She is 22 years old and works near my office. I used to see her every morning. My office starts at 8.45 and hers starts at 8.30 am. She is a simple girl who used to go about her work as usual.

As I used to notice her every day, I starting to like her and used to wait for her to get into her work place. She is about 5.4 ft tall, slim, boobs about 30 size, hip 26. A very attractive body. Once a while she used to go to her other factory for some work and used to pass by my office. I watched this couple of times and she used to just peep into our office casually.

Once I saw her looking into my office and asked her what she wants by gesture. She just bent her head and went away. As days passed I started to smile at her and got to know her. Her name is Soumya. Then I made it a point to stay back at my office till 6.00 pm as her office timings were from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.

One day as she left office to her home, she stays close by near the industrial area of Peenya, Bangalore; I followed her and saw where she stays. I did this for a couple of days and one day she noticed I was walking behind her. And she slowed down and let her colleagues go away as if she is speaking over the phone. She waited till I reached her and asked why I am following her.

I told her I just wanted to know her and be her friend. She said you should have just spoken to me directly. This gave me some courage and I started to know her slowly. After a couple of months of knowing her, I used to talk to her and used to walk up with her in a different road from her colleagues and I used to drop her close to her place.

One day evening I got a sms from her telling she has to work till 7.30 pm at her factory and she will be alone till her house. I was surprised by her sms, normally she doesn’t even call me or send a sms. I told her ok, I left office by 5.30 pm and went to a close by hotel had some snacks and took stroll to the nearby factory areas of Peenya.

I waited for almost a hour and half and then I get a sms saying to come near my office. I went there and saw her waiting for me. She said she is hungry and wants to eat something, I took her to a nearby restaurant she said she wants to go another place called “butteru hotel”, this place makes a lot of evening snacks its packed in the evening. This place is about 1 km from our office.

We went there she had her fill or dosa and tea. Then she said leave your vehicle here. Lets walk to her place, I said fine as we walked I slowly held her fingers, she also held my fingers and we walked, as we walked I told her I like her body shape and always wanted to feel her. She said I knew this before, and she has noticed me watching her walk and looks at her boobs when we used to talk.

She said u can feel me, kiss me but I will not let u have sex with me. I said fine. Before I left her near her place I kissed her on her cheek and said bye and went away. This became a routine and I used to feel her up almost every day, squeeze her boobs and I used to make her touch my erect penis over my pants.

Once I told her to masturbate while we were riding thru the factory area, its dark in most of the roads and its almost deserted by 7.00 pm. I took of my penis thru my pants and told her to shag for me, as we rode thru she slowly shagged me and used my jacket to cover my penis. At one point while I was coming I stopped near a dark road and told her to finish, I wanted her to see me cum.

She came in front of me and shagged me out, I spurted and came and came, she wiped my sperm with her hanky. I kissed and dropped her near her place. Went home happily that night. This became our usual, and some days she used to come without panty, and she used to ride my Honda active, while my hand used to be inside her crotch,

when she gets aroused we used to stop near some dark place and I used to masturbate her and make her cum. One day she said her mother is going out for a wedding during day time and her brother will be in college till 3.30 p.m. Her father has gone to his village for a wedding, she told me to come to house around 11.00 a.m.

That day I took half day from work and walked to her place. I saw her standing on her house roof, she called and said without anybody noticing just get into her house, her house is an independent house, she has one neighbor and other side is an empty plot. I walked and saw nobody around and got into her house and closed to door.

By then she came down I went straight to her smooched her, sucked her lips and she was already ready, I asked her so u are letting me have sex with you today, she said no, she wanted me to lick her pussy and make her cum. I told OK and I knew this will lead to sex anyway.

She took me into the bedroom, she had a short cot with a double bed, and it was very inviting, I slowly removed her chudi pants, she was wearing a yellow cotton panty, wet near her crotch, I knew this was my day. Moved her panty to the side to see her fully wet pussy, it was a amazing thing to see a wet pussy, fully glazed and shining with wetness, I touched it and she moaned,

it was a hairy pussy, slightly trimmed, I asked her whether she had cut her pubic hair, she said the night before she went to sleep she cut it in the loo, she cud not trim it more as she did not want to. I slowly removed her panties of her and unhooked my pants, lowered my undies took my penis out asked her to kiss it, she promptly kissed it, I asked her to suck it, she said no,

and sat on the bed side and spread her legs, I slowly put my finger into the virgin pussy and she moaned and moaned, I removed my finger and kissed the wet pussy, I licked it from top to bottom, again from bottom to top, she was squirming and moving her hips, I slowly licked her clit, took it between my lips and started to suck it, simultaneously I was masturbating slowly,

my erection was very high, I kept sucking her pussy, and all of a sudden I see one lady walking into the room and Soumya pushed my head of her pussy and gasped and it was her mother who had returned early from the wedding, just imagine my state, sucking a pussy, holding my penis and masturbating and one a lady looking at this.

This woman was looking at my erect penis and other side looking at her semi naked daughter. It took at least 10 secs for me to come back to my senses; I was in that sexual maze mood. And her mother asked her in Kannada what the hell is happening, that lady told me to get lost and told me never to be seen here again with her daughter.

We had just closed the front door and not locked it. I was screwed; I ran to the hall, put my undies, put my pants and shoes, slowly opened the door and walked out as if nothing had happened inside the house. I walked fast and fast towards my office, I didn’t know what to do, so I walked to the nearby hotel near my office, walked to the loo and washed my face to relieve the tension of.

I went to the counter asked for tea coupon, paid and as I was drinking tea, I was running thru the events what just happened. This was bloody frightening. I called office and told I am off for the full day and went home. For the next few days no calls, no messages, and I used to leave office at sharp 5.30 pm.

Once after a few days I had extra work at my office and as I was leaving at around 6.00 pm I saw Soumya’s mother near her office waiting for her. I just hid near my office parking and saw, she had come to pick her daughter from work. The next day I sent a sms to soumya, she immediately replied will call during lunch time. I said fine.

I quickly finished my lunch that day, and went outside my office, she came and stood near her office parking and called me. She said that day she got the scoldings of her life, her mother had slapped her and made her to promise that she never ever will meet me or keep in touch with me again.

Soumya had said OK for all that, and her mother had asked her whether she had sex with me, she told her mother she did not and was still a virgin, and we used to only feel each other thru the clothes and no sex. And that was the first time we had seen each other private parts. Her mother threatened her that she will tell her dad and she will be married of early.

As days passed I used to see her with her mother most evenings. One day as I was leaving office I saw this lady on my office road as if waiting for someone. I slowly checked Sowmya’s office I saw they had already switched of the lights and nobody was around. I slowly walked to my parking and was taking my vehicle out she came and told she wants to talk to me.

I said OK and she said we shall go some other place and not near the office. As we walked she told she had spoken to her daughter and she had told her that we did not have sex and only touched each other. I was feeling horny that a lady is telling me and asking me things. I told her that was last I saw her daughter and never touched her again.

Then she asked for my mobile number I gave her and she gave a missed call, I saved that number and asked for her name. She said Shantha, I said OK and left. One afternoon I received a call from her mother telling she wants to meet me in the evening, I causally said ok as she was no threat to me anymore.

That evening we walked to some other road at around 6.30 pm as we were walking she told me in Kannada, that she cannot forget the site of me licking her daughters pussy and me masturbating, she had never seen such a scene in her life. (Her age is early 40’s). I was thinking what the fuck is happening.

She said she and her husband are very conservative and they never have had sex for the past 4-5 years, that was song to my ears and I asked if anything wrong with her husband, she said no but since they have grown up kids and he is a very hard working man, they just kiss and go to sleep, and she said her husband is 54 years old and 9 years older to her.

Oh fuck this woman is actually asking me for sex. I said that’s ok even then you cud at least masturbate. I said sorry for saying all that. She said its ok, she has thought of masturbating but never does it.

Then she said last week when nobody was home she went to bath and was seeing herself nude she thought of me masturbating with her daughter and she was aroused and she has masturbated after almost a decade. Now she is thinking of my penis every time she feels horny. Oh my god she just made my day. She said she needs me, and she will call me when she needs.

I said ok, and she again reminded me to keep of her daughter, and not to tell her about our meeting. Said fine and happily walked to my office and took my vehicle and went home. That night I masturbated twice thinking of her.

Let me describe her she is about 45 years old, medium built, typical north Karnataka lady, but fine tuned, neatly dressed in sari, about 5 feet 4 inches tall, wheatish, sharp features, nice boobs, good butt, nice shoulders, nice hair plaited.

Imagining her I was getting an erection. One day afternoon I received a missed call from shantha, I called her after lunch, she said Soumya and her brother are going to Tirupathi with her uncle and aunts, and she is not going, and her husband is going to be at work from 8.00am and will come back only in the evening. I was the happiest guy.

She told me to come home the next day by about 10.00 am. I prepared my self got a condom, told my office I am on leave and went to soumya’s place, parked my vehicle at a distance. Being morning they were some people around, mostly women doing their chores, I slowly walked into her house, she was there waiting for me, she immediately locked the door, asked me to sit in the sofa,

gave me tea, asked whether I wud eat anything, I said no, then she said will have bath and come, as she went into her bedroom, I slowly walked behind her and went to the bedroom, she started to remove her sari for the bath, I went and hugged her from behind, she said in Kannada, snana madkondu barthini, aamele enu bekaduru madko,

(will have my bath and come) I said naanu nim jothe snanake barthini, ( I told her I will also come) she said chi yaraduru bandre, (if somebody comes) I told bathroom olage nannanu bega haki aache hogu.(told her to lock me inside the bathroom and go out) She said beda (she said no), I still followed her to the bathroom, we got in and locked the bathroom, she slowly removed her petticoat and I removed her blouse.

I was amazed at the lady she had a grown up daughter who is very fuckable and the mother now is so fuckable, I removed the blouse and slowly removed her bra, she was now in only a old panty blue color. I kissed her lips, and slowly sucked her boob one by one, her nipple started to get erect, I sucked them hard, and she started to moan,

I pushed her back towards the wall and I slowly stripped myself, she hugged me, I slowly removed her panties she has a very hairy pussy, I parted her pussy and kissed it, she held my head towards it, she said let me have my bath and then you can fuck me. I said OK, she started to have her bath she was soaping herself and I slowly went close to hr from the back kissed her on her neck,

and then lifted her hair from her back and kissed her from her back down, as the water was dripping I slowly kissed her from her neck down to her ass crack, it was amazing to kiss a woman while having her bath. I parted her butt and kissed it, I told her to bend she bent and kissed her ass crack and also her pussy.

It was so good,she started to moan a bit and told me to hold on till she finished her bath. I kissed her and sucked both her wet nipples and went outside the bathroom. After a few minutes she came out of the bath with her petticoat tide up on her boobs and her knees were shown below and had a towel tied on the head.

I went to her kissed her on her lips, sucked it she also responded well. She then removed her towel from her head and started to dry her head, while she was doing it, I went on to suck both her boobs with nice long nipples which were dark brown in color, I sucked and sucked it she started to moan and she stopped drying her hair.

I slowly lifted the petticoat and saw her freshly bathed pussy, smelt it was smelling fresh soap. The made her sit on the bed, made her to hold my penis, which had grown into full size, she held it softly, made me go to heaven. Then I told her to kiss it she said no, I told her please do it I like a woman kissing my penis, then she slowly got of the bed knelt in front of me and kissed my penis,

I peeled my penis skin back and out came my pink head, I told her to kiss it, as she was about to kiss it, I held her head and slowly pushed my penis into her lips, she did not open her teeth, I gave a small push and my penis as in her warm mouth, I told her to suck it, she said never done this before even to her husband, I told her try it u will enjoy it, she slowly started to suck my penis I was in heaven,

then she got into the rhythm of sucking I also slowly started to move my hip in and out of her mouth. I then slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth and made her lie on the bed, I then lifted the petticoat and made her to open her legs the sight of her wet pussy made me go wild. I put my head close to the wet pussy and smelt it, I was good.

I licked the entire length of the pussy, she raised her hip up a bit, and then she parted the hair of her pussy, the wetness inside was glowing, I kissed the clit, then she said her husband has never done it. I asked he if she had sex with somebody else, she chi chi illa, u are my second man. I then licked her pussy fully and put a pillow under he nice sweet butt.

Her open pussy was very open and visible, I licked it and went on licking for some time.Then I kissed her all over from her head, legs, thighs, inner thighs, hip, navel, back, her arm pits, boobs, lips, ears, earlobes, she was moaning very badly. then again I went in between her legs parted her legs started to suck her clit, she was moaning loudly, I cud not resist it,

and she was swirling her hips, and she said she was coming, I immediately stopped sucking her clit and started to kiss her lips, she told me suck her pussy, I told no, she said please do it, I again went in between her legs, slowly sucked her clit. She said she is coming, I immediately took my head off her wet pussy and pushed my fully grown penis into that wet pussy,

it just went inside like a hot knife entering butter, she suddenly jerked I started to pump her on and on, I did it for about 4 minutes she said she is coming and held my hips hard on to her pussy I went on pumping her hard and one last shot I took my penis almost 3/4 out and one big push inside it went in like a fast piston and hit her flesh inside, she left out a loud noise and she came violently,

she had a big orgasm.her pussy was contracting fast and it was becoming hard. I did not take my cock out. I held it in there. she slowly came to her senses after few seconds. she told me take my cock out, I told her I also want to finish so I started to pump her again she said its paining, I again pumped faster and she also started to respond after 2 minutes, I pumped hard and hard,

I was closer to orgasm, I took my penis out and one big push inside her pussy again, I came inside her I shivered and she held me hard inside her pussy. Told me to download fully inside her. I came and came. I was exhausted, then I laid beside her for a few minutes. she said she will make some tea, I told her to make some lime juice. she made and gave and she had a glass.

I told her to take precaution like pills because I came inside her, she told she will take care of that. Then she said she did not know that sex could be made this way also. All her married life her hubby when horny would ask her for sex, she would sleep on the bed, he would lift her sari and petticoat and fuck and go. she sometimes had orgasm when she was very horny or no orgasm at all.

She told me she has never had a orgasm like this before. I was happy to hear it. she kissed me nicely, she told she will call me when ever she wants hard sex. I told her when ever she wants sex and when nobody is around she can call me I will come. I also told her I came to have sex with her daughter and ended up with the sexy mother.

She told me not to have sex with her daughter, I told her now I don’t want that pussy, when I have the pussy that gave life to the other pussy. She kissed me hard sucked my lips. She said you made me very happy today. She will like to be happy even more.

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