Our car pulled into the cottage, one word to sum up what we were looking at – Chaos! A few dozen people running around and a few more dozen kids playing in the yard. Decorations still being fixed, lights were not up yet. I heard someone yell – The wedding planner is missing. I thought this weekend at Ooty for my sister in law’s wedding would be a nice getaway for us. I guess not.

I got out of the car with my wife Haasini and saw my mother in law Silviya run towards us. I was seeing her after a year she gave me a big tight hug and squeezed her breasts onto my face. Silviya was over 6 feet tall, very athletic and took very good care of herself. Haasini is quite the opposite, a little chubby, short and very homely looking but I love her to death for what she is. After the boobs left my face, I gave a sheepish grin and exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes.

I was told that there was a room that we could use and rest till we could come and help out but as soon as I put the luggage in the house I started hearing people scream – Sam come here, Sam do that, thank goodness you are here Sam, now help me with this., blah blah – I know I am supposed to help out but I was going bananas, oh and to mention – I had been holding my pee for such a long time and none of the washrooms in the cottage were available.

A few minutes later I ran out in the backyard, it was getting done up for the reception. I moved to behind the kitchen and saw a spot next to a wall that looked like they threw waste down there. I was brought up in Abu dhabi and don’t remember the last time I went out in the open. I pulled out my dick, aimed and closed my eyes and let the piss just flow, every second of it felt so good. I was almost done with it and to my horror noticed my mother in law Silviya standing a few feet away along the wall and staring at my dick.

I said “shit, i am sorry” and she laughed and said – damn – you must be keeping Haasini pretty happy. Make sure you shake well before you put it in – and walked away. I was freaking out, that had to be the most embarrassing yet amazing situation ever. I always had a big crush on her since the days Haasini and me were dating. I should confess there were days when I fucked my wife fantasizing about her mother. I put my dick in my pants and walked back into the house. I stopped next to the kitchen and saw Silviya from outside bossing the ladies in the kitchen. This was Silviya’s ancestral home so she knew everyone around.

Let me tell you a little something about Silviya, she divorced the father of her children a long time back and decided never to get married again but took very good care of the three girls on her own. She runs a very popular florist and a beauty store in Bangalore. She always maintained a classy nature about herself; I have never seen her be vulnerable for anything at all. But most important, she had the best ass I have ever seen on a middle aged woman – she would give most professional models and actresses a run for their money anytime. She always wore this really dark pink lipstick. I always fantasized about those lips circling around the head of my dick.

Family sex stories

I started helping around the house and the decorators and that evening there was barbecue and all the relatives gathered around playing folk songs and some people dancing and having a great time. Tomorrow evening my wife’s little sister was getting married. Some relative started to make everyone get in groups to take pictures. All of were hopping around and getting into huddles, there was one where the girls and Silviya along with the guys in the family got into one. Silviya was right next to me, my arm went around to her waist and someone started pushing from the other side and everyone started to lose balance, to avoid

Silviya to fall on me – i put both hands to catch her. I stayed on the waist the other cupped her right butt cheek. She just laughed and we all got back in position. My left hand left her waist but my right hand refused to leave her butt. The camera man took the picture and was walking away when I yelled, i think i closed my eye – take another one. we all squeezed back and this time I made it really clear that I was caressing her butt. She did not say a thing but gave out a big smile for the picture. Everyone dispersed.

I exchanged glances with Silviya a few times over that night and later we all went to bed, even though my wife said she was tired and a little drunk I pushed her down on all fours and did her doggy style. I had to cover her mouth with a towel from waking up guests in the next room. I came into a tissue and we both crashed for the night. The next day went by real fast, my sister was one of the bridesmaids and the wedding went really well, the reception was fun too – the

Family sex stories

DJ was spinning some nice tunes and everyone was shaking it. I was tired and went over to the chairs a little away from the crowd and lit up a cigarette. A few seconds later I heard someone close by and say – you got a smoke I can borrow? I looked over and saw Silviya with a drink in her hand. She was wearing this dress that showed her cleavage a little bit and ended at her knees. I said oh yeah, and passed her a smoke and lit it for her.

I said – I never knew you smoked

She said – I do occasionally, I did not know you smoked

I said – I do occasionally.

She smiled

We looked away and I looked back at her after a few seconds and said – oh, you look gorgeous tonight!

She said – oh, thank you dear!

she took a drag and said – did you say I look good just tonight ?

there was a little naughty sarcasm in her tone

But I said – you know that you look gorgeous all the time.

She smiled and looked away again.

I asked her – so Silviya, how do you do this ? as in are you in a relationship ?

She said – Since I left Haasini’s father, I did get into a few relationships but none of them ever worked out.

After a small pause she added – its different for a mother of 3 to have a steady relationship you know.,

I said – I can imagine, it must be so tough. I cannot imagine being away from your daughter for a week.

She said – I bet Haasini feels the same way too – and gave a naughty smile.

I asked her jokingly – what do you mean ?

She shot back – you know what i mean, big boy – i saw you yesterday remember ? and the whole house could hear you and Haasini last night.

I said – what ? damn !!

she laughed and said – its fine, you guys are young and if I had a man with a dick like that – i would keep him at home all day.

I was getting a hard on right after I heard that.

I said – I don’t know why someone like you would have a problem finding well endowed men.

She said – you think so ?

I knew i had to take my chances but hopefully not screw this up.

I said – Oh yeah, everything about you is so mind blowing sexy. I could not get my hand away from you last night. remember?

She smiled and said – yeah, that was dumb of you. But, I am not sure if this is right. And started to look at the direction where the party was happening. My cigarette was over and Silviya was almost done with hers, I had to do something quick.

I said – how about we give it a shot and see how it feels, if it does not feel right. We forget all about it.

as soon I said it, I realized this could mess up everything but my dick was aching to tear out of my pants already.

She gave it a long pause and said – ok, let’s do this, but not here. We have to go a little into the neighbor’s woods.

I said – ok, let me go get condoms

Family sex stories

She was quick to say – that’s not needed, come on and held my hands and we walked into the darkness our eyes was getting used to the dark and we stopped just about where the light from our cottage stopped shining. If someone called us, we could quickly go and mingle in the crowd. All these plans were running in my mind. We stared at each other, I had worked out so many fantasies about fucking my mother in law but here she was standing in front of me to be taken but I could not move.

She bent towards me and kissed me on my lips, i kissed her back and put my arms around her waist, she put her arms around my neck – we stood there kissing each other for a little while – I could taste the alcohol from her and the cigarette smoke but above all I could taste the sweet lipstick she was wearing. I sucked her lips and bit them gently. She moaned while I ran my hands on her back and her ass and pulled her close to me, I started to kiss her neck as she rubbed my neck and ran her fingers through my hair. I reached out and pulled out one boob from her front of her gown and sucked on it real gently.

Family sex stories

They were tasting of the perfume she wore that night. She felt the bulge in my pants on her legs and started to rub me over my pants. I knew I had a wet spot on my pants but soon she unzipped and freed my dick – it sprang out and she chuckled and said – my, my – what do you have here and bent down and took my dick in her mouth. I bent backwards to catch the moment – it was just as I imagined it – maybe better – it suddenly seemed like there was so much light around where we were standing but did I care – No!

I never cared to measure my penis but I’ve been told that it’s a big one – Silviya sure was not complaining! She had her hand around my dick rubbing it up and down and sucking my head and with the other hand she cupped my balls and massaged them. She was a great cock-sucker, she deep throat me a few times and I was getting close to shoot a load.

I stopped her and pulled her up and kissed her again, she had water running from her eyes. I pulled the gown up and put my hand into her panties and felt no hair – but soaking wet! I took some of her juices and sucked my finger – they tasted so musky and of somebody cream she had on that night.

Family sex stories

She parted her legs and I rubbed her clit a little bit and she said – do it Sam, fuck me now! I pulled down her panties and turned her around to see her ass – man! That was one fine ass. I dug my face into it and kissed her around. I heard her moan like her daughter, I stood up and put some spit on my dick and slowly slide it in her from behind. She was tight!

I heard her gasp every time I thrust in, she had her arms leaning on a tree and I held on to her ass and started to pick up the pace. My dick was heating up inside her oven – she soon said – yeah, I am coming Sam – and went into a very violent orgasm – just like her daughter she was a squirted too – it almost seemed like she was coming for a good minute – she kept dripping her juices all over my pants down my legs. She lifted her hands to stop and pulled away.

Family sex stories

I stood there with the dick in my hand while she put on her panties.

I said – how did that feel ?

She said – I’ve never felt this good ever!!

And looked at me ., oh shit – i thought you were done too dear.

If said it was Ok she said – wait a minute, let me get you off and got back down on her knees and started to suck me. I held her head in my hands and slowly started to face fuck her.

I asked her, Silviya – do you mind if I came on your mouth?

She shook her head in agreement and as I was getting close again, I told her I was coming. She stopped sucking me and pointed the dick into her mouth and started to jerk me. I shot hot loads of cum straight into her mouth, a big gleaming drop was sticking on her left cheek she sucked down all of it and said – damn, that’s a lot! we both quickly got dressed up and she left first, I waited – smoked a cigarette and left a few minutes after.

My crotch area on my pants was soaking wet, I stayed away from the lights and did a little socializing. I noticed Silviya was limping a little. I went into the house and dried myself with my wife’s hair dryer. That was not the end of me fucking my mother in law, I did it a few times when we came down to Bangalore and when she visited us here in the Gulf.

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