“Can’t we give her another chance,” nervously pleaded Haasini as we pulled into our driveway.

“No”, Ravi said as he saw tears filling her downcast blue eyes, and making her mascara run down her face. “It is time for her to make a decision. This will not go on like this any more.”

As they walked in the door they could see Sumitra sitting on the coach in the living room, drinking a glass of wine and peacefully smoking a cigarette, as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Still statuesque, in her 40s, having raised a grown child. Many people said she looked regal, having grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth – a father that gave her anything she wanted. Sumitra had come to live with Ravi and Haasini recently. Haasini’s father had died two years ago. It was a traumatic time for her, being widowed at such a young age. Her husband had fully spoiled her.

Let her get her way on everything, and she had spent much more that he made. Unfortunately, Sumitra didn’t stop spending after he died, and her spending sprees had left her broke. After she paid all of her outstanding debts, she had none of the insurance proceeds to live on, and no skills to fall back on. Ravi had gotten a call this morning from a store, saying that Sumitra was buying more stuff, and saying that he would pay for it.

Ravi had been clear with Haasini that he was happy to have Sumitra come live with them. He was particularly clear that this was his house and that she was to live by the house rules. Haasini had learned in their 3 years of marriage that Ravi was very strict. There was many a day that she had trouble sitting after she had disappointed him.

“The car should be here in a couple of minutes to take you to the airport. Have you decided where you are going?” Ravi asked as he walked into the living room

Sumitra looked up. Her eyes defiant. “You can’t put me out. You are my son-in-law. Show me some respect”

“I gave you a choice. Since you aren’t in the den awaiting your punishment, you must be leaving” Ravi calmly answered. “Either you are going to accept the house rules and live in my home, or you will go to the airport. I am happy to buy you a ticket anywhere you want to go, but then you are on your own.”

Haasini began to say something, but Ravi shot her a glance. Haasini face went flush. Her hand instinctively reached to protect her bottom, and she stayed quiet.

Sumitra stood up. She looked at Haasini for a few extra moments, and then her shoulders slumped. Ravi pointed to the study. He watched her walk ahead of him. Even through her sari he could see her well preserved body and apple shaped ass.

“Take it off” Ravi said as he sat down on the worn leather sofa.

“You’re not really going to spank me”

“Yes, and much worse if you continue to misbehave”

Sumitra’s hands trembled as she unwound the sari. Standing in her blouse and petticoat, Ravi could see her well proportioned breasts. He saw her nipples begin to harden.

”Pull up your petticoat and come over her” he said as he patted his lap.

She hesitated and glared at him. “Over here now!” He commanded.

She began to say something, and then stopped. She stepped out of her Prada black patent leather high heels, pulled up her petticoat and walked over. She was wearing a skimpy set of La Perla panties, another show of the shopping that had led to the financial problems she was now facing. She bent over his lap. He adjusted her so her hips were over his right thigh and her hands were on the floor.

“Ah” she gasped as she felt the cool air after he pulled down her panties to her ankles.

Ravi let her stay like that for a few minutes. He said nothing, just listened to her breathing. He could feel the tightness in her body, the muscles in her ass, contracting….and then he began

Splat, went his right hand on her left cheek…”Ow that hurts.” Sumitra yelled and jumped up. The fire was back in her eyes. There she stood, wearing her gold blouse, her gold petticoat pulled up. Her black La Perla panties puddle around her ankles. She no longer cared that her jet black public hair on display, as she rubbed her bottom.

“Get back down here. We are no where near done” She knew she had no choice, and back she came.

“Haven’t you ever been spanked before? Ravi asked, as he adjusted her back into the proper position on his lap.


“No wonder” Ravi said as he picked up where he had left off….SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT…

Sumitra began to wail, but on it went. She didn’t try and get up again.

When he stopped, she stood up rubbing her ass. Her face was streaked with tears but her face was flushed. She was breathing deeply, and she looked at Ravi.

Ravi then took her by the hand and walked her over to the table. She was anxious. Her breathing got deeper. She could see the bulge in Ravi’s pants. She was looking expectantly over her shoulder. He bent her over the desk. Her ass was red from the spanking. Sumitra reached back and pulled apart her buns. Ravi opened his drawers and entered her tight ass in one swift move.

“OHHH” Sumitra moaned…”it has been too long”

Ravi pounded her like a man possessed until he came inside her.

As he came out of her, Sumitra reached over and cleaned him up with a towel she saw there, and gave Ravi a big kiss.

“Thank you for taking care of me,” She said as she reached for him again.

I woke up with a lovely feeling. What a morning erection! I am still randy after spanking my mother in law, Sumitra’s, round bottom and then entering her in her arse last night. I can still feel her soft rear on my right hand. The tightness of her bum hole – what a night. I had dreamt about the different ways we would fuck. But that would have to wait, since I had a very busy day in the office.

As I opened my eyes, the maid walked in with my morning tea.

“chai, sahab”

“Madam Kahaa hai?

“Niche, sahab, uski maata kee sath”


When we first got married Haasini was a virgin, both in mind and body. I can still picture the first time I saw her naked. 5’9” with legs that are long and slender. A completely flat belly. What spectacular breasts – perfect melons that stand up on their own, and fit my hands perfectly. The nipples pucker up as soon as they feel the cool air or my fingers. She learned to keep her pubic hair trimmed and short, the way I like it. Her eyes and her smile light up a room,

But she can be moody. I can tell she was in one of those moods today, by the time I came out of the shower. She usually joins me in the bedroom to chat as I dress. Today she hasn’t come up. As I walk into the living room I see the two of them chatting animatedly.

“Good morning, honey” I say pleasantly.

Sumitra’s eyes are downcast. Haasini looks me right in the eyes. Fire. She is flushed and angry.

Seeing the two of them together on the sofa, they could be sisters instead of mother and daughter. Both wearing their dressing gowns. Both with beautiful almond shaped big eyes, high cheekbones and full lips.

“What is good this morning? I can’t believe you did that to Mom last night. She told me all about it. You said you were going to stop her from spanking but you didn’t say you were going to actually spank her. She is your elder. I wont stand for it. I want you to apologize to her and to me.”

I am still smiling. Our eyes are locked.

“It is simple. Last night I explained to Mom that she had two choices – and stay in my house, and accept my discipline, whatever I decide that discipline will be or leave. Those are still her choices. She can leave anytime she wants”

Sumitra looks up with embarrassed eyes. She is confused.

“I have to go to the office now, so I were done with this conversation. You two talk and decide what you want to do. You know what I expect”

Haasini has called 10 times to far day. I didn’t answer any of them. My secretary was surprised, since she has never seen this before. Both Haasini and Sumitra called my mobile with very apologetic voices asking me to call. Better they wait for me to get home.

As I walk in the door I can feel that the house has a totally different feel than this morning. I walk in the door and Haasini is waiting for me. She looks spectacular. She is wearing a simple white silk choli and blue lengha. The choli is so very fine silk that I can clearly see her nipples standing up. She is not wearing a bra. The lengha is flowing.

“Welcome home my love” Haasini says and comes to give me a big kiss. I feel her tongue snake into my mouth. Her fingers begin to caress my ear.

I reach around and caress her lovely arse. I can feel her firm and muscular rear. She begins to press back on my hand.

“Mom’s in her room. I want you”

Smiling, I step back.

I am motioning forward with my hand. I can see the nervousness enter her eyes. She knows what is coming. She knows what I want.

“Cccaaan’t we just ggggoo upstairs and let me make love to you, Please…I am sorry”

I motion again. Her eyes are darting around. She is shifting from one leg to the other. I wait…. she reaches up under her lengha and pulls off her panties. She hands them to me. La Perla black with the lace in the front that would have show off her well trimmed pussy.

“Tell them to put out dinner as soon as it is ready and call Mom to the table…we will go upstairs and you will need your hairbrush”

I take a shower and change into my kurto. As I come out of the bathroom, I see Haasini sitting on the bed in our room with her big hairbrush in her hand. Every night she sits in her nightgown brushing her mid-back length luxurious black hair. Now she is holding it like it might electrocute her. She now sees me. Her eyes shoot down, but she stands up. I motion to the overstuffed chair.

Haasini walks over. She knows what to do. She pulls up the lengha to show off her shapely bottom. Tight. Muscular, with a crisp crease at the bottom defining the outline above her legs. She kneels on the seat and leans forward over the seat back. I get a small peak of her pussy.

I pick up the hairbrush. Put my hand on her lower back I wait a few seconds.

SWAT. I feel her recoil.

SWAT, SWAT, SWAT as I alternate from one bun to the other.

SWAT, SWAT, SWAT. I continue until I begin to see a little pink tinge on her moon shaped rear.

“I don’t want to hear anything like that from you ever again.” I say firmly.

“You won’t. I am really sorry” she says softly.

As I release my hand, she turns around. Her hair is disheveled and covering part of her face. Her cheeks are full. Her eyes are moist.

I reach for her hand and she stands up. She undoes her lengha, so it falls to the floor. She is standing with her choli on and nothing else. Her nipples are standing fully erect through her blouse. She pulls off my kurto top and begins to lick my nipples. I can feel them standing up. She is scratching my back with her fingernails. She reaches down and undoes the string on my pants. They need help falling since my cock is at full alert.

Haasini kneels down and takes me in her mouth.

“My…oh my, “ I begin to moan. She takes me out of her mouth and licks up and down the shaft.

As she pushes me down on the bed, I hear the door open. I open my eyes to see Sumitra, buck-naked walk in. She is smiling from ear to ear. She eyes are mischievous. She comes over and takes Haasini position sucking my cock…. She is good…..

Haasini now is also smiling. She pulls off her choli and lets those glorious melons free. The nipples are hard. She comes over and sits on my face and I begin to lick her. She is soaking wet. She begins to buck. I can feel the warmth in her bottom from the spanking.

“OH, OH, OH…I am coming” she screams.

I come in Sumitra’s mouth

Throughout dinner I see Haasini fidgeting in her chair. The two of them look flushed and well fucked. “Aap Tyar Hai?” I ask as I head for the door Both Haasini and Sumitra come out of the living room to join me as we go to the car. We are going to an engagement ceremony at a friend’s house on Peder Road.

They look stunning. Sumitra is still regal in her mid 40s. Hard to imagine she has a couple of grown children, including my wife. She walks like the queen she was raised to be. Head held high. Each hair in place. Face fully made up with bright red lipstick. Tonight she is wearing western. A lovely white dress, with frill straps, and open bodice, showing off her ample breasts, and just enough cleavage to show her shape but still tasteful. I can make out the faint outline of her ample bottom, and her legs look long and muscular in the black stockings.

Haasini looks almost like her sister. Also about 5’9”, Haasini is a bit leaner. Haasini is wearing a silver Salvar kameez, just showing off a bit of her athletic body.

They have both had a couple glasses of wine while they waited for me to shower and get ready after coming back from the office. I can see that they are a little tipsy and they are giggling like little girls as we walk to the car. As the driver opens the door for them, and they get in, I get an immediate hard-on looking at their asses climb in the seats. I climb between them, as we drive off.

As I give the driver the instructions, I reach over to Haasini and inch my hand up her leg. Her hips instinctively arch just a little bit as I reach higher on her thigh. I am still talking to the driver about how best to go from Colaba to Bandra as I begin to rub her pussy through the Salvar. She is struggling to keep from moaning there in the car with the driver and her mother, but I can see she is getting very flushed. Her eyes are closed. Her head is back on the head rest, and her breathing is getting very shallow. I can see the outline of her nipples though the Kameez – or maybe that is my imagination.

I tell the driver to put on the Ipod and turn up the music. I now begin to inch my other hand up Sumitra’s leg. I feel the stockings end, and follow the garter strap up to her panties. I trace my finger along the elastic leg of her panties from her hip down to the crease in her upper thigh. She still is holding a very stoic face, but I can see her eyes are beginning to flicker. I reach inside the elastic and put my index finger inside her cunt. She is very wet. I feel up and down her slit. Spending a second each time to rub her clit. Each time I touch it, she twitches.

Both mother and daughter are in rapture. Both have their eyes closed now. Both are breathing in little shallow pants. I can feel Haasini’s wetness beginning to make its way through her panties and the Salwar to my hand as we pull up to the house. “This is just warm-up for tonight” I say to them both as we climb out of the car.

We have only been at the party for 10-15 minutes, when I see Sumitra coming out the bathroom. She comes over and hands me a key in my hand and then goes back in the bathroom, locking the door behind her. I say hello to a couple other people as I make my way and open the bathroom door. She is standing in the loo, with one foot on the floor the other on the tub, her dress is pulled up, and her right hand is between her legs. Her face is flushed.

“Oh…please Ravi….oh…I need you in me”

I drop my pants and sit on the toilet seat. With no hesitation, she immediate sits directly on my lap facing me and in one swift move, puts my erect cock inside her very wet pussy. My dick is electric. I can feel her rocking wildly. She is grinding against me like someone possessed. In and out we go. Fast and Hard. I reach up and take one of her breasts out of her dress and begin to bite the nipple. I can feel the Goosebumps on her butt as I hold her and grind with her.

And all of a sudden she begins to shudder. Her nipples are fully erect and she bites her lip to the point she bleeds, so as not to scream out. I explode inside her.

As we get home, I let the driver go and lock the doors. I see Sumitra undressing in her room with her door slightly ajar. She walks over. She is standing in her garter and stockings still on her high heels. They completely frame her panties pussy. She gives me a big kiss, puts my hand on her cunt and whispers “this is here for you whenever you want.”

I smile and go open the door to our bedroom to find Haasini is kneeling on the bed. Her Kameez is pulled up. The Salwar has been pulled down along with her panties framing her apple shaped arse. Her right hand is between her legs and she is looking over her shoulder. Her eyes are pleading. My cock is now fully at attention I walk over, drop my pants and enter her wet pussy with one thrust.

“Oh, oh, oh, “

“Harder…I need you so much”


I can see my cock entering her and leaving faster and faster. The bulbous purple head almost comes out on each stroke. When I hesitate, she pushes back hard. I push her Kameez up high enough that I can undo her bra. It has a front snap. I feel her breasts fall free of their hold. I begin to knee her nipples and I can feel her move even faster. I am leaning on her back. Her hair is fallen over her face. I can feel she is sweating from the excitement and exertion.

I grab her ass and begin to pound her. She begins to shake and her arms give out, as she falls forward on her pillow. I come with the next entry deep inside her.

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