bed. Before doing anything farther I picked up my chunni from over the bed and kept it on the side table coz in any case I don’t wanted to spoil its ironing, as it may brings doubts in the mind of other people. He then came and sat next to me. He was on my left side, so he placed his right arm on my left shoulder and started to caress my cheeks and lips with his fingers and thumb. Then he took hold of my hand and asked me to stand up and to come and stand between his legs and he remained seated. 

So I got up and stood close to him, between his opened legs. Without wasting a single second he started to open my blouse buttons, which were on the front. Within seconds it was off me, and I was standing in front of him in just a bra and the lehanga and his both the hands were around my waist. His warm hands on my skin were making me crazy and I felt that I was dripping heavily. We both were looking in each other’s eyes and in his eyes I saw him lusting for me. He then unhooked my bra and I removed it for him. Now, he was staring at my tits, my small nipples were already up and hard. I don’t have very big tits, those are just average sized and to be precise I wear size 34. 

He then pulled me a closer, now, as his face was exact at the height of my tits he started to kiss and lick me all around my chest, it felt very nice and I closed my eyes. He continued to kiss and lick, and was getting intense with every passing second. He then took my hard nipple of the right tit in his mouth, and started to roll it with is lips, ‘oh my god’ with a loud moan came out of mouth. It was feeling so good to me that I also started to press his face inward by my hands, which were behind his head in his hair. Now he was wildly sucking on both the tits and along with that he was also caressing and fondly those. My moans were getting louder and heavier and my eyes remained close. 

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Then after about five mins of tussle he stopped and again looked in my eyes and by holding my both the hands in his hands he stood up. Then by coming very close to my ear he along with a kiss whispered to me ‘I love you’ I replied with a small bite on his ear lobe. Then he tried to undo the lehanga, on which I resisted and said that I can’t do so as it is not easy to wear it again, quickly, he got it and then made me sit on the bed with my feet on the floor. He then by opening my legs stood in between those on his knees. and started to pick the lehanga up with his hands on my legs and again his warm hands were making me shiver when those touched my bare thighs, a loud moan also followed. Then he took both the sides of my panty in his fingers on and pulled it down, I also helped him by raising my butts. He then took his face between my thighs and started to lick and kiss all over that area. Eventually he reached his destination, my cunt. I then widened my legs to the fullest to make room for his actions. Then he parted the vertical lips with his fingers and touched my bulging labia and clit with his thumb, and started to rotate it in a circular manner. 

He then kissed me over there, it was the first time in my life that any guy did it to me; I was all the time moaning loudly. He then licked my clit and started to move his tongue back and forth; up and down between the lips and with every stroke he used to suck on my clit. I was going crazy; my whole body was shivering with passion. I was also trying to close my legs to lock his head in between but his strong arms were not allowing me to do so. I had an instant orgasm. I think, it must have flooded his face with my nectar. But he was not at all in a mood to stop rather his licking and sucking became more vigorous when he came to know that I had come. I orgasmed again very soon but this one was more intense. I again flooded his face again. He then stopped and looked up to me, ‘oh my god’ 

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I thought in my mind, his whole face was glittering with my nectar, it was all around his lips, cheeks, chin and also on his nose, I even saw some of its drops dripping down his chin. He then stood up, I remained in the same position with my lehanga around my waist, he then came over me, I laid back on my back, he also came and lay over me with his legs still in between mine and placed his lips on mine. We again kissed but this time it was different as I also tasted my nectar, it all was so horny that my cunt never stopped dripping, not even for a sec., the whole night. He again started to fondle and rolling my rock hard nipples my tits along with the kiss. 

He was quite heavy for my tender body so I pushed him to my right side on the bed. He then left my tits and took his right hand to my cunt again and inserted at least two fingers in it along with the kissing and started to stroke it. The strokes were getting fast and fast with every stroke. I again came with loud moans. By now I was fully exhausted, so I turned to my left side and lay on my back. Now, it was my turn to play my part. So I took my right hand over his bulge and pressed and squeezed it, he moaned loudly. Then I turned to my right side and opened his shirt and he at the same time undid his pants but his undies were still intact.

 His broad and strong chest was in front of me and I started to kiss and lick all over his hairy chest. (This is also a one of my weakness, thick hair on chest.), my kisses and licks were even reaching up till his neck but I was having a little difficulty in doing so, as my right hand was under me and was not moveable. So I raised myself some up and made him lay on his back. Now I got full access of his body. I then continued the licking n kissing and I even bit him some times. He was enjoying it all very much and was moaning loudly even his breaths got heavy. I then carried my kisses upwards to his neck and kissed n licked him all over there. When I kissed him under his ear he liked it very much. His both the hands were playing with my tits and he was moving his hands all over my hot body.

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 I moved farther with my kisses and reached his ear and planted a kiss over there and even bit his ear lobe. I then licked his ear and took my tongue in it and started to move it everywhere in his ear. I don’t know why but he liked it too much and moaned louder. On finding this I increased the pressure of my tongue, on doing this he, out of pleasure, pressed my tits very hard, which made me stop doing everything coz I had to scream with pain. ‘Sorry’ he said instantly and grabbed me in his arms and pulled me over him, this time I didn’t go to his neck instead I went to the chest and took his nipple in my mouth and started to roll it in mouth in the same way with which he did mine but his was too tiny but it was hard enough to make its presence felt, anyways a very loud moan came out of his mouth. 

So I did it again, this time I even bit his nipples, softly, a louder moan came this time. As a matter of fact he was enjoying and moaning at everything I was doing. I did a lot of this until he stopped me when he said that it’s hurting. I then went farther down to his belly area with my tongue licking and kissing everywhere, I also placed one of my hands on the bulge and started to play with his dick and the balls from over his undies. I then got up, on the bed, and pulled his undies down, with his help.

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 His cock popped out as if a spring was attached with it. It stood like a soldier saluting his commander. I then seated myself between his legs and lowered myself. I then took his cock from its base in my right hand, it was very hot, thick and hard. It felt awesome. I then kissed its tip, and then I opened my mouth and started to lick it with my tongue and even took some of it in my mouth, which made him to moan loudly. Then I took some more of it in the mouth, he was getting wilder and wilder. I was also getting more and more horny and wet because of his ecstatic moans. On the same time I was also feeling proud that I am in command and everything is under my control. 

I didn’t know much about the blowjob as I was doing it for the first time, but I knew I was doing quite well. I was not able to take much of it in my mouth as it was quite thick and my mouth was already fully stretched. Anyways it all continued for some five mins more, he was all the time moaning loudly and was asking me to take more of it in the mouth. Then I got down to the floor to undo the lehanga and the panties. By this time he also got up, and then he made me lay on the bed. He then came up the bed and placed himself between my legs on his knees, he then lowed himself to my tits and sucked the nipples. He then fetched a pillow and kept it under my hips. Now his cock and my cunt were on the same level. He then started to rub the tip of his cock on my clit and between the lips that he opened with his fingers. He then all of a sudden pushed it in me, I cried loudly with pain, its not that I was a virgin at that time but his cock was the thickest of all I had previously.

 He was not in a mood to show any mercy and was continuously ramming it in me, my pain was also subsiding slowly and I started to like it. By now he was pumping very furiously in my so wet cunt. It felt as if I was on the seventh cloud of pleasure. He then lowered himself and took the nipples in his mouth one by one. By now my cries were converted into loud moans and I came instantaneously, but he was unstoppable. Suddenly he took it out and got up and asked me to turn over, I was clueless about what he was up to but it didn’t took long to understand his mind, when I got laid myself with my face down he picked me up from the waist and I was on my knees still facing down.

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 He then inserted his cock in my cunt from behind and continued to ram but I was not enjoying, in that position, I was very uneasy, but he was enjoying it, as he was pumping very fast and deep. Anyways, he stopped very soon, I thought that he had come to know that I am not enjoying but later he told me that it was not so, actually he was just trying to control his explosion. I turned around quickly and sat up on the bed, and went down to his cock took it in my mouth. This time again I tasted my nectar. I was not able to take much of his dick in the mouth coz I was not much moveable. So he started to pump his cock in and out of the mouth by moving his hips to and forth.

 I again got uneasy with this, as now his cock was going quite very deep in the mouth, and a couple of times I even felt like I’ll throw up. This also didn’t continued for long. By now he became aware that I was not enjoying the things he was doing. So he came down and laid besides me on my left and started to lick and kiss me all over my chest, he then took my right nipple in his mouth and along with that he took his left hand over my cunt and started to finger fuck me, and then, when he pressed my clit with his two fingers along with rolling it in circular motion, I got hot and horny again and another orgasm started to built up in me.

 He then, on seeing me enjoying it and moaning loudly increased the speed and I again came within seconds, as soon as I came I pressed his hand between my thighs very tightly with a lots of nectar oozing out, it felt very nice. We then laid right there with his hand in my legs for another five mins. He then came close to me and whispered in my ear to hold his dick but I had different plan, I instead of holding it asked him to lay straight on his back and I climbed on him on my knees with him being in between my legs. He was clueless about what was on my mind. I then took his cock in my right hand, pointing up and I then lowered myself to sit on it. It was very hard and thick that I again had a lot of pain when it went in. Due to the pain I was going down very slowly. He, on seeing me in pain, tried to help me; he took his right hand down over there and started to roll my clit with his two fingers. The pain subsided very quickly and I was enjoying again. 

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I very slowly started to go up and down. He then removed his hand from there and took it with the other hand on my tits and started to fondle them along with rolling the nipples. This increased my pleasure and encouraged me to increase my speed of going up and down. It was going deeper and deeper with every stroke. Now his full cock started to go in and out of me. He was moaning very loudly as always, hearing his so loud moans made me feel proud again coz he was again in my full control. I very soon got tired and exhausted because of this up and down thing, I think it was so coz I didn’t had any previous practice. So I kept my hands on his chest for support and again started the rhythm pump

. It didn’t take long, and he started to shout ‘I am coming, I am coming’ and he came within seconds. He didn’t even give me time to pull his cock out, he came in me, and he exploded no less than ten times of his semen in me. The feeling of his ecstatic pushes and hot semen filling my cunt made me come once again, actually we came almost together, with his cock still in me. I then came down and lay on his left side. I was feeling his cum flowing out of my cunt and flowing all over my thighs.Then we hugged tightly. At this moment I felt very good, like as if I have conquered some war or as if I have got complete, that I don’t have words to express that. 

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We remained in that position for some ten more mins. After that he quickly put his cloths on, kissed me and went away, I was still all nude at that time, I then locked the room again and took a shower and dressed up quickly and joined everyone downstairs. Later that night when I was sitting over there, with everyone around, I was not there I was in some dream world and was just thinking about what all happened. There was a very different kind of happiness in me and a smile remained on my face for the whole night. I didn’t saw him again that night. After the sangeet all of us went to our respective rooms to sleep. On reaching in our room, he was not there. I didn’t even bother about him and I slept off within seconds of lying on the bed, as I was so much extra tired.

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