My name is Balu, from Palakkad, 32 years old and working as civil engineer in gulf. this is a real incident that happened to me. This was with an 18-year-old girl when she came to our village to spend the vacation after annual exam with their grandparents. Her name is Haasini. That time I was doing my degree.

I also went to the railway station to receive Haasini. When she reached in their house they are very happy like anything, because of they didn’t see her for a long time.

She had good looking shape…, wheatish colour and great feminine parts. We lived in a small village surrounded by full of paddy fields. Haasini’s grandparents have enough cultivation land in our village. By generation, our families look after the whole cultivation land,

and now my father doing this. Because of that I am having a good relation with this family. First three or four days I didn’t see her outside the home. After some days, when I went to their land to help my father she was there. We become good friends.

After three, four weeks we are in very close and casual. She spends lot of time with me to play and roaming with me in their land. First it was going normal…, gradually continuous presence of this good looking young girl starts to create devils thoughts in my mind like every teenage boy;

I start to play with her in a teasing manner and started to eye her breasts and her feminine parts. I never miss any situation to pat her, pinch her, and starts to squeeze her ass play fully whenever I get a chance.

She was also pretty attracted to me and always expecting this type of play from me without noticing anybody. One day her grandpa told me, she is getting bored in the house, so take her to show the new cultivation land (which they newly brought recently)….

That refresh her more…, She also very much exited to see the new place. So I arranged it next day morning. I went with her to show the farm area. The farm is almost 2 km away from our house. We walked through the narrow way to the farm with a lot of chatting.

Within I hour of walking we reached there. After take a little rest I start to show her their lands and other crops. She was enjoyed and filled with happy when she saw the endless greenery in front of her. My father gave me some jobs to do there, so I told her –

“Stay here, I have little jobs to do, I need to go to the pump room to pump water for the newly cultivated crops,” But she accompanied me to there, there was a big pond. I went inside the pump room and started the pump.

After the work finished, I take her to the other side of the farm to show that area. After spending sometime there we came back to the main area. The loneliness of the surroundings and the presence of a girl start to make my mind worst, I intentionally make a situation to attract her.

I told her that I am tired and going for a bath in the pond. I went to the pump room and removed my dress and came out with wearing shorts. Casually I asked her – “Haasini, do you know swimming”? She said – “No Uncle”. I asked again – “If you are interesting…

I will teach you now?” She surprised little…, and shyly said – “ok”. I jumped in to the pond and swim a little, then come to the corner of the pond and told her to come down. Slowly she steps down to the pool. The coldness of water tickles her but she like it a lot.

First I showed her the way of moving legs and hands while swimming…, then asked her to do like that. Due to fear she hesitate to do first…, Then I spread my hands and asked her to float on my hands. When she lay on my hands I asked to do like I showed her before.

She started to move her hands and legs. Starting it was difficult to her, occasionally she drank little water also and her dress becomes full wet. But after more tries she slowly started to move little bit front. I hold her waist and go along with her.

After 15 minutes of swimming she felt tired and stopped her movements but she can’t float herself on the water so for a support she hugged me. This exited me and increasing my heart beat, and my mind become worst…, I decided to use the situation.

I pulled her closer to me and tightly hugged her. As a girl this situation surly aroused some strange feeling inside her! But she act as normal. Again she spread my hands and started to swim. And I supporting her…,

but after a while I could not control my hands…, I slowly moved my hands and slipped down below to her kameez and touched her belly like an accident…, but she didn’t react to this also. Since there was no resistance from her…, I decided to go ahead little more…

I slowly moved up my hand…, touched her right boob over her Salwar and slightly squeeze it. I can sense the shiver passed through all over her body. But still she is not responding or do anything to protest this. Now I conformed, this was not an innocent girl’s act,

she is also enjoying this…, she continued her swimming and I also go along with her. Same time I continued to squeeze her boob slowly without noticed by her that I am doing this deliberately. After a little she turned her face to me and said – “ahh…,

uncle, what you are doing…, don’t tickle me there!!” For a moment I become speechless…., I have been caught by her…, I regain my braveness and replied – “oh…, Haasini…, don’t be silly, you know this!… And I know you are enjoying this well…, don’t you”?

She didn’t reply anything but I can see the excitement in her face. This encouraged me more. Slowly I take her in my hand hugged tightly, and kissed on her lips. First I did it gently but after a while I lost my control…, I start to chew her lips like a candy.

She starts to shiver in my hands. I can understand her situation…, in her deeper mind she have a strong urge to protest me but the strange feeling of pleasure which she was not experienced before was spread all over her body and withdraw all her protest.

Helplessly she lay down in my hands. I removed my face from her and asked – “Before anybody touched you like this?” She could not answer me because of high beats of her heart. Some seconds later she replied in a shivering voice –“No” and nodded her head.

“If I do more, do you like that” – I asked her playfully. She didn’t reply anything. But from her face I can read her willingness. She felt little fear but the excitement had grown an anxiety in her mind to experience more. I take her in my hand and come out from the pool…,

dried both of us with a towel which I got from the pump room. View of her wet body aroused me more. The goblets of water drowning out from her bottom side of churidar, due to the breeze her shiver increased. I looked around to find location to sit.

I guided her to the corner of the pool where some bushes and shrubs growing little higher. Due to the fear she asked to me – “were we are going uncle”? I said –“don’t worry…., come with me …, I will show you something”! “Will anyone can notice us uncle?”

while coming with me she asked in a trembling voice. I said – “don’t worry Haasini…, nobody will come here now, especially in this area”. We two moved inside the bushes which grown more than five feet high, so nobody can easily spot out a person who is standing inside.

I guided her to safe point. Without wasting time I pulled her to me and started to kiss her passionately… her face, cheeks, earlobes and lips wherever I can. Slowly I took her lips in my mouth and chewed them like a bubble gum.

I inserted my hands under her kameez and played on her belly area. She became so hot and started enjoying my play. I massaged her belly and inserted my forefinger in her navel. This tickled her a lot…, but she like the sensation.

With the other hand I cupped her boob over her Salwar and started to massage it softly. When I touched her breast she jumped and bend little forward by the uncontrollable pleasure which she can’t bear. I asked to her – “do you like this Haasini… your boob feels very nice…,

can I touch like this? “hhmmmm” only she made a sound like this. I lift her kameez above her boobs and continued to massage it. I asked her again – “shall I remove your kameeze”. “No uncle …, not now!” – She tried to protest me.

Before she could do anything I pulled her kameez and petticoat over her head and slowly laid down her to the ground. She crossed her arms across her boobs and continued to protest helplessly – “ooh…, no uncle…, I am feeling shy”.

Without paying any attention to her voice, I said – “if you feel shy…, close your eyes…, I am going to see all of your body now! Slowly I take away her hands from breasts and start to enjoy the softness of her boobs. She lay there half-naked with her eyes shut tightly,

not knowing what is going to happen next. My breath was getting heavy. I continued to kissing her and squeezing her tits…, and then slowly took them in my mouth. “aaahhh” – a loud moan escaped from her mouth. I started to suck her boobs like a baby…,

with my tongue I take her nipple and chew it hardly. She enjoyed it very well; she clutched her lips with her teeth to stop the pleasure sounds coming from her. Slowly my mouth moved downwards to her navel…, I lick there and put my tongue in it…, and rotated it.

While kissing and licking, her small breasts were heaving with the rhythm of her breathing. I slowly try to undo her Salwar knot, suddenly she caught my hands and whispered in a frightened voice –“no uncle …no…not now…don’t do this to me”.

Ignoring her protest I continued to massage slowly and kissed her pubic area. Soon she felt the pleasant feeling and her grip on my hand relaxed. She started to moan softly. I put my hand under her back and lift her slightly to slide her salwar from her hips.

She again protested helplessly, “no…no uncle …anybody will come! Don’t make me nude”. “Don’t worry Haasini … nobody will come here … I am sure… don’t worry…, I will take care of that” I said calmly and slid her salwar and panties completely off from her.

Now she is laid there completely naked on the grassy ground. She tightly shut her eyes with her arm to cover her shyness, her mouth slightly open, her orange shaped breasts heaving up and down and her small hard tits pointing towards the sky,.

I looked eagerly to her pubic area. The sight of her pussy makes my hardness more. Her virgin pussy lips were stuck to each other under the pubic hairs and her thighs pressed tightly together. Her clit is little bigger in size and just peeping out from her pussy lips.

My hand traced down to the rounded contour of her abdomen and into her pubic hair. Stroking her hair with my fingers, I found her secret slits and the swollen bump of her clit. I slowly pressed and massaged her swollen clit between my fingers and lightly pinch her knob

of pleasure. She twisted her body because of the pleasure which she is experiencing. I ran my finger up and down through her pussy slits. She was wet with the hot flow of her arousal and the slit was a slightly slippery. I could not control myself;

I open her pussy lips and take her clit into my mouth and sucked it hardly. It felt little salty but that taste of a virgin young clit make me more arouse. She started to moan lightly and her hips moved up from the ground and gyrated in a circular motion.

I slipped my tongue into her deep and lick and suck all over there. Shivers ran throughout her body and she moaned uncontrollably. She could not resist the pleasure waves mounting higher and higher in her younger body.

Suddenly Haasini clutched my head and pressed hard it to her pussy. Few seconds later with a loud “aaaahhhhh” voice she lay still for some seconds and relaxed. She had her first orgasm. We relaxed for awhile, and then I asked to her –“how was it… u enjoyed?

Shyly she closed her face with her hands and said –“hhmmmm” With that green signal I decided to precede more. My poor cock had been completely ignored in the above proceedings. I took off my shorts and release my raging rock hard cock. It was all sticky with my pre-cum.

I lifted her legs and looked at her pink color pussy. It was very wet and covered with her cum and my saliva. I spread Haasini’s legs apart and go on top of her. Then only she realized that I am going to do something more to her.

With a surprised face she asked to me –“what you are going to do uncle? “Don’t worry Haasini…. I am going to do better than before you had…, don’t you want that? Then I took my cock in my hand and moved it up and down in her moist slit.

“What is in your hand uncle?” she inquired softly. I took her hand and placed it on my hard member, “this is my cock …, before you see anybody’s cock like this? I asked playfully. “No… I never see a matured cock before!” – She felt it hesitatingly and said.

“I am going to put this in your pussy hole”- I said to her. “This is too big and lengthy, how you can put it my small hole there? – She asked innocently. “That leave to me…first you will have a little pain… after that you can feel the heaven”.

I placed my cock on her pussy hole and start to push slowly inside her. My thick dick was not able to enter her. After some pushes the head of my cock slipped into her cum lubricated tight hole. “aahhh… make it slower uncle …it is paining”-

she said in a painful voice I moved my cock head in and out to make the way inside her. Her little pussy was very tight. Soon I reached forward up to her hymen, the sentinel of her virginity. I did not make any sudden attempt to break it but continued the to and fro motion

to make her more pleasurable. Haasini started to feel the heat and pleasure coming over her and moan softly – “Now it is feeling nice uncle…I like it…aahhh…. Move it like that…aaahhhh”. I decided, this is the time to break her virginity.

I take her firmly in my arms, putting my head down, take her lips in my mouth and gave her a passionate kiss. At the same time I pushed my cock deeply into her. It gently enters her tight passage of heaven.

When I broke her hymen she starts to scream –“aaayyyooooo… uncle!!…..remove it…oooooh…. I am having too much pain there… please remove it…., aaayyyyyooooo!!!!” Ignoring her screams,

I continued to move my cock in and out of her tight love tunnel till my cock was buried in to her fully and our pubic hairs inter mingled with each other. I raised my head and looked at her. Poor Haasini, she was lying with her mouth and eyes wide open.

Tears were flowing down the side of her eyes and she was groaning with pain. “Are you still feeling pain there?” I asked. She nodded her head. “No need to worry Haasini …the painful part is over…, now you are going to feel the heavenly pleasure”-

I assured her and tenderly kissed her eyes. I recommenced my in and out movement. When each stroke of my cock rubbed against the torn edges of her virginity, she moaned painfully –“aaahhh… uncle …slowly”

I pulled my cock back to the tip of her pussy and slowly inserted it back. Sometimes I gave quick short strokes and sometimes long slow ones. I kept varying the length and the pace of my strokes. Later her painful moans turned into pleasurable moans.

Her hips starts to support me, and move in the rhythm of my in and out movement. I put my tongue inside her mouth and played. At the same time I was moving gently inside her pussy up and down. My hairy chest pressed her boobs. It was really amazing moment for us.

We fucked about five minutes…, suddenly Haasini clutched me and pressed me hard to her body. Her hips moved in a feverish motion and starts scream wildly. “Aaahhhh…, uncle …..Move it uncle …oooooohhh …, like that…. Move fast”

I knew she was very close to coming and I was also not far away. I began to thrust deeply into her, ramming her so hard, she began to gasp, then to moan. She arched her back forward and thrust her head back, her eyes clinched and tightly close.

We were both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. With a loud scream she came immediately, the expression of her face and tightness of her pussy made my orgasm also. I released my come into her love hole.

Gradually our motions slowed. We both opened our eyes. Our lips meet again and I kissed a long tender kiss. Soon my cock became soft and flopped out of her heavenly fuck hole. She lay there with her legs apart.

Mix of our-cum and blood of her shattered virginity oozed out of her pussy and covered all her pubic area. After little rest we got up cleaned each other. As I was wiping her pussy with a towel she asked to me, “Is there any problem uncle?

I am having pain there!” “Nothing Haasini …it is normal…after sometimes you will be ok” We got up and turned around her to me. Take her face in my hands and made her a tight passionate kiss. My dick was rubbing her abdomen.

I put my hand on her breast and cupped her boobs. She raised her chest little up and made convenient for me to play on her boobs. I pinched her nipples and made it hard.

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