Hi this is Archana.This is incest story between …. Guess… Strangely me and my grand-father-in-law. I was newly married and just after our honeymoon it was month of Ashadh when newly married girl does not stay at her in laws. So our in laws started thinking where to stay me and then they concluded to stay me with my grand-father-in-law. He was called Bandumama and then aged around 65. He was practically living in small village around 30 kms from my Sasural. I had seen him only once in marriage. My husband dropped at his place and then bid farewell to me for 4 days. I was not really happy as I was going to live without him for 4 days. Also my departure collided with my monthly periods so it was going to be more than 8 days without sex for girl recently married.

He was typical village background, slim and health well maintained despite age. His wife was around 55 and simple living woman. It was around 7 pm when we were there. She welcomed us decently. I looked at Bandumama and surprised. He was actually looking at my chest. He was ladies tailor I heard about him. I had simple yellow color silk saree with matching blouse. He was looking at my blossom as like he was having magic sight by which he can see through my clothes all my beauty. I was just celebrated my 24th bday. A thought touched my mind “Does he want to enjoy me? Will he fuck me?” I am serious wife by nature but at that moment I wanted to have some fun in anticipation of long wait for me.

We took dinner at 8.30 and then soon we went to bed around 9 pm. I helped Mami to finish earlier. Few minutes she was talking about her past, children etc. They had 3 girls and 2 boys. He was really a MAN. But i was not really participating her as i wanted to rest. It was small house with one room acting as living cum bedroom and other as kitchen. Rooms were very small. There was only one bed on which he slept and we both ladies slept on ground with mattress. He shut the main light and it was all dark. I also slept after few minutes after waiting for some action.

At midnight I realized something on my chest. As it was dark and i was in sleeping mood, i really did not bother it. After few minutes i realized that my chest is heavying. Also something is moving away from my chest. Soon I started realizing what was happening. Seeing me in fast asleep, he had taken initiative. He had almost opened my front open blouse skillfully without breaking my sleep. He was really a good ladies tailor. And he was working now on me. I was in dilemma what to do? His wife was just few inches away from us and he was trying to enjoy grand-daughter-in-law. We had age difference of 40 years almost two generations ! 

Family sex stories

But my body was responding well to his acts. His hands were smooth and gently working on my chest; half covered breasts. My breasts had grown up with touch n excitement and nipples getting harder. I did not object him doing so and he got further encouragement. He started caressing my breasts over bra material. He had parted my saree palloo to my neck side and got good access to my sensitive areas. This continued for more than 20 minutes. His left hand was caressing my left breast and with right hand he took me in his arms. He then started caressing my bare back as blouse was open completely. He shifted little bit so that his lips came to my lips level and without hesitation he put lips on mine.

 His hands were busy with my both breasts and back. We were kissing intimately for Another 20-25 minutes. Then he lowered his hand to my stomach and started caressing it. My left hand was caressing his hairs and right hand around his waist. He started pushing his left hand fingers through my saree from front. I did not got what he was doing and with my right hand started resisting him. I was afraid that my saree will be released completely making me ackward at night. He thought that I am resisting him for further acts and he again pulled me towards me and started kissing me and crushing my erect nipples. I was sighing heavily without caring that his wife was just some distance slept.

Family sex stories

After some time he again started caressing my stomach and playing with saree. He “whispered in my ears first time “Where is your belly? Mala tujhya bembishi khelaychaya. I wanna play with ur belly” I replied “Its there only. Some distance down. You may raise saree for same” I had given him green signal to raise my saree and then what ! FUCK ME ! Soon his hand went on my saree and started pulling it upwards. Then he raised it up to knee level and caressed my bare knees ! His right hand was on my right breast, left on my thighs and mouth kissing my soft lips. His hands were working on my thighs feeling me butterflies in stomach. 

He pulled me nearer and started crushing my buttocks and hips. He had not removed his lips from mine yet. I raised my right leg little and put on his legs crossed. Also my right hand started caressing his hand which was working badly on my gaand. In the heat I took his hand and inserted it in my panties from behind. His hand started crushing my firm gaand. Pressure from my panty waistband was also working on his hand which fuelled heat. I made him caress my ass crack also. This continued for more than half an hour as he used to slow down and again get rhythm. It was not his age but good will power for sex.

Family sex stories

Then he made me sleep on back and he ride on me. With both his hands he crushed my soft boobs and firm hips alternately. Then he waited for some time and got up partially. He might have removed baniyan i thought. Instead he opened his pajama and underwear knots (old type undies) Then he started slowly rubbing his tool on my mound / thighs. I started feeling its hardness which was erect totally. Then he pulled my panty to knees and started caressing my mound area with hands. He felt soft bush and my soft yoni arching for sex. I wanted him to touch and caress it. But he simple opened my pussy lips and inserted his giant lund inside. 

In few strokes he filled my tiny pussy and started pushing up and down, to and from motions. As I was newly wed, my pussy was really tight and hot with lust and his tool could not withstand much time. He soon exploded in my wet pussy a jet after jets. It was filled with his white juices and dropping on my thighs and partially on my petticoat, saree and bed also. I wanted him to play with me further but then he got up adjusted pajama and went to his bed. I also managed to adjust my fallen saree, closed my boob window and then decided to sleep.

Family sex stories

Next day I avoided to see in his eyes ashamed of last night acts. He also kept little distance with me whole day. At night i wore night gown and all other garments except my bra as I did not wore it all the day. Being rainy season my bra could not dry. Just like yesterday, I slept with his wife but keeping some distance between us in anticipation of his acts again. And he did not disappoint me. After just 10-15 Minutes, I realized his hand on my gown. He was touching my abdomen and may be searching something. He then touched my right hand and signal something. I could not understand what he was telling me. So I took his hand in mine and kept for while. 

Then he bent forward and I realized his mouth was closer to mine. It was totally dark as lights were off. He might be thinking to whisper with me but suddenly his mouth came very close and within fraction his lips met mine. He was not prepared for that and he parted lips and whispered in low voice ” Come up on bed. Warti jhopu yat” I replied “No. It will make noise. Lets sleep here only. Ithech jhopu yat na” He was bit resistant but then decided to follow me.

Soon we were in each other’s arms. Our lips met again we started kissing. He kissed my face, cheeks, eyes and neck also. Our kissing continued for more than half an hour. He seemed to be less hurried. We had good sleep at afternoon so we were fressh and relaxed. I also alloed him to take his time considering his age. He was caressing my back with right hand and left hand caressing my boobs over gown. He realized that I had no brassier inside and then his actions started gaining momentum. He tried to insert his palm inside gown from top. Though gown was loose, it was difficult to do so. However he managed to insert one or two fingers inside and slowly his palm rested totally on my bare right breast. We both had first time touch with total bare breast-palm contact. His hand was soft and he gently started playing with boob. We again resumed our kissing which was little bit disturbed meanwhile.

Family sex stories

After some time he exchanged to right breast and started fondling it as like left one. For the same he pushed me backward little bit and resumed kissing. It was difficult than earlier for both of us but he continued. Now I wanted to make him enjoy my bare breasts. I pushed him backward little bit and then unhooked my gown buttons. I opened all four buttons and then parted off it little bit to give him better access to my private property. I took his hand resting on my stomach and placed it on my open chest. He again fondled my both breasts but with higher pressure and gave me further stimulation. Now he started caressing my shoulder from which gown slid down little.

Family sex stories

Slowly his hand started working on my back also from behind. His left hand started pulling up my gown as like saree yesterday he did. But I stopped his hand and whispered in his ears “This is gown. You can safely remove my petticoat and under garment without removing gown. Majha parkar ani chaddi kadha na” He whispered ” How to reach you petticoat know. Please guide me. My wife never wore such cloth” I guided his hand on gown and then it reached near my petticoat from down side where my gown was lifted. To add spice into our romance, I held his hand for few time there only and then slowly removed it out slowly.

 He was bit surprised and resistant to come out. I put my lips on his and then took his hand on my boobs alternately. We continued this position for another 15 minutes or so. Then I parted lips, stretched my shoulder backward and then guided his hand down fromboobs to stomach, then on waist. He reached my petticoat knot, and then he quickly held it and gave it few pulls. It was buried in my panty waistband. It loosedned and finally opened giving him access to my panty and Golden triangle. He Kept his hand lingering there for few minutes and then pulled out and then reached same region pulling up my gown. Same time he pulled up my open ghagra and in few seconds he pulled my panty out. I adjusted my legs and both the clothes dropped down. 

Family sex stories

Now it was only gown between him and my bare body. But I did not want to get it down neither he wanted to waste time. I guided his hand to mound and asked him to caress it. He gently caressed the region for 5-10 minutes. He also caressed my waist and hips vigorously. Then he asked me to sleep on back. Then he removed his pyjama and chaddi completely and started rubbing his lund on my hair bush and pussy. He again kissed me for while and then separated my pussy lips also and started thrusting his tool inside. I could open and widen legs facilitating him enetr deeper. 

As we hand longer romance, both our tools, his peni and my pussy were wet and the lubrication paid off us. He fucked me more than 10 minutes, longer than yesterday. He took rest once and fucked me another 5 minutes and then cummed inside me. It was only semen and semen and semen in and out me. His jets were still coming out. At last he cummed totally and rested on me. Then he came down. We laid in arms for few minutes. Then we both adjusted our clothes and slept at respective beds.

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