This story is about my sexual encounter with my office staff. Let us not discuss the names here as they are not the most important part of the story. She joined our company a year back as a fresher. She was just 22 that time. Her stats are 32 27 34.

She has got nice round boobs and an awesome ass. She wears salwars to office all the time covering her boobs with the shawl. She was so careful not to let anyone have a peek at her boobs. Dusky complexion and 5’4/ 5’5 in height.

Coming to incident. It so happened that she had taken almost 20 days off last month. So the work has piled up for her and she had to sit back at office till 6:30pm. I often ask her to leave by 5:30 (normal timing) as she being a girl and it would take almost an hour n half to reach her place. But she was reluctant and wanted to complete the job.

So she started working late hours (max 6:30, after which I make sure she leaves). After the office hours it would be just the two of us in the building. We had a good relationship (just frens) from the beginning and hence it was not a difficult job to strike a conversation with her. So since it was just the two of us, I started sitting in her bay giving some company while she was working.

Slowly we became close and there were naughty jokes said at times. She would blush at them and we never took it further. With the monsoons setting in, that evening became nasty by 6:15. There was a heavy downpour and lightning. I used to travel by car to the office and she uses the public transportation.

With the rains, it was normal gesture that anyone would offer help in dropping her off at the near by station. Usually she would have to walk for almost a km from the office to the bus stop. So with this in mind, I offered help and we set out before 6:30 as the rains were getting heavier and she would not be able to get back home, if it gets too late.

So we closed the office doors and came down. Our office did not have car parking for all the employees. So my car would be parked on the roadside few meters from the office. I made her wait in the office building while I went to bring the car. I parked the car right in front so that she could hop in easily.

But to her bad luck (and my good luck) she slipped while jumping off the water trying to get in. In the process she was completely wet and her dress had covered with dirt. I parked the car and around to help her out. I asked her to get back inside the office and clean up before we leave. I helped her with the doors and waited for her in the ground floor.

It was only then I realised that I have a bulge in my pants. Her shawl was completely wet and I had a nice view of her wet boobs and the cleavage. While helping her get up, I happened to see 80% of her boobs from the top angle. I wanted to try my luck with her.

I went upstairs on the pretext of checking on her. I had nice view of her naked back as she was facing the other way cleaning her body. Seeing that I didn’t want to panic her. So went down again and came up running this time calling her name loud and clear. She thought it was my voice and responded to my shouts saying she is up here.

Before we spoke the next words I was on the floor and she was facing me directly completely naked on top. Seeing me she didn’t know how to react, and it took her almost a minute to cover her boobs. By then I had a nice view of those round melons. I turned my back to her and told her it was a mistake and would apologise.

I asked her to get ready fast and come down as the rains were getting heavier with every passing minute. She as standing there without words to speak. I started to move from that place when a lightning struck and she screamed. I knew she screamed because of the thunder, but again on the pretext of helping her, I turned towards her and she was standing with her hands on her ears showing off her boobs again.

This time it was a longer view than the previous one. I said sorry again and came down. My dick was hard by now and I badly wanted to fuck her. You know, with a romantic climate, when you are all alone with a good fren with whom you have shared the naughtiest of the jokes, with an urge to fuck her, and that you have seen her almost nude, my hotness for her has grown multiple folds.

I was standing there thinking on how to get this hot virgin on bed, as she came all dressed up to leave. I was cursing the luck again as she was to leave and nothing happened between us. I started the car and this time she came slowly and hopped inside the car. She was looking away from me and I just drove off. Due to the rains, the roads were flooded and there was a huge traffic jam.

It is almost 30 minutes that we spoke anything. The car was so silent. I turned up to her and started explaining things to her. She wouldn’t listen. I had a thought that she was pissed off and there will be nothing happening between us. So why loose the opportunity, I complemented her boobs. She turned towards me at once and I thought oops, a bad night.

She for the first time opened the mouth and her words were a surprise for me. She told me that she was upset, as I did not like her assets and that is the reason for me not making an advance. She also told me that she had something for me. And today with the dirty talks earlier in the evening she was all horny. And she was hoping that I would make a move. But I didn’t.

Saying these hands got hold of mine and she took it to her boobs. I was awestruck with her move and I pulled her closer and started kneading her boobs and nipples over the dress. I told her that I wanted to fuck her tonight and invited her to my house. I was staying all alone in a single bedroom apartment.

She said, that it would be difficult for her to spend the entire night as her mom would be worried. But I convinced her showing the traffic and the time. She called up her mom and informed the same. She is supposed to sleep over at office guest house with another colleague due to rains. I took a u-turn with like 50 reverse gears to turn around. My house is on the other side and took her there in like 15 mins.

Once inside I hugged her from behind, lifted her, moved her hairs to the left side and started kissing her neck on the right side. Her hands were pressing my head more into her. I was biting her ears, neck, kissing her cheeks. I sat down on the couch with her on my lap. This way my hands were free to explore her lovely hot body.

I removed the knot on her pants making it free to come off anytime. Then I lifted her tops over her head and there she was topless (she had removed her bra back in office) and her pants were ready fall off. I took my hands to her boobs and started playing with her nipples. They were hard and pointed.

I pulled her close and was biting her cheeks making her turn the face towards me and there it was our lips met for the first time and they were sweet as honey. I was sucking her both the lips and slowly our tongues met. She had become horny now and she started to bite my lower lip. With every bite, I would pinch her nipple making it a painful pleasure game for both of us.

My dick has grown to the full size and was poking her ass. She sensing the member started to move her ass around my crotch. After some 30 minutes of hard core kissing, we broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes. The lust was overflowing and we wanted to have a memorable evening. She stood up to turn around there her pants fell off the ground.

Her white panty was full of her love juices. I pulled her towards me and touched her pussy over the panty. She for the first time reached out to my cock. I helped her in removing my pants and boxers. She held my hard cock in her hands and was staring at the member. She hasn’t seen on in her life. I asked her to take it in her mouth, but she was reluctant. So didn’t force her.

I carried her to the bedroom and put her on the bed. I removed her panty making her completely nude. She had some pubic hairs there. I wanted to clean them but left it for the next round. I went between her legs, opened her pussy lips with my thumb and index finger. I inserted the middle finger of my right hand inside her pussy. It was wet and slid in easily.

Soon I had two fingers fucking her pussy very hard. She was moaning out loud. She came with a shiver and her juices started to flow out. I licked my finger clean and came to her lips kissing her and giving her the taste of her own juices.

I came between her legs and my hard cock was ready to go. I started to rub it on her pussy while kissing. I broke the kiss, placed the cock at the entrance and gave a small push. It did not go inside. I placed it again at the entrance, bent down to kiss her. I told her it gonna be painful for a while and then she would enjoy. I was just rubbing my cock on her pussy while kissing her lips.

Without any warning, I pushed it hard inside her pussy. It went in half. I pulled out and gave another hard push and there it was completely inside her pussy. Tears were rolling out from her eyes. I didn’t move for a while. Was sucking her nipples, boobs and lips. Soon she was out of pain and I started my to and fro movement. I was fucking her on the missionary position.

This gave me the space to kiss her every now and then, play with her boobs. I was very slow in my actions and soon she was building up on another oragsm which I could see it from her face and her pussy walls contracting. I increased my pace and there she had an orgasm. Within next few seconds, I too reached the climax. I pulled out my cock and let my sperms on her stomach.

I carried her to the washroom and we had a warm shower where we cleaned each other’s private parts. She said, she wanted to feel the sperms inside her pussy. We kissed a lot in the shower. I carried her in my arms to the bedroom. The time was 9pm and still the rains hadn’t stopped. I made her wait there saying would return back with dinner. I took the car to do some purchasing.

Got some hair removal creams, women’s razor, pills for her, chocolate sauce, and grabbed some sandwiches for dinner. I went back home in 20 mins, and there she was waiting restless and nude for my arrival. Once I was inside she came running to me and jumped over me kissing my lips, biting the lower lips. I put her on the dinning table and kissed her back hard.

I gave her the cream and razor and asked her to shave off all the hairs in her body. I helped her out in the process and there she was clean down her pussy. I too removed the small hairs around my penis. We had a sandwich for dinner. She was siting on my lap and I was rubbing her clit. We sat down on the couch all naked and were taking about sex.

I took out the vodka and redbull from my mini bar and we had a peg. I made her lie on the couch, came between her legs and this time I tongue fucked her. I was taking it slow and steady. Playing with the clit, taking it between my teeth and the tounge doing the tickling on it. My left hand was on her boobs pressing it harder and pinching her nipples.

She enjoyed the act a lot and was satisfied with me. My cock as rock hard and she was still relectant in taking it in her mouth. So I let it go with a thought of making her give a bj later on as I was fully focussed on fucking her small cunt and the cute little virgin ass. This time I made her sit on my lap and helped her ride me. I was holding onto her hips helping her ride me.

She would bend down and kiss me with every stroke. I lifted her with my cock still inside her pussy and I lay down on the couch with she sitting on me. I held both her boobs with both my hands as she was riding my cock. She had her orgasm first and she collapsed on me. She had no energy. I turned around with my cock still inside bringing her down and I came on top.

I started to fuck her pussy in the missionary position for another 2 minutes before releasing my load inside her pussy. I fell on her with my cock inside and lips touching her lips and her boobs pressed hard on my chest. We had a small nap for half an hour. I woke up and she was still drowsy. I made a drink for both of us and we had it slowly.

Meantime I was asking her about the experience and the talks were full on sex and the sex positions. I was explaining her the missionary, doggy, spoon, ass fucking, pussy licking, 69, blowjobs. She was kinda interested in all of them. We didn’t know when we finished the drink and we were hugging each other and kissing madly. I put her on the floor and this time it was doggy.

We slept for few hours after that. Woke up around 6am in the morning and my cock was hard again. We had slept in hugging each other on the bed. She woke and wanted to try 69 and I was successful in getting my cock sucked by her. I released my hot sperm in her mouth.

It was Saturday and we decided to spend the weekend here but on a condition that she needs to go home and come back. She had plans of spending the weekend with her frens in a nearby resort. So she would go home and come back. I took her home, dropped her few blocks away and was waiting for her. She came back within 30 minutes and we headed straight to my house.

For the next two days, it was just sex and sex alone. Never left the house. Tried few positions from the kamasutra book. Saturday night, it was a fun night and we were playing sex games from the phone, drinking all night, fucking all night. We even tried anal after a lot of attempts from the afternoon. She was my sex goddess.

I made her stay back sunday night as well and we went on for a drive in the car. I had a fantasy of having sex in the car. We did it as well. Monday both of us took off and had a good sleep at each others houses.

It is been two weeks now, every evening she would purposefully stay back at work. 5:30 everyone leaves, 6 pm we meet at my house (5mins from office) have a nice fucking session and would drop her off by 8pm. We spent the following weekend together as well going for dinners, movies late nite drive while fucking in the car and lot of sex back home.

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