This is Abhi, and this time I am coming with an incident happened to me last year. The incident happened to me with one of my Aunt and her name was Haasini. She was around 33-35 years old, and was married to my uncle who was quite aged than my Aunt. At least there was 15 years gap between them. So coming back to the incident I used to live in Bangalore alone as I was working there. I was around 20 years old when the incident happened. So one day I receive a call from my family is my uncle and aunt was coming down to Bangalore for few days due to some health problem to my uncle.

They wanted to check my uncle with some renowned doctors. They were supposed to stay with me, I was having a 2BHK. So one that day I went to the airport and picked them up and took to my place. My uncle was visible not well and I asked him what happened. My aunt explained that he has having some pain in lower abdomen for some time and so they wanted to check it up.

I saw my aunt Haasini after quite some time may be after good 2-3years. She was still looking very young but I never had any bad intention towards her and when I was at my home town, she was quite friendly with me, as I was the youngest in the family and was the nearest to her age group. So then we had dinner and I showed them the other room.

I cleaned the room before they came and tried to put any alcohol bottle out of their sight as I was staying alone, a lot of times my friends used to come at my place and have party. There plan was that they will visit the hospital in the morning. As I was having my office so I was not accompanying them to the hospital. In the morning I told them the way to reach the place and put my cell number into Haasini aunt’s mobile and asked them to give me a call anytime if required.

Then I left for the office and they also left for the hospital at around 3 in the afternoon I received a call from Haasini, she asked me to come down to the hospital. I left the office that time only and went to the hospital after 30 mins of so I reached there. I saw my aunt seating in the reception area. I went to her and she said that the doctors want to admit uncle for some tests they want to perform during a course of 48 hrs and after that only they can come to some conclusion.

I said to her not to worry and went to the doctor to have a chat. Then I understood that the test required the patient to be under observation for that amount of time. I came out and explained both of them. Then I said its ok and nothing to worry. Then my uncle said to my aunt to leave with me and he will stay there for 2 nights. She also agreed and after some formalities we shifted uncle to a separate room and then we left from there.

It was around 8 in the evening and it was raining quite heavy. I had a bike that time, we waited for some time to let the rain subside. In the meantime I was having some talks to her about normal things. Then after waiting for some time the rain just became lighter but still it was raining. I told her we should leave as it will not completely stop. She agreed and we started in our bike. The rain was still good enough to make us wet.

The road was also quite slippery and I was driving very carefully. Then all of a sudden there was a pot hole came and I applied the brake. When I did that she just came close to me and her breast pressed against my back. It was absolutely accidental but when her lovely swollen breast touched my back I kind of enjoyed that time. Then she again went back to her normal position. I enjoyed her breast touching my breast so much that once I applied the brakes intentional and again breast touched my back.

Oh it was so nice feeling. Then my house came. We were almost wet now. She was wearing a saree that time and it was totally stuck to her figure now. Her each and every curve of the body was clearly visible from her wet clothes. I was looking at her from my corner of my eyes so that she will not catch me in that. She was now walking ahead of me and her ass was coming out so nicely from her wet saree. Her circumference of her ass was so round and her ass was protruding her saree.

She must have a perfect shaped ass I thought. I didn’t know why I was thinking like that for my aunt. I got a guilty feeling and turned my eyes away from her. We entered the room and I went to my room to change. She was also quite wet and she also went in for change. I came out from my room and saw she was still changing. I thought she might need a tea after the wet ride so I went to the kitchen to make tea. As I was half way down to make tea she came to the kitchen and asked me what am I doing?

I gave a cup of tea to her and said to her you might need it. She smiled and takes the tea and said “thanks for that, I really wanted to have a tea.” Then we went to the living area and had our tea there. It was still raining out. She said that she will make dinner and went to the kitchen. I was watching TV when she was in kitchen. After some time she called me in the kitchen.

I went there and saw her holding a full bottle of whisky and asked me “do you drink also?” I was embossed a bit, I put the bottle in the kitchen to hide but she still got that. I said to her “yeah, means sometime. She said “don’t be afraid, it’s absolutely ok for Me and then I said “yeah I drink occasionally and this bottle I brought for that only.” She smiled and said “yeah I know, this is the time to enjoy at your age.

I also had when I was at your age.” I was stunned to hear that and said “you also drink?” She said “not now, but before marriage we used to drink with friends.” I then said “why don’t you try today a bit.” She said “no no, I can’t have now. I am a married women now.” I said to her “come on Aunt, no one will know that. I will keep that a secret. Please for me, look at the weather; it’s perfect to have drinks.”

She smiled and said “ok ok then I will have few but promise me no one will know about this.” I said “you have my words no one will know about it.” She said with some excitement “ok then let me complete the dinner then we can start.” I was very happy and excited now to have a drink with my beautiful aunt, again my mind went to her wet sexy figure and her boobs pressing on my back. I was also getting a hard on my cock now.

Then after some time she came with some snacks and I stood up and got the bottle and two glasses. I opened the balcony door and there was a cold wind coming from there. It was a perfect night to have drinks. She was wearing a saree and I can see her bare waist line from there. She was having such a thin waist line. She really had a nice proportional figure. Her boobs and ass was so perfectly well shaped. We were sitting on the floor on a carpet.

I came up with glasses and the bottle and sat down. Then I said “we have to get the ice” She said she will get it and went to the fridge and took the ice tray. She came to me and gave me the ice tray and while doing so I can see her cleavage now. She was really having big size boobs. I quickly took eyes away from there as I didn’t want to get caught while staring her cleavage.

Then we both sat down and did the cheers and took a sip of out drinks. After the first sip she just jerked her body and said “oh after so many years I am having drinks, thanks Abhi for that.” I said you are always welcome. Then we had few drinks after that. The bottle was now half empty. I can sense she is feeling high now. While drinking her saree was falling from her chest giving me a complete view of her perfect shaped boobs which were covered up with a low neck blouse.

I was feeling excited now, I then asked her “what actually happened to uncle?” She smiled and said “look I am going to tell you but don’t share this to anyone.” I said sure you can count on me. She then said “your uncle has problem with his penis, his penis doesn’t erect and it gives severe pain when he tries to.” I said “oh that is then big problem for him and also for you.” She smiled and said “yeah, you know it’s been 2 years that he has the problem.

I was also getting drunk and things which would not come to my mouth in normal condition now were coming out. I then said “then you also didn’t have any physical satisfaction for the last 2 years.” She looked at me with a strange look. I thought she might get upset hearing that and I quickly apologies to her and said “sorry, I should not have asked that. She then said “no no it’s ok for me, I come from a broad mindset family so it’s absolutely ok for me and for your question yeah you are correct.

I have not experienced sex for a very long time.” I can sense there is excitement in her eyes now. She then said “you know, I never discussed anything about this to anyone so far. You are the first one to know everything and now I am really felling as light as I was unable to share my life to anyone.” I said “I am very happy to hear that aunt; you can share anything to me if you want.” I was just giving the spark to her now.

I then poured some more drink into her glass I wanted to make her drunk now so that I might get a chance to get close with her. She was now quite drunk and said “how do you find me?” I said “I didn’t get you?” She said “are you a still a kid now, I am asking you how do you find me look wise? I got her this time and thought this is the time to just expose my newly grown attraction to her. I said “oh aunt, you looks awesome now also.

No one can say that you are married to my uncle. You look so young and still boys will have fantasy for you.” She smiled and said “ahh you naughty, that was too much of appreciation.” I said “no no aunt I am telling the truth, you really have such a nice figure.” She then came close to me a bit and said “you said that young boys will have fantasies for me, do you have such fantasies for me.”

I was a bit shocked and unprepared to that question. I didn’t know what to say, she again asked me the same question. Then I gathered some courage and said “yeah I also do the same.” I was a bit embarrassed and so I was now not looking at her eyes. She the lift my face with her hands and said “its ok abhi, I am also not going to share anything from here.

So you can be very open to me. So you also have fantasies for me?” I looked her face and nodded my head. She then said “it’s getting boring, we should play some games.” I said whatever you say. She said “let’s play truth and dare.” I said ok and got an empty bottle and we started playing spin the bottle. The first time it came to me and she was supposed to ask me some question.

We both were drunk now. I said to her that I will go with truth. She smiled and said “ok then, how do you fantasies me?” She then said again “you have to tell the truth.” I said “I think of you in a very seductive outfit seducing me. Now that’s it for now.” She smiled and said “ok next time I will ask you more specific question again we spun and to my bad luck it again came to me.

I can sense her excitement level getting very high and I was now also feeling my small brother getting restless. She then asked me “what kind of outfit you fantasies me? I now becoming bold and confident and she also wanted to get naughty. I said “I think of you only in you bra and panty and that too very transparent one that exposes your private parts to me.”

Listening that she smiled and pinched me on my thigh and said you naughty. Then again we spun the bottle and to my luck it was now my turn to ask something. She said she will go with truth. I then asked her “how do you satisfy your urge of sex when you can’t have sex with someone?” She gave me a strange look. I then said you have to answer me aunt.

Then she smiled and said “ok, I do the same way you guys do. Means I masturbate to get rid of my sex urge and hearing that my cock got full erected now. Then after the next spun it was again it was aunt’s chance to ask question. She asked me “What you like most in my body? I poured some more drinks into her glass when she was asking me the question. I said to her “I just love your boobs; your boobs are so perfect size I get mad seeing them.

She smiled and said “do you want to have a peek into your favorite part.” I said I would love to see that. She then removed her saree from her chest and gave me her boobs view from the top of her blouse and bra. Oh my god what a scene that was. Her boobs were so perfectly shaped. She didn’t put the saree back again on her chest and kept the saree down exposing her low cut blouse to me. It was getting hot now; we both were now out of sense and getting closer and closer.

Then she spun the bottle and it was my turn to ask something to her. I said to her that this time you must choose dare now, she in reply said “anything for you tonight.” I knew what was coming now. I said “you have to perform a erotic dance for me.” She smiled and said “ok fine tonight anything for you. She raised herself and her saree was lying down in half. I pulled the saree and said “let it go. To my surprise she really pulled her saree out of the body and now she is into her blouse and petticoat.

I did not believe my luck, I was seeing my aunt it her most intimate dress and she was ready to perform an erotic dance for me. I played a song on the music system and she started to move. She was really dancing in a very erotic way. She was bending and giving me enough look of her cleavage. She then came close to me while dancing and put her one leg on my shoulder and pulled her petticoat to her thighs. She just exposed her beautiful sexy legs and thigh.

She then turned backwards and bent down to expose her super hot ass to me. I was getting out of control. Then after that the super sexy show stopped and sat down only in her blouse and petticoat. She asked me “did you enjoy my moves?” I said to her “yeah, very much. I loved you see dance.” She then smiled and said “let’s play more.” She was getting into mood now and so am I. Then she turned the bottle and this time it came to me.

She then asked “did you have ever had sex with someone?” I said “yeah, I had a few experience of sex. She then said “Oh that means you are not a virgin.” I nodded my head in affirmative. She smiled and said “Oh that’s nice, the girl must be very lucky one and you must have satisfied her fully.” I said “yeah I am very good in that.” She was looking at my erected tent in my pants now. Then she said “now let me do something for you tonight.

I said “what you want to do? She said wait and she lifted her and went into the room holding the walls. She was really drunk now and I didn’t know what was coming. Then after 2-3 mins or so she came from the room. I was making a drink and when I saw her drink just spill from the glass. She was only in her bra and panty. She was wearing a red bra and with a matching panty. Oh my god I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I was seeing my Aunt Haasini absolutely cloth less except her tiny bra and panty. She was looking ravishing now. Just blew me up with her looks. Her perfect size boobs were bursting through her red bra. Her waist line was so thin and her pussy area was so perfectly shaved and clean. She came close to me and said “do you fantasizes me like this baby?” I have no words to say.

I said in mumbling words “ahhh yeah, oh my god you looks so nice in these.” She just shows a bit of shyness and said “thanks for the compliment, but now you have to do something for me.” If she wanted my life that time I would have given that happily. I said “anything for you aunt now.” She then said “I want to see how you masturbate thinking of me now in front of me. I said “seeing you like this I don’t have to anything. I am already getting wet there.

Then I sat in the sofa and pulled my pants down exposing my already erected cock to her. She looked at my cock and she just can’t take her eyes of my cock now. I pulled my pants out of my leg and became totally naked. I put my one hand on my cock and started rubbing them. She was standing right in front of me only in her bra and panty. She was really looking at my cock only and in just few moments I started to release some juice out of cock.

Seeing that she just came close to me and grabbed my cock with her hand and said please let me do it, after so many days I am holding I fully erected cock. I just took my hand away from my cock and let her do anything. She was handling my coco like she got a jackpot only. She looked at me and gave me a sexy smile and then licked my cock from the bottom of the shaft to top of my cock. Oh my god what a sensation that was.

She did the same again and she was desperate to get my cock now. Then she using her hand pulled my skin from the top of my cock and just licked that portion with her tongue. Oh my god what a blow job I was having. I just couldn’t control and juice started to come from my cock. Seeing that she just took my whole cock in her mouth and started sucking that like a lollipop.

I couldn’t handle the excitement and let go all my juice into her deep throat. More the juice I was letting out more she was sucking my cock. She really liked the taste of my juice. In the meantime she was pressing my balls with her hands. It was the luckiest day of my life; such a sexy hot lady was giving me a blow job. She sucked every drop of my love juice coming out of my cock after making it dry she let go her lollipop from her mouth.

Now it was my chance to move. I took her in my arms and put my lips on her juicy sexy pink lips. Oh what a feeling that was. She also responded and took my lips into her teeth and started sucking that. She was really a sex hungry woman. I put my hand onto her back and snapped her bra hooks. When I did that her love melons just came out of her bra. I put my both hand on her both the boobs, she got super excited and just started to bite my lips in excitement.

I can sense she cut my lips in excitement but that time there was no pain. I just grabbed her boobs in my hand and gave a tight squeeze. She just fell into my arms when I did that. I put her on sofa and came up on her. She looked at me and said please suck my nipples; I have not felt any one sucking my love melons from a long time. Fulfill your aunt desire today baby. Hearing those encouraging words I just put my face in between her boobs and started rubbing my face on her boobs.

She put her hand around me and was caressing my back with her nails. I then licked her one of the erected nipples. She got super excited and pushed my head into her boobs. I then took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking them like a baby. More I was sucking her nipples more she was pressing my head into her boobs. With the other hand she was madly scratching my back with her nails in excitement.

I kept my face tightly on her boobs and was sucking and biting all over her boobs. I sucked both her nipples for quite some time. Her whole breast became red in color due to my biting, licking and sucking. Then I started to come down on her naval. I licked her naval and she raised her back in excitement. Then slowly I pulled her panty down and exposed her super tight pussy to me. Then I pulled more and took her panty out of her legs and made her stalked naked now.

She was completely naked now lying on the bed. She looked at me and said very erotically “satisfy your aunt baby, please does that. She was desperate now. I then pulled her and allowed her to seat up right in the sofa. She was doing whatever I wanted her to do. Now she was seating upright on the sofa being totally naked. Then I sat on the floor and spread her legs apart. Her pink pussy was just in front of me. I can see her pussy lips very tightly close.

I just swiped my tongue from her whole slit of her pussy to her clit. She jerked her body when I did that. She was biting her lips in excitement and pressing her own boobs now. I did the same quite a few times and she was getting more and more excited now. Her pussy scent was so intoxicating. Then I spread her pussy with my finger and exposed her pink swollen area inside her pussy. Oh what a scene that was, she was super wet and super pink inside her pussy.

She started to moan like “ohhhhh” I spread her pussy lips at far as it can go and just swiped my tongue in her fleshy part of her inner pussy. She just went mad when I did that. She put her legs on my shoulders and pushed me in her spread pussy. My face was on her pussy now. She then screamed “Ohh abhi please suck it, suck it hard baby. I wanted to get sucked by you. Do it.

I put my mouth on her pussy and started suking them now. I took her pussy labia in my lips and started sucking them now. She was getting wet now in her pussy. More I was sucking more she was getting wet in her pussy. I put my tongue in her pussy now and started exploring her pussy with that. I think she never experienced that mush of oral sex before. After sucking for 5-10mins she said “I can’t hold it more, abhi please fuck me now.

Please put your huge cock in me. I am not fucked my cock for a long time. Please fulfill my desire. Fuck me hard abhi.” I then took my face away and stood up with my newly erected cock now. I took her legs on my chest and positioned my cock on top of her pussy now. She was lying on the sofa and I was on my knees and ready to put my cock in her desperate pussy.

I then pushed and half my cock went in to her without any problem. She was really wet down there in her pussy. Then I pushed more and my whole cock went into her hungry pussy. She said in her mumbling words “keep it there for some time, I want to you’re your cock in my pussy.” I did the same and parked my cock deep in her pussy. After 2-3 mins she then started to move her torso to feel my cock rub against her pussy wall.

I also then started to move and my cock started to go in and out. She was moaning very loudly now. She was saying “Yes dear fast come on fuck me are great I like it oohh dear fuck me fast ooooohhhh fuck me faster aaaahhhh.dear I am having so fun, fuck even faster aaaaahhhhhh. She went on encouraging fucking her fast with her words in sexy voice with moans and titillating. She was urging me to increase my speed.

She requested me to push more and more with full thrust into her hot and wet pussy. I further increased my speed. I made hard strokes. She received each of my hard strokes skillfully throwing her hips up and up every time. I was romping fast. Aunt was then in full excitement and was uttering words like ooohhh dear ooooohh uuuuuuffffff. I asked her “Aunt how is it. How do you feel? Tell me aunt how you are feeling” Aunt sighed and whispered dear it is very fine.

I like it. You are quite expert in fucking. I am having so much fun fucking with you ooohhhhh dear you are great in fucking women and I was fucking Aunt with full vigor and speed. She was encouraging me with her words and I was fucking her fast. I stood on my knees and started giving vigorous thrusts of my cock into her lovely vagina caressing her hips.

Aunt was trying to take all sorts of pleasure of fucking and at the same time she was giving me the maximum pleasure. I was pushing my cock harder and harder, faster and faster. We enjoyed fucking for quite some time. I took care of not ejaculating early so that I could continue fucking Haasini Aunt! Finally my hot sperm was started ejaculating and we both were exhausted.

Then we both lie there for some time to gain our power again. Then after 10-15 mins or so she raised and took my cock in her hand and said to me “Oh what a fuck I had today with you, I want more abhi. Please fuck me more now.” While talking she was rubbing my cock and that made my cock again gain its erection. I said to her “now how you want to get fucked now.

She smiled and said “now fuck me in my ass. I never been fucked there but always wanted to get the cock in my ass. Can you fuck your Aunt in her ass?” I said anything for you. She then pit her knees down and put her upper body on the sofa, she was now in a doggy position exposing her ass to me. I came from behind her and spread her ass cheek apart to get access to her ass hole now.

This time the ass hole was not very wet and I put my cock on top of that. I tried to push my cock in there but it was very tight and she was screaming in pain. She said “get something to lubricate the hole” I ran to my room and got a Vaseline box. She took the Vaseline and applied all over her ass hole and said “dear go slow now, put your finger first and make a room for your huge cock.

Then I slowly put one finger in her ass now. It was tight but due to the Vaseline it slipped in her ass hole. She screamed in excitement when I put my finger in her. Oh it was a new experience for me also as I never ass fucked someone. I slowly pushed in her ass now, she was getting mad now. Then slowly I started exploring her ass now, she was moaning loudly now.

I then slipped my second finer in her now. She was now enjoying the pain now. I started to rub my fingers in her tight ass now. She was screaming and saying “come on dear, tear up my ass hole. What good fingers you have, amm ahhhh satisfy you aunt tonight. Fuck me hard there after fingering for 10-15 mins she said “now put your cock in there, fuck my ass dear. I am desperate to feel your cock in my ass.

I then put my cock on her ass hole and pushed for it. Still it was a tight fit, I then put some more pressure and my cock went half into her ass now. She screamed in pain, I asked her “Should I put more?” She said “don’t ask, I am enjoying the pain, please fuck me hard now.” I got encouraged by her words and put my whole body pressure to put my cock in her tight ass. Within few minutes my whole cock was in her tight ass.

She just screamed and took her breast in her hands and started squeezing them. I also put one hand around to her boobs and started to squeeze the boobs. In the mean time I was slowly moving my cock in and out of her ass now. I said her “are you liking it?” She said “oh dear you don’t know how much pleasure you are giving me right now. What a fucker you are. Fuck me today in every position.

I don’t know when we will get these kinds of chances. Just doesn’t stop keep fucking me tonight? I was all in seven heavens hearing her desires. I just increased my pace and started fucking her fast. I was going like a train now, faster I was fucking her from behind more she was screaming in excitement. I fucked her from behind like 10-15 mins then I ejected all my sperm in her ass now.

She was so relieved now. We both lied down the floor in exhaustion. She then said “did you like me fucking?” I replied her squeezing her boobs and said “Aunt you are very fine. You are really very hot and sexy. You are much sexier that what I had thought about you. You are great in the bed it is nice fucking you. I would always like to fuck you as long as you would stay here I would like to fuck you Aunt.

Yes Aunt I want to fuck you again and again. Will you let me fuck you? She put her hand on my cock and said “yes abhi, I will always let you fuck me, I also wanted to fuck by you every time. You are an expert fucker.” Then we hold each other and slept there only. In the morning again we fucked twice before I leave to office.

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