I am Madan, a 51 year old first generation businessman and a widower. My wife died rather early due to cancer, leaving me alone to raise three kids, eldest daughter Madhu, now 27, then my only son Raju, now 25 and the younger daughter kanchan, now 22. All of them are happily married now.

It has not been easy for me to bring these kids up as a single parent, while managing my export business which I had started with a friend. However, I am extremely grateful to some sweet ladies who provided tremendous support to me during my difficult days. My two sisters in law (wife’s younger sisters) took turns in staying with us to take care of the children. And me!

Yes my salis Swati (now a very young in heart and body at 47) and Sunita ( a vivacious and voluptuous hottie of 41) have been the sweetest darlings any jijju can dream of. For years they managed to time share between their homes and mine, keeping everyone happy with incredible ease and efficiency. I shall ever be indebted to them, for all that they have done for my kids and for me.

I have been a highly sexual person always – they came to know of this soon after my marriage. But they both loved their jijju from day one and they both had desired me as their first lover. My darling departed wife had not been a virgin at the time of marriage and she had cooperated with her young sisters to compensate me for her used pussy.

Well.. this story is not about then though. I can talk about those good ladies later, if you readers find my narration interesting. Today I wish to talk about the present generation – my incredible daughter-in-law Anjali (23) and my daughters. If time permits, I will tell you about my voluptuous samadhin Kumud Rani (45) and rest of her interesting family as well.

Or, maybe I will wait for your response to what I am writing now before going further. I should know if I am being interesting or boring! My son got married about five months ago to a girl highly recommended by his sisters. I found the girl very charming and witty too. Moreover, the strong sensuous vibes I received from her mother was also a strong attraction for the libido of this widower.

In the very first meeting the lady conveyed her sensuality to me in several subtle and a few not so subtle ways. I am no fool when it comes to women and even a fool could understand the look in her eyes and the slipping of her pallu (her blouse was one of the briefest I have ever seen!) when we had been left together for a few minutes alone in the room.

And the sat next to me on the dining table and all along her foot was over mine! In a subsequent meeting she had been more open – but about that later. I had the means to provide for my son what I had missed in my life – decent honeymoon. I sent them for a fifteen days’ trip of Europe.

My daughter-in-law was absolutely delighted and rewarded me with a tight hug before leaving for her honeymoon. On return, the reward was bigger.. mmmmmm. Now-a-days I go to office only when there is a board meeting or some emergency. My son, along with my most capable friend, is managing things very well.

I am a health freak and spend a good amount of time in a well equipped home gym. I also play tennis in the club and swim at least three days a week. I enjoy some beer at lunch and must have some whiskey in the evening. As my son is very buys, my dau-in-law gets to spend long hours with me.

She asked if she could join with me in my routine of gym, tennis and pool, and I was more than happy to take her along. We went together shopping for the appropriate gear for these activities – and the first time something happened between us while looking for swim suits. Giggling shyly, she showed me a tiny two-piece bikini and asked how about this papa?

I tell you friends – the way she had looked at me with those tiny garments in hands has been one of the most seductive things any female has ever done to me! On the face of it it was just a naughty question, but the way she asked stirred something within me. Without thinking I put my hand on her buttocks and pressed –

“You have the figure to carry this off dear and you would look fabulous in this one, please take it.” She giggled, “I was joking papa, how can I wear this in a public swimming pool..” “But I was not joking dear”, I said, squeezing her tight behind, “Our club is very exclusive dear and some ladies do wear such swim suits.

Moreover, on most weekdays after dark there is hardly anyone in the pool. You will be able to wear it”. With my hand still on her bums, I turned to the sales girl and asked her to include the small bikini too. She joined me in the gym the very next morning. I couldn’t take my eyes off her slim and shapely body. She did notice my gaze and her cheeks became pink – and even more lovely!

She came near and put her arms round my neck – “When you look at me like that papa I really feel nice about myself – but you make me shy too..” she hid her face in my chest. I patted her on her back and then began to tell her about the different machines, their uses and does and don’t. She is a quick learner, except that she had a tendency to overdo it at times.

But we had a nice morning workout, followed by a sumptuous breakfast. And then we drove to the club for our tennis. She was a total novice and I put he for some wall practice after initial lessons on how to hold the racquet, etc. Once again, she proved to be a fast learner. We were back home by 11 am and she collapsed in the char in the garden.

I sat near her and asked if I had tired her out. She said no, she was feeling so nice, just that her muscles were aching as she had not done any exercise for months. We had some tea in the garden, and discussed about so many things. We found we shared so many interests, and when we came back upstairs, and were alone, she hugged me tight – “Papa, I am so happy to be you bahu,

its like a dream come true for me! I had such wonderfull time today..” Her boobs were openly pressed against me.. that was exciting – but when I looked at her back .. GOD.. her shirt had pulled up as she stretched herself to hug me- and the tennis shorts had gone down a quite bit. The panty she was wearing was so very brief, almost like thongs – and I could clearly see her bum crack!

I hope you guys don’t blame for what I did then – though I did something very very illicit.. no father-in-law should be doing to his daughter-in-law. But then I was no longer a thinking man then – I was a male driven by my raw instincts and responding to a female form exposed to me. I put my hand on the bare part of her back, pulled her tight.. and.. slowly.. moved my hand down.. inside her pant!

I could feel her shudder as my hand touch the naked flesh of her buttocks and her arms tightened around me harder. The elastic of the tennis shorts gave way as my hand pushed it down and the pant fell in a small heap at the feet. Did she notice it? But she didn’t move at all! I patted appreciatively the nice buttocks, they are really nice,

and as my hands caressed the firm round fleshy bums of my daughter-in-law, I whispered in her ears – “Lovely bums you have darling.. perfect!” Imagine – a father-in-law telling this to his daughter-in-law of one and a half moth! I don’t know how you guys think a daughter-in-law should respond to this, by my bahu looked up – the expression in her eyes a peculiar mix

of gratefulness, love, lust and shyness – and she asked in such a lustful whisper – “sach papa?” I looked into those lovely shiny eyes and smiled at her – and openly holding her naked buttocks, I whispered back , “Yes darling – you got the best bums I have ever seen, and I seen many..” And I squeezed her buttocks hard.

She giggled, “Ya, I have heard you seen many..” she winked at me. I laughed too and asked.. “who told you”? “Kanchan..” she said, referring to my younger daughter with whom she had been to college, “she used to tell me many juicy stories about you..” she laughed. Now, this was somewhat disturbing – “what all did she tell you?”

She giggled, “that is girlie secret and I am not telling you..” she winked, “but one thing she said I must try..” “And what is that?”, I asked, firmly squeezing her buttocks. “She said you can make any girl crazy just by kissing her on the lips..”, she said pouting her lips. “And you want to try that?” “umm..”, she nodded with a naughty wink.

I cupped her cheeks and looked into her eyes, she closed her eyes in anticipation. Her lips were wet and very inviting – I lightly brushed my lips against hers, like caressing her lips with mine.. “mmmmm..” she moaned lustily, “more papa.. more..” she croaked in a husky whisper. “Now your turn darling..” I said and took my hand back to her buttocks.

“more papa.. more.. papa pleeeaase.. it felt heavenly..” she whined like a child asking for a lollypop. I said “OK, but hold my head..” Without a word, she pulled my head down and our lips touched. I began to tease her with my lips, something I guess I was famous for.. hehe. She was shivering and making lustful noises – and then-all of a sudden began to smooch me hard.

Now this made me go mad. Pressing her hard against me, I shifted the tiny strip over the crack of her bums, and pressed my finger at her anus! The girl shuddered violently in my arms and letting go of my lips, she held me tight once again as my illicit finger snaked inside her tight anal passage. I poked and rotated my expert finger in her hole and now the girl was panting – “ooo papa… ooo papa..”

I have no idea how many minutes we had been like that. Anju kept her arms tight round me, her face hidden in my chest, her body shivering, and lustful “oooo… oooo..” escaping from her lips as my finger explored her ass. But the shrill ringing of the telephone brought all this to an abrupt end. She jerked away from me, pulled her pant up and rushed to take call. It was her husband.

I went near her but she was avoiding my eyes. My son was asking her how was the morning and she gave an account of what all we had done, except of course for the latest things! The he asked why was she panting so much.. and she said she was down stairs when the phone rang and she came up running, so she was panting.

Smart girl I have got for a daughter-in-law indeed! I silently thanked God for this precious gift. From my past experiences, I knew the importance of striking the iron while it is hot. The call from my son had come at a very wrong time – just when I was about to go for his wife’s pussy. She had been responding so well to my illicit advances,

if he had just delayed this call by 15 minutes, my bahu would have had the privilege of her father-in-law’s famous dick exploring her vaginal depths. But that was not to be – and I listened with concerned the series of “I LUV Us” and kisses being exchanged between them. Again, I knew from past experiences that each loving exchange between them was increasing the

distance between my LUND and her CHOOT. And they didn’t seem to be in any hurry to end the conversation. Not willing to lose the advantage I had gained today, I went and hugged her from behind while she was still exchanging sweet love with my son. She tried to ignore my misadventure and continued talking to her husband, but the quiver in her voice was noticeable.

“What happened? Tum theek to ho na?” he asked somewhat concerned. In a halting voice she replied, “uhh haan.. theek hoon.. thodi hichki aa gayi thee..” I gave her an appreciative squeeze to her boobs and caressed her cheeks. My son seemed reassured with this response and went on talking something about the new project he was starting.

He just wanted to talk to his bride I guess, but now his wife was not as chirpy as she was a moment ago. He didn’t seem to notice and went on and on. The girl just kept saying “haan.. hmm..” at the appropriate times, but her body was fully responding to my illicit touches. She was shivering, squirming, giving me shy glances, and – I am sure about this –

ACTUALLY ENJOYING this most kinky telephone conversation with her husband. Imagine the scene friends – the bride of one and half month, talking to her husband and her father in law openly fondling hr boobs! When I was convinced that the girl actually liked this most kinky situation, I decided to get more adventurous.

I cupped the speaker of the phone and whispered, “don’t end the call – keep talking to him, OK?” She looked at me with burning lust in her eyes and silently nodded. She WAS into the game now! I pulled her pant down and she helped me take it out of her legs. She began to talk even more sweetly to her husband.

I pulled the tiny panty.. and she let me take it out of her legs too.. And then, I went down on my knees – held her buttocks – and pressed my mouth on her wet vaginal lips! “OOOOOuuuuuuuu…” a lustful gasp escaped her lips. I couldn’t hear what her husband said then but I heard her respond, “no no.. I am ok.. just felt as if something is crawling on my thighs..”

Once again Raju said something to which she replied in a naughty voice, “may be some ant has gone inside the panty.. I was sitting on grass on the tennis lawns..” My son must have said something dirty because she said “dhatt gande kahin ke..” and then she said, “OK I will remove the pants and check.. shall I call after 5 minutes?”

He must have said yes because after that she kissed him on phone and she put the phone down. I stood up and held her in her in my arms. She hugged me too and put her head on my chest.. “you are very bad papa..” she whispered, pressing her choot against the raised front of my pant.

I lifted her face up and kissed her lips, “of course I am bad darling – how else will give pleasure to my sweet daughter-in-law?” She looked into my eyes, “what will Raju think of this?” I patted her buttocks, “You are too smart for him honey, you will keep him happy and contended..” I kissed her on the lips once again, “and I will keep you happy and contended..”

“I know you will papa..” she hugged me tight, “It was so kinky of you to lick me there when I was talking with Raju – you know I almost had an orgasm that moment!” I suggested that she take the cordless phone and we both go to bed. . and then she can restart her conversation with her husband. She giggled, “I was thinking exactly that..” and looked at me,

“you know what papa? Kanchan had told me that you can read a girl’s mind – now I understand what she meant by that..” We both laughed and she grabbed my raised pant front, “may I see this little fellow..” “Sure honey.. it is all yours..” and quickly removed my pant and underwear. She was mesmerized by the sight of my 8.5 inches stout cock.

Taking it into both hands lovingly, she mumbled, “mmmmmmm…. Isn’t this a lovely darling giant!!” “You like it honey?” “I love it papa – but I have never had anything so huge.. Please be gentle with your bahu papa?” she asked with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. “Sure honey..” I fondled her boobs and tugged at her tee shirt, “now please take these off and let us both be natural.”

Fully naked we both went to the bed, with the cordless phone in her hand.. and she lay on her back.. her legs wide apart for the benefit of her husband’s father.. and invited me.. “come papa.. give me a lick..” I knelt between her smooth thighs and began to caress her pussy lips with my tongue. She shivered.. “ooooo papa.. you are too good.. mmmmm.. ”

And then she began to dial her husband’s number! Raju responded immediately – he must have been waiting for his darling wife to resume the sweet conversation. My clever bahu put the phone on loudspeaker mode so that I could hear what he said. Raju asked bahu what was the problem.. and she giggled – “you were right darling.. there was an ant in my panty.. and it bit me two three places..”

“ohhh.. the fucking ant.. “ Raju exclaimed. Anju giggled and then, in a sweet lustful whispered she said.. “now I am lying naked on the bed and rubbing the places where the fucking ant bit me..” “Ohhoo..” Raju became dirty.. “hmmm.. CHOOT mein ungli kar rahi ho..?” “haan raja.. if you were here I would have made your LUND do the job..”

replied my cunning dau-in-law.. “but now I only have my fingers..” “Are why don’t you use the dildo we got from Singapore? woh kis din kaam aayega..” my son suggested. “Ohh yesss.. main to usko bhool hi gayi thee.. wait.. I will get it..” She smiled at me and then cupped the mouthpiece of the phone and moved it away from her mouth as she whispered to me..

“you are my dildo papa.. come and shove it in me.. and I will tell your son that I have the fucking plastic inside me.. hehe..” she winked. My cunning dau-in-law allowed some time to elapse to fool her husband into believing that she had gone to get the dildo.. and then she spoke into the phone.. “haan raja.. le aayi.. daal doon andar..?”

“haan haan.. ghusa de na.. poora ghusa lena..” he suggested that she shove the entire dildo in her cunt. “But this is so biggg.. meri to jara si choot hai.. kaise poora jayega andar..” she said in the most sexy husky tone. “are jayega rani.. poora jayega.. bada hi to asli maja deta hai tumlog ko..” he said, “tu try to kar.. ghusa kar dekh to..”

“Theek hai raja.. koshish karti hoon..” she winked at me and gestured to me come up and insert my dick in her cunt. I came up, without making any sound and parted her thighs – and guided my LUND to THE dripping wet cunt of my dau-in-law. She was so wet and slippery.. just a little pressure.. and �?kacch..’ the knob of my penis slid inside her cunt.

“ooo.. Aaaahhh..” she cooed aloud as the knob of my fucking penis slid in her cunt and I heard my son, “good girl Anju.. kahan tak ghusa?” “ohhh raja.. bas aage ka knob andar gaya hai.. uff kitta mota ai yeh.. tumhare lund se to lagata hai double size ka hai..” she winked at me.. cupping the mouthpiece she whispered, “I mean it papa.. yours is more than double his size..”

Totally unaware that it was his father’s penis that his wife was talking about, my son encouraged her to take more of it in.. “aur ghusa de rani.. poora ghusa de na..” “haan raja haan..” Anju panted in lust and gestured me to shove more of my dick in her. I held her thighs and lurched forward.. and very smoothly my LAUDA slid more than halfway inside her cunt.

“OOOOO… MAAAA.. PAAAAPAAAA… OOOOOOOO..” she cried aloud lustfully and in some genuine pain. At the other end her husband giggled.. “are apne ma papa ko kyun bula rahi hai rani.. bulana hi hai to mere papa ko bula le.. teri phaad kar rakh denge woh..” “hatt besharam.. gande kahin ke.. tere papa kya faadenge meri choot..woh to buddhe ho gaye..” she said, winking at me.

“are is galatfahami mein nahi rahana rani.. mere papa ka lauda to is dildo ka bhi baap hai.. achche achchon ko rula dete hain abhi bhi..” my son said with obvious pride. Anju giggled.. “to theek hai raja.. main imagine kar rahi hoo ki yeh dildo nahi tere papa ka LUND hai meri bur mein..”

Raju also giggled.. “theek hai tu kar imagine papa ko.. main bhi suni kaise chud rahi hai meri rani apne sasur se…” he laughed aloud at this �?joke’. Anju moaned lustfully and informed her husband in a voice dripping with lust.. “I close my eyes and imagine your papa on me.. I feel his weight over my naked body.. I feel his penis in my choot.. I feel his hands on my boobs.. “

and then she looked at me and said aloud with lot of passion.. “haan papa haan.. aur peliye na.. ruk kyon gaye .. peliye peliye.. apna lauda apni bahu ki chootein peliye.. poora.. faad dijiye meri bur..” I heard the husky voice of my son from the phone.. “ohh rani.. you made me soo hard.. what a vivid imagination you got!”

Anju continued her narration.. “raja you were soo right.. your dad has a great LUND.. I feel so very stretched.. and he is still got more of it outside my CHOOT.. “ She then looked at me and shouted.. “peliye na poora lauda mere andar papa.. itana kya apni betiyon ke liye bacha kar rakh rahe hain..” she stopped and then said with a lot of feeling.. “BETICHOD.. BAHUCHOD..

jab apne bête ki dulhan par haath saaf kar hi diya tofir poora lauda to de dijiye use..” I heard Raju giggling.. “are kya sab bak rahi hai.. mere papa ko galiyan de rahi hai?” “are bahu bhi to beti jaisi hoti hai.. jo bahu ko chode who baetichod bhi to hua na..” she said. Raju laughed aloud, “I hope the doors and windows are shut properly and no one else is able to hear all this..”

“Don’t worry darling..” my cunning bahu assured her husband, “no unauthorized person is listening to this conversation..” “rani teri Kalpana shakti chamatkari hai..” Raju said, “mera lauda to tune aisa tantana diya hai ki kya bataun..” “are raja this is only the beginning..” Anju informed her husband, “just you wait and see what all your daughter-fucking dad does to his daughter-in-law..”

Raju laughed aloud.. “theek hai rani.. continue your fantasy..” Now Anju looked at me and pointed to her breasts. I grabbed them hard and she cooed.. “oooooo.. how big his hands are.. he had held my breasts so roughly.. mmm.. see darling.. see.. how your dad is molesting my boobs..”

Raju giggled.. “you are killing me darling.. I will have to masturbate.. but please go on..you are incredible..!” “Ufff.. how is he sucking my nipple.. holding it in between his teeth.. uuuuuuuuu.. what a lovely bite he gave to my nipple.. haan haan papa.. chooso chooso..” and then she aksed me to kiss me.. we had a big smooch.. and she asked her husband..

“did you hearz janu.. how he smooched me on the lips?” Raju giggled.. he had heard the kissing noise alright..and assumed Anju was making those noised herself. But now Anju was kind of giving a running commentary of our fuck, while on the other end of the line her husband believed it was all make belief.

What a clever cunning daughter in law I had got! She was driving both the father and son crazy simultaneously on the two ends of a phone line! This was the ultimate kinky thing I had ever done.. and I thought I done it all! She made all the fucking noises openly.. asking me to do this so that.. and I dutifully followed her instructions. She had her orgasm twice.. before I had my release..

“Hey janu.. tere papa meri choot mein jhadana chahate hain.. jahdane doon kya?” she asked her husband. Raju giggled, “haan rani haan.. jhadane de papa ko teri choot meinhi..” “magar mere ko bachcha thahar gaya to? Fir to meri choot se tera bhai paida ho jayega.. soch le..” she cautioned her husband.

Raju had a hearty laugh.. “koii nahi rani.. tu apni choot se mera bhai paida kar ya mera chacha.. rahegi to tu meri joru hi..” “theek hai jaan..” she then looked at me and said aloud to make her husband hear.. “I have the permission of your son to produce his brother.. please release all your cum inside my choot papa.. fill my vagina with your cum.. drop your cum over my womb..

make me pregnant with your sperm.. make me the mother of my husband’s brother.. oooooooooooo” Holding me tight she arched her back to get more of my penis in her and blabbered aloud…. being deliberately vulgar and loud to make her husband hear.. “This has been the best ever fuck for me papa.. I love you papa.. love your LUND..

From now on I am your bahu and wife both.. and for your son I am both his wife and his mom. When you fuck me you will be a BETICHOD..and when your son fucks me he will be a MADARCHOD. Now I am your wife papa.. CHODO jor se.. CHODHO.. CHODO..” and she had yet another organsm!

Finally when my dick released the load from my balls into her vaginal passage, she hugged me tight.. “yes yes.. Raju.. Raju.. see.. papa’s cum is shooting over my womb.. tere dad ne chod diya mujhe..“ I could hear my son moan lustfully at the other end.. he had been masturbating obviously.. and I guess both father and son came together that wonder day.

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