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My name is Haasini 38, housewife of a successful businessman, residing in well-populated area I am a mother of a highly spoiled beautiful young daughter, Hira.

And it’s not about that I’m not being sexually satisfied by my husband, no he is quite good in the bed and I love having sex with him. It’s about an incident that happened this year that fills me with deep pleasure. My family doesn’t live in the same city as mine so most of our contacts that we have here are just family friends or business partners of my dear husband.

We are a happily married couple and my husband is quite careful in keeping me happy and supplied with every possible thing that I need. Even at this age, I’m in all shape, I have a figure 36″26″36″ and I go to gym properly to maintain it. The incident revolves around my daughter who happens to be a very rude and disobedient child.

I have always feared that her stubbornness might cause serious trouble some day. As she is our only daughter my husband has given her total freedom, and I hate it sometimes when she doesn’t listen to me. As I mentioned earlier she is pretty so it’s easy to say she gets attention from most of the guys which off course she enjoys a lot.

We are used to visiting of his friends (both male and female). Some of her male friends are really cute and I love seducing them secretly, by showing a lot of cleavage and my sexy round butts.

And what I feared turned true one day, she chose a random guy, as her loved one and announced him officially as her boyfriend in front of us at the dinner table to which I didn’t agree. We had a long argument but she wouldn’t listen and as usual my husband gave in and told her it’s okay and he would like to meet him officially.

She was totally overjoyed with the hearing of that and she went in directly to her room. I was annoyed at my husband to be this much kind to her but he assured me “It is for her own good. If the guy isn’t the right one, I’ll talk to her about it”. At that time, I didn’t know whom has she chosen as her boyfriend, but I never expected it to be the handsome and dashing “Varun”.

I was now happy with my daughter’s decision but I badly wanted to fuck that hunk. Now let me describe Varun, he is 21, a stud, 6”1 in height with an athlete body, awesome long silky hair and killing features that drives women mad.

I seduced him once when he visited our place to meet hira but unfortunately she was out for shopping and I asked him to wait in the living room and went to take a bath. When I returned I was all wet with water dripping from my hair, I was wearing a bath robe and I had opened the front a bit more than usual to let him have a piece of my womanly treasures.

I brought coffee for him and bent a little more than usual to let him have a good peep at my cleavage. He really had an eye for it and was really amazed to see my butts. He even complemented me by saying “You are one of the most well-maintained women I have came across so far and Mr. Tariq for sure is a lucky guy to have you as his mate”,

I laughed at him and said “You sure know how to set the mood” and he smiled naughtily at me, I loved it. But then only the bell rang and I went to answer the door, It was my daughter, she asked “Is Varun here?”, I nodded in yes and she straightaway went to him. By the time my daughter became close to Varun, she became less social and I seldom saw any of her friends visiting her.

The day finally arrived when Varun came home for dinner, he was nicely dressed. I dressed up in my Indigo colored short-fitted-tank top which had a thin fabric and it showed my breast-line and nipples a bit, with a short black skirt and I didn’t wear any of my undergarments as I wanted to give Varun a good view of my body treasures.

He arrived at about time and was sitting in the living room having a chit-chat with us and my husband found him a nice young lad. While seated opposite to Varun and listening to the conversation of him and my husband, I spread my legs a little wide (acting all innocent) to let him see clearly that I am not wearing any panties and he seemed to be enjoying the view. He eyed my breasts and I was loving it.

I had a new round wooden table for dinner and It was good for only four people. It was small and nice, indeed. On the table, I sat opposite to him and we started eating while having a casual general talk about weather, when I felt something moving up on my legs. I carefully looked down so as not to startle everyone if there is any insect but to my wildest surprises, It was Varun’s foot, he was caressing my leg.

I looked at him and he smiled at me. Touch of his foot on my leg was turning me on, he slowly moved it further up and I was running mad with the desire to be licked on my leg and thighs. He was running his foot on my thighs and I was going crazy. His actions were hidden by the tablecloth. I was getting wild with the desire to have my pussy eaten by that young teaser.

Suddenly he stopped and put his foot back, I didn’t know what went wrong with him? I looked at him in a startled manner and he pointed by his eye-ball movement towards Hira. I felt something fishy as her hand was under the table and I carefully tried to look and what I saw, to my amazement, my daughter has unzipped his jeans and had his cock in her hand which she was stroking slowly.

I was not happy with this as I never wanted my daughter to be involved in sex at this age, but at the moment that was nothing that worried me more than the size of Varun’s monstrous cock which was nearly 7.5 or may be 8 inches in size (while my husband was only 6) and I was sitting wide-eyed with bewilderment and wondering how would he feel like inside my pussy? that question sent chills all throughout my body.

My thoughts were distracted by my husband’s mobile phone ringing and he went to his study room to answer the call. We continued the dinner, later my husband came in with unfortunate news that he has to go and receive one of his guests who is expected to reach in about 20 minutes and who is of very vital importance for the business.

He apologized for leaving in such a hurry and told us to enjoy the dinner and that he would be late tonight and left immediately. I really wanted that. As my servant had gone to his hometown to see his sick mother, so I was left with the dishes and cleaning stuff. I was thinking about how can I get into the bed with Varun when my daughter’s here.

My mind was fixed on Varun and his enormous tool, I readily wanted to have it in my mouth and suck it all over good. I went to the kitchen and as I was setting up all the remaining food, when all of a sudden I had I’m-being-watched kinda feeling. I turned around only to see Varun standing behind me smiling.

He didn’t say anything, just came up to me, held my waist strongly and pulled me closer to him and we kissed so passionately and intensely that I don’t remember I have kissed anyone in my life like that (since even before my marriage I had several boyfriends). I was getting horny with every embrace of his lips with mine.

I held his face with my hands and started moving them all over his neck and hair. He licked my ear lobes, bitted them and I moaned with pleasure, he licked my neck and I was really lost in the deep oceans of ecstasy. He leaned me on the kitchen slab, pulled over my skirt and touched my cunt with his electrifying tongue and I moaned again, he was so good at pussy eating.

I was so turned on that I grabbed his hair and pulled him into my cunt deeper and moaned a bit louder. Suddenly I realised that we are not alone here and I pulled him up and said “It’s not the right time Varun, Hira is here, she might see us”.

He smiled and replied “No, she won’t, I have sent her to clean up her pussy, she is occupied there at the moment. We have 15-20 minutes to finish the job”. “What? you have sent her to clean up her pussy so you shall fuck her?” I asked him in an angry tone. And he said “No baby, I won’t fuck her. That’s not the plan.

You will give her this sleeping pill mixed in the juice, then she will sleep and I will fuck her mother very bad instead”. I had a gleam in my eyes and he noticed that “You want that don’t you, huh bitch? you want my dick inside you.

You want me to fill you up with my golden seed, don’t you? you fucking slut, you want to fuck your daughter’s boyfriend and you want it badly, tonight”, although I was not used to this filthy talking but his words turned me on and I said “Yes I am your bitch, your slut I want to fuck you tonight, I want you so bad and I will do whatever you will ask from me”.

He gave me a sleeping pill and asked me to make 2 glasses of orange juice and put the pill in Hira’s glass that will send her in deep sleep till next day and we will have no interference from her. “I never come here for your daughter, I come here for you. I had always lusted for you, even at this age you are much sexier than your daughter”

He said in my ear and bitted it, and licked it with his tongue. A slow moan escape through my lips and we kissed passionately for some time again, he was a damn good kisser. He grabbed me by the neck and kissed me, sucking my lower lip. I was lost in deep sensations, he grabbed my right boob and pressed it hard and I moaned again, a bit louder this time.

He was my love god; he knew how to make women go mad. “So you are not wearing any bra, huh you filthy slut, you want to show your curves huh? you filthy bitch, let me show you how!”, He said. With that he pulled up my top, my naked breasts were in clean view now. “Wow, now these are called real boobs, you slut you like your tits being sucked? You want me to suck you?”

He was uttering such words which were turning me on. “Yes I want you to suck them, I want you to bite them, torment me I am all yours tonight baby, suck them hard”, I replied in pleasure. He started on my left breast, he sucked it good and was circling his tongue on my errect nipples, sending waves of pleasures through my body, I was responding to him.

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He looked at me while sucking my breast and that turned me on even more, he shifted to the right boob and pressed left boob very hard and I went crazy. He was also quite turned on by seeing my naked tits and his speed was increasing and so was my moaning.

He left my tits and lowered himself and positioned my pussy, he leaned me on the table and put both of my legs on his shoulder and started licking my cunt. He was swallowing my juices and I grabbed his hair and pushed him deeper in my cunt once again. He licked me vigourously and I was driving mad with pleasure, shortly after I had an intense orgasm.

We both stood up and he left to look for Hira, I did as he instructed me and made 2 glasses of orange juice and added the pill in the juice. I knocked on Hira’s door and was answered by her, I brought the juices inside and gave the mixture in the hands of Hira and eyed Varun that I have done it perfectly. I returned to the kitchen and got busy in doing the dishes.

I was done in 15 minutes and I was getting impatient now, so I moved into the living room and switched on the TV. I was flipping channels but my mind was set upon Varun and his beautiful penis, I just couldn’t wait to get that inside me

Well I had to wait sometime before Varun returned to the living room, smiling the smile of a gladiator. My heart beat started going fast, like I had been naughty with some others before but I had never actually cheated on my husband like this and so may be that was the mixed feeling of sin and excitement but whatever it was I wanted to get through it now and it was not the time to stop; that’s what I told myself.

Varun came over to me, lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom he lowered me on to the bed and I was really shivering with excitement. Even my whole body was sweating, but he was calm and then as he stood in front of me, I watched him took off his tshirt and his jeans and he was now in his Black Calvin Klein Athlete Underwear which looked really sexy on him (as if it was made for him and him alone).

He didn’t take his underwear off instead he took my top off and smiled at my half-naked body which really appealed to him, frankly enough I was not the waiting types, I was more of a wild rough types. Then he pushed down my skirt and took off the only piece of clothing I had on my body.

I was totally naked in front of him, then he walked over to the front side of the bed, turned his head towards the clock saw the time and said “It’s enough for today and it’s really late now, we must continue this some other day”. “WHAT? you are going to leave me like this? ”, I shouted at him.

He smiled and nodded, turned around to pick up his clothes when I jumped on him bringing him on the ground and kissed him wildly, holding both of his hands captive under my control. I was so fucking turned on that I didn’t care where we are going to have it whether the ground or the bed but it doesn’t matter at all then.

I bitted furiously on his neck and his broad shoulders, scratched his chest to make him want me more. Then I went down and pushed down his underwear to see his rock-solid long tower and I couldn’t resist the temptation of taking it in my hands and shaking it quite some times which made him moan heavy.

I took it in my mouth hungrily as if I had not eaten in days and started sucking wildly on his manhood, his moans grew louder and I kept on increasing my pace for what went on like an hour or so and then I stopped, looked over at him with incredible lust in my eyes.

He opened his eyes, saw me with an evil smile and stood up carrying me in his arms once again and then he did something which made me forgot all the wonders and fantasies in the world, he threw me on the bed and jumped over me. He kissed me roughly and wildly, biting my lower lip and sucking it for some time, licked on my neck and sucked my melons while staying on top of me.

I love dominating wild men and he was one, so you can easily imagine my wildest fantasy coming true and I was down with his weight and strength (I forgot to mention, Varun was a foot ball player as well as a very good tennis player). He licked on my belly hole and then stood up looked into my eyes and took off his underwear within the hold of his legs completely.

He had a look in his eye which told me that he will fuck me very hard now, he climbed over me and came to my face, held it within his hands and entered his tool inside my mouth all by himself and forcibly made me to suck him and I had to do it, never in my life I had been used like that but it was working its way to my orgasm very well.

Varun closed his eyes and I saw he was enjoying the pleasure of my lusty lips which were swollen due to heavy and passionate kissing we did some moments before but still I didn’t want to stop, then he stopped himself and took off his tool out of my mouth, I wanted more but before I could say anything he went down to my vagina and in one go he entered his tool inside me completely; to which I screamed so loud that I feared Hira might wake up.

I felt great pain as some great crushing kinda feeling I had inside my vagina and it was really painful, but Varun didn’t care, he took the bed sheet lying behind him and tied both of my hands to the bed. I was now getting more and more turned on and I started moaning loudly as he started moving inside me faster and wilder, not caring about how I feel or what will happen next.

And in seconds I had the most wildest and most shuddering orgasm of my life but Varun still didn’t stop. He went on fucking me hard like a young horse. He didn’t want to stop so soon, I guess he was enjoying more than me.

Then suddenly his speed started increasing and I knew he was nearing his orgasm but he went on and on and I didn’t stop him because I wanted to feel his hot semen inside my vagina walls but he did something else, instead of shooting off his load inside me he climbed over me with Godspeed and entered his dick in my mouth and I realized what he wanted, he wanted to come inside my mouth but I hated it and I have never done it before.

He didn’t care and despite all my struggles to get free or not taking his cum, he went on fucking my mouth and finally ejaculated his seed inside my mouth and I drank it out of no choice and the truth is I enjoyed it A LOT.

He dropped over me exhausted and wasted like a dead body thrown from the sky to land anywhere on the ground and I asked him to untie my hands, he did. And I saw red marks upon them due to being heavily tied to the bed. I kissed him and told him that was the best fuck of my life, he looked at me with his half-opened eyes and said back even it was the best for him too.

We kept on talking about each other, he kept telling me about his football games and also about the tournament was soon to be followed, the late practices and all; while I told him about my shopping tours and things I like to decorate my home with, on which he complemented me by saying that the house was very nicely decorated and I blushed.

He was continuously looking into my eyes and It was the first time I became shy even though he was quite younger than me but I had this feeling of him empowering me and it kinda felt sweet and romantic. I was lost in this sensation when he suddenly touched my lips with his and slowly kissed me, it was so soft and felt so good that I let myself drive away once more.

I held his face and kissed him back, we kept on kissing for what seemed to be an hour or so but then only my cell phone rang and we got startled by the sound of it, breaking all the momentum building inside us. I saw it was my husband calling, I came back to my senses and answered the call. “Hey darling. What’s up?” my husband asked in an excited tone.

There was some problem with the signals as there was some disturbance in the line. “Nothing hun. Just came to the bedroom after locking the door. When are you coming back?” I inquired trying to sound normal.

Varun knew it was my husband calling and he wanted to tease me so he started licking my neck, biting it and licking me everywhere on my shoulders and chest and going further to lick my cleavage and moving on to sucking my breasts. “Well the flight is delayed and I have to take him to the hotel, we have to discuss this important dam project and its architecture. Oh yeah hey what about Varun? He left?” He replied back.

Varun kept on sucking my boobs, making me uneasy to talk. He circled his tongue on my nipples which were already erect from his rough sucking and with his hands he was caressing my hips which felt so sensual, I was losing my better self and it was getting impossible to talk. I felt his tool getting hard again and I knew I was going to have one hell of a hard fuck again.

“Uhm yeah he unhh did. So what’s hahhh yorrr your plan?” I tried to speak. “Sorry babe but I have to finalize and finish off this deal tonight so don’t wait up for me I might get late” he replied. “Well ohhhh you know I am not feeling so haahhh good so why not I take some rest uhmm and talk in the morning hun. I am unhhh so tired” I managed to speak between my moans.

Varun entered his middle-finger inside my pussy and positioning my vagina, he had started licking and sucking it wildly. He kept finger fucking me at the same time and I was losing it now big time, my husband could easily have detected something fishy going on had there been no disturbance in the line due to network issue.

I couldn’t control my moans now as I wanted to moan freely, this was beyond my resistance power. He kept on licking me, entering his tongue inside my love hole and finger fucking me at the same time making my juices flow like water. “Damn you do sound weird and yeah I think you should sleep. Let’s talk in the morning. Take care, bubyee” he said to me.

“HAHHH bye babyyy” was all I could say and hurriedly disconnected the call. Varun kept on doing his thing, he never stopped for a moment even. He didn’t want to waste any time. I was too turned on for saying or moving about in another direction.

“What Aahhhhh the hell unghhhhh were you tryinggg uuuhhhmmm to…. FUCKKKKKK ohhhh unhhhh yesssssss keep licking it FUUUCCKKKKKKK I can’tttt take aaaahhhhhhhaaaaahhhh it anymore…. FUCK ME NOWWWW” I muttered in a voice mixed with pleasure and moans.

He was my ultimate fantasy king, I couldn’t resist this feeling. He knew how to make women crazy. He then stood up and made me stand facing the bed now and my back was towards him, he positioned my vagina and again in one go entered his long shaft inside me from the back in doggy style and again I moaned like anything in the world.

I had always loved the doggy style position, It was my favorite. He kept on fucking me hard, still not caring how I feel or what it may bring ahead just fucking me like a wild beast. I was hold the upper portion of the bed, his hands were on my waist, he even slapped my hip sometimes while fucking me furiously and wildly.

Then he took hold of my hair and pulled them back, I experienced great pain at start but later on as he kept fucking me the sensation of the orgasm as it neared with every power thrust of Varun, the pain seemed to fade away. He had great stamina, my husband couldn’t fuck me this long. I got near my orgasm so I started moving my hip in the direction of his tool to meet his thrusts more often now.

And I started having the same shuddering feeling and it was not long before I had another major exploding orgasm and I moaned loudly again this time not caring I am a wife or a mother or a daughter or this was forbidden sex whatever I only cared about my need of pleasure at that time.

He kept on fucking me hard and I felt another orgasm building inside me and I wanted more from this hunk so I screamed at him “FUCKK ME HARDDD”. He increased his speed and I was getting mad with pleasure, again I screamed at him; this time even louder “HARDER”.

Then I kept on screaming “HARDER aahhhhhh HARDER uhhmmmmm HARDER…… FUCKKK MEE unnhhhhhhh HARDERRRRRR aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………” and with a loud moan I had another powerful orgasm landing inside my pussy.

I was totally used up, seeing this Varun took out his cock from my vagina and entered into my asshole and this was now a surprise to me, but he didn’t let me speak as he pushed my hair back as if I was the horse and he was the horsemen signaling me to run.

He started fucking me into the ass, which wasn’t new to me as my husband had done it a lot of times. But Varun was something else, he seemed something out of this world when he started fucking me wildly in the ass, I was loving every moment of that hot long rod inside me which was making me a satisfied woman.

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His speed increased and so was the pushing of my hair backwards which only added to the flavor of this forbidden pleasure I was having. And then with a wild manly groan, he exploded within my ass. Spurts after spurts and I kept on wondering how much load he has in his tank.

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