I was a teenage girl when this happened. I was 18 and full grown. No guy had touched my body, except a few pinches here and there. Sexual desire was flowing in my body, I used to look at my naked body in the mirror while taking bath, and imagine wild things. I had the wildest fantasies. I wanted a guy or a group of guys to ravage my body. I used to imagine all kinds of situations where that can happen.

One day the dream came true. This is the story of this event. I was travelling in a crowded local train compartment. This is in Mumbai, my native city. I purposely got into the crowded train sometime in the night around 7 o’clock into the mens compartment. I had done that a few times earlier and got pinched here and there, but was not satisifed. This time I was wearing provocative clothes, a knee-length miniskirt, a sleeveless tight top with a zipper in the front and also behind, which was also transparent, my bra lines coudl be seen. The tight top displayed my firm breasts sharp and pointed. Every male passing by stared at my breasts, and I was getting excited at such stares. I wanted more than the stares. I was hoping for the best. After people got and settled down in the highly crowded place, I realised I was between a large group of college guys, between age 18 to 21. They all began staring at me, specially at my body. So many pairs of eyes were fixed on my jutting breasts. The stares were exciting me terribly.

I was almost sure of getting something more than stares this time. They soon begun talking vulgar. Looking at me and talking to each other. Hey, sex bomb here. dont touch it will explode said one guy. Those boobs man, oh! sighed another guy. My hands are itching to get the feel. How big you think they are? must be some 40 at least. constnatly all eyes were on me and on my boobs. I acted as if I was totallly unaware of what was happening. She is young. so the boobs will be very firm and hard to touch. As if you have experience… Oh, i have pinched so many in the train…..tried all ages. this is the best age. that feel is heavenly man. Tho karke dikhana yar. Will do, will do just wait he replied. All the guys were discussing my statistics. Suddenly one hand touched my bare legs. My heart fluttered with excitement. at last, some action. Another hand joined.

Slowly one more hand came on my arse. I kept quiet, with bent head, as if I was a very timid girl afraid to react. The hands got more bold. hey man, she is not saying anything. aaj to achha maza ayega. one hand slowly lifted my skirt, and begun stroking my thighs. Another hand came over my stomach, and began stroking and poking in my navel. Alll the college guys surrounded me and closed on me. The discussions reduced as more hands joined in the fun. A few hands were

stroking my back and neck. One guy pulled down the back zipper and began stroking my naked back, stroking and pulling the bra. The leader I think, he said, guys slow down. and leave the best to me first. This guy was tall and handsome and also had a very vulgar stare.

He came in the front and lifted my chin. I closed my eyes with shyness. He kissed my lips hard, and realised I was responding. As soon as he realised that he shouted at others, guys this one is a

treat. why, they said. she is liking it he said. hey man, cant be. I will show you he said. and again kissed me deep. he begun stroking on my bare neck, and arms, and stomach. I began shivering with desire. he told guys you manage the rest, give me this imporant part. soon hands were roaming all over my body except the reserved space. some hands were coming under the skirt and stroking my swollen wet pussy over the panty. hey man she is dripping wet. girlie, we know what u want, open your eyes and look at me. you are hot and beautiful and sexy. we are also hot and male. we will give you all you want. Open your eyes. the guy was an expert I think, his stroking was all around me except for my breasts. and he had not yet removed my clothes. he

had bent me backwards and held me close to his waist, I could feel his hard member against my triangle. I was in ninth heaven. my breasts were aching with desire. my dream was coming true, and in the best possible way. in desire I lost my shame and opened my eyes. From the opening in the sleeves, the guy stroked the sides of my breasts lightly. oh, my guys feels like butter. so soft and smooth. so sexy. he looked into my now open eyes and smiled vulgarly. your boobs are

like ripe mangoes, I want to crush them and suck them. he said.

i blushed red with shame and desire. I didnt close my eyes, I loved to look at all the hands on my body, and the lust in the 30 something pairs of eyest that surrounded me. Electric currents were running in my body just at that light touch. I was dying for more and the guy was damn slow. My breasts were heaving as my breath got fast with desire. He realised and smiled. hey guys, look at her boobs, how they are rising up and down, she is breathing hard with lust. what a lucky day man. Just touching at the sides and showing my heaving breasts to hungry eyes he was staring once at my breasts and once into my eyes, with a naughty wicked mocking smile. girl, want me touch your boobs? i was silent, I badly wanted but was shy to say. he knew that. he told me, want me to touch, tell me. I will touch only if u tell, now he began stroking the upper swelling of my breast thrusting his hands into my lowcut blouse.

Rough palms gentle stroke, the feeling was too much bear and I gasped and moaned loudly. look guys, I told u. she is a bitch. she loves this. I want her to tell me that. hey girl, tell me – do u want me to touch your boobs, he hung his hands over my boobs withouth touching. i just thrust my boobs to meet his hands. he withdrew them, and mocked. no, girlie, first u have to speak. please, I said. please what he asked. please touch. please touch what. I had to open my mouth. I lost shame. touch my boobs. hmmmmmmmmm, say again I didnt hear. I screamed touch my boobs please. touching is enough he asked? no squeeze and crush my tits I said. the guys screamed in glee. wow, we will squeeze your tits lady, we will crush them. we will milk you and suck you. we will make you nanga and we will eat your mangoes. we will fuck you left and right, right here. oh, we cant wait to fuck you. hey boss, faster. but the boss was slow. he softly stroked my breasts over the blouse, and I gasped with pleasure. I cant explain that moment. rough manly palms over my breast in public and hands all over my body. once and looked into my eyes. hey dirty girl, u love this right? again he touched and gently pressed, I moaned with desire. hmmmm very fine and tihgt and ripe. let me see how ripe, with one finger he began tapping and poking all

over, every poke I was moaning loud. hey tare her blouse man. one guy shouted. wait have patience, the boss said. slower the better. hey keep the clothes man, she has to go home. going home, we are going to take her naked to our homes and keep her for as long as all of us finish fucking and her lust is satisifed, what say you he looked into my eyes mocking. I trembled at the words. I was all ready. look at her, she is silent. she is game. so guys you are going to have hell

of a great time, now let me inaguarate in peace today. dont worry before the train reaches I will fuck her. I again trembled with anticipation. he smiled at me, I know you are waiting for it – he

said.i blushed deeply. now guys lift her and make your arms a bed for her and hold her in front of me. hands came under me in no time and comfortably put me as on bed position. he stroked my legs, my thighs, my arms, my face, my stomach with both hands.

slowly he downed the zipper and removed my blouse and threw it to guys. he pulled off my skirt and threw it to guys. there was a loud hurray and scramble to look at my breasts, which were still covered with the skimpy bra. lot of dirty comments also could be heard. then he slowly stroked my neck and the upper curves of my breasts, soft and rough, soft and rough. he lifted my hands up, stroked the underarms the breast sides. then he stroked and pinched the lower

swelling which were poking out of the bra. oh god, the feel of rough male hands over my naked breast for the first time, it was indescribable. I was waiting for this since my breasts had begun to grow since I was 10 year old. I moaned aloud, mmmmmmmmmmmmm. and thrust my breast forward and my legs apart. he stroked my swollen pussy over the panty soft and then hard. by now, I had lost all shame and began screaming.

i was pressing his hand harder on my breast, and moaning, please squeeze my tits hard. touch my nipples, pinch my nipples. the guy stopped all of a sudden, now guys all of you will just stare at her breasts. all pairs of eyes were fixed there, and I trembled with desire. the bra was useless. it was hardly covering my large breasts. my breasts looked as if they were trying to break off to freedom. how do they look like. different answers were offered. one guy said, like juicy melons. like mangoes someone said. like totapuri mangoes someone added. all kinds of replies came. I was watching their dirty stares and listening to the dirty words and getting madly hot. the guy looked down to my eyes and understood the lust there, and gave me a naughty wicked mocking smile, hmmm, girlie, I know u r enjyoing all this. I blushed deeply. He said, nothing to blush. all shame is lost for you. look at your position and see how many guys are seeing you like this. dirty shameless slut. see how your boobs are swollen with desire, and your nipples poking out. I want to fuck you mad, but I just want to enjoy all this slowly.

hmmm…the very thought of fucking you is driving me crazy…..so are these guys, I just have to say yes, and before you know 15 cocks will be inside that wet cunt of yours! dont worry, all of them will fuck you. I will take you to my lonely outhouse in the farm at lonavala. we will all of have a picnic there. and you stay with us till we all fuck you one by one, and satisfy your lust and our lust. nice give and take, hmmm…. his voice was getting husky with lust. I know you are waiting for more. the guys are dying to see you naked. and I like this hot scene. so many cocks are dripping for you, and your cunt dripping for all. I wish there was a videocamera here. one guy

shouted, boss, there is one already. one guy had appeared from nowhere and was silently filming already. boss whisked him, hey, who are you. the guys pulled it from him, they said we will shoot this, and we will keep the casette. just be around till we finish the fucking and shooting. the boss said, dont worry this is not for commercial purpose.

only for our private use. rest of our lives we can see all this, and enjoy. you can also keep a copy. they adjusted the angle of videocamera now. one guy who knew well was called and asked to shoot from all possible angles. I was secretly thrilled, anticipating watching the whole episode later, along with these guys at their lonavala house. I was also going mad with lust. please I said. please what? he asked. please fuck me……i said. listen guys she is askig for fucking, this is your lesson. go slow so slow that the girl shoudl beg you to fuck, that is when you are the master. hmmm……he stroked my cunt lips over the pantie, which was swollen with desire, and aching with want. I groaned. slowly he stroked all the exposed regoins of my breasts, top, down sides. he then with two fingers squeezed both my breasts at the bottom, so that they jet out pointed.

i gasped in ecstasy. slowly he feather touched my whole breast, and as my nipple came into

contact with the hands, though over the thin material of the bra, the sensation was electrical and I literally screamed with bliss. Then he removed my pantie and threw them off, the action of throwing was also terribly sexy. The crowd hooted madly. by now all the rest of teh compartment also had joined watching. but the college crowd was closely encircling me and had control. Tear off that bra, the guys shouted. show that boobs man….we are dying to see. gently he unhooked my bra and lifted it and threw it. the guys caught it and were kissing it. exposed first time in front of guys, all naked my boobs had become peaks of desire. every eye was on my massive boobs that stood firm and sexy with hardened black nipples. oh, black grapes. one guy shouted. they all gasped in wonder.

i could here awed sighs, dirty words, hoots, and all kinds of teasings. guys, dont worry, you all will have your share. yeah! the guys shouted, faster we cant wait. our balls are exploding. my boobs

were also exploding with lust. slowly he stroked cupped my breasts and my whole body trembled. first time? he asked with the same mocking smile. I nodded, gasping. I can make out he said. u been waiting for this right? I nodded again. u like this he asked cupping both breasts with rought hands kneading them madly, without touching the nipples. slowly he circled along the arioles and they further got puckered with anticipation. after an infinite amount of stroking,

kneading, squeezing he softly touched my nipples. again an electric current ran through my body. no sensation so far matched the strenght of this, and this ecstasy. oh god, I gasped for breath. and arched my back. pinch my nipples I screamed without knowing,without thinking,without shame. now he ordered other guys around me you join in, leave the nipples to me and touch the rest of her.

15 pairs of hands struggled to get on to my body, not leaving an inch. the videocamera guy was cursing that his hands were not free. now he was pinching and tugging my hard nipples with frenzy and the other guys were touching all over me. most of the hands were concentrating on my breasts, and the rest were finguring my cunt. my cunt was flowing with juice of lust. some guys were even licking it. now guys, get her ready for me. you know that they were already

holding me in a bed-like position. they levelled me to his erect cock, and he opened my legs and placed it at my opening. now he had left my body to guys who were mad with lust and ravaging my virgin body. the ecstasy was unbearable. some hands were kneading my right breast, some were kneading my left breast. two three hands were fighting to get the nipples, and pinching and nipping them, pulling and kissing them, biting and chewign all simultaneously. of course all hands could not get the important parts so they were roamig all over my body, stomach, neck face, arse, arms legs thighs, till they struggled to get their share of the prime space. I was imaging how

great the video would look like….. the cock at the entrance was maddening.

as earlier he was entering very slowly, rubbing first on the entrance and making me double hot. this guy was a great sex guru. I opened up, and was screaming withpleasure. fuck me guys. fuck me all of u. the guys were all saying the dirtiest possible things to me and i was with open eyes and shameless looking at them listening to them enjoying and dying for the cock. soon the whole cock was inside. there were many other hands roaming around over the cunt, the clitoris, the labia. and he started moving up and down. still looking into my eyes with a dirty smile. I am fucking u girlie, he said. and i thrust my hip opened my legs further and thrust with him, and

looked at him wildly. he never left my gaze, he called out to other guys to take good care of my boobs and my nipples. crush those tits. pinch those nipples……he was directing others. it was heaven.

15 hands over my tits and nipples, dirty words full of my years and a massive cock for the first time taking me up to heaven. my hymen was already broken because of cycling, so my first time was great without pain. before the guy came, I had multiple orgasms, I shuddered as the

sensations from the tortue of my breasts and the pludering of my cunt brought together. it was mind blowing. soon the other guys took over, and were fucking me mad, in all positions. the videocamera was going on. that was the story. then the guys took me to Lonavala. kept me for a month, and showed me the video everyday shot new dirty videos fucked me in every possible way, and sent me back. they have promised to once again take me on this sex picnic next year

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