I had been lucky to have several lovers with whom I had been enjoying the sexual sessions without my husband knowing any thing at all.

He still considers me as a faithful wife but the deep desire of having sex with different men and taking their penis of different sizes inside me always give me more pleasure. Possibly I am a bit of nymphomaniac. Any way, the episode I am going to describe you now was a kind of strange and bizzare thing that could happen to me when I was ready for some intimate moments with my lover.

I had a lover named bharat with whom I had sex with in Agra. My relationship with him was not finished with him fucking me there in the hotel room but it continued later also when we were back to our places. Since the barrier got between us was removed, there was no regrets in having regular sex with him.

We used to take extreme care to maintain total secrecy so that my husband and his wife do not get any air of what was going on in their absence. When ever I could get a good opportunity and I was sure that I could sneak out without any one taking notice of me, I would plan up with Bharat to meet at a convenient place. I would move out on the pretext of shopping or going to my parlour.

I would go to a designated prominent shopping mall where he would be waiting for me. Later we both would move out casually like an ordinary couple in his car. He had made an arrangement in a hotel who would give us a room without asking any question or maintaining any record, I never knew what Bharat actually paid for this service to them.

This arrangement suited me and him to maintain total secrecy. Some time occassionally when my husband would be out of city, we try to make a long program and stay together in the hotel room in bed for hours enjoying our sexual sessions and togetherness. Life was going easy and we both were having a good time together.

He liked nothing better than to fuck his close friend’s wife and I loved being screwed by my husband’s friend. Once on an afternoon, I got a call from him on my mobile to asked me if I could make out for a program in a day or two. I was surprised since only a couple of days back I had spent the entire afternoon with him when my husband was out of town.

Our frequency of meeting was not at all high and we normally used to meet once in a month or even longer but not so frequent. He sounded some what tensed and when I asked if every thing was fine. I told him to wait for a few days before I could plan out on some pretext. He called in again the next day to ask if there was any chance of meeting but there was absolutely no chance for the next few days.

Next week my husband informed me that the team of auditors were visiting his office so he would be tied up with them the whole day. As such, I was not to bother about his lunch and he would be back only in the late evening. This was the opportunity I had been looking for. Bharat had called up several times but till now there had been no possibility of any meeting.

I called him up and informed about the meeting that can take place the next day. He sounded so relieved as if it was for the first time he would be taking me out. The next day when my husband left for his office, and I was through with my daily work outs and a leisure bath, I got ready to leave and have some fun. Already I was begining to get excited hoping for a violent sex session that day.

I took a cab and arrived at our usual meeting place. Bharat was already waiting for me and we both left quickly in his car. I got in beside him and he started the engine and proceeded to our regular love nest. I placed my one hand on his thigh and asked him what the matter was for this urgency. Was he getting more horny or he had thought about some new posture to have sex in.

He did not reply but just gave a thin smile. I was not only surprised but confused as this was not like Bharat, he never miss any opportunity to give fitting replies no matter how vulgar they were. I patted his thighs and thought that once we were in the hotel room, every thing would be fine. It could be just some of his business stress that he want to vent out by having sex.

Soon we arrived at the hotel and Bharat picked up the keys from the reception and we both proceeded towards the lift.Once inside the room Bharat locked the door and took me in his arms. I too responded and wrapped my arms around his neck and raised my face for him to kiss my lips. I was already getting hot and horny and wanted his seven inch of malehood inside me.

Few moments later when we were finished kissing and tasting each others saliva, I removed my saree and let it drop on the floor. Bharat had cupped my boobs and was pressing them gently and kissing my cleavage. He started opening the hooks of my blouse and it too came off my body and fell on the floor.

I was now standing close and hugged to him in my bra and petticoat and he undid the cord of my petticoat and it fell on the floor. I stepped out of it in my bra and panties when Bharat took his hands behind me and unhooked the strap of my bra and removing it from my chest, dropped it on the chair near the bed. I slided down my panties and Bharat took me in his arms and started kissing all over my body.

I too was holding him in my arms and clinging him close to me. He stepped back and took a look at my nude figure of 35-29-36. He was staring at my fully erect boobs with brown nipples which were rising and falling in excitement. His eyes travelled down running through my flat tummy down to my clean shaven pussy. I could see his penis getting erection in his trousers.

I entered the bed totally nude and took the light blanket over me to cover my nudity. Bharat too had removed his shirt, unzipped his trousers and removed his underwear. Our clothes lay scattered all over the floor near the bed. He too was about to step inside the bed when there was a knock at the door. For once I was totally dumb struck and shocked.

Who could it be? My first reaction was that my husband had found us both cheating on him. I was still to recover from my shock when Bharat got out of the bed assuring me that it could be the room service. But the service comes later when it bring the tea and snacks, not this early. Bharat kissed me on my lips to assure me and said that he had asked the reception to send the water bottles so it must be the waiter.

I pulled the blanket well over my face only leaving my eyes to see who it was. I wish, I hadn’t removed my clothes so early which were still lying scattered all over and giving a clear indication of what was going on inside the room. Bharat had zipped up his trousers and had opened up the door. I was unable to see who it was since Bharat’s back was obstructing my view.

There was some talking going on which I was unable to make out and in no time one man stepped inside the room and Bharat was now closing and locking the door behind him. One look at the face of the person who had just entered the room, left me in cold sweat. I knew him too well. He was Ravi (changed name), one of my husband’s old time friend.

I was staring in shock and bewilderment at him as he came further in, smiled at me, nodding his hello and sat down at a sofa near to where my bra and panties were lying on a chair. I was now looking in shock at Bharat who was following him and had dropped his face down. All my excitement was gone and I was unable to make out what was following.

I just wanted to get the hell out of here and was promising myself never to indulge in illicit sex again. Bharat finally came towards me and eventually our eyes met and I asked him what this whole thing is all about. How was Ravi here and did he tell him all about our relationship. Now there was nothing I could hide from him any thing.Bharat finally did speak and told me the whole story.

In short, the last time we both were here to enjoy our intimate moments, Ravi had also came to the hotel and was in the lobby waiting to meet some one who was known to him and was staying here. He at that time saw me and Bharat coming out of the lift together holding hands and after settling the bill, leaving the hotel in Bharat’s car.

He immediately understood the purpose of our visit and our relationship. He was smart enough to take a few photographs of us together in his mobile phone. Ravi handed me his mobile phone set and I opened the folder to see my photos with Bharat standing close to me holding my hands as we were coming out of the lift.

The next one showed me standing with Bharat at the reception settling the bill, in the background the name of the hotel and clock did the rest of the damage. The next few showed me and Bharat leaving the hotel together and getting in the car. The evidence was fool proof and what was damaging was date and time of the picture taken which can prove when we both were there.

The date was the same when my husband was out of station. It was difficult to explain to my husband what I was doing with a friend of his in a hotel. Things were too obvious. If these pictures were delivered to my husband, I dreaded the consequences that would follow.

I was sure that this was blackmail and Ravi wanted to extract a good sum of money from us and like I have seen in movies and novels, would continue to do so till the last penny was taken from us. I was counting how much money I had in my hand bag, not much, may be a few thousand rupees.

I wanted to ask how much Ravi was demanding but there was hardly any sound coming out of me, I was so horrified. Bharat further said “initially Ravi wanted to hand over these pictures to your husband as a faithful friend. But before doing so, had contacted me for an explanation”. Bharat further told me that he had some how convinced Ravi not to go to my husband at all and spoil our married life.

It was just some fun we were having and would not do it again.There was nothing serious in the whole affair. After all Bharat too was a friend of Ravi and he would also not like to put his married life too in a difficult situation. I was begining to get relieved but I knew this was not the reason why Ravi was here. Bharat could have told me before hand and we could have called off our relationship.

Lying naked on the bed and covered with a thin sheet of blanket, I wished I could get dressed, but since Ravi was sitting there, I could not get out of the bed. I once again looked at Bharat to see what next was coming. He was too embarrassed to go further and was looking at Ravi to go ahead. But Ravi was sitting without raising his head as if in some thought.

With great difficulty and embarrassment, Bharat further said, “Silvia, this meeting was arranged as per the desire of Ravi who has been asking me now for almost a week for this. He had arranged his arrival in this room a little while after we both enter and giving us enough time to get undressed so that there is no escape.

Ravi is a good friend of your husband and a great admirer of you and is willing to forget all what he saw. He would delete all the photos right here and promise not to say any thing about this affair to any one even if we continue our affair, if…” I was dreading the next sentence as it might be too damaging. I looked at Bharat again waiting for him to complete his sentence.

With great difficulty, he stammered that, “Silvia, Ravi would like to have sex with you for once only. That was the only reason I was trying to call you for a meeting here as this is the only way out for both of us.”So finally here it was. I was not only shocked but was embarrassed too that all this discussion was taking place with Ravi sitting in front of me.

I wanted some time to think about it but I knew that I could leave the room peacefully only if I agree to his demand. Otherwise I would be in real trouble. It looked like I had no other way out. I was thinking that after having sex with several of my lovers and friends of my husband, it would hardly have any effect on my morals. Having sex in threesome was not new to me.

I have already enjoyed it with my college time mates some time back. It was a great experience then, and it could be a fun now too. When the odds are heavily against you, let yourself flow with the current. I looked at Ravi and asked him for the first time, “how can I be sure that after having what you want, you would not speak what you saw here to my husband?”

He raised his face and stared at me and said, “Silvia Bhabhi I would delete all the photos right here in front of you and take my words that I would not utter anything to your husband. I swear on this.” He then got up from his seat and came towards me and stood at the edge of the bed. He then took out his mobile handset and deleted all the photos right there in front of me.

He then gave the phone to me for me to check that there was no photo left. He also assured me swearing that he had not kept a copy of any of the photos deleted. Now no record exist of you having been with Bharat on that day in this hotel. There was hardly any thing more I could ask him for now after his.bold goodwill gesture. I had no option left at all except to give in to him.

I surrendered myself to him.He bend down a little to kiss my lips which were cold due to all what had been going on till then. Slowly he removed the blanket sheet from over me to reveal my totally nude body under it spread on the bed. For once he was breathless when he saw my 35″ size fully erect boobs rising and falling with every breath.

My flat tummy and naval area and finally the clean shaven pussy and the round buttocks that was sending an invitation to him to come and take it. He turned towards Bharat who was standing behind him and told him, ” Bharat you have been enjoying having sex with Silvia Bhabhi for long. Please let me take her now and you can join later.

Sit on the chair and enjoy the live show till then.”Ravi started opening the buttons of his shirt and dropped it on the floor revealing his big, black, fatty but broad muscular body. He then unzipped his trousers and let it drop on the floor leaving him in his underwear. I could see his penis bulging under the thin cotton of his boxers.

As he removed it from his body, I was astonished to see his big black penis. In size it was almost as big as Bharat’s, may be a little bigger but definitely it was thicker than his.He too had trimmed his hairs around his penis, It was totally black in colour and looked like rock hard as I had not yet touched it.

The very sight of his big and thicker penis set my pussy on fire and now I really wanted to take it inside me. Slowly he came over me and started kissing me most passionately. He was lying on the bed by my side and had slid one arm from under my head and taking it over my left shoulder had gripped my left boob and started rubbing and pinching my nipple.

With his other hand, he started exploring my pussy. He started with rubbing my vagina with his finger tips moving them slowly up and down my pussy making me give out a soft moaning sound in excitement and pleasure. As a little discharge flowed out, he opened the lips of my pussy and inserted his middle finger inside and started fondling my clitoris softly.

The moment his fingers touched and caressed my clitoris, it looked like I was transported to heaven. It was sheer ecstasy that I was getting from his fondling. I was already releasing my love juice and it made Ravi’s task easier now to rub the soft and wet clitoris more efficiently. My hands reached out for his penis which was as hard as a big rock.

The moment I started fondling his penis, he too got a kick and started rubbing my clitoris more vigorouslyI was moaning in an uncontrolled loud voice asking him to do more and more. I was unable to hold any more and asked him to put his dick inside me. But Ravi was smart and experienced enough to know when is the right time to enter.

He left me and asked me to get up from the bed and stand on the floor. He too got down and knelt before me and started to rub his tongue softly over my pussy. He was no doubt an expert lover and slided his tongue inside and started exploring the inner depths. With his both hands he gripped my both buttocks and held me tightly towards him while he kept on licking and sucking my vagina.



I do not remember how many times I reached my orgasm and my love juice continued to flow out and Ravi kept on sucking and drinking it. Finally he released his grip and stood up asking me now to do the same to him. I started kneeling down before him and while doing so slided my hands from his chest down to his naval and finally to his penis.

Now at a close range, it looked like a huge banana of black colour. Slowly I removed the skin from the tip of his dick and started licking it with my tongue. The moment my tongue touched the tip, he gave out a loud moaning sound. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH……….. AAAAAAAHH….. SilviaAAAAA……….. MY Silvia BHABHIIIIIIIII………. YESSSSSS……. DO IT MORE…….. DO IT WITH YOUR TONGUE BABY……. YEAHHHHHHHH……. LOVE IT MY LOVE……


I was ticking his testicles and that made him go real wild in excitement and he started moaning so loud that bharat had to say ” easy Ravi easy, don’t bring the whole hotel outside our door”. In between my sucking, I would take his penis out of my mouth and start rolling my tongue all over it, specially the tip and he would again go mad in wild ecstasy.

Once I withdrew my mouth from his penis and explored with my tongue the testicle portion of his groin. I even took the balls in my mouth and sucked them a little hard when he cried out in pain and almost cursed me. Laughingly I started sucking and licking his penis again. After what looked like nearly a period of ten minutes or so, the nerves of his penis stiffened and I knew that he was about to come.

I kept on sucking it in and out and suddenly I felt his hardness break and a stream of warm and salty semen filled my mouth with a great gush. I had stopped the movement of my head and hands to enable it empty itself. But Ravi took it out and pointed it towards my face and body. The cum was coming out like a jet spray spreading all over my face and chest and boobs.

It was like I was having a shower of pure cum. The spray from Ravi’s penis had slowed down and finally it stopped and only a few drops were now falling over me. We both dropped on the floor and tried to recover our breath. It was a great blow job he had given me and I had also tried to give him as best as I could. We remained like that for some time when Ravi was the first to get up.

He lifted me in his arms as if I was totally weightless and placed me gently on the bed and brought a wet towel from the bathroom and cleaned my face and body of all his semen that was now dropping on the bed leaving small marks on the while sheet. He then once again he slumped on the sofa set nearby. He gestured Bharat to go ahead if he wanted to now.

Possibly it was for the first tilme that Bharat saw a live sex act in front of him. During the time Ravi and I were giving each other a blow job, I had seen Bharat holding his fully erect penis in his hands and shaking it intermittently. The whole episode had turned him real high and he was now more in an uncontrolled condition.

Looking at him, I knew that it would not be long before he would spill out his cum. It could be a matter of not more than two minutes at the maximum. Since I had not taken Ravi’s penis inside me, I was still hot and unsatisfied. I asked Bharat to come in straight away. But the whole episode before him had made him too high. He too wanted a blow job done to him before he put his dick inside me.

He knew it very well that he would not be able to hold on to much longer and he wanted to enjoy his prolonged fucking in the next session. I knew that it would be a waste of time to persuade him to do the fucking before his blow job. He would ejaculate in between, I was almost sure of that.

So I took the position before him and this time holding my both boobs with my hands I gripped his penis in the cleavage area and raised it slowly till it was right in front of my lips. I kissed his penis and gently licked it with the tip of my tongue. Slowly, I removed the skin from the tip and took his penis in my hands and stroking it softly with my finger tips started to take the tip in my mouth and sucked it slowly.

The very touch of my tongue on the tip made Bharat go high and in real uncontrolled moaning sound came out of him. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH……… UUUUMMMMMM… YEAHHHHHSilviaAAAAAHHHHHH……. LOVE YOU Silvia…….. DO IT……. AGAIN BABY……… DO IT SLOWLY………. YOU ARE A DAMN GOOD FUCK Silvia……..

YOU ARE M Y DARLING SILVIA……. YOU ARE TOOO GOOD IN BED AND IN SUCKING… UUUUUUFFFFFFF……. SilviaAAAAHHHHHHH…… He had already been too high and had been shaking his fully erected penis quite often during the course of my session with Ravi.

His muscles and nerves were too stressed and as I had anticipated, he too came out even earlier than my expectations. That seem to have eased the stress that had been building up in him and he too slumped on the bed. I looked at my watch, it had been nearly an hour and a half since I had entered this room.

What initially looked like a shock and end of my life has now turned into a pleasure and another addition to the list of my lovers. Though I had several orgasms during the course of our hand and oral jobs with Ravi and Bharat, but since nothing had penetrated my vagina yet I was still unsatisfied and still hungry for sex.

I got up and went to the bathroom and took a light shower to freshen myself for the next round of action. I was feeling a bit sweaty and sticky because of the spray of semen from the penises of my both lovers. I felt a lot better after a hot water bath.

When I came out draped in a towel, Ravi was already waiting for me and he got up from his seat to take me in his arms and kissed me most passionately on my eyes, my ear lobs, my lips and followed it down to my neck and further down to my cleavage.

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