I’m Raghu. I live in Bangalore and I am 22 working for a Bangalore-based Software co. My mother, Vasanthi was working as Professor in a girls college and was was quite open-minded and liberal in her behaviour. Even at 42 mommy had a knocking figure.

It all happened on my mom ‘s 42th birthday. I was watching TV in our living room just when she came in wrapped in black silk saree. My mother looked real hot in sarees. “Happy birthday, mom.” I wished her. mom was looking upset as dad was out on tour abroad on her birthday. It was my chance to seduce her. I had started a craving for her.”Come on mom, I am with you…we’ll celebrate.” mommy looked at me with gloomy look. She had a light coat of make-up on. Her lips looked wet. “How can you give me company of your dad? you are my son.” Mommy explained herself. I went close to my mom and kept my hand over her white fleshy shoulder, “why don’t you take me as your hubby just today when dad’s not here. Come on be my wife and I’ll take you to a dinner out.” She laughed and teased me back “You mean it? But what if anybody comes to know this…” Mommy looked worried. But I told her that nobody would recognize us… and she agreed to the fun!.

“Now get ready, Vasanthi.” I called her by her name. She blushed red in her cheeks and went to her room. She came back in 20 minutes and I was spellbound. My 42 year old mommy had put on a real loud make-up. “I always wanted to go with a boyfriend with heavy make-up on. Please don’t mind.” “No no mom…you are looking real hot..like a bomb-shell.” I watched her bossom heaving up and down as she laughed. My Vasanthi had a real pair of ass. Her enormous asscheeks looked prominent from her saree I took her to a five star hotel. We chose a cabin that was quite off the crowd. I ordered wine for both of us. After some time mommy started looking dizzy. I was watching her moist red lips as she ate chicken tikkas licking my lips. Just then she saw me watching her, “You’re looking too much at me.” Mommy said.

“Your damn sensuous,mom. I wish I had a wife like you.” “Oh really? I feel so flattered.” My mom was pleased with compliment & I liked it too. She had her hair loose over her shoulders. “Wish you were only mine, my mother.” I said staring at her deadly bust that was showing clearly through her saree pallu. My mommy’s bossom was a deadly one.. 42C. So many times I had masturbated sniffing her bressiers.

I took her hand in my hand. mommy was trembling but she managed to ask me, ” Stop picking on me…I know I have grown old and fat now.” My mother’s eyes were sparkling with mischeif. “You don’t know mom but you are woman of my hot dreams. You look so hot when you wear low sarees.” I said. “Why? …so that you can gaze at my navel…… I like to wear sarees that way too.” Mommy pressed my hand hard in her hand. “I want to kiss you on your navel, mom, just once please !” I slided my hand in mom’s pallu and rubbed her satini belly. Mom shut her eyes and sighed, ” Oooooh …ouch…someone might see us..” she said. Just then I slipped my finger in my mother’s deep navel, “Ooooh no..noh..nooooh…pleeease…” Mom pleaded but I kept on loving her navel….”Please, mommy. Just once…be mine.” I begged. My mommy pressed my hand hard in her hand,finally my mother gave in and said, “Take me home..please. I’ll do anything you want.” I took her home. As she entered the house followed by me, the expanse of her big white round ass triggered my libido like never before.She was a real hot ass! I soon locked the door from inside and lifted her in my arms.

I brought her to her bedroom, “Kiss me mom, kiss me you bitch.” mom opened her mouth and I smooched her deep. Mommy got horny too. She started shoving her tongue in my mouth saying, “I am very lonely, my son. You turn me sooo hot baby take your mother …give me your love..make me your mommy doll.” We had a very long kiss…biting lips..sucking tongues. Even at 42 my darling mother was a real hot bitch in bed. She sucked my tongue so horny that I sqeezed her bottom from over her saree. “Please lick my navel, my son. I feel very sexy with my navel getting smooched by a man…please..” Mommy dropped her pallu and stood before me with her white satini belly uncovered. “You have a deadly navel, Vasanthi.” I flicked the tip of my tongue on her lower belly. She was so soft and silky. “Put it in my navel..please..dahhhling…pleeeease.” She was getting so hot..I grabbed the bit extra flesh on her waist and kept my lips on her navel. She smelt damn erotic there. I smooched her real hard on her oozing navel.”Oh my Mommeee”..”What mommy…call me Vasanthi…You are my hubby.” with those words my cock was fully erected inside my pants throbing in it..My own mother, my 42 year old respected College professor Mother, wife…

“You are a sex-bomb, my Vasanthi….” Mommy writhed in ecstacy. I held her hard by her waist and started biting her lower belly and licking her navel.. mom was juggling in my grip like a fish….”Uuuui mmaa….huhh…haan…oooooh… mere raja……suck me there..bite me there…..pppleeeease….choos na…..uuuui…ooooh.” Her moaning was fueling my lust and I started licking her navel brutally squeezing her spongy ass. Finally her navel oozed my saliva…I peeled off her saree and slip. Now my sexy mother was on red panties and black satin blouse before me. I unzipped and pulled out my 8 inch bulge befor my mother. Mommy gazed at my pole very hungrily. She took me in her soft palm, “You are so big…I never knew.. With this cock you can have your mommy wife naked anytime, my son.”

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“I want to see your mouth dancing on my cock, Vasanthi.” “You can put it in my mouth for the whole night long.” Mommy once agiain rubbed the lipstick over her lips abundantly while giving me hot looks. Now her lips shinned so wet and red that I wanted her to suck my cock immediately.. Mommy’s demure fingers started dancing over my cock and finally she swallowed my full bulge in her mouth. Her hot slippery mouth felt so tight over my pole that I made her take it full inside her sexy mouth.. “I might come in your mouth, mom..oooh…” “It’s ok..do it..fuck my mouth” I shot my huge load in my mom’s mouth as she furiously sucked me off. Mom swallowed every drop of it like a wild lioness.

“Now you have some drink…I’ll do a hot dance for you.” mommy went in other room and came back. She had a few hooks of her blouse opened and she had wrapped an orange dupatta over her bums. My mom looked terrific. Her inviting body started giving me a hard-on once more. She looked like statue of marble..such was her body gloss. She started gyrating her body in a very erotic manner. I could not take my eyes off her wriggling derrier. Mom had a full round plum ass. A very hot and tight one. My own Mummy’s large ass made my cock real hard again..Her boobies bounced heavily, those white fleshy thighs thundered enormously.

“You have heavenly melons..take off your blouse now & show me your tits, Vasanthi.” Mommy unhooked her blouse completely and threw it on me. My mother looked real niche topless. Her tits had hardened dark red in those two and half inch pink aeriols. Mommy took her heavy bust in her hands and said, “See your mommy’s burning bossom..lick me my son, kiss me..sqeeze me…” I took her tit in mouth. Mommy was shoving her entire bust in my mouth like a female on heat. I sqeezed those milky white melons of lust brutally. Mommy started panting, “Oooooh yes…my son….oooooh ..hah..hahh..oooh…bahby.. you are soooooo gooood..bite me raghu…uui maaa…haahh.” I sucked and sqeezed her boobs red and blue.

” I wanna fuck your big white ass, Vasanthi. Go on bed.” “Oh my Raghu, ever since I knew about anal sex, I had been dreaming for a long time that somebody satisfies me there…” Mommy said shyly. I greedily pulled down her panties. As her panties came down I was more than horny. Nothing sexier than my middle-aged khandani plump mother’s humongous ass! Now my mother was completely naked before me. Mom went on bed and sat on knees with her creamy ripe ass tossed up. She also gyrated her bottom seducing me…”Oooh baby fantasic! wriggle your ass Vasanthi, my bitch.” I said and mommy had her ass tossed high up in air. She started wriggling her ass violently seducing her horny son, “Come on dahhhling…pleeease…now take your mommy’s beautiful ass…” I parted her handful asscheeks and saw the red hot crack of my mother’s steaming ass.

I hugging her tightly burying my face hard into my Mother’s large asscheeks. My tongue lapped and swirled at the tight asshole, bringing whimpers from my Mother Vasanthi..”Oh no my boy..!” Vasanthi cried out.. “What are you doing, my boy..aaahh!”I parted her plum ass, and opening my lips, smashed them around my mother’s hot asshole, sucking as hard as I could, the tip of my tongue flicking at the opening. My mother shivered with the thrilling contact, shaking her ass wildly into her son’s face. I plunged my tongue into my teacher mother’s ass, feeling her ass ring part for me. “Oh my sex goddess, what an ass you have..It’s mine..aaahhhh” When my mother responded by pressing her ass tighter into his face, I stabbed swiftly a few times. “Oh, God!” My mother cried out. “You’ll make me come with that tongue, baby! You can make mother come by tongue-fucking that asshole! Ooooh, fuck me in the ass, dirty boy…aaaa..Raghu..Please, please, fuck mother up the ass! darling! Shove your cock up your mother’s hot ass!…ooooooooh”

I rubbed the tip of my cock over her rear pink hole. Her entire torsso writhed at the touch of my penis on her little pink lovedoor. With a gigantic thrust I went half way in her ass. “Uuui maam…it’s too big son…aaaaaaaa..no.. nooh..pleeeease stop….no harder….aahhh……oooh…huh..haahh…uuuui maaaaaaa..” she was screaming . I was in no mood to give up on that tight ass. I made one more attempt and I was completely in her ass. The very feeling of having my cock inside mom’s tight hot ass hardened my cock like never before in her ass. It virtually inflated her ass! “haaa..haaa…uuui…fuck me raja..tear off my ass….oooh ya babyy …harder. …fuck..fuck….soooooo…sweeeeettt…”

Now mommy was getting it sweet and she jerked her entire ass real wild. Her soft white ascheeks were slamming my balls and I was spanking my mother in her ass for real. The very sight of my mother’s nude posterior dancing on my pole gave me real hots. She danced her ass so wild that I shot in wads inside her sizzling ass..almost tearing her ass! My mother fell by my side..her lipstick gone all astray over her cheeks..her hair all entangled…her lips swollen..ner navel wet with my saliva yet… all exhausted. “You literally killed me…” She said licking my chest hair with her toungue. “I wanna fuck your mouth once more, Vasanthi mommy.” I said inserting my finger in mommy’s mouth. “Let me take a wash….and I’ll give you a blowjob of your lifetime, my darling!”

From next day on she became my night-queen and started sleeping naked in my bed. She sprayed her entire body with perfumes an made me lick her all over..When dad’s not home she only wears panties and blouse at home. I pull her panties down anytime and drill her sizzling tight ass. Yesterday while she was making chapatis I had her lean over kitchen paltform and fucked her ass. Even at 50 now my mother is tight like a collage girl. In the evening she wears sarees far below her biwitching navel seducing me for night’s session. Her navel smells damn erotic and I take her to bed regularly now…

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